Yoga Body Workout: Free Yoga Class (Vinyasa Yoga 45 min class) | Fightmaster Yoga Videos

Yoga Body Workout: Free Yoga Class (Vinyasa Yoga 45 min class) | Fightmaster Yoga Videos

– [Voiceover] Begin in child’s pose. (relaxing music) Let your head rest down on the mat. Bring your arms by your sides or you can rest your head on your hands. Then play with the width of your knees, a little bit wider, and you can relax your
chest between the thighs or close the legs, rest
your belly on your thighs. Begin your breathing in and out through your nose. Ujjayi breathing, there’s
a slight constriction in the back of the throat as you breathe. If you’re not familiar with that breath. Just keep the breath steady. In and out through your nose. Inhale from the base of your spine all the way to the crown of your head. Exhale, crown of the head
to the base of your spine. As you’re here beginning
your breath practice, remind yourself that everything
is okay in this moment. You have everything that
you need within you, the strength, the focus,
everything for this practice and for your life beyond the mat. Inhale, reach your arms in front of you and spread your fingers. Exhale, let your head rest down. On your next inhale walk
your hands over to the right. Get a nice stretch through
the left side of your body. Take a breath here. Two more breaths. Inhale, walk your hands
back through center and then exhale, walk them to the left. Breathing into the
right side of your body, creating space there. Soften your shoulders and your jaw, always checking the body for any tension and letting it release. Inhale the hands back through center. As you exhale, bring yourself up onto your hands and knees in table position. A few rounds of cat cow. Inhale the heart forward. Lift your chin and tailbone. Exhale, tuck your
tailbone round your spine, lift your belly. Again inhale forward making
sure the wrists are right underneath the shoulders,
the knees under the hips. Exhale, tuck and round, lift the hips. Lift the ribs and the belly. Two more times. Inhale, coming forward. Pull your shoulder blades back and down as the heart comes forward and exhale. Press into your hands and
feet rounding the back. And one more time inhale, warming up the spine, draw the shoulder blades back and down, keep the belly lifted, exhale tuck and round, pull your rib cage in, pull your belly in strongly. Then inhale, come to a neutral spine keeping the belly lifted reach your right leg back and
extend your left arm forward. Notice how your back
wants to arch a little bit so keep the ribs lifted. As you lift your back leg, lift it from the inner thigh. Let your outer hip drop down so hips stay level. Stretching through the arm and the leg keep the breath nice and steady. And releasing, and we’ll switch sides. Left leg back, lifted
from the inner thigh. Let your outer hip drop down. Squeeze your right hip in towards center as you reach your left arm forward. If you have issues with balance find a little spot on
the floor in front of you and keep your steady gaze there to help with your balance. Continuing your breath practice. Breathe. And releasing back to table. Walk your hands forward abut a hand print. Spread your fingers wide. Tuck the toes under. Lift your hips. Press up and back. Downward facing dog. So, feet hips distance. Arms shoulder distance apart. And then for this first down
dog just bicycle the legs bending one knee then the other. And then come way up on to your tip toes as you bend one knee and the other, just to give yourself
a little bit of length. And up onto the toes, and bend both knees, pressing your chest back
towards your thighs. Slowly start to straighten the legs. Reach the heels towards the floor. If it’s too intense keep
a bend in the knees. Firm your belly, firm your ribs in and up and come forward on your inhale to plank. Just like the top of a push up bring your heart forward press back through your heels. Take a long breath then knees down. Shift your shoulders forward about an inch and lower slowly to the floor. Try to have everything touch at once. Untuck your toes. Inhale, a baby cobra, peel the chest up reach through the legs, keep the belly strong and exhale, downward facing dog. Adho Mukha Svanasana And then step your feet
forward to the hands. Inhale half way up, lengthen your spine. Exhale, fold over the legs. Bend the knees as needed. Inhale, rear it down through your feet. Reach all the way up and look up. Exhale the hands to your heart. Sol master de hes. Steady balance pose. Surya Namaskara A. Inhale, then reach your
arms out around and up. Exhale, hinge from your hips, fold over the legs, bend
