Why You Should Add “A Course in Miracles” (ACIM) to Your Spiritual Path

Why You Should Add “A Course in Miracles” (ACIM) to Your Spiritual Path

Today, as of seconds ago, it looks like
we’re gonna talk about how A Course in Miracles can add to any thought system
or any other thing on your spiritual path. But probably I want to say this
first. It doesn’t mean you have to be a course student to be able to gain
something from this. I sometimes hesitate to put such
specifics because people, then they think, “Oh, this is on A Course In
Miracles” or something, and then it kind of narrows down the listening ratio of people anytime we get specific like that. So I want to talk about everything, and yet the topic, title I sort of
just gave you. Essentially, let’s start with this. Think about what belief systems you have. Think about the things that have most
affected you, most felt right for you on your spiritual path. And I think it’s
important to recognize how they’ve all supported you how they’ve all been
helpful. I just did this talk last Sunday at Unity of Sedona on the
difference between spirituality and religion, or something along those lines.
And it’s it was very important and very beautiful, but part of it was to say that
every, we’ll start with this, religion is a reflection of a different aspect of
our human nature. Name a religion and it’s going to be basically a mirror of
one of our chakras or another. One part of us. Our physical selves chakra, our emotional center, our intellectual cente,r our intuitive Center.
basically the heart to the root. Those four centers. All religions are gonna
fit into one of those. Tell me about a movie and it’ll fit into one of those.
Tell me any book you’re reading. Tell me any spiritual teacher. Everything fits
into our human nature, because everything is coming from us. Everything is a mirror
of us. Think of any topic. Science ,and I mean generally you can’t put anything in
just one center, usually anyway, but I would say science is going to be in the
intellectual center. It’s a reflection of our human intellect. Religion’s gonna have
its space. Medicine is going to have its space. Everything’s going to fit
somewhere into our, again, one of our centers, because our centers represent
our consciousness. So with that in mind, and I kind of go into more that if you
want to go back and look at that on YouTube, keep that in mind and then
remember this there’s those four centers and each are being projected out as
things we engage in in the world. Then you have a Fifth Element, ether, which is
combined all three of your upper chakras. Throat, third eye, crown, right here.
And the thumb symbolically, and it’s not an accident that we have four
fingers, like the four centers, and a thumb that’s different, because of our
upper three chakras being different. There’s a reason why we have five limbs
counting the head there’s a reason for all this it’s all it’s all numeric and
it’s all geometric but that’s another story anyway we look at these aspects of
ourselves projected out but the fifth one what is that how do we find that out
in the world where what religion is that it isn’t these are of human
consciousness these four centers and so you have four humanly created religions
that fit into those human creating human back to human
but this fifth one is ether it’s spiritual this is the spirituality that
you can really only get through direct connection with God this is spirit it’s
God we don’t study it like we do in religion theorize about it like we do in
religion we have direct experience at the Fifth Element now some of us are
gonna go oh that’s me you know I totally go there or we’re gonna think I should
go there no no these have their place you don’t want to jump to this spiritual
experience prematurely let’s call it because these are our foundation there’s
nothing wrong with understanding the pros and cons of what religion means to
us and how it reflects things for us to learn you know it’s okay it’s foundation
you know Judaism fits into one of these and it’s going to give you discipline
and you could say guidelines command for example principles to live by
Buddhism has something to teach us and Islam has something to teach every
religion usually the the taoist Buddhist type of thought systems very
philosophical and mystical and beautiful or very much the heart chakra but every
one of them is equal just because something is heart chakra doesn’t mean
it’s better than another human expression called the root or the
physical which is like your earth religions I I mean I could reach an you
know a certain level of just spiritual aw in my in doing you know root chakra
centers stuff war or practices you know using earth religions just as much as
air religions I can be a hypocrite in air religion just as much as I could in
any other center so they’re all equal so instead of looking at them like this as
chakras are when we standing up let’s just turn them this way and see them
like that with the fifth one being here that’s another way of looking at it so
when we study something of a direct spiritual experience anything human can
still only give us at best higher human experiences so religions can really only
be religious they can’t be spiritual however we can be spiritual and have a
religion in us or around us or be participating in a religion but we’re
the determining factor do you just stay in the religion do you just stay in the
mundane do you just stay in the the rules so the leader of our religion says
we can do this now it says we can’t do this and all these humans you know just
like lemmings off the cliff just follow it it’s kind of strange so there’s a lot
of dysfunction there’s purpose to religions there is there’s value and
purpose to everyone is beautiful and it really can give us something to lead us
towards that that final one anyone we do down here any one of them or combination
of them it’s never for the purpose of actually getting us there because by
definition when religion is created by humans which are limited beings they are
limited I know that sounds contrary to your life coaches and
your spiritual books and all that I get that and that’s because I’m saying it in
a different way you’re unlimited but you’re only unlimited when you access
your spiritual self your human self is limited it’s it’s just as simple as that
you know you can’t like remove all your limbs including your head and then put
them back together go look I’m an unlimited being it can’t be done because
