Yoga For After Disaster  |  Yoga With Adriene

Yoga For After Disaster | Yoga With Adriene

– What’s up everyone, and welcome to
yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene. And this is Benji. And today we have
an awesome offering. This is a big request. People are wanting a
practice post disaster. So this could be
natural disaster, this could be
something in the household. These things happen,
they are beyond our control, but the one thing
we do have control over is how we handle
them and how we return back to ourselves
to take good care so that we can fill our cups so that they can
overflow and we can help others. So today’s practice is
super yummy, super juicy, all about the breath. Hop into something comfy, and
let’s find what feels good. (upbeat music) Alright, my darling friends. Let’s begin in a
nice comfortable position of your choice. So it can be seated, sucasana. It can be lying down. You can begin on
the couch, in a chair. In a bed. So just take a second
to get settled in here. Definitely want you to start in a really
comfortable spot today. So we’re gonna
start moving together here in just a moment. But let’s begin in a spot, in a place that you choose that feels really good. And maybe you start seated, and you’re like, nah, nah, nah. I should’ve started lying down. So you can change here. Just take a
couple moments, no rush. Because I’d love for
us to begin our practice with a little check in,
with a little connect, a little meditation. And I’d love for
you to feel supported. So, if sitting up right does
not feel supportive for you, find a position that does. And when you get there, close your eyes,
trust me, trust yourself. Trust that choosing
this video and this practice is the right thing to do. And I encourage you to really
finish this whole practice. It’s really difficult, especially in difficult times, to take this time to
really find peace and balance. So, for my heart to yours, I honor you for
taking this time. Let’s jump right in. As you’re ready, a big
inhale in through the nose. Long exhale out
through the nose. And here we go big
inhale in through the nose. And long exhale
out through the nose. Now keep it going
with the eyes closed, big inhale in through the nose, and as you exhale,
wherever you are, whatever position you chose, just relax the shoulders
a little more every time, every exhale. So today’s practice
is a peace offering. It’s an invitation
to find what feels good. By really honoring what is, and sometimes that is disaster, catastrophy. Situations, things that occur that are way beyond our control. Gently continue to
deepen the breath even more, see if you can
extend the inhalation, make it longer, fuller. And extend the exhale, again relaxing the
shoulders every time. From a physical standpoint, today’s practice
is going to nourish the neck,
the shoulders, the heart space. Places that
collect a lot of congestion and a lot of
tension and tightness when the going gets tough. Or when we spend a
lot of time with fear. And so whatever disaster, whether it’s a natural disaster, something bigger than you, or whether it’s
something that happened within. Maybe you saw or
heard something that didn’t sit right with you. Whatever disaster
you’re responding to by practicing this video, see if you can use
the control of your breath to guide you
through an experience that feels supportive,
loving, and kind. Gently draw your
hands to your heart. Eyes are still
closed here, trust me. Trust yourself. And now we’re
just taking a moment to zoom out and trust all the
millions of people practicing. We’re all in this together. And so, with the palms
pressing together at the heart, we can continue to breathe
a little deeper, more full. Maybe tuck the chin slightly, gently bow the
head to the heart. Zoom out and think of
all the beautiful people. And pets. Benji’s here now. That are practicing with you. So you’re not alone. And if you’re not
coming off of a disaster, and you’re just
here to practice, send love out by
cultivating love within. So we send positive energy, or as my mentor used to say, positive juju out. By cultivating
that within ourselves so we have this balance of
the zoom in and the zoom out. Which I think is
super awesome and perfect for Yoga with Adriene and the uniqueness
of this channel. Notice where your mind goes. And if you’re like me, constantly on the go, thank goodness
for these practices. If you’re like me, just give yourself
permission to do nothing here. You don’t have to do anything. Let my voice guide you. Again, full breaths
in through the nose, and long exhalations
out through the nose as you relax the shoulders, more, more, more. Relax your body. Control your breath. Notice how you feel. And on your next big inhale, think inhale lots of love in. So inhale love and then pause, and hold the breath at the top, retain the breath here. And then exhale everything out, lots of love out,
out, out, out, out. And again, big buoyant inhale, lots of love in. Pause, hold at the top. Keep everything relaxed. Relax your body, relax the skin of the face. And finally,
exhaling everything out. Lots of love out. Beautiful, bow
the head to the heart. And start to
activate the upper back body. Begin to listen to
