Winding Down (Emotional Intelligence) Guided Meditation

Winding Down (Emotional Intelligence) Guided Meditation

welcome to this guided meditations spoken by Carla Elaine Gow and brought
to you by www. this
guided meditation is designed to allow you to let go of
tensions that has been built up over an extended
period of time you will be guided into his state d relax Asian where your body and your mind are
allowed to gently let go unnecessary baggage and recharge and regenerate it will also provide you
with resources that you can draw upon while going about your daily life there is immense power and imagination
and visualizing what you want your unconscious mind is ever ready to start working towards fulfilling whatever you imagine to
become your reality and that means that you can be you have and create everything you believe he deserves them I invite you to make your that you are comfortable and warm and in the safe place ready to enjoy them with your arms at your side now allow yourself to close your eyes and simply concentrate on your breathing gently with all your concerns and thong the side now them this is very easy because you know that the really
important ones will still be there when you return alright in a moment I want you to clench your
fists as tight as possible and at the same time squeeze your eyes
closed as hard as possible while you inhale ok and then I one she to release all
tensions simultaneously with the shark expand allowing your face and I to relax and maybe even open now clench your fists and squeeze your
eyes closed as hard as possible as you in ham and model X Hanon and release all tension from
your body in mind that’s right and again increase the tension as you
inhale hold your breath and exhale and release all tension and once more increase the tension as
you inhale them hold your breath and expand to release all the tension now gently closing your I letting go home winding mmm down mom leading the ok anon winding him very good and as you relax even more now shedding every last credit pension and he from
your entire body and mind allowing any remaining thawed simply shift away you can be easily and effortlessly give in them that long name from the in side Islam long from the insider’s view on from yeah here the more you give them the deeper you Burnham and the deeper you go the more you give them the deeper you go home Jan morning you givin here and the more you give in the deepening girl you can simply met go now and wine damnn and the more you wind and I’m the
betting field and the better you feel like and more you wind down the more you wind down the deep a you go and the deeper you go I’m the bedding me feel Mary good nothing can disturb you now everything and you hear and even though
there’s you don’t hear takes you deep burn and meaning team mine Mandy day ok now imagine and feel as though you are walking along a beautiful will
be and white things loose gun and even Bluewater am the golden fumes Sun Jenn warms your body as you effortlessly
strong room and enjoy feeling the coup Maurice GM consoles have you feelin with every step mom maidens you deeply in Julie pays mmm and smellin this thing the emissions with every breath intake news for a moment you stop and watch the girls drifting in pleasant three feeling happy and content because ins so easy for %um K perience such Chris ok you can hear the waves rhythmic
relapsing ne and them them and morning and the detn cry have begun as you continues moons taking in the scenery and feeling comfortable home Hatton’s and privilege you fine amandime some I’m shaped most like it seems as you make yourself comfortable rooms
on the crest have that mound to the same looking out tootin you feel like letting go even more that’s me to help you achieve this I will guide your to make drawings that represent being match eaten there come them so let’s get started I one cheesy to mention that you are
drawing onto a piece of paper everything that represents what causes you stress in your line everything that represent trains marry me cool known folder the drawing into the room paper bone and put all
your stress into you that vote mannn very good now place the vote on the same man and then watch the way pick it up and
simply me Washita Way me watch the way wash it away that’s right now home imagine drawing on another day piece a paper from everything that represents what causes you anger in your line everything net represents indians married to ok no hold up that room into little paper BOM and but all your angering into that BOM ok and place it on the same Mike ok and then why the way pick it up and wash %um watch the way wash it away that’s right knee no draw everything that represents what causes you anguish in your life on another peace papen everything that represents anguish very good in darn to fold up adjourn into little paper boat now and would only your anguish into it place in on this from ok and watch the way you Washita Way ok watch the wave wash it all away married 29 now home imagine drawing on another piece of paper in everything represents any other unnecessary
constrains 10 German back impacts your line any other unnecessary confirm ok very cool well again folder adjourning into little paper vote now men would all the German and unnecessary consumes intern and places on the same ok and watch the way you Washita Way here watch main why she do any ok that’s right them very good am and now simply place everything else into the same means that is bothering
you in some way and more change the way you Washita Way watch the wave Washita Way why shoot away as you comfortably continued to relax
now on nephew d since Valley washing through your mind and Bonnie them here arms and legs are starting to feel
my dear and lighting and even my turn now and as you gently lift your head look towards the spectacular sunset gnome that a huge burden has been lifted him are national team and that means that it is now time to net tonight shiny math right it is time to let you in light shine let it shine from deep within newson let it radiate interior every aspect have your life from this moment on wearing met every
moment be even more special one as you let your night shine bright team allow everything that you do am from now mine should be guided by your bright lie and give yourself permission shine brightly ok give yourself permission to shine
brightly them give yourself permission to shine
brightly ok and now home mentioned that you are feeling your
entire body and mine with your right why mine minute though into every organ every month who every five burn and every cell love your body minute fill the space between every
organ every month home every fire burn and every cell love your body let it fill the space between this space I’ve every organ every month soon every five room and every them allowing to flow all around your body
now and radiate ok even be om the boundaries near Orem on let your entire be be in mandated with your bright wyche like that’s right and now home allow your bright why like to safely and sensibly bring healing cleansing and clearing here body and mine ok them mom met the LeAnn when the mom and clearing affect every organ every month Kumon every five burn and every sale lower than my healing main thing and wearying into your mind your aura and your entire be and now notice how the light is starting to gently reach our range and regenerate team like penetrate and infuses every particle every atoms every molecule home every cell every fiber love your body it recharges and regenerate your organs your mushrooms and your entire body it recharges and regenerate here your mind and your spirit and everything that is you on that’s right ok as you let your bright white my continuum to recharge and regenerate here you understand that in order to being
able to be your best and to experience the best possible life them you need to take care love what aspects have your physical home and motion home and spiritual won’t be you need to take care what aspects love your physical emotional room and spiritual well be you need to take care %uh war aspect
view physical emotional and spiritual well-being here and you know I’m that he knew allow yourself to regenerate and recharge on a regular basis ok recharge on a regular basis them recharge on a regular basis and you feel blessed for having your
right why lie and you feel blessed for knowing mate
you can call upon you know right why my anytime mines and you feel blessed for being you and I don’t know whether you would like
to continue to be charming and regenerate in with you Mike gently return into the present man’s when everyone she you sign netted in the triggering the new one you feel wonderfully restored mine and refresh when you decide to our way and retain coming back into the room whenever I’m you are really need to do them you will be feeling wonderfully refresh
ok resins and ready for your magnificent P chains them

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  1. I am extremely pleased to announce that the Emotional Intelligence Guided Meditation series has been recorded and published and is now available for download. It consists of seven guided meditations that can be downloaded individually or as a bundle. You can listen to samples on the page or on the Career Tune-up YouTube Channel.

    Many thanks go to Carla Gow for doing an excellent job performing the words on top of my music and for the continuing constructive input. A big thank you to Fabio Mastrocola for planting the seed to getting it done and thank you very much to Marissa Berendina my beautiful wife for the encouragement and for believing in our endeavour. 

    Emotional Intelligence – What is it all about?
    Emotions influence the way we act and react. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognise our behaviours, moods, and impulses, and manage them in a positive way to communicate effectively, empathise with others, manage stress, overcome challenging situations and defuse conflict.

    This series of Emotional Intelligence guided meditations will not only develop and progress your job satisfaction, job security and employability but also further your adeptness of the use of personal, social and leadership capabilities as employed by modern day executives and entrepreneurs.

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