You've Got Enough Religion! Now Learn How to Use Your Mind! - A Mind-Power & Success Testimony

You've Got Enough Religion! Now Learn How to Use Your Mind! – A Mind-Power & Success Testimony

all right that's the way to welcome somebody who comes 3,000 miles to be with us she said a few days ago she even dropped the gate on her foot but she wouldn't let that stop her she cage stuck a foot in and an old shoe and came on anyway give her another great big hand wonderful now Doris that letter that you wrote to me blessed me so much and how are you coming along in your new interior decorating business well I started off with a $4,000 profit but since May of 72 I have deposited over $85,000 into this one bank account everybody say Wow that turns me on come on say the whole thing [Applause] well listen I just want you to know that I'm thankful to you for just letting me be some small part of inspiring you to believe in yourself enough so that you could start your own own business I know that for years whenever I come out to Los Angeles and by the way this telecast is going out in Los Angeles every week now and you'll see it your friends will see it every time I come to Los Angeles you're there in the meeting and you're always supporting this ministry we appreciate that but most of all I want to thank you for letting me be some part of inspiring you to believe in yourself enough to go in business to business for yourself what else have you got to say about what you're doing now and how your business is coming along well I've received a number of letters from prisoners people all over the country and most of them asked me is this really for real and it is I have learned to grasp the power of believing and what I wanted to do and this power is so strong in myself now that even when I think negative something negative happens so you've got to keep up you got to keep up with what you think about because you're putting thoughts into your mind that become things but even this is a type of blessing because the negative thought I placed in my mind was to take out insurance in case something happens and it did kind of a broken toe it's bringing me $200 a week disability I can think of some better ways you can get $200 a week I have a new car and in May I was told I can come and exchange it for anything on the lot if I keep my payments up because my credit was very bad so my credits good now business credit and I'm doing commercial mostly I have not had a chance to do any Residential's because housewives are fussy and I don't have time for that but commercially I do offices and this along wilshire boulevard now and I'm moving up Wilshire Boulevard to Century Park in your commercial interior decorating enterprises it's doing the offices for doctors and lawyers and business people and I was just appointed the Community Affairs chairman for the black businessmen's Association in Los Angeles that's a new appointment for me now perhaps some of my good bible-believing friends are saying Reverend Ike I thought that you were preaching what what are you doing telling people how to make money and telling people how to prosper and succeed well listen you know the bible does say be you transformed by the renewing of your mind and i'm going to tell you something else you good people and i'm sorry to lay this on some of you saints but you need to hear this most of you people have enough religion you need to learn how to use your minds now I received some calls from people who asked me why would I believe in working with a person who wears diamonds find clothes were they talking about Reverend Ike and drives nice cars Rolls Royces and tells everybody else to do the same I told him if he can't do it for himself how in the hell is he gonna do it for you [Applause] that's just about but not quite as strongly that's just about the answer that I gave on a television show that was videotaped into Philadelphia last Friday morning I was on somebody else's program by videotape and their charming lady asked me well Reverend what about all of the I saw you ride up to the studio in a Rolls Royce and what about all of the prosperity that you have what about all these material possessions that you had I said well if my philosophy doesn't work for me I have no right to offer it to anybody else and I also remember at this point something that I've meant to pass along to the congregation and to the television congregation a few weeks ago a young man in a moving truck waved to me and said Oh Reverend I K you Reverend Ike I said yes he jumped out of the truck and came over and shook my hand and said Oh Reverend Ike I'm so glad to meet you and to see you and introduced himself and so I said to him I said well sometimes why don't you come up to our church in New York City at Broadway and a hundred and 75th Street we have services every Sunday at 3:00 p.m. then the young man all of a sudden got very quiet and very serious faced and he looked at me and he said Reverend I've got enough religion I need some money and so I had to try to explain to him what well sudden you know we don't try to convert people to religious beliefs people have enough religion people need to know how to use their minds and even this business of mind power again I want to remind you that that's biblical the Bible says again be you transformed by the renewing of your mind as a man thinks in his heart so easy so all of you people who are interested in learning how to use your mind power so that you can be and do and have the good which you desire drop me a line this weekend say Reverend Ike send me the mind power success idea and all of this good success and prosperity that Michelle is enjoying why you could enjoy some of that too Michelle since you came all the way from Los Angeles maybe we'll give you another minute to see if you have something else to say in closing we're so happy that you came to be here with us today thank you I just want everyone to realize that they have the same power and the same line because we were made all by the same person and you have to realize to take away all negative thoughts just wipe them away because as long as you keep them you might say I feel fine today but in your heart you might say now I know that's not the truth well that's not the way it's going to help you get well when you say something in your mind make it a reality see yourself and whatever you want to do see yourself in wherever you want to be and you'll be there the home that I wanted I used to drive by and park in front see myself taking the trash out see myself opening that same gate that I dropped on my foot all in your mind this is the visualization that we teach you have to keep your mind together and everything will come to you really that's the truth but it's got to be up here and in here [Applause] isn't that so beautiful we're so glad that you could come and share your blessing with us today and one thing you brought out there just before I let you go back to your seat here that is so beautiful in one of the letters that you answered from one of the young men who proposed to you you told him you have the same mind power that I have why don't you use your mind power like I used mine to get what I've got instead of begging me to give you what I got and that brings to mind a very beautiful verse of scripture which tells us God has given us the spirit of power and of love and of a sound mind the Bible also says God has given to every man the measure of faith that's why we don't believe in begging in this philosophy and in this church because we know that God has given something to every man within himself so that when he contacts that power within himself it will help him to be to do and to have the good which He desires so this success in prosperity is not only for miss Michelle it's not only for Reverend Ike it's not only for all of these wealthy people in this church today thousands of them it's for all of you and I take that to say something else that I said on the television program which went out into Philadelphia on Friday I told the lady I said you see the film of our service that we brought you and they showed a part of the film of our service I said take a look at those people those don't look like poor people do they and as the cameras roam across this audience now you'll see that these don't look like poor people and I'll tell you something else you may come here poor but you won't leave here poor because they're people who came here in all kinds of negative conditions but if you stick around here and pick up on what I'm putting down you will prosper you will become successful [Applause] and I have a slogan around here what is it you can't lose with us you can't match it do it now what is the stuff we use nine power what is this that doesn't miss my power the presence the power of God in you does not miss and once you discover the power of the God mind in you then you are done with failure you're done with poverty and you are bound to succeed [Applause] batplane speak to another beautiful verse of scripture you see Michel how you make me preach the Bible says seek you first the kingdom of God and His righteousness but that's not the end of it when you find the kingdom of God within you and Jesus said the kingdom of God is where in you not in the sky and I'm sorry for you people who are just dying to get some pie in the sky by and by when you die because the kingdom of God is not in the sky Jesus said the kingdom of God is within you when you find the power the presence the wisdom the mind of God in you the rest of that scripture says all these things shall be added unto you and many of these people sitting here in this lovely congregation they left some beautiful things parked outside that they got since they've been coming here Cadillacs and Lincoln's and Rolls Royces and I saw some of these ladies coming in here wearing some beautiful things minks crawling around their necks I watched you on camera you're so beautiful you're so prosperous you're so successful come on give yourself that treatment point to yourself and say I'm so beautiful is so beautiful my divine self is so prosperous time's up is so successful and I rejoice because of it so when you find this power this mind of God in you all these things shall be added unto you miss Michelle told us how after she began to believe in herself after she began to believe in the power of God in her she went into her own business and she's prospering she got a new house added to her she got a new car added to her and another thing she didn't go into very much here but she told me about it yesterday her credit had been so bad until she couldn't get us can of sardines on credit that's bad isn't it but when she began to work with these mind power ideas which we teach here in which I send to her every month when she writes to me through the mail and she really began to believe in herself things worked out so that she could get the money and she went around and paid off every bill that she owed all right Michelle you've made me preacher now god bless you give her another great big hand

