Yoga Flow To Wake You Up And Get You Going For The Day

Yoga Flow To Wake You Up And Get You Going For The Day

[Music] hi and welcome to top of the yoga now I always encourage my students to self practice do a little bit at home wake up in the morning and stretch and do a couple of Sun Salutation doesn t don’t even have to roll your mat out do it beside your bed I think you just so happen to wake up one morning and you’re feeling a little low or a little low energy and it feels like you’re having to drag yourself out of bed with all had days like that and I’ve designed a little low Sun sanitation nice gentle flow where you can move with your breath and it feels rather like a moving meditation it’s really beautiful and it’s perfect if you’re feeling a little sluggish or a little lackluster the point is the whole joy of yoga is listening to your body and your mind and your spirit and practicing accordingly so not pushing or forcing you don’t always have to go to beyond your egg to edge like a it’s cast it’s about combining the beauty of your body and your mind in your spirit and creating balance and this is what this class is designed to do is to listen to what you need and move accordingly so we have to start off kneeling continue now I’m gonna start flow off here and I’ve got a beautiful view here so you may want to position your mat so you’ve got a lovely view to relax your shoulders now if this is uncomfortable on your heels or your knees then this is the next posture so you can come to this to begin with okay so relaxing your shoulders just checking in remembering your breathing so a nice complete breath which we’ve discussed before on another film barely ribs chest full complete breaths you can get the benefit of fully oxygenating your blood but bloody and bringing those of energy back into you good way to start a breath in nice big breath in and maybe a little backbend oh good morning stretch and then you’re going to come into extended Child’s Pose root those hands down to let your hips back bring your forehead down if you can then then you roll up so I always like to think of myself like a little puppet with a string from the back of my belly button and then being pulled up from the belly button and rocking back up to all fours just being careful that you’ve got your knees under your hips and your hands under your shoulders and you can take a few cat cow stretches here because that only ever feels great around in tucking your tailbone under scooping your belly in breathing you looking up now we rounding turn your toes under and down dog may be paddling a little if that’s ok for you doing that might feel super stiff so let’s come out of that for now he’s back to extend it child pose we reach up the nice back bend open the chest taking that breath and bring your hands all the way back to your heart now I’m going to go through that again so inhaling come up your back maybe open it here bring your hands down to extend your balasana walk your fingertips away come up all fours you know the drill hips knees hands shoulders make yourself comfortable and then I always like to encourage my students to move in a way that feels so you know if your lower back stiff stuck on your hips you might want to involve your shoulders and be really fluid in this moving and rolling and moving in a way that feels good remembering to respect your body and him so remember you’re looking after yourself being kind to yourself all the time down-dog if that feels good otherwise stay in all fours back and reach up maybe open and then bring your hands to your heart again I’m going to go through again as you’ll become more familiar with it then you get into that beautiful state of moving meditation so this can be done with your eyes closed as well if you feel comfortable and safe so you then providing your breath to the move green out movie then all force breathing out down dog Buie then Awful’s breathe out extend it child Buie then all the way up a movie that let’s do it one more time because it’s too good not to take a breath in take your breath out inhale roll up adding bits whenever you need to exhale down dog inhale exhale ENL oh exhale hands rest here bring your thumbs to your chest pressed against your sternum notice your breath and notice how you feel has your energy changed she’ll be thing changed let your breath relax you might want to just release your wrists with those down dogs and cats just release the rest of the little circle and come to setting I hope you’ve really enjoyed my gentle morning stretch now if you really liked what you saw and you’d like to see a few more like that then please like and subscribe to my page namaste [Music]

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  1. I love this yoga flow, it generates heat, wakes up my whole body and gets me moving. It's the perfect way to start your day and at only 7 minutes long it take no time at all, try it for yourself πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒΈπŸ’•

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