the knees as needed. Inhale half way up, fingertips on the floor or hands to shins. Exhale, you can step back to plank or you can jump back into Chaturanga. So stepping back for the first one. Lower down, hug the elbows in. Knees can be down here. Inhale either up dog, thighs
and knees off the floor if it bothers your back
stay with cobra pose. Exhale downward dog. Arms shoulder distance, the
feet are hips distance apart. As you spread your fingers wide press down into the base of your fingers. Lift away from the
floor with your forearms so there’s less pressure in your wrists. Exhale everything out. Bend the knees. Step or jump feet to hands. Inhale, half way up. Exhale, fold. Inhale root down as you rise
all the way up, lengthen up. Exhale, hands to heart. Again inhale reach your arms up. Exhale, hinge from the
hips and fold forward. Inhale halfway up, lengthen your spine. Exhale stepping or floating back. Chaturanga Dandasana. Elbows bend if you jump back. Inhale, upward dog or cobra pose. Exhale, downward facing dog pose. Steady breath as you
gaze between your knees or between the feet. Arms and ears in the same line. One more breath in. Exhale everything out. Bend your knees. Look past your fingertips. Keep your hips nice and high as you set yourself up to step or jump. Inhale forward. Exhale and fold over the legs. Inhale root down as you rise up. Exhale Sol master de hes. One more time, inhale, circle the arms up. Exhale, hinge from the hips
and fold over your legs. Inhale, offer your heart halfway up. Exhale, step or float back Chaturanga. Inhale press through your hands and feet. Exhale, downward facing dog. Take a nice long breath here. Stretching back, lengthening your spine. On your next inhale float
your right leg back and up. As you exhale bring your knee
in over toward the left arm as high up as you can. Then swivel it over to the right arm. Hold it up tightly. Now bring it through center. And then lightly step it all
the way up by the right hand, stay on the ball of the back foot. Come up into high lunge crescent pose. So adjusting the pelvis here. Bend the back knee just a little. Tilt your pelvis forward. Zip up your belly. Keep the spine long and
then straighten the back leg and feel a big stretch through the right thigh and hip flexor. Exhale the hands down. You can go right to down dog and stay or lower down Chaturanga. Inhale to upward dog or cobra pose. Exhale, downward facing dog. Inhale the left leg back and up. Exhale, draw the knee in and
bring it off to the right arm. Little twist. Hug it in tightly, inhale. Exhale, we’ll bring it to the right, swivel it over, inhale. Exhale, bring the knee in towards center. Lightly step it up by the left hand. Inhale to come up into high lunge crescent and then bending your back knee tilt your pelvis forward, the hip bones lift toward the navel. Try to keep your pelvis level as you straighten the back leg. Left hip drops down a little bit. Exhale your hands down again. Step to down dog and stay or back to plank to lower down Chaturanga. Inhale cobra or upward facing dog. And exhale, downward facing dog. We call this a Vinyasa. Wen we move through those poses and this type of awesome practice. Take a few long breaths. Try to lengthen out your
inhales and exhales. You can take the knees down and rest in child’s pose at any time. Exhale, everything out. Bend the knees, step
or jump feet to hands. Inhale halfway up. Exhale fold. On your inhale, bend
the knees, drop the hips into Utkatasana. So that your imaginary chair
take the arms up by the ears, and exhale Sol master de hes. Take Surya B, inhale, bend the knees. Utkatasana, reach up. Exhale fold forward, straighten your legs. Inhale halfway up, lengthen, exhale step or
float back through Chaturanga. Inhale upward dog or cobra. Exhale and downward facing dog. Spin your left heel to the floor then step your right
foot up by the right hand Inhale all the way up
into warrior one pose. Exhale and lower down Chaturanga. Inhale to up dog or cobra. Exhale downward facing dog. Inhale the left foot steps
the back foot is flat, come all the way up into warrior one. Exhale and lower back down elbows in, belly lifted. Inhale cobra or up dog. Exhale and downward facing dog. Come back to your steady breath. So as you’re hearing down dog make this your resting time. So just focusing on the breath. Lift the shoulders, keep
your belly drawn in slightly. And if it’s too much at any time knees down child’s pose to rest. Bend the knees and look up, step or jump your feet,
inhale, look up lengthen. Exhale fold forward. Inhale bend the knees. Drop your hips, Utkatasana, reach up. Exhale, Sol master de hes. One more time. Inhale, bend the knees. Utkatasana, reaching up. Exhale, fold forward,