the sound of your breath. See if you can really
pay attention to nuance today in this healing
and balancing practice. So in order to serve
others, to help others, it has to start from within. So we’re filling our cups today, taking care of the inside and the container so
that when it’s nice and full, and the container overfloweth, we can give that
same love and attention that listening
for nuance to others. One more breath here, at the very least, you’re getting an
awesome neck stretch. Chin to chest. Activate the upper
back body even more. Awesome, and
then slowly release. Left fingertips are
gonna come to the earth, right fingertips are
gonna reach for the sky, just a nice sidebody stretch. Move kind and loving. See if you can find a
little soft and easy movement here that feels good. Then coming through center, take it to the other side. Nice and easy. Notice if you’ve
dropped the conscious breath, see if you can
continue with the breath here. So a lot of fear
energy stores in the torso, the neck,
the shoulders, the heart space. Bring it back to center. We recently had a
hurricane here in Texas, and there’s been just natural
disasters all over the world. And there has
been before now too, so I don’t want to act
like this is a new thing. But a lot of that fear energy
that is just everywhere, I mean, we didn’t even
get hit here in Austin, and I felt it that weekend. In fact, that whole weekend
was just a crazy pants weekend. Just lots of fear
energy in the air, so it can get really caught
in the body, in my opinion, and so today’s
practice is gonna help kind of alleviate that. And this is
just really good too, if that’s not your thing,
if you sit at a desk. Right? Okay, so bring the
palms to the knees, and a little Cat-Cow
spinal flex here from a seated position. You’re gonna
inhale, lift the chest. And exhale, round. So obviously if
you were lying down, hopefully you’re up by now. Forgot to say that. Inhale, lift, and exhale, round. Hey Benji,
thanks for joining me. One more time, inhale,
lift, and exhale, round. This time when
you round, stay here and really draw your
nose towards your naval. Again, stretch
through the upper back body with your breath. And now, from the pelvic floor,
begin to lift up. So root chakra. Drawing up through the naval, up through the heart space, chin still tucks into the chest, and then finally we
open up through the throat, up through the third eye, and the crown. Great, now. Big inhale in through the nose, nice cleansing breath
out through the mouth. Don’t be shy. (exhales loudly) Two more just like that,
don’t be shy. Big inhale, fill your cup,
belly gets bigger, then exhale out with sound. (exhales loudly) And one more.
Big release here, big opportunity
to release fear energy, anxiety, big inhale. Let it go with sound. (exhales loudly) Nice cleansing breath, awesome. We’re gonna come
forward onto all fours. Benji’s gonna go to this side. And we’ll find
Tabletop Position. Lengthen through the crown, reach for the tail. And here we go,
bumping the hips to the left, you’re gonna turn your gaze, draw a line with your
nose to look all the way past your right toes. Inhale in here,
exhale come back to center, and then all the way
over to the other side. Nice and easy. And now flow back and
forth in your own time, nice and slow. And as you do this, see if you
can keep a strong connection through your hands. Fingers spread wide. Connect to mother earth. Trust her, trust her support, trust that when traumatic things happen, sometimes they’re
wonderful opportunity to learn and to heal. You’re gonna curl the
toes under the next time you come back to center. And you’re gonna
drop the elbows right down where the hands are. Heart to Earth pose,
inhale, look forward. Tilt the pelvis up, so
tailbone really rotates up towards the sky. And then exhale,
walk the knees back, nice and slow. Heart melts to the earth. Forehead comes to the ground, if it doesn’t quite
make it, that’s alright. Breathing deep here. Feeling that nice
opening through the chest, the shoulders, feeling the
pressure of the earth again on your forehead
and on the fingerprints as you claw downward. Toes are curled
under here to stretch through the foot arch. Breathing deep. So for me,
as I watched the news, and I do my
best to pay attention and to keep paying attention, which yoga really
helps me to pay attention. I feel like there’s so
much that I’d like to do, but so much
that’s beyond my control, so here on the mat
I can practice breath control. How I experience
the poses, the postures. I’m filling again
my cup or my container so that when it’s full,
I can serve others, reach out to help. Be nice and
healthy and available. Alright, keep the
toes curled under, and you’re gonna
slowly lift the forehead. You’re gonna come
just check into our source, our power, so you’re
gonna come all the way forward into a forearm plank. So you lift the knees,
if that’s available to you, and you’re gonna
reach the heels back. And maybe some emotion, or just some sensation’s
gonna start to pop up that’s not just physical. So lift the front body
up to meet the back body. Find support from within, keep your gaze straight down, keep clawing