limit there are limits to the human self because human was designed to be limited
eventually go and then whatever else you know from there you become spirit but
spirit is the unlimited part everything in the three-dimensional universe is
limited even the Sun the suns and stars they die at some point and and they’re
they last a bit longer than humans you know but even those go out at some point
so the universe is limited anything created by humans is limited so it can’t
get us all the way there all it can do is give us something like a vessel to
work within do it right and you will find yourself introduced to the fifth
element which is God you can be doing any one of these or a combination but do
it right and you will find God there are many
masters in history that maybe practiced this religion that religion this one
that one and they found God but it’s because they practiced it so well that
they sort of thin the veil from wherever they were standing and then they reached
a certain amount of divinity if there’s a certain amount of spiritual awareness
and that’s pretty cool if you think about it so don’t think one religion can
call itself better than another now that’s sad
all the religions also have their foibles they’re their problems basically
you know the the earth religions have their benefits and then they have their
downside which is always because of human ego any one of these has its
limitations they compete with each other they wrestle with each other they you
know compare all that silly stuff and it’s got to go
so religions you know I sometimes made you know made jokes about how silly
religions can be I’m joking about the misdirected side that’s why I talked
about that now what if it’s not a religion what if
it’s a Course in Miracles like a teaching is that is that going to fit
into one of those absolutely certainly it’s a very heart centered thought
system or teaching why because it’s about love and forgiveness which is very
heart centered you can be forgiving and do earth religion practices rituals and
there are some strange ones because they’re earthy so they may not make
sense to some of you who like to be all Airy and lofty but they’re all beautiful
so let you know that since I’m on that you know let me just give you an example
you take somebody who’s kind of earthy you know and then you take somebody
who’s kind of Airy and then you go okay both of these people you know it’s kind
of like testing Coke and Pepsi you know you do this challenge you know and so
this would make a humorous video for somebody so take it away so you get this
and you go we’re now going to have forgiveness practiced by somebody of the
earth religions and somebody practiced and practiced in the air religions and
so let’s leave them be we’re gonna tell them each of the instructions practice
forgiveness and then show us a video of what you’ve accomplished now you go you
go to the earth religion person how did it go oh I feel just so open I feel free
something came to mind and I brought this person into my mind and I just felt
compassion for their woundedness and how they got to be where they are and I
imagined them you know just being filled with light and they opened up and they
became radiant and then I felt free I freed them and it was really beautiful
Segway earth religion hello earth religion and practitioner how did you do
with your practice of forgiveness it was right had a really amazing experience I
feel really grounded I feel really present and what did you
do in your process well I took a photo of the person that I’m struggling with
and you know I could feel a bit of a charged felt it kind of affecting my my
health my vitality level but I took that picture you know and I thought here we
go okay went outside felt you know just the
right temperature outside and I took some time to kind of breathe and
remember what was going on with this person and what they were doing what was
happening how it affected my body and then I removed my clothes because I had
you know privacy out in the backyard or somewhere out in the field and I took
some time and I dug a hole to prepare that and I had some water to drink and
so on and you know just to make sure I felt nice and in touch and I held a tree
for a little while while saying you know tree spirit give me the strength to go
through with this process of forgiveness then when I was ready I also took some
fire even though it’s fire element it’s still of the earth religions at times I
and I burned the picture in the hole just burn the picture lit it and let it
just become ashes you know back to the earth so I said beloved Earth Mother
take take the memories and take the feelings take my image of this person
back into the earth and I felt really really good I felt really completely
like the earth just absorbed that energy and it took the darkness from my body
and it you know took it from the photo and the ashes it was really beautiful
then I actually stepped forward over the whole width of ashes and squatted and
peed on it and that’s because that’s where we get that phrase piss on it
and I’m not joking piss on it it means let it go and so we actually have people
that have done things like that in ritual now some people especially the
ones that like to wear neckties and you know when they’re talking spirituality
they like to be all prim and proper very religious and puritanical you know
they’re gonna be going that’s disgusting and yet you know they wonder why anybody
criticizes their religion it doesn’t help with one criticizing another
they’re all beautiful I mean bloody ell you know like think
about it like absolutely like when someone says to you I did a process and
I felt free you don’t criticize you go Wow good for you so on and so on right
just really honor and respect each other you know a place now that doesn’t mean
enable the unhealthy parts you know so I don’t have to pretend that some things
haven’t had happened historically there’s there have been some atrocities
and the more human is involved with a religion the more problem the more money
in the religion sorry man I’m not trying to to put a negative spin on money or
prosperity because prosperity is an aspect it’s in a chakra it needs to be
nurtured it’s when ego infiltrates that we have problems here’s a real quick
thing that just to consider you know historically speaking Jesus came and
talked in the world and it seems evident that the people of Jerusalem in the Jews
they didn’t accept him and that that day many of them didn’t many were what they