straighten the legs, head heavy. Inhale halfway up lengthen. Exhale, step or float back, Chaturanga. Inhale cobra or upward facing dog. Exhale, downward facing dog. Inhale, step your right foot up, spin your back, feel flat, warrior one reach up. Exhale, ride the breath down. Hug your elbows in. Inhale to upward dog. Exhale back downward facing dog. Right foot flat. Step the left foot up by the left hand. Rise up warrior one. Exhale and lower back down. One long exhale here, keep the belly strong. Inhale moving into your back bend. Shoulders open, exhale. Downward facing dog. We’ll take five breaths here. Coming back to your nice
steady Ujjayi breathing. The ears in line with the arms. Create some space between your shoulders. Make sure there’s no tension there. Press the thighs back toward
the wall that’s behind you. One more breath. Bend the knees, look up. Step or jump, inhale, flat back. Exhale fold over the legs. Inhale, bend the knees,
drop your hips and reach up. Exhale to stand. Sol master de hes. And then bending your knees
here we’ll twist to the right. Take Utkatasana twist. Try to keep your knees
in line with each other. If you’d like to open up. Take the twist a little bit deeper. Reach the arms open. Come back to center, fold forward straighten the legs any amount and then bend the knees,
come back to Utkatasana reach up, sit in your imaginary chair. Hands to heart. Twisting to the other side. Drop your hips down. Try to keep the knees
in line with each other so the pelvis stays nice and neutral. Press your palms, broaden your collarbones. Take it deeper if you want to, just an option to open the arms. And then back to center. Fold forward, straighten the legs. Take your feet hips distance apart and then grab your opposite elbows. Rag doll pose, just rock a
little here side to side. Coming back to the breath. Release the arms and shake
your head yes lightly. And nod your head no. And hands to hips. Keep your belly lifted. Inhale, come up with a nice flat back. A little bend in the knees. And now turning to your right, step your feet out nice and wide. Turn your right leg out the left toes in slightly. Inhale here, exhale bend
the knee over the ankle for warrior two pose. Gaze over the fingertips,
very important to make sure your right knee is over the ankle and right over your second toe to keep your knee safe. Back arm as high as the front. Soften the shoulders, lift the chest. Press through the outer
edge of your back foot and lift your inner back thigh so your back leg is still nice and strong. Take another long breath and then inhale to reverse your warrior. Drop the left arm. Reach through your right arm stretching the side of your body. Bend the front knee and inhale to come up. Straighten your front leg. Take your feet to parallel,
do the other side. Left leg out, right toes in, inhale here. Exhale, bend the knee over the ankle. Every breath has a movement. Reach out through the arms lift the chest, soften the shoulder blades, grounding through the front heel ground through the outer
edge of the back foot. Steady breathing. Take one more breath
here, inhale to reverse, Exhale, bend your left
knee a little deeper. Stretch through the left side of the body. Inhale, come up, straighten the front leg. Take your feet to parallel toes pointed a little toward each other, hands on hips, look up on your inhale. Exhale, shift the hips
back as you come forward fingertips to the floor. Inhale, lengthen your spine, look up, you can stay right there,
or exhale fold forward. If you’re elbow’s bent, line up your wrists
right under your elbows. If you’re a little more advanced for fun, shift the hips forward coming up into Mukta Hasta
Sirsasana head standing. just an option, no pressure. Start to make your way down, slowly using your belly muscles control, and then the feet come back to the floor. Inhale halfway up, lengthen your spine. Exhale, hands to hips. Inhale, all the way back to center. Exhale, heel toe or hop your feet together and then step to the front of your mat into Sol master de hes. We’ll work on our balance
here with tree pose. Right leg up, left leg down. And as you are working on your balance find a spot to focus on in front of you. So you can take your right foot up to the inside of the thigh or just to the calf. Either high or low on the leg, anywhere but on the knee is fine. Reaching the arms up, when you’re steady. Soften the shoulders, the
jaw, keep your breath steady, keep your focus, and then we’ll point
the knee to the front, extend the leg out, use the belly muscle, to hold your leg up. Try not to lean back here. Hands to heart, bend the knee leaning forward as you step back. Line up your front heel
with your back arch. Take you arms to a T
setting up for a triangle. Shift the hips toward