into the fingertips, and breathe deep. Again, you can
control, not trust, you can control
how you react in this as you shake and breathe. You can keep
your calm, your cool, neck nice and long. Trust the experience, we’re here for three,
two, and one, awesome. Bring the knees in,
send the fingertips back, so you’re gonna
kind of paint your mat all the way back. And then nice
and easy on one ear, any ear, you’re
gonna turn your head, and my head’s gonna
be right in Benji’s butt. Awesome. Breathe deep. Let your neck
and shoulders rest. Inhale lots of love in. Exhale lots of love out, awesome, bring
it back to center. And turn onto the opposite ear. Again, inhale. Feel your back expand. So feel the skin of the back
stretch as you breathe in. And soften as you breathe out. And you’ll
finally head to center, forehead to the mat. Big inhale, lots of love in. In the back of that heart space, just softens as you breathe out. (exhales loudly) Awesome, press into
the tops of your feet. Use your fingertips for support, tuck the chin into the chest, and slowly roll up. Great, take one
hand to your heart, and one hand to your belly. Close your eyes and once again, nice long smooth deep breaths. As you breathe in,
see if you can feel the expansion
of the lower belly. Imagine this warmth, or
this maybe soft warm light as you breathe in. And then just a very natural
softening as you breathe out. Control your breath, big inhale. And relax. And one more time.
Big inhale. And release. Awesome, bring
the hands together, rub them together. Maybe close your
eyes or soften your gaze to go inward here. And as you go inward, tending to that inner light. Know that
there’s so many people. You can also zoom out,
doing this with you, you’re not alone. And you’re gonna inhale in, thanks for the exhale Benji. And then exhale. Just place your
hands on your face. Feel that energy and just,
whatever this means to you, send some good
energy out to someone else, to those in need. So positive energy
breeds positive energy. And negative energy
breeds negative energy. This is my opinion. I feel it, I experience it. For me, it is a truth. Gently bring the hands down. So sending negative energy
up to people is never good when there’s a
catastrophe or a problem. Like, if you’re
sending concern or worry. The best thing
you can do for people if you want to help, is to really create more
positive energy in the Earth. Right? If you
can make donations, you can send money, great. But not everyone can. So one thing you can
always do is cultivate and fill your cup. Cultivate this
positive energy in your cup and your container
so it can overflow and serve others. Alright. Bring the knees super wide. Benji, I think you’re gonna
have to move for this one, do you mind? Then we’re gonna tend
to the upper back body by coming forward,
inhale, extend the crown, nice and easy movement. And then exhale round through. Again, inhale, come forward, extend the crown,
knees are wide. And exhale round through. Now on your next one, you might
walk the hands out a little bit. You’re gonna inhale, reach
the right fingertips forward, hi Benji. And then exhale,
thread the needle. So your ears are gonna
come to the earth again. You’re gonna listen. Bring the elbow, left elbow up. And you’re gonna
breathe into the upper back body and try to rotate your heart
space up towards the sky. Inhale lots of love in, and as you exhale, think about
releasing any fear energy, any anxiety. Nice cleansing exhalations. Nice full loving inhalations. And then slowly
bring it back to center, and inhale, send the
left fingertips forward. Hey buddy. And then thread the needle. And so, nice and
active in the shape today. Bend the right
elbow up towards the sky, really try to
rotate your heart space up towards the ceiling. And breathe deep, inhale lots of love in. Exhale to release
any fear, any anxiety. (exhales loudly) Awesome, and then
come back to center. Nice and easy, walk the
knees underneath the hips. Plant the palms with respect. Respect to the earth, trust she knows
what she’s doing. And the
respect to your body as you claw
through the fingertips, take pressure up off the wrists. Curl the toes under. And slowly lift the tail. Downward Facing Dog. When you get there,
pedal it out, nice and easy. Stretching
through the whole body, your whole container. Close your eyes and get lost
in the sound of your breath. Send light, send love,
send peace and support out to those by cultivating,
to those who need it, by cultivating
it within yourself. (exhales loudly) And if we’re all
practicing this together, if we’re all doing that, imagine what contribution
we can make to the world, to humanity, to society. Imagine what our
response could be to that which is
way beyond our control. Alright, inhale,
lift onto the tippy toes, lift the heels, and
then exhale drop the heels. Cleansing breath
as you breathe out. Inhale, lift, exhale, release. Inhale lift, maybe you
bring the audible exhale back. (exhales loudly) And two more times. Cleansing. And one more. Claw through the fingertips. Cleansing, drop the heels. Awesome. Slowly lower the knees, Child’s Pose,
paint the mat down. And forehead comes to the earth. Round through