call converted many didn’t they were not converted to Christianity
that’s a religion that’s created later and even even that religion is really
Roman Catholicism not Christianity so you can’t really even pin down whatever
happened to Christ consciousness whatever happened to the teachings of
Christ you’re not going to find him in a religion just like you’re not going to
find some of the essentials of some of the other teachers some translated
across but you know all your spirit you know your religious leaders answer this
one or two think about this one all the religious leaders and then compare that
to intellectual masters you know many Einstein whomever just great minds and
then try this out the academics would not really respect somebody showing up
at an academic university saying I’m here to teach if the person doesn’t have
academic background that wouldn’t make sense it wouldn’t even respect the
energy of this place but they wouldn’t respect them academics want to have an
academic who’s accomplished that they can like an elder they go wow this guy’s
got more credentials than me or better ideas that’s that world but in the
spiritual world it’s funny how we confuse religion and spirituality and
then wonder wait a minute you know they’ll say like Michael meer dad hey do
you have credential you who are you to be doing the
spiritual teachings here here’s where we’re where I get the right I get the
right because spiritual teachers Buddha Jesus etc they didn’t have academic
background because they didn’t need to appeal to academics they have a
spiritual background to appeal to spiritual people so if anybody ever
challenges you about not knowing because you don’t know enough worldly speaking
to talk about spiritual things it makes no sense for them to say that forgive
them they know not what they do but it’s not necessary it’s not appropriate for
them to attack you because they’re just speaking from stupidity it really is
it’s just ignorance but you don’t have to fight him on it but you could if you
want to try to explain it everything has its place and this this book came out
channelled it’s not a religious book and people compare it they go how does
Course in Miracles compare to this group that system this book it’s a it’s a
channeling of Christ consciousness it’s still a book so it’s still heart center
not the others per se that’s why when you read A Course in Miracles into some
of the course people that are way too serious on the subject course in miracle
i’ts I call them so the course in miracle i’ts will say oh well why are
you doing something of the body the body’s not real you need to get away
from that and grow up like us be up here with us but that’s not really practicing
A Course in Miracles long time ago I talked workshops in my tours year after
year when I go on tour one of the evenings we now call it an evening with
Michael Muir dad in the old days like 20 plus years ago I used to call it living
the principles of A Course in Miracles and the point of that title think about
it living the principles of the course principles also meaning living the
concepts of the course now since then somebody’s come out with living the
course miracles so I can’t use it as freely because they sort of took that
title now and you know how that goes you know I don’t want to make it look like
I’m borrowing from their title when I used it a zillion years ago but it’s
it’s so important to say living this material you know not reading it but
living it the readers have become religious so even though of course in
miracles’ isn’t a religion it’s become a religion they made it into a religion
because now it has dogma and must do’s and that’s not what was taught there it
is taught that this material is so high I’m still not going to say it’s of the
spirit because spirit wouldn’t be able to be in ink I’ll once it enters this
realm it becomes an expression of this realm it comes through a person to some
degree or another it’s still words to describe concepts to describe reality so
it’s you know it’s set apart from the absolute knowingness the real
knowingness is an internal experience when you have that internal experience
you can’t go hey I just had this experience and here’s what it’s like it
goes from left to right as soon as you do this soon as you open your mouth to
describe a multi-dimensional experience it becomes limited which is why it’s so
difficult sometimes it’s why I sometimes get so passionate and speak almost fast
to a degree because it downloads and I’m trying to keep up with it I’m not like
consciously running a particular you know a pace or whatever but it’s it’s
just a natural thing it starts downloading and so it’s like well this
and that and I’m just you know so it’s kind of like an auctioneer trying to
keep up with the bids and they’re doing the rapid-fire but it’s like that it’s
it’s very route you’re trying to keep up and there’s a bit there’s a bit there’s
a bit there’s a bit there’s a bit and it’s like wow but it’s actually just
it’s combined of the passion the love of it the passion of it combined with the
quantity that comes through at any given time you can’t wrong that it is what it
is and then there’s another person that teaches like welcome beloved’s it’s
great to be with you today are you in touch today with the love that you are
the love that I am the love that God is let’s take a moment and breathe into
that and that’s valid to what I believe and I love is to not need or favor
either one but two what’s called in the moment and that to
me is the ultimate of mastery while you’re on earth to be able to say when
it’s time you know to speak like this and it’s time to convey something like
so you know it’s like wow isn’t that amazing it’s almost poetic like you know
that’s cool and there’s other times when it’s teaching and just you know here
comes like that can you do it you might not be the temperament or the nervous
system to be able to shift from one to another I know people that when they’re
in the buzz of the of the movement of energy they get all short-circuited you
know and it’s kind of it’s understandable but it’s kind of a bummer
and it does reflect a limit that they believe in there’s by the same you know
by the same you know there’s people that would like it to be come on give me some
rapid fire into sit and kind of chill and just you know breathe and get in the
energy of the trees and just expansive consciousness but they can’t do that