the back of the room. Reach your arm front and extend it out and then down. Now line up your
shoulders with each other. Look up towards your top hand and breathe. Try and move your front hip
underneath you as you press down into the base of the big
toe of your front foot. Look down at the front foot. Inhale to come up. Bend the front knee, step it back. You can go right to down dog or take a Vinyasa, lowering Chaturanga Inhale to come up. Exhale, downward facing dog. Just take a breath here. And bend the knees, look up
step or jump feet to hands. Inhale halfway up, lengthen. Exhale, fold. Inhale, root down as
you rise all the way up. Lengthen up. Exhale, bring the hands
back to your heart. We’ll take the left side. So ground through the right leg, pick up your left leg, anywhere above or below your knee. Press the foot into the leg and press the leg back into the foot. Whenever you feel steady, add
your arms and reach them up. Soften the shoulders as
you extend the arms up so there’s no tension around your neck. Try and drop the left hip down as you squeeze the right
hip in, toward the center. Bring palms back to your heart. Point the left knee toward the front. Extend the leg straight
out in front of you. Drop your hip down a little, to keep hips level. Then bend the knee leaning
forward as you step back, line up heel to arch. Straighten the front leg. Shift your hips toward
the back of the room. Reach forward as far as you can and then take the left hand down the right arm reaching up. Try and line up your
shoulders with each other. Soften shoulder blades. Get long through the spine, especially the bottom
side of your rib cage. The more length you get here the better it is for your spine. Bend the front knee hands down, frame the foot. Step back Vinyasa or
into down dog to stay. Coming back to downward facing dog. Inhale the right leg back and up but this time we’ll bend the knee and open your hips So take it off to the
left side of the mat. Press evenly through the shoulders. Then exhale knee to nose. Rock yourself to a push up position. Step the foot lightly between the hands. Inhale, windmill your
arms up into warrior two. Inhale, reverse your warrior. Exhale, bend the front knee. On your inhale, come up, straighten the front leg, shift the hips toward the back. Reach out and down for
Trikonasana triangle pose. This time I’ll add Ardha
Chandrasana, half moon pose. So in a moment you’ll bend your front knee walk your back foot in a little bit, take your right hand to the
pinky toe side of your foot as you float the back leg up. Your right toes are gonna want to turn in Try not to let them. If you’re wobbly take your
right hand a little further back toward the back of your, of the room, and then slowly set yourself
down into warrior two. Lean forward, right
forearm to right thigh. Reach your left arm in line with your ear for side angle Parsvakonasana You can keep forearm on the thigh or take the right hand of the
pinky toe side of your foot. Inhale back up into warrior two. Exhale, windmill the arms down. Either down dog to stay or
back to plank and lower. Inhale, cobra or up dog. Exhale, and downward facing dog. Inhale your left leg back and up. First, we’ll bend the knee and open the hips. So take the left foot off to
the right side of the mat. Press your right heel toward the floor. Press evenly through the shoulders. Take the leg back through center. Square off the hips. Exhale, draw knee to nose. Rock it to a push up position. Use your belly muscles to hold you then lightly step it up, spin the back heel down warrior two. Make sure the knee is right over the ankle and right in line with the second toe. Inhale, reverse your warrior. Exhale bend into the front
knee a little bit more. Inhale to come up. Straighten the front leg. Shift your hips toward the back. Reach out and down
Trikonasana triangle pose. Left hand to the shin,
foot or floor, or a block. Reach up through your right fingertips looking up at the hand if that’s all right on your neck. Ardha Chandrasana, half moon
coming up, bend the front knee. Walk your back foot in a little. Take the left hand
about 12 inches in front as you float your back leg up. If you have a block handy you can place your hand on the
block, a little bit easier. Take another big breath and then start to bend the front knee coming back to warrior
two just for a moment. Lean forward left forearm to left thigh, reach the right arm over, opening the chest toward the ceiling, Then if you’d like take
your left hand down to the pinky toe side of
your foot or to your block. Stretch one long line of