the upper back body. Relax everything. Let go, a complete
and total surrender. If you want, you can bring
your index finger and thumb together here lightly, softly. So stay really
present here in belasana as you breathe in and out. Feel the expansion
of the back body. And feel the
release as you breathe out. Let your breath move you. It’s easy to just kind of absorb everything that’s
going on in the world. And forget to tend
to this kind of sacred, important space within that’s, I don’t know about you, but is my savior. So close your eyes and
imagine a line in the spine from the tail. Pinpoint it now. All the way up
through the crown. And if this shape
isn’t chill for you, you can just sit up nicely, head over heart. Nice and easy,
relaxing the shoulders. Imagining this
line in the spine. From the base to the crown. Awesome. And slowly bring the
fingertips all the way back up towards the
front edge of your mat. Come all the
way up on all fours. You’re gonna cross the ankles, and we’re gonna come back
into a nice, comfortable seat. Go ahead and place
your feet on the ground. And again, feel
that foot connection to the earth, called palabandas. Pressing through the
ball joint of the big toe. The pinkie toe,
the ball joint, and the back two corneres of the heels. These are in line with the hips. Benji, everybody. And then you’re gonna
swim the fingertips back, fingertips are going
to point towards your bum. And then loop the shoulders, wrap the shoulder blades around
to support your heart space. And you might just stay here, ’cause you might feel it man. Your chest is opening. You’ve been rounded forward. You’ve been in survival mode. Bless your heart, I’m serious. So whatever you’ve
been going through, this might just feel
good to lift the chest here and stay here. Or, we’re gonna ground
through that foot connection, patabonda, ball
joint of the big toe, ball joint of the pinkie toe, and the back two
corners of the heels and we’re gonna inhale in,
feel the expansion, through all four
sides of the torso. And then exhale,
claw through the fingetips, and slowly lift the hips up. And you’re gonna think of
your sits bones, or your bum, really reaching
towards the backs of the knees. Shins forward. And you might just come here or you might
continue to lift hip points up towards the sky. Up towards the chin, and then maybe lift
the gaze all the way up. This is going to be a
little different for everyone. I’m definitely feeling tightness in my pecs and shoulders. So this is where I’m
meeting my appropriate edge. Be careful that the
knees don’t splay out here, but you’re
squeezing the knees together. Again, shins forward. Sits bones towards
the backs of the knees. Take one more breath here, claw through the fingertips. And then slowly
release all the way down. Awesome, send the
legs out in front. Dundasana. With the palms face up. Close your eyes and just
feel that flush of energy. See if you can
stack head over heart, heart over pelvis. Feet are awake. Whole body is awake and alive. Awesome. From here, you’re
gonna hug the right knee all the way up and in. Give it a nice squeeze. Left elbow comes
to the right knee. And then right
fingertips come behind. And you’re gonna look
past your right shoulder, and now look past
your left shoulder. And now from here,
you’re gonna nod. Nod the head. And try to feel
that awesome stretch on the right side of the neck. And then release. Hug the left knee in, last bit here. Right elbow to left knee. Go ahead and take the twist, look past your left shoulder, and then keep the
twist and turn your gaze to look past the right. And begin to nod nice and slow. Feeling that length, that stretch
through the trap muscle through the left
side of your neck. All the way down to
the upper back body. Awesome, and then release. Great, send both legs out, come to lie flat on your back. Again, one hand to the heart, and one hand to the belly here. Just let everything go. Deep breath in. And on your next exhale, relax the weight of your body, completely and
fully into your mat. Inhale lots of love in. And exhale to release. (exhales loudly) If time allows, or you’re on the Find
what Feels Good Membership, you might stay
here for a bit longer. You might pull the heels up. For a little hip opener. Supacabadacanasana. But if you’re ready to go, or you’re
watching this on YouTube, let’s go ahead and
bring our palms together, and bring the thumbs
right up to the third eye. Keep your shoulders relaxed. Take a deep breath in. And long breath out. And finally, drop
the thumbs to the heart. Take a deep breath in. And a long breath out. And slowly, come onto one side, any side, and press
yourself up nice and slow. And keep your eyes closed here. Stay inward. Feel it out. And come up to a
nice comfortable seat. And just notice how you feel. And smile, pat
yourself on the back for taking this time to not only take care of yourself
and find that peace and love and support that you deserve, but you do desire a need in tumultuous times. But also to send it out, send that good energy,
that positive energy out to others. It’s important. Bring the palms
together one last time, and we take a deep breath in, and we bow. Namaste. Namaste. (upbeat music)