they can’t sit still you know it’s nice to be able to morph to either so the
material in A Course in Miracles is very high and what’s nicest about it is when
it’s not made religious then it’s kept as pure as it was intended to be it’s
still a book but when it’s allowed to breathe and to be like all people it’s
as close to God as it can get in this moment when people start making it –
dissected and disputing paragraphs it means this no it means that to me you
can’t as soon as you get in your head to converse about it you’re getting further
and further then as soon as you take your dissected opinions which are heady
you know intellectual and dissect those and set those out once you start doing
that and then start arguing your points against somebody else’s points you go
even further away and that has turned a lot of people off
sadly you know to A Course in Miracles they go oh you know it’s too much it’s
too they it’s a shame because what wrote A Course in Miracles is actually
not Jesus it’s what it says it is and it is but it isn’t it’s actually a
combination of Jesus and the Holy Spirit which is the divine mother a Course in
Miracles is both I don’t know if I’ve ever heard anybody say that but it is
and this is probably the first time I think I’m saying that if you look at it
you’ll be reading some paragraphs where somebody else is describing the work of
Jesus and that’s not him that’s the Holy Spirit which is his mother our mother
the Divine Mother talking about this is the Holy Spirit talking about Jesus or
Christ consciousness kind of cool and you can tell you’ll just look at the
text the context it’s in something else is going a different pronoun and kind of
you know will be used and you’ll know that’s wow that’s different it shifted
gears and so this this material called A Course in Miracles I’m not pushing it
because it is not for every the book it tell self tells you this is not for
everyone it won’t work for everyone but when I wrote a book called the heart of
A Course in Miracles it was an attempt to say let’s let’s at least get it
closer to the concepts and just because somebody writes a book let’s say
somebody writes a book and I hope this doesn’t exist out there then it’ll sound
like I’m picking on someone but let’s say somebody writes a book and says the
real Course in Miracles just because you call it that doesn’t mean it is if it’s
still dissecting if it’s Stowe instead of feeling what’s trying to happen there
what’s this what’s this that’s happening in here instead it kind of gets into
that theories as soon as you imagine whoever’s writing it’s going you know
they have a face like that like a you know hmm
you know the course is telling you this the courses you know as soon as it
sounds like somebody’s preaching at you the course come you know the course
material you’ll probably know the book isn’t coming from that other place it’s
coming from a great place but you’ve taken the course then and you moved it
from the heart down to the intellect is that bad no flip it there’s a place for
it it’s probably possible to just say somebody should write the root chakra
version of A Course in Miracles you know a miracle is when you step out
look at the trees and the mountains forgive them for what you see think you
see they are not just trees and mountains they are pure God presence
behind them you just can’t see it so forgive the monster and you make it into
an earth tradition you can take it any way you want you can take it into
applying love expansiveness joy into your prosperity and money because that’s
root chakra you can bring it into sexuality I mean my god that would be
amazing if somebody wrote the root of A Course in Miracles Center the real
Course in Miracles their route of A Course in Miracles and then have like
you know Chapter five how to have spiritual eyes sex woo you know how to
look in each other’s eyes and connect not just genitals but eyes how to
connect how do how to touch what isn’t there how to merge and be with what
nobody knows is even there anymore they think they look at bodies they objectify
and and just imagine where that could go and don’t text right now anything or
don’t put anything on YouTube and say Michael why don’t you write it don’t you
may have already done it maybe too late but don’t ask me to write it there’s too
many other things I’m currently not writing but they’re all stacked up you
know but that would be beautiful because God Christ Course in Miracles love they
can all be applied everywhere anyone that thinks it can’t and excludes any
part of the body any part of life and thinks it can only be done by detachment
is making a religion out of something again there’s no healthiness to D
attachment the healthiness is non attachment we don’t look for attachment
we don’t look for detachment we look for non attachment sound similar to
detachment but it isn’t non attachment means I’m here engaging but not caught
up in detachment means I am separate from and separate from means I don’t
like this I have issues with it I need to push it away because of my
insecurities that’s not healthy it’s not healing so
we look at it this way so of course in miracles’ you know is bringing what’s
called Christ consciousness Christianity was taking the teachings of Jesus which
is an expression of Christ consciousness and even you have had moments where
you’re channeling Christ consciousness we just haven’t embodied it fully most
of us Jesus embodied it fully I mean fully
right absolute so that’s when he said when you see me you see the father this
is he’s saying even though I’m a body and even though I can still bleed when
you see me and it doesn’t just mean physically when you experience me I am
bringing you as much pure God presence into the world as is possible at this
time when you see me you see the father mother god you’re seeing the absolute
expression doesn’t mean God is male or long brown hair or wears a robe it
doesn’t mean literally or it lives in Jerusalem it meant I made a choice to
only think as God thinks and therefore I am that I am and that’s where we’re all
headed but it doesn’t help for us to judge other systems and expect us to get
there so a Course in Miracles can help any path here on any tradition in this
don’t you know some teachers are gonna say if you read A Course in Miracles
don’t ever read anything else I will agree if you are really insecure if you
are really weak and you can’t read the course without anything else because oh
my god it’s gonna just mess you up and