energy from the fingertips through the outer edge of your back foot. Inhale, back to warrior two. Exhale, windmill the arms down. Step to down dog to stay. Take a Vinyasa or take the knees down and rest in child’s pose. Stretch yourself back into down dog. Take a couple of long breaths here. Arms in line with the ears and look up. Bend the knees, step
or jump feet to hands. Inhale, exhale to fold. Inhale, reach out around
and up, look up lengthen. Exhale, Sol master de hes. Inhale, bend the knees into Utkatasana sitting in your imaginary chair. Exhale, fold over the legs. Inhale halfway up. Exhale, step or jump
back again Chaturanga. Inhale, press through your hands and feet, open the chest. And exhale, downward dog. Inhale the right leg up, exhale, draw it in knee to nose. And then lightly step
it up by the right hand. Stay on the ball of the back foot. Come back to crescent, high lunge, also known as Anjaneyasana. Inhale here as you exhale, start to bend the back knee. Either bend a little bit or lightly tap it down to the floor. Inhale, straighten the leg. Again exhale lower. Good inhale straighten. Exhale one more time, bend the knee. Inhale, straighten the leg. Now hands to heart, we’ll add a twist. So take your left elbow across, Press your palms in toward
the center of the chest broaden through your collar bones. See if you can find a little
opening in the upper back. If you want to go deeper
you can take that hand down to the floor on the
pinky toe side of the foot, a little more challenging. Now come back to center. Come to plank and pause. Step your feet together. Roll to the pinky toe
side of the right foot, lift up through your left arm. Lift your hips up. You can take a variation by
taking your bottom knee down, and then a variation for wild thing. Take the top leg over, take
your hand to the low back first and then if it feels comfortable reach the arm forward into this backbend. Come back to side plank. Come back to regular plank. Either take a Vinyasa or
go right into down dog and skip that Vinyasa. Inhale left leg back and up. Exhale draw knee to nose. Rock it forward. Lightly step the left foot up. Stay on the ball of the back foot. Come into crescent, high lunge. Reach up through all
four sides of the waist. Inhale here, exhale, start
to bend the back knee. Lightly tap it down or
hover above the floor. Inhale, straighten the leg. Exhale and lower. Inhale, straightening. Last time, exhale, lower. Inhale straighten the leg. Bring your hands to heart. Take your right elbow across twisting. As you twist keeping
your hips nice and level pull your left hip back a little bit. Work your back leg. Press the palms together
broadening your collar bones. If you wanna go deeper you can take the hand to the floor reaching up. It’s a little more advanced,
work with what you can. You can also take your
bottom knee to the floor. Now stepping back to
plank pause feet together. Roll to the left side. Reach the right arm up, side plank . This is hard, so you can always take your bottom knee to the floor. If your wrist bothers you, come on to your forearm instead. A variation top leg up and
to the floor for wild thing. If this is too much just skip it. Hand to the lower back to balance. If it bothers your back, keep
the hand at the low back. If you’re good with
stretching out stretch out. Then come back to center. Side plank, regular plank. Lift the hips into down
dog or lower Chaturanga. Inhale to come up. Exhale, downward facing dog. Take your knees down for
just a short child’s pose. Come back to your breath. Now we’ll take the forearms to the floor. Elbows right underneath the shoulders. Spread your fingers wide. If it’s more comfortable
for you to clasp hands here that’s fine too. Dolphin pose, opens the shoulders. Press the chest back towards the thighs. Reach the heels down. From here take a step
toward the back of your mat. Drop your hips in the same line as your shoulders for dolphin plank. Look just forward of the mat. Lift the belly, lift the ribs. Heart forward, press
back through the heels. Nice strong belly. Then lift your hips,
walk your feet back in, back to dolphin pose. Lift the ribs and belly. Lift the shoulders and broaden there. Now another step toward
the back of the mat. Drop your hips in line with the shoulders. Heart forward, heels back. Work the backs of the knees
up toward the ceiling. Now right leg back and
up just a little bit, about a foot up. Good, set it down. Now the left leg, lift
from the inner thigh. Keep the hips level. Work your belly muscles. Then take it back down. Lift your hips. Dolphin pose. And then take your knees
back down for child’s pose. Take a little rest here. Come back to your breath practice. So poses will come and poses will go. The breath is most
important in our practice. We’ll come back into downward facing dog. On your inhale, come forward into plank. We’re gonna lower slowly. So shift the shoulders forward. Elbows hug in lower five, four,
