Why I Respect the Kardashians - Charlamagne Tha God

Why I Respect the Kardashians – Charlamagne Tha God

the Joe Rogan experience that's why that's why the positions that we're in and media you have to be very responsible with these positions Malcolm X said that Malcolm X said the person who control the media controlled the monitor the masses so you have to be very very responsible when you used to get a lot of flack for putting on just different voices that people who didn't agree with yeah like why are you giving these people a platform platform I'm like yo everybody deserves to be heard yeah I guess something I'm not everybody but you just I want to know how people think – I want to even if I don't agree especially people you don't again the conversation isn't a cosign and I think that's what we we often mistake but when this day and age – was especially on the left as so many people are talking about D platforming they want a deep platform people I don't like they know I thought I don't like that I could either I thought people getting mad at levar ball this week you know the saying of the comments he made the molle on ESPN which I didn't he said he just was like she was like hey let's shift gears you can shift gives me any time but we didn't he said it just like that you should be they didn't say you nitwit was a placeholder right if she had said hey let's switch it up he would say hey but every people's like oh they need to stop putting him on ESPN I'm like wait a minute huh literally just last year y'all was saying he was the drunk on calit2 picnicking right you love him I hate him he's good entertainment with that now because he said that you want to take them off and I'm like we got to stop doing that because guess what every single one of us is going to say something that is going to offend somebody at some point yeah yeah that doesn't mean that we shouldn't have a platform I'm not calling for nobody to get killed but also makes things fun when people say stupid shit sometimes you know when Steven Smith was going off about Andrew he's winning the title hey it was like butter bean this is a disgrace there was man like the guy is speaking the way he would speak if you were around him yeah do you gotta appreciate that unless you want everybody to be Ryan Seacrest you should fucking to preach not there's anything wrong on Ryan Seacrest but you should appreciate someone who's just given you what they really think yes why don't we do that's why he's so popular yeah we pretend to hate it but the reality is we're gonna keep listening the secondly it's a ruse also pay attention la-z-boy that's some America feeds off a – what the president yeah that's what the Kardashians are still viable our cousins are the first family okay every year every year they find a new piece of trauma no shit gets calm and cool the show ends so they need a new piece of drama oh you got cheese on this here who's gonna have a baby you gonna you gonna be the baby but whatever it is every year hey you gonna chop your dick off but you know I respect her for with Kim she's getting people out of jail she's going for it I can go back before they I respect the Kardashians because if we really really pay attention to the Kardashians over the past ten years first of all you got to put them up there with some of the greatest dynasties of all time this is Lakers this is Patriot this is fuckin they've made billions yes billions with a B so yes so many social conversations have started because of the Kardashians you're talking about interracial relationships you're talking about the transgender thing you're talking about jobs mental health with condoms yeah plastic surgery they did change the shape of American women they changed absolutely they changed essences they made that whole fat relocation thing popular they suck it out of your waist turn your waist in this little thing and turn your ass into this ridiculous platform for okay Kim Kim learn that from black women though good people forget but that's a pile of the women that we you would look at someone who really has it yeah it's different yeah you will see a woman who has a big ass naturally it looks like it belongs on yes it's a different thing yeah yeah yeah they have thick legs right they're they're they're fucking genetically superior built like a turkey they built sexy yeah Kim's inspiration you know people don't remember Kim came up in the black circuit right she did King magazine and smooth that's right that's right Wendy Williams radio show earlier that's what I'm better I'm better when I was doing radio a women he knew her before she was ever on anything when she was who's who's assistant some of this to organize closets for Paris Hilton I got an old picture like me and Kim from like 2006 different yeah but I will say she always had that vision she's to always say I'm gonna do a Paris is doing times 100 Wow she motherfucking did it the secret she used the secret secret is black dick that's the secret smoke a black cock that kicked her off because it used to be the kiss of death of a girl did porn that was the end Lisa Anne yeah she was the one to break that down well what's it to her jenna jameson I think jenna jameson was the first one to become actually popular outside of porn oh I thought you meant like the first person to break like the racial barrier employ yes you want the purpose she was the first to break the racial part but I mean doing porn periods oh yeah that where you could be up where you could be a celeb outside yeah you talk about radio it's not too many people that came up off the Liberty sex tapes between that really popped off yeah who made it office acts do you remember when girls were jamming obviously they were showing their pussy on purpose fuck did you not know that camera was down near your pussy they set that up that's a lot of confidence today were climbing out of the cars showing their pussy huh not a lot of fingers okay that girl that was hopping on a cause and you could see her vagina sex tapes is out here getting prisoners free is doing that I don't give a fuck yeah I don't know the fuck if she's best friends with Donald Trump Yeah right if you care about prison reform okay about criminal justice reform yes you should be happy that these people are getting out yeah you're worried about oh she's doing it in the White House with Donald Trump the guy who just did 15 years right nothing cares what President let him out and what she doesn't have to do this right she could just be buying cars and getting her nails done she's choosing to spend her time to get these people that are unjustly accused and and convicted and get them released and that and Trump but like him or not he's listening her and he's helping her that but you know why cuz he's a celebrity he understands the yeah so you keep saying all these politicians to talk to a celebrity yes that shit goes over his hey you gotta send another celebrity to get in his ear yeah cuz he understand that type of line he understands their power he understands where their reach is he knows that Kim K doing something is way more valuable than some random Democratic Congress person

50 thoughts on “Why I Respect the Kardashians – Charlamagne Tha God

  1. They are right about Lavar. What he said was taken way out of context. But we shouldn’t be surprised cause this is what people do when they try to ruin people’s lives.

  2. Dont respect kardashians buuuut joes right about kim getting people out of prison. Cheers to her. But the whole lotta of m fuck that shit! Keep dumb’n merica down watchn that garbage!

  3. Thank god these morons aren’t real leaders, they’d goose step us right into fascism- fucking Rogan with his “ genetically superior” nonsense And charlamagnes opportunistic ass

  4. Kim Kardashian deserves credit but Donald Trump is the one who actually got them out of prison with pardons Criminal justice reform that Bill Clinton Joe Biden and a ton of other Democrats passed through Congress with some Republicans that’s a fact but somehow Donald Trump is racist because the media says he said one thing in Charlottesville when he said the total opposite go watch the speech and you can see for yourself.

  5. Hello.

    What is unk ow to most peeps and ima let you all in on the secret. Those of us in the know are aware that many of those doing the p___y pics all hung around togeather. It was based off a certsin game they plyed. I wont go in to detsils but the winner had to get the shot.

    Good luck.

  6. Fuck this fake shit I'll say it. Fuck this dudes name and fuck his fake racist bull shit. Kim didn't learn about a fat ass from a black girl you dumb fuck. Case you didn't realize you're a minority in America that means you are less in population than everyone else. There are more fat ass white girls in America than there are fat ass black girls in America you dumb of the fucker. Here's a tip for all you fucks that look in the mirror and think your special due to the pigment or lack of in your skin… YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL.

  7. 'Everybody deserves to be heard'. No they don't, that's the problem. Praising the Kardashians? The fact that they make a fortune & tens of millions of people follow them is nothing worthy of respect, it's simply a net result of the infantilism of modern popular culture. We're so dumbed down that ass implants are a subject, ASS IMPLANTS. Think about what you're saying. The World is falling down around our ears & you idiots are sat there imagining that reality tv is anything more than worthless junk for morons. Apart from anything else, Rogan slagged the Kardashians off on a Brian Cox podcast.

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