challenge you and make you have to work too hard to try to understand how two
things can exist without separation fine then they are correct I just don’t find
it to be true for me I will say this though it did challenge me in that area
and I passed the test instead of failing it and separating it
I just went at first I’m you know the course and I’m going wow I mean it
doesn’t really allow for anything else is the way it looked doesn’t allow for
I’m in to holistic healing it says you don’t
even have a body what are you trying to heal okay toss data yeah it says you
know your emotional issues your hurts and traumas and wounds they’re an
illusion okay toss that so nothing’s left don’t read any books because that’s
an illusion don’t do anything don’t breathe
and that’s when I got the humor of it because what he’s saying is let go of
thinking that the way you do it is the only way and then once you empty your
cup don’t refill it let God refill it for you and you will
have a completely different perception of the world and that’s just amazing if
you think about it because that’s how it works so all of a sudden I’m like oh
this is what it means to you know empty the cup and then have it refilled it’s
kind of like saying before I was enlightened I chopped wood and carried
water that’s an old saying I’m not just saying something that abstract before
enlightenment I chop wood and carry water and after enlightenment I chop
wood and carry Wat so I do I don’t do and then I do again or as many of you
might recall from the Donovan song which was a an expression of an old eastern
ever ism a prism or parable which is first there is a mountain then there is
no mountain and then there is and that’s what that meant you know there’s a body
oh yeah typical human and then let it all go man and then you go I’m totally
detached that’s not gonna help you and then you realize I better just practice
maybe non-attachment and then you go oh look there’s a
mountain again so I do I don’t do I refrain oh my god I got to start you
know just eating hummus and breathing you know and having purified water and
do yoga every day get away from just only really sent her into beingness and
not do anything you know be careful walk to work don’t drive because that’s you
know it’s pollutants be just really pure pure pure and then which is not a very
fun person by the way but let’s just say that that’s okay after you do that
enough you get to a point where you go what am i doing my god I haven’t been
connecting with my partner because I became so
spiritualize and then you come back there is a life no life because I’m
spiritual and then there life again and it doesn’t mean this life is the
same as that one because I would have went there’s a life there’s no life
there’s a life there’s one beyond it’s one that there’s a life without God
there’s a non life still without God because you’re surrendering and then
there’s one with God and that’s where it changes your perceptions that’s what the
course is for and that’s why it has workbook lessons instead of just theory
and texts that you read it’s it’s saying the way you perceive life is coming from
a dogmatic limited perception whether it’s religious science political or
whatever it’s coming from a strange dense place try to be willing to let
some of that go and I’ve said this before you know the you’ve heard the
term Antichrist the Antichrist is a triad just like the Christ is a dragon
the Father Son Holy Spirit you know Shiva you know the the in
Hinduism you have the same thing you know with Shiva Brahma Vishnu its Father
Son Holy Spirit and then there’s the opposite the Antichrist is a Trinity
it’s a triad but it is on earth science religion and politics and even you know
you can say well there aren’t there’s others you know I don’t just mean things
you don’t like those three run all the other things you might be challenged
with you might not like media that’s still gonna come from either science or
politics or religion or a blend of any one of those so it’s just something to
consider we want to start to recognize stop worshipping the Anti Christ doesn’t
just mean something out horrible out of the book of Revelation or some of the
sometimes accurate sometimes inaccurate things you’ll see on History Channel you
know it’s it’s not like that it’s the the triad the Antichrist is are those
places that science religion politics and they’re affecting everything all
affect what goes in the newspaper so I read them you’re reading the material of
the Antichrist why get dogmatic and judge other
religions and other traditions because you’re then worshiping the Antichrist
with religious judge it’s that religion likes to have so and
I’m not saying again religion has its place but I’m talking about the opposite
side of the good side science when inspired and and Einsteins a good
example of an inspired scientist science when inspired is is it’s a beautiful
that’s how it it gets turned into there’s science get rid of science and a
new science biology no biology a new biology history no history the new
history the new the new means more holistic more honest because all these
things lie they just lie they make up stories than they lie but it’s not an
accident it’s not just because it’s old academic books to people that’s just the
sales that kind of feeds it it’s because people are afraid they don’t really want
to know the truth and medicine is an outcropping of science that’s out of
control you guys you know some of you folks have felt the hit from from
insurance and medical issues that’s still one of those others you know blend
of those other three things why insurance why the high insurance why the
no insurance medical caution it’s out of control but that is politics pushing
some of that science pushing another part of it and so on
so let’s withdraw from worshiping the Antichrist by allowing anything or
person to tell us to to worship in the way it’s trying to get us to worship by
buying into its stuff you know anybody with half a brain can go before any
altar of a God and listen to the stuff from it going
I don’t even agree with anything as you look at but that up at that God you know
if you had to go into a building and say well we have a new church we have a new
religion you go in and you you kneel down and you look and you bow to an
image the image is the president of the United States and you bow an ohm and
chant to that image can you imagine that working for some of you you know it’s
not gonna work some people maybe but it’s not going to work or you know if