you can take the knees down, three, two, and one, all
the way to your belly. Reach your arms by your sides. Shalabhasana, locust pose. Inhale peel the chest up. Lift the legs. Reach your tailbone towards your heels. Look just forward of the mat so the back of the neck is long. My head’s up a little
too high in this one. So go a little more forward. Get nice and long then slide your hands
next to your rib cage. Inhale cobra, up dog. Exhale downward facing dog. Inhale again to plank. Exhale slowly all the way to your belly. This time reach your arms in front in line with your ears like
superman, like superwoman. And as you’re ready, pull your belly in. Inhale, lift and Shalabhasana, arms in line with the ears. Look just forward. The inner thighs are spinning
up toward the ceiling like you’re holding a block there. Get nice and long. Use your belly muscles,
use your back muscles. Either stay or swing the arms back. Take the feet to the outsides. Our hands at the outsides of the feet lift up into Navasana, boa pose. This is optional. Do what’s best for your
body in this moment. And slowly release. Slide your hands next to the rib cage. Inhale to come up, open the chest. And exhale, downward facing dog. We’re gonna take a little jump forward and sit down so bend the knees hips high. Look past your fingertips. Bend the knees, you
can step or you can hop all the way through to seated. And then from here, lie down on your back but don’t get too comfortable. We’re not quite done. Almost, bridge pose, Setu Bandha. Feet under, heels under the knees. Arms by your sides. Press up into bridge. Roll your shoulders under. Option to clasp the hands. Keep the chin away from the chest. Breath into your chest. Spiral the thighs in toward each other. Lengthen your tailbone
towards the backs of the knee. Exhale lower, Supta Baddha Konasana Put the soles of your feet
together and your knees apart. Put a hand on your heart,
a hand on your belly. Breathe into your hands. We create open heart
energy in this back bend. Second one, either another
bridge pose like you just did or a Urdva Dhanurasana for wheel. If you’re going into Urdva Dhanurasana take your hands by your ears, make sure your elbows stay parallel. They’re gonna want to
splay away from each other. Keep them parallel. Come to the crown of the head. Line up your wrists and your elbows and then slowly start
to straighten the legs. So think of this more as the front opening as opposed to a back bend. Take a few breaths into the chest. Whenever you’re ready to come down. Bring your chin to your chest. Lower to your shoulders,
not onto your head. And then rest again,
Supta Baddha Konasana. Connecting into that open heart energy. In a moment we’ll set up for one more. If you feel like that was enough for you just rest a little bit longer. Arms by your sides or by the ears. As you’re ready press into Urdva
Dhanurasana or bridge pose. Your choice. So listening to the body. The body speaks to us in sensations. So if you have any pain at all, just stopping immediately and resting. Come back to the breath. And then when you’re ready to continue continue with the next pose. Chin into the chest, coming down, and this time hug your
knees into your chest and rock a little, side to side. So you’re giving your lower
back a nice little massage. Keep your right knee hugging and extend the left leg out. And then twist off to the left side over your right shoulder if that’s okay on the neck, nice gentle twist. If this twist isn’t quite gentle enough you can always bend
the other knee as well. That’ll make it a little less intense. Come back to center. Draw the knees into the chest again. This time keep the left knee hugging in, extend the right leg out. Now we’ll take that
twist to the other side, so twisting over, and looking
over the opposite shoulder. Looking to the right. If it bothers your neck to turn the head, then just look up. You don’t have to turn the head. Inhale back to center, draw the knees in. Make yourself into a little ball. Begin to rock forward and backward. Maybe just a couple
little rocks two or three. If it bothers the back at
all just roll to one side, and press up. It feels nice on your back. Roll yourself up to seated. And with your knees bent,
feet flat on the floor, bring your hands behind your
fingertips facing forward. Wrist back a little bit. Press into reverse table. Let your head just hang down
if that feels fine on your neck otherwise you can lift the head. The shoulder opener. Then take your right ankle
above your left knee. And slowly set yourself down. So this is a hip opener pose. Flex your right foot. So the closer you walk