49 thoughts on “You've Got Enough Religion! Now Learn How to Use Your Mind! – A Mind-Power & Success Testimony

  1. I’m going to be very honest. I practiced some of rev Ike’s stuff. Especially the one about visualizing checks. Next day I sold a property and the check was wayyyyy bigger than I expected. I’ve listened to all the other business gurus. Work your ass off, no sleep, they never really talk about the mind. And once I’ve started using my mind powers, visualization this stuff works lol. You can loose with the stuff he uses lol.

  2. I learned more things on YouTube, than last 20 years I passed in school and church. Those people just say the truth 💪🏾💪🏾

  3. Lying, set-ups, fake healing……gee what a brain dead group you have going on. Say Hi to Joel Olsteen for me. …………lol,

  4. I was thinking about how I'm done with religion at the same time I look up and this title is on screen! awesome! Thank you!

  5. Rev. ike I am very much inspired and always whenever I listen to your teachings on the subject the mind power of God in me , Rev am writing you from south America, and in a very facing challenges in areas of money, Rev I want you to help me, remain blessed

  6. OMG, Rev. Ike is the Truth! So anointed!!! Still touching lives today 2019. Thank You 🙏 God in Me! ❤️🥰❤️🥰

  7. The first video of Rev. Ike that I ever saw made me crave more. I started seeing the world and thinking differently. I am glad I quickly ordered the book Secrets of Health, Jot and Prosperity and I am devouring it. Rev. Ike's teachings r changing me

  8. So far our Insurance settlement for storm damage on our home went up by around 80,000 dollars. I forgot to leave a testimony. I got the news possibly the same day I posted my words of faith.

  9. "be you transform by renewing your MIND"…love this quote….thank you for sharing 🙏… always stay blessed ☺️

  10. & that is what I aspire to be, an awesome Interior Designer and Events Planner/Designer. Been at my Accounts job for 15years and since being on this wonderful monumental Practice of LOA and Visualization, writing down goals And Affirmations etc, Im in the Knowing, that I will be lead to All my magical Desires and More. Thank you Rev.Ike & Nev.Goddard. The Gifts. 🤗🤗

  11. She linked negative outcomes as well as the postive with her thoughts… that's a powerful realisation.

  12. For the white Roman Catholic lie's . Because God is with in you and around you. This believing in a white Jesus and white God in the sky because God is spirit and is in you and around you. Stop going to penercost Church's Baptist and other Roman Catholic programming church's who will never till you about how Christ use mind over matter and till you how to use it.

  13. Dear KEVIN, am glad you have been successful in life. Money is good if used right especially for the kingdom of God, but money can't save your soul. I pray you accept Christ like you have accepted prosperity. What is it to gain the all world and loose your soul? You cannot give anything in exchange for it. You can be truly be blessed by Jesus in all areas of your life. God bless you Kevin

  14. This is what I have been praying for.This is the Word .
    Devlope a Healthy, Wealthy, Positive.Mind Set.I am that I say I am.powerful.,!!!

  15. My heart weeps for the brothers and sisters in that room, you could see the holy spirit telling them not say "that turns me on". Let's not remember that there will be false prophets, and child of God follower of him can see what is so sad and deceptive about this man. We are to not lean on our own understanding but on what God says. Why do we fast and repent? To get rid of exactly what this man is telling you to get into your fleshy self fish sinful desires we shall give all glory thanks and praise to God at all times not just when we are doing bad and need him, not as a last resort he should be our first without him nothing is possible.

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