Yoga For Flexibility | Chest And Back Stretch | 15 Minutes

Yoga For Flexibility | Chest And Back Stretch | 15 Minutes

hi everyone welcome to Rachel Pichler
yoga my name is Rachel Flexible Friday today so we’re gonna be opening up our
chest and as well as stretching her back so chest and back today if that sounds
good to you find some space and let’s get started don’t forget to give this
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haven’t already thank you guys let’s get going all righty let’s get started in Child’s
Pose so bring your knees out nice and wide big toes together and then just
bring that chest down and forehead down so we’re just gonna reach our arms above
our head here resting our forearms on the mat and then just that forehead or
cheek could come all the way down I’m just sitting in here to Child’s Pose
letting the eyes close starting to feel your breath and really softening through
those shoulders so just trying to take all that tension all that stress out of
those shoulders right now and if you’re holding yourself up at all just
completely relax let your head just push into the mat and then staying in Child’s Pose for
just a little bit longer but to bring even more softness into those shoulders
I want you to just push into your palms push in and walk those fingertips away
just a little bit creating as much length the arms as you can and lift
those forearms and those elbows off of the mat and as you push into your hands
just send those heels back to or your hips back towards your heels just a
little bit more and then completely relax your arms down again maybe your
chest can fall a little bit more maybe your forehead can be even heavier into
the mat softening those shoulders as much as possible awesome you guys would take one more
full breath here inhale and exhale and slowly start to lift on up out of your
child’s pose so just bring your hands in as well as your knees finding tabletop
position and we’re going to start to drop the belly towards the mat and lift
the chest for the front of room you can gaze forward or maybe look up a little
bit more but really arch through the back here sticking your Botto pushing
into your hands roll those shoulders back and down awesome you guys stay for
another breath in and as you exhale start to round that’s fine
squeeze your belly button in still pushing into the palms and then bringing
the chin all the way towards the collarbone and then with an inhale come
back to a nice flat back and we’re just gonna walk our hands out in front so our
hips are gonna stay stacking above the knees and you’re just gonna drop your
forehead down on your chest down as well so puppy dog or cat stretch just getting
into the back a little bit here but as well as those shoulder I’m just opening
up through the chest a little bit as you drop it down towards the mat awesome Ricky guys within inhale start
to lift that chest and slide it forward are gonna come onto our stomach so
gracefully gracefully come on down and you’re just going to drop the chest a
little bit but keep your chin lifted you’re gonna take your hands and try and
clasp them together behind your back so interlace those fingers if you’re able
to squeeze the palms together and actually touch those palms together give
that a try you’re just gonna pull those shoulders back a little bit further but
then once you’re here just use an inhale to lift the chest up a little bit more
keep those fingers in Thule squeeze those palms together and if your hands
are resting on your on your butt or your low back that’s completely fine but you
could lift them up if you want to activate just a little bit more but
opening up through the chest you don’t have to look all the way forward you can
keep the chin lift it just as much as is comfy lotus pose breathe and my feet are
on the mat right now but you could also have them up in the air awesome work you
guys pull those shoulders back opening up the chest take one more
inhale and exhale relax let go bring your hands in front of you just place
your chin or cheek on top and take a moment if you need to rock those hips
side to side you can do that as well we’re just gonna shimmy over to the
right side of our mats just over a little bit and then extending that left
arm out to the side so it’s gonna be nice and straight and in line with your
shoulder then your left cheek and find the mat and you can start to roll over
so lifting the right hip lifting the right shoulder off of the mat like you
want to roll onto your back but you don’t have to go all the way there you
can take that right leg and kind of plant that foot bend that knee just a
little kickstand just to hope you may be rolled a little bit further I’m gonna
get it open up that shoulders well is that chest just relaxing your head on the mat and
you can take that right hand it can stay in front of you or maybe it wants to
find your low back or your hip awesome you guys very slowly when you’re
ready we’re just gonna roll back onto our stomach so you can stay on the right
edge of your mat because we did shimmy over at least I did but we’re gonna go
into that left arm that left chest one more time except this time I want you to
bend that elbow and then bring your hand to the corner of your mat so you’re kind