your body into your legs, the bigger stretch you’ll
feel in that right hip. If it’s a bit intense, walk yourself further away from the legs or you can come to your forearms. And releasing, press
back into reverse table. This is the anti Chaturanga pose. It is a good pose for all
the Chaturangas we did today. Lifting the left leg. I’ll take the left ankle
just above the right knee. Flex the foot, and slowly set yourself down. Sit up tall. Keep the left foot flexed. Work the left knee toward the
wall that’s in front of you. So your ankle and your knee start to work into the same line. Soften the shoulders, the jaw take any variations on this
hip opener that work for you. You can come to the forearms
if your wrists are tired. Release, extend both legs in front of you. Sit up as tall as you can. Pull your toes back. Reach both arms up. Inhale length. Exhale, hinge from the hips. Paschimottanasana, forward fold. Inhale lengthen the spine, and exhale, folding in. So it never matters how far you
get into any of these poses. Flexibility doesn’t matter. What matters is you feel a nice stretch. What matters is you are stretching. Taking care of your body. If we don’t keep the
flexibility in our body what doesn’t move and stretch will break. We want to keep it fluid. Inhale, head up. Exhale, release. And lie all the way back
for a shoulder stand. If you have any injuries in
your neck, your shoulders if you have high blood
pressure or glaucoma, latest vacation, just stay here halfway up with your hips on the floor. If you feel comfortable in shoulder stand, it doesn’t hurt your neck, you can take the legs
behind you into plow pose, roll the shoulders under and the take your hands to
your low back for support. Either one leg comes up at a time or you can take both legs up. As you press into your
elbows and your upper arms lift your shoulder blades
into your back body and reach up through the toes. Keep your chin away from your chest and be sure that you do not
turn your head from side to side in this pose as there
is pressure on the neck and it’s not good to turn the head here. Keep your neck long. And now make your way back
into plow pose, Halasana. And then as you’re ready, slowly roll yourself out,
vertebra, by vertebra, using your belly muscles. So over time you’ll come
down slower and slower. When you get to your low
back we want to keep it safe, so bend the knees, feet to
the floor, or hands under hips and you can come down with straight legs. Then lifting up reach the
crown of the head back, this is Matsyasana, fish pose. Breathe into the throat
and into the chest. This is our counter pose
for a shoulder stand. And release, hug both knees
back into the chest, Apanasana. We’ll take another little twist. Arms to a T, knees to the left, look over your right shoulder. It’s an option to cross the right knee on top of the left for a deeper twist. Inhale center. Exhale knees over to the right and look over the left shoulder, option to cross left over right, and twisting is so good to keep the spine lubricated and flexible. Inhale center. Give the knees a hug. Lengthen your tailbone toward the floor and then as you’re ready
you’ll make your way into your final resting pose, Shavasana. So let your feet just flop open. Bring your arms by your
sides, your palms facing up. Draw your shoulder blades
away from your ears. Get long through your spine and just close your eyes and rest. Quiet mind, quiet body, Shavasana. (long silence) As you’re here in Shavasana. I’m gonna read one of my
favorite poems by Rumi called The Guest House. This being human as a guest house every morning a new arrival. A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor. Welcome and entertain them all even if they’re a crowd of sorrows who violently sweep your house empty of it’s furniture. Still treat each guest honorably. He may be clearing you
out for some new delight. The dark thought, the shame, the malice. Meet them at the door laughing, and invite them in. Be grateful for whoever comes because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond. Take a nice long stretch. Hug your knees into your chest. Roll off to your right side. Pause a moment for gratitude
for all of our blessings. Press yourself back up to seated. Take a nice comfortable seated position. Cross the shins. Sit up nice and tall. Give lotus in your practice, the right leg first and then the left. Careful of your knees and you’re ankles. Palms in Anjali Mudra
in front of your heart. Namaste, the light in me
recognizes and solutes the light in all of you. Agree to sit in a seated
meditation for as long as you like. Or if this concludes your practice I hope you have a wonderful day.

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