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  35. I have been plagued with anxiety and fear much of my life. Recently I was hit by a car, and the stress levels hit a new all time high. Not even halfway through this I starting screaming, crying, releasing all of my pain and fear. I needed this so much, and will continue to do this many, many times. Thank you so much for sharing your love, it means so very much to me. Love to you 💜

  36. Thank you for creating this Adriene. I don't know what was wrong with me tonight. I just went into a mini panic attack and needed something RIGHT AWAY. And this was it. I know that this is a video that I will come back to often. It really helped me. I don't care what anyone else says a out yoga. I love it and it helps me.

  37. i was in a head on collusion and almost died… was suffering with pretty bad anxiety and depression following. this has helped save me… so appreciative. Thank you Adrienne. This was such a beautiful practice. Sending love out to everyone

  38. Hi Adriene! I just wanted to thank you, I'm a childhood abuse survivor and trying to heal, a little bit by day. Part of that healing was trying out yoga this year and I have found your videos so helpful and your personality shines through beautifully making me so much more at ease during practice! You are wonderful! Thank you so much ❤❤❤

  39. Thank you for having a practice for everything, my sweet dog Wilfred had to go to sleep today and all the grief was trapped in my chest and lungs, this practice has helped me to release some of that and remember the good times <3

  40. I just lost my dad on Friday. I did the majority of this practice with tears running down my face. Thank you for creating this amazing channel and community.

  41. I love your videos so much. They’ve bee so helpful for me. I’ve been dealing with post concussion syndrome for 6months now. I was wondering if you could make a video specially for that or know of any movements/poses that are good for that. Thanks!

  42. My mothers best friend, the mother of my sisters best friend, a woman I knew since my childhood passed away 2 days ago after suffering horribly for many years. I am devastated. Thank you Adriene for helping me through so much.

  43. I got laid off from work yesterday, and since it was my main source of income and this is the first time I ever got laid off out of a job, I feel as though I've experienced a big disaster in my life. Today's practice felt harder than usual, maybe due to the imense weight I seem to be now carrying in my body and mind. But it made me feel lighter. It made me feel prouder that I could take this time for myself and turn my negative thoughts off for a moment. There are no words to say how thankfull I am that I have found your videos here on YouTube, and how grateful I am to you for all you offer us. Might be silly to say, but you are very dear to me, just as if we were real life friends. So thank you, dear Adriene, from the bottom of my heart. Lots of love to you and Benji, always, from sunny – yet cold, go figure – Brazil <3.

  44. All I can say atm. I Love You. I know you've heard it a billion times, but I'm so Very Grateful Forever. This is Family. Love to All -Tauney

  45. I have been in turmoil since January 10th of this year, and it seems to have only gotten worse. Today I was in my livingroom crying and I thought about this sequence, and also a quote about how even a little is better than nothing, so I made up my mind to do this, and I just feel…calm, everything is still happening, but I don’t feel as barren as I did. Thank you.

  46. After a hard week I've realized that I could have done this practice for trauma I'm working through but have numbed myself to unknowingly. A few months ago I gathered the strength in myself to leave an abusive partner, being built up by this person just to be broken down over and over for just over 2 years. This week, while working insane hours my body isn't used to, I've heard things about my previous partner and have been fearful, doubted myself and the validity of the emotions I've felt, as a result of the abuse.