of making a cactus arm your elbows in line with your shoulder and then your
hand is coming up by your head but not touching your head it’s out to the
corner of your mat so similar thing left cheek to the mat you’re going to start
to roll over again you might notice that you can’t roll as far with that arm bent
that’s completely fine but you’re still gonna feel a similar stretch it might
move more into your chest though I want you to relax your head on the mat if you
can and that right leg just oftentimes I see it really high in the air but if you
can relax it down just relax it down don’t want you to work too hard today nice job you guys so whenever you feel
ready to come on out just roll onto your stomach we’re gonna bring that left arm
just next to the body and just completely relax that shoulder you can
also bring your right cheek or your right ear towards the mat just let that
arm that left arm be nice and heavy if you need to wiggle it around a little
bit you can and then we’re gonna start to set up for the other side so you can
shimmy over to the left side of your mat this time I just do that so that when
you roll over you’re still on your mat and stuff off your mat on the floor but
whatever works best so all right arm out to the side this time right cheek to the
mat and then we’re gonna start to roll over so lifting the left side this time
the left side of the body that left shoulder you can use that left leg back
top leg is a little kickstand I’m just finding your breath once you’re there opening that chest as well as that
shoulder so Mike you guys slowly started to come
back onto your tummy and then start to bend that elbow as well so the hand can
find the corner of your mat bending that elbow making that 90 degree angle ish as
best you can right cheek is coming back down and then
you can just start to roll over again and that similar movement is going as
far as you need to to feel this nice job you guys so very slowly rolling
back onto your stomach and you can just take that right arm and extend it or
rest it beside you so that it just can completely relax maybe turning the left
cheek or the left ear to the mat this time and then when you’re feeling ready to
come on up you can just roll over onto your back we’re gonna make our way onto
our backs it’s gonna roll over come up and then come back down
but plant those feet keep those knees bent and we’re just gonna lift the hips
up a little bit and slide the hips over to the right side of the mat so just a
little movement your knees can then fall over to the left and I just ask you to
move your hips over so that when you look down to those hips you’re in mate
you’re you’re making a nice straight line through your hips your spine and
then those shoulders so you can just stack the knees on top of each other
adjust those shoulders around so that right one still plants it on the mat and
you can extend your arms out to either side I’ll place the left hand on the
knee whatever’s comfy we’re just taking a twist here feeling your breath and
releasing that low back if you wanted a little bit more for the
last few moments that were in this twist you could cross your legs just an option
though so using an inhale when you’re ready to
bring those knees back up so uncross those legs if you did cross them plant
your feet lift the hips and slide them over to the left side of the mat and
then the knees can fall to the right and then just setting up your twist adding
your arms out to the sides mmm we’re resting them on your knee and an option to cross the legs if you
haven’t already and you want to Oh summer you guys use an inhale bring
those knees back up uncross your legs we’re gonna extend our legs out long and
keep our legs together but we’re just gonna find our forearms for fish pose so
you can sit on your hands or have your hands buh beside your hips but you’re on
your forearms legs are together and then you’re just gonna let your head fall
back so push into your forearms here to open up the chest
you can arch the back a little bit let the head fall back also getting some
length through the front of the neck I’m just thinking one more inhale
lifting that chest that heart and exhale slowly bring those shoulders down you
can take your hands out from underneath your hips and just spread your feet nice
and wide take your arms rest them beside you on the mat and I just want you to
let your head roll over to the left bring that left ear towards the mat and
then let your head or your right ear come down towards the mat as you go the
other way and then bringing that chin that nose back back to Center taking a
big breath in and out awesome work today you guys feel free to
stay in shavasana as long as you like but if you’ve got to go have a great
rest of your day and until I see you guys again namaste

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  1. Oh girl I need this!!! My chest is so tight. I couldn’t do 1/2 of these I’m so tight haha. I guess that means I need it

  2. This is so great. I really feel my stress in my back at the end of a long week/day. I'm looking forward to trying this to see if I can get some relief!

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