you imagine the science laws of science like nutrition on the wall
to the laws of nutrition you know you must eat this way or you will get sick
and and you go my god that’s what’s happening when you’re afraid of your God
God’s gonna get me what does that mean well it means if I eat this I’m gonna
it’s bad for me if I do that it’s bad for me
everything’s bad for me so we live in this guilt and shame this out coming of
our malfunctioned religions let’s let go of these Milley misdirected worships let
go of believing in the Anti Christ of the misdirected aspects of science
religion politics you can have inspired politicians it’s just not easy it’s very
very very very rare because the politician would have to say I think I’m
gonna set aside you know agendas I I just heard this a quote from somebody
who I guess was involved in politics but this person said you know I looked at
two worlds that I participated in one was politics one was the judicial system
now that would be a hard system to be in as well and they said you know but I
could I handled judicial okay I loved I felt like I made a difference because I
really did believe in trying to do right trying to prove something win a case to
help somebody be free they believed in that and they said but when I got into
politics cuz you know moving from judicial to politics
they said the level of corruption the level of selfishness at that next level
was so far out I I’m gonna resign and I’m not gonna say who this was or even
if I could remember who it was cuz I only hear that saw the quote but I think
that’s incredible but that’s a person at that level saying I am NOT going to
worship the Antichrist that’s what they’re saying in effect and a Course in
Miracles is saying the same thing except it’s using words like it’s all an
illusion but it means don’t believe this stuff has power over you or it means
you’re worshiping it withdraw the power which is it has power it has no power
then you come back to Oh so maybe I can follow nutrition if I
want to maybe I can go to a particular church maybe I can vote but just not do
it the way I used to which is I hear what the Antichrist tells me and I react
accordingly instead no more I did I don’t do and then I will now only go
back into the world on an as-needed basis can I be helpful today you don’t
get caught up in it it’s can I be helpful I feel like I inspire to vote
but I don’t do it the way I used to I don’t do it by hating the other person
candidate you know I just to say well it’s a nice way to express that here’s
what I believe it seems to me this person’s you know right people actually
maybe this last election more than ever voted based on more than ever based on
who they didn’t want to win rather than who they did and and it’s a amazing
thing and I I really kind of enjoyed and I I’m not in to any of that but one
thing I enjoyed from it all was watching all the experts because that’s where you
again you go science it’s as a form of science and then religion and and
politics it’s a form of politics and it’s a form
of science these highly paid experts they get on the TV and tell you who’s
gonna win and why I loved watching them all scratch their heads going this
cannot have happened nobody saw it I just loved that I loved it because
their systems failed them and and I’m not saying I want them to be hurt I’m
saying their systems failed them which was a potential ha
wake-up call do I think they welcomed no I don’t I don’t see a bunch of people
said I used to be a you know spokesperson for this religion or that
politics and I you know I used to be a one of those big shots on TV you know
the experts called in on CNN and this station and that NBC or whatever they
have out there it would have been cool if all these resignations took place and
they said man the world’s an illusion we just realized the election taught us the
worlds in the illusion which they should have learned from previous elections but
that would have been really pretty profound
and that didn’t happen I hope some of you got that insight because it’s
beautiful it’s brilliant the the Antichrist at the end of the day has no
power over you they make no sense it makes no sense of course in miracles’
will tell you um that the ego will seem rational like the guys going well we
know who’s gonna win and why it says but it’s never it’s let it’s logical but
never rational it’ll speak logically all here’s who’s gonna win here’s what but
it’s never rational because it’s not looking at the big picture why because
it can’t because it doesn’t want to call itself out so here’s one for you
Judaism didn’t accept I mentioned earlier the teachings of Christ a lot of
it didn’t as a religion it didn’t some of the Jews did but not the religion but
some of you may not realize Jodie ISM believes in the coming of the Messiah
Jesus could have fulfilled that but there were the few it’s the few can
control the many the few when they’re hateful enough passionate enough lying
enough you know big enough lies those individuals steered people away from
accepting the teachings the forgiveness the love I’m not talking about
Christianity I’m talking about the teachings their presence the belief the
consciousness of Christ which is God you’re right and no we’re not gonna have
God here today nope and there were disputes they crucified Jesus they being
whoever they are they crucified Jesus because he’s an imposition on their
income and on their control of people they again that was the Catholics that
was the Jews that was all the religions because they get a little panicked when
it comes to somebody kind of disturbing their little reality that’s where it
plate you know had its place all the religions could have said and so it is
and just got out of the way and said you know the stuff we’ve been talking about
here in our religions it’s now made fulfilled and then this that is God
would have poured down took the separation out of each of them blended
them all they would have become a holy expression of God even in the form of
religion some would have still chosen to do earthy things some that but it would
have all blended almost indistinguishable and it would
have become more like the god expression than you know what have come next
ascension for everybody instead dissension for everybody fighting war
you know Pope’s there was a Pope backing Hitler supporting Hitler and the
destruction of the Jews that’s disgusting but you don’t hear much about