    Doing this practice tonight has shown me that I dont need to feel scared of facing my trauma and pain head on, and that I've needed to find a way to face it from a place of security, strength and love. I connected with this practice more than I've been able to with other practices lately. Sometimes it's hard to really let things pull at my heart strings but this pratice did just that. Recently, I've been neglecting my spiritual needs due to fear, but now I feel stronger and grounded enough to really try, feel and be present. This is truly a phenomenal sequence. Thank you again Adriene for your wisdom, light and guidance. Namaste 🧘🏻‍♀️💛

    Also, when you said to send good energy out to someone I sent out love to a friend who's going through a similar situation. 💕

  47. Thank you for this beautiful video, Adriene. Just experienced a scary situation regarding my pregnancy and this video was so helpful in channeling so much loving energy to my baby and all mothers and fathers whoever feel worry or fear about their little ones. Namaste!

  48. Everything about and said in this practice is so perfect, I was almost crying multiple times. 50 of our Muslim brothers and sisters have just been murdered in my home town. I am so sad, but so proud of my city (especially youth) reacting out of love and rallying together. I truly needed this for my own peace today. Thank you Adriene. Kia Kaha, Namaste ❤️

  49. I’m healing from a very recent miscarriage, and this is exactly what I needed to get back into moving my body and reconnecting to my body. Thank you.

  50. I haven't even started, and my body, heart, and soul are so tired from this life, but even seeing you've made something like this for people ….. You are such a blessing Adriene. Thank you!!

  51. two hours ago i found out my grandmother died. to be able to come here to my mat to begin this practice with you means…. so much. i feel safe and free to be completely raw knowing i'm in good hands. not every yoga teacher is like that. my gratitude feels immense right now. thank you.

  52. Thank you Adriene. I had my purse stolen on a practically empty train last night. Found it dumped behind a seat in the next carriage with just my £30 cash missing so it could have been much much worse. I've been in shock since then and barely slept last night. I remember saving this video to my mental health yoga playlist ages ago and It's just what I needed today. Thank you.

  53. Fell off a horse and needed to release some aches and fears. This practice was exactly what i didnt know i needed. Thank you truly for being here and sharing your gifts. Youre healing others. Just wow.

  54. Thanks for this. We've just arrived in India to look after our dear friend as his wife (who is also our dear friend) passed away. This was perfect.

    Also, please, we need a birthday yoga themed video.

  55. After seeing someone get their phone ripped out of their hands and stolen.. this was a very nice practice to come to. My heart feels more at peace. Trauma released. Peace and love sent out. 🙏🙌💖 Also Benji kept making me laugh the whole time 😂 so that helped alot too – Thanks again Adriene! Namaste 🙏💗

  56. Sending lots of love and healing for the people who shared this practise with me on April 22nd at 11pm 🍀💖✨

  57. i had a really severe fall recently and hurt myself so bad. i feel like it was a disaster to my body and i was very shaken by it. i am hoping this video will help me be calm and heal my body and mind.

  58. yoga should be taught in school to students from kindergarden!!!! and through until they graduate. the world needs more people in connection to their own peace and others.

  59. My grandfather passed away last weekend. I was too scared to hit the yoga mat; scared of what emotions might overcome me. But this morning I decided to simply sit on my mat and then I looked up this practice.
    Your presence is so comforting and healing. Thank you. Coming back to the yoga mat wasn't as difficult as I imagined it.
    Namasté <3

  60. My work schedule has just changed from 100% work from home to 100% in office hours. It's a job I don't care for and I've been trying to pursue my creative endeavours around it. I suddenly feel like my ability to do that has been ripped out from under me and I feel frustrated, hopeless, and unmotivated. I went from doing yoga every day to just coming home and lying on the couch staring at my phone and doing nothing. This is the first I'm coming back to it and I cried the whole time, but I feel a little bit better, a little more hopeful. Thank you, Adriene, for always helping me find my way.

  61. I use yoga a great deal for my personal processing, and love that you have provided quality sessions with so many focus points. Today I had a bizarre impulse that I would find yoga for after combat / battle and so with a quick YT search, this one for after "disaster" was pretty close to my needs. It served me greatly.

    A session more finely tuned to post combat or for law enforcement…even specifically for undercover agents would be greatly beneficial to more people than you would guess (consider the type of mental processing an undercover agent is burdened with). It's a demographic of people who live with their struggles underground, often left to their own devices in many ways, which is exceptionally challenging. Please consider posting a practice for these people and circumstances, Adriene. Much appreciation 💗

  62. I found this after searching "yoga after injury", as I am recuperating from a groin/adductor strain and it was great, I only needed to do a couple of modifications. I found this video emotionally soothing, too, which I didn't realize I needed until now, so thank you!!! P.S. Benji is awesome!

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