it fortunately there have been some Pope’s in the last years who have said
this did happen we’re sorry it’s true it didn’t happen historically it happened
and it got hidden and we’re sorry but that kind of thing if I practiced
any religion and found out that there were some major mistakes and fo+ that
religion I would for one want to own that so that
I could help release that from our belief system our tradition you know it
kind of helped clear it helped heal it but most people in those religions don’t
even know the things that happened so here’s one that I was leading to do you
know that there’s what became the Christian Church half of it became kind
of Catholic and half Christian so I talked about this in that Sunday talk
last week without the last Sunday but so one becomes kind of the Christian
movement movement with the Druids in Britain the other became the Christian
movement in Rome as the Romans but they were trying to still also get the people
in Jerusalem to convert like they’re like it’s picture like this they were
Jews they most of those beasts individuals the early Christians didn’t
apostles they were Jews so they’re saying let’s let’s let our religion
accept it because it’s been told we represent the chosen people meaning that
God chooses all people and let’s awaken let’s be the voice let’s be the vessel
you know to bring this through and there’s the know and the ego and the
snags so they’re fighting over this but do you know that it was this close to
happening and I don’t mean when Jesus was alive after his death it came this
close because the work the miracles the love the teachings were so powerful
palpable the apostles were performing miracles it got to them and then when
some of the Sanhedrin that said no started dying off thank God you know
like getting that stuff out of the way the people of Jerusalem started saying
you know it could be you know let’s let’s consider this and it started and I
know a lot of people don’t know this because you know you’re told not to know
but that’s from the Antichrist but it came this close and finally there was a
discussion that took place a discussion where the call it the the Gentile
Christians versus the Jew Christians born-again Jews they sometimes call them
today which is not a derogatory term it’s kind of a term they use so when you
took these to the Jewish Christians and the Gentile Christians had a meeting and
the Jew and I got it would have been so beautiful to Jewish Christians said you
have to sell us on this you know we’re close but you got to sell us we have
some important things that we have to ask that we want honored from our
religion our tradition tell us you’ll honor that and we’re listening and they
agreed and they agreed and they agreed they talked and they moved and they
morphed it to match each other to make what was about to be a complete
conversion it would have been nearly you could say maybe the almost the first in
history of all time the Druids generally speaking gave way and allowed
this to happen because the jewett druids were originally Israelites who migrated
so the Jews did accept Christ in Britain but not in Jerusalem and the ones you
know not accepting in Jerusalem you know they became that they stay the Jews but
some of them just moved to Rome and accepted Jesus but they political iced
their religion and that’s why we ended up with the Roman Catholic Church
however back to that meeting to have a meeting they get this close and there’s
one final conversation I know this is gonna sound like I’m making this up
one final conversation okay Gentile Gentile Christians the Jews the Jewish
Christians are asking will you continue we have a strong faith about this will
you continue supporting circumcision and although it was true
the response it didn’t work for the Jewish people because the response was
circumcision and this is a teaching of A Course in Miracles circumcise is an
illusion circumcision is taking something litter when God said
circumcise what he was saying was take cut away from your life all unnecessary
matter all unnecessary things foreskin doesn’t matter goodbye done it
means resentments it means anything that’s its goodbye right and but it was
taken very literally and religiously so the Antichrist of religion was too
strong on that topic and it caused a division the leader of that conversation
for the for the Jews was James and the Jews got really ticked off at him and
they killed him because they were so mad that he couldn’t get the Gentiles to
kind of a go go along with this but there’s a bit of humor if you think
about it a complete religious split took place over foreskin I mean you got a you
got to kind of get the humor of that talk about fighting over a piece of
territory like wow but that happened and it’s very it’s very unfortunate but the
Christian that’s why a lot of the Christians in England were uncircumcised
even though they’re Christians they they didn’t end up pursuing circumcision
hopefully they know why it’s not just to be not like the Jews that would be the
wrong reason it would be because they’re saying it doesn’t matter if you do or
don’t circumcision let go of your opinions of circumcision and then
circumcisions okay either way it should have been to each his own but the Jews
were saying no it isn’t to each is own you must this is the law and to make a
law over foreskin is almost just too funny if you think about it but it is
serious to them religiously speaking so things like that happen and a Course in
Miracles helps us kind of instead of getting conflicted with all these things
it really does give us a different perspective probably the most powerful
thing I forgot from the course in Eastern
traditions studies of Eastern traditions I understood the words this is an
illusion the world is an illusion or what you hear it a Course in Miracles
was the thing that made me understand it and all of a sudden there was this Wow
it changes every conversation even though it makes my conversations may
sound the same they changed they started one way I let them go and I came back to
conversations but there’s a vibe that’s different then when I was 20 and it’s
you know like I get it I mean it’s just so amazing
or in my early 20s I started you know or even before that I found of course in
miracles’ when it first came out read it because it just came out and it was for
various reasons I came across and it’s brand-new and people are going wow check
this out it’s no check that I loved it loved it loved it but you get the course
as in any teaching and especially things of higher consciousness Christ
consciousness you get it in levels you know you should never go I need to get
it all now you get it in waves you get it in levels and so by all means it
there’s impactful waves summer little pond like movements of water and summer
tsunamis but for me it was like several times just like beautiful never really
fighting the course instead it was more like whoa
insights and so of course in miracles’ can help you with anything if you let it
come to it if you let it if you let it shine light on whatever you study there
will be discrepancies because religions don’t all agree because they’re all
different chakras they don’t need to disagree try to find the commonality of
everything that you can but if there’s going to be a a hierarchy at all love
reality God comes first above all the opinions but try to let
all opinions merge try to find a way to let things find commonality and of
course in miracles’ I mean oh my god you walk up to a Buddhist let’s say an
actual like a somebody lives in the Far East they’re strongly
you know ingrained into Tibetan Buddhism a lot of us go oh – bettan Buddhism
really beautifully it is but hand the Course in Miracles and ask Tibetan
Buddhists to check it out read it and and you know some of you may have
studied both but say check this out how could a Buddhist read A Course in
Miracles and not go that’s that’s totally Buddhism it totally is
it absolutely it’s an illusion love forgive it’s totally but because it’s
not called their thing they can’t read it as easily you know Jews to read
anything of Jesus can’t because you know science to accept such and such because
everybody’s got their little because isn’t it’s just so strange look for
commonality be above all that stuff and all those people be above the Antichrist
that tells you two separate things make one better than another and it’s your
thing that’s best just get out of that and look for the commonality and for me
I can’t say you can reconcile Buddhism as Li easily to Islam as a Course in
Miracles – ISM Course in Miracles – buddhism Course in Miracles – Christian
a can be done could – Christianity and all that I know people will say can’t be
done that’s because they have problems that’s because they’re in separatist
consciousness but instead be beyond that and if you think it can’t be done it’s
that you’re in limited consciousness it can be done I explained it all the time
when I teach somebody will say well what about this how does that blend I’ll just
find a way it’ll just come to me and I’ll see it because I see through the
the lenses of oneness rather than separation I don’t know how it happened
I mean that’s how that’s how I’m wired that’s a gift or something that I
decided to listen to God on that Linden said I dig that I really like that God
said hey great I’ll give you more of that since you like it and I just get
more of that that’s part of what happens when I teach when people say you know
you teach on so many topics it’s not just eclectic or diverse for diversity’s
sake I teach on different topics because in my mind they’re all connected so I’m
really for me I’m just talking about one topic but people will hear the differ
topics cuz that’s good because I’m speaking their languages and that’s kind
of that’s beautiful to really speak the language of other people is a very
loving act if you think about it because you care you’re trying to speak the
language because you care and that’s why it looks and diverse but really for
those who have eyes to see ears to hear hearts to feel then you’ll know wow you
know beneath it it connects to everything one minute he’s saying
something I think I heard in the 12-step program
one thing I one minute I think I’m hearing him say something that sounds
like the wisdom of my grandmother the next minute something else the next
minute blending you’ll hear me talk about how to let go and forgive of some
of the strangest fo+ of traditions religions or whatever sometimes it’ll
sound like I’m picking on them but I’m making fun of the silly pieces I’m
exposing some of it but I’m still you’re still gonna hear me praise the beauty
the rituals oh my god the high mass of Catholicism the vibrations in that are
incredible but they’re not exclusive to them you can go to a puja of puj a puja
of in in Tibetan Buddhism or other traditions where people are joining you
a Wiccan gathering all gatherings are beautiful if you really think about it
but the highest of them are the ones when humans set themselves aside and ask
God instead of just gathering you know like some religions get together it’s
like bingo they just get together we’re just getting together to play bingo
that’s not gonna have quite the high vibration of a higher intention than
that so I pray this has made some sense in some way has helped you open your
mind more come closer to your own version of a sense of oneness connection
I pray that it’s made good sense to see how a Course in Miracles could or
anything of Christ consciousness can come into this world and shine light and
bring all these other pieces together don’t believe like some people say if
you read the course you have to only read the course there is a vow of some
amount of a validity to that concept because it means don’t confuse yourself
but a Course in Miracles and the light of God can shine upon
and bring light to it so just do your best to bring as much light as you can
into your teachings your studies your learnings your presence healings and
anything else you do in this world

3 thoughts on “Why You Should Add “A Course in Miracles” (ACIM) to Your Spiritual Path

  1. The book, "A Course in Miracles', has been one of the single most influential teachings I have been integrating into my life. It totally re-wired my thinking and believing, bringing understanding and more a profoundly peaceful way of living. Michael's book, "The Heart of a Course in Miracles" is a a great help in bringing practicality and clarity to it. It was written by a left-brained individual that can sometimes be a bit daunting in language, but is nevertheless mind changing and soul fulfilling.

  2. I have only recently found your teachings after a rather bumpy year of 'awakening' and I really love your common sense approach! It's great to know I can still be a 'human' 😊

  3. I thank you so much πŸ™πŸ½πŸŒΈ. I just received my A Course In Miracles book. I’m so thrilled to read it πŸ™πŸ½

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