Why I Changed From Christianity To Paganism

Why I Changed From Christianity To Paganism

Hey guys, it’s Karyn the Lost Lemurian here
and welcome to another video. And today I wanted to talk to you about a
little personal journey of mine and that’s how I went from being a born-again Christian
to being what I am now, which is a pagan witch. I’m aware that I’ve gone from one end of the
spectrum to the other and so I think a lot of people might be curious as to why I made
such a drastic change. I want to specify first of all though that
it’s not a phase. I have now been pagan for longer than I was
Christian. I was a Christian for 9 years and I’ve now
been pagan for 10. I want to specify also that I don’t think
that this is necessarily the path for everyone. I’m not saying that one thing is better than
the other. I’m just saying that this is what was right
for me. It might be what’s right for you or it might
be the opposite of what’s right for you and either way it’s okay. This is just my journey. So basically I wasn’t raised in a religious
household. When I was a teenager though I had been going
through a difficult period and I also was always a very curious person. I was always looking for answers. I look back at myself when I was about 12
or 13 and I see that I was myself, I was becoming my own self and I was very much into astrology
and palmistry and things like that. That was the real me. I’ve always been spiritual. I’ve always wanted to have this element in
my life very strongly. But I was looking for truth and I was very
vulnerable, because I’d gone through, you know, the usual adolescent crap that we all
go through. We all go through it and it’s awful for basically
all of us so yeah, I was very low and I was looking for a way out and someone came along
and said, “Hey, try this” and I tried it and so I was a Christian for a long period of
time. In that period of time I did a lot of my volunteer
work. I hate the word missionary but that really
was what I was for a long period of time and that is definitely what I was when I was last
living in Thailand in 2005 and 2006. Obviously now I would never do something like
that, I don’t believe that it’s right to change anyone’s faith at all, but at the time I thought
I was doing the right thing. I think another reason why I ran so strongly
towards Christianity is I didn’t understand what was happening to me in terms of my spirituality. It was around this time that I became really
keenly aware of the presence of my spirit guides but at the time I didn’t know that’s
what they were. I thought that they were ghosts or demons
or something evil, like I didn’t understand. And of course when I became a Christian, well
everyone told me that these people around me, they were demons. Now there was nothing really about my spirit
guides that would lead me to think that they were sinister, but like I said I was scared
and the people around me affirmed that they were bad and that they were just trying to
trick me and so naturally I believed what I was told. There was something else though that I always
felt intuitively and that was the need to look after the planet. Christianity in the way that it was presented
to me did not seem to have much regard for the planet. Now, I know that that’s probably a reflection
on the church that I went to, not on Christianity as a spiritual path, because I do know now
many people who are incredibly responsible and mindful of their impact on the planet
whilst following Jesus’ teachings; however, at the time, I was told things like, “Don’t
worry about the Earth, we’re only here, you know, for 70 years and then we go and be in
Heaven, so who cares what happens here”. I even used to hear it preached, like in actual
church, people would preach – they would say things like, “Well, if the planet’s dying,
doesn’t that indicate that Jesus is coming soon?” “Doesn’t that tell you that God’s getting
ready to wrap things up here?” “Don’t worry about the planet, God only cares
about you”. This never sat right with me and I just never
understood why the people around me were so okay with just acting as though they were
the top of the pyramid. I guess they were told they were top of the
pyramid but it just never sat right with me that no-one seemed to give a shit. And I don’t want to give you the wrong impression,
okay. The people at my church were nice people and
the pastor of my church was a lovely man. I still, if I ran into him now, I’d probably
still go up and give him a hug. He was lovely and he truly did his best to
help everyone be the best version of themselves. The problem was the dogma that was growing
up around this beautiful message of love that we were supposedly all following. There were many aspects of life that were
controlled by things that didn’t even come from the Bible. But anyway, getting back to the relationship
between Christianity and the environment. I felt like I was an island in this church. There was maybe one or two other people who
cares as much as I cared about recycling and animal welfare and things like that. I remember taking a course through the church
and there was a scripture that we were studying and it was referring to stewardship. So stewardship means that you are a caretaker
of something for somebody. You are looking after something for somebody
else. And we were learning all about how we were
stewards of the Earth for God. And the person taking the class, he actually
said to us, “Yeah, we’re stewards of the Earth and for this reasons, Christians should be
the greatest environmentalists”. It floored me. I was like, “Wow, you’re so right, this just
confirms everything that I’ve ever believed. This is so spot on”. But I looked around the room and nobody else
had had the same reaction as me. Nobody else had even seemed to hear it. It just seemed like it had zero impact on
them. So as you can see, I was looking for a way
that I could be spiritual and practice my spirituality in a way that honoured the planet. I was not keen to remain on a spiritual path
where I got told that I was the pinnacle of creation and that the whole entire planet
was here to serve me. It just did not resonate at all and I was
really looking for other people who felt the same way that I did. Anyway, flash forward a few years and I lived
in Thailand. I came back. While I was in Thailand it was an amazing
experience, although it was difficult because I did learn how to be okay with myself. Because I’d gotten away from some people,
it gave me the chance to really be alone a bit more and work out what it was that I enjoyed,
what it was that I took pleasure in, and to not have anybody around me saying don’t do
this or don’t do that. It was in this time that I actually took up
belly dancing, and I also had a few experiences regarding the animals that were within our
care that made me really think, “Yeah, I’m not okay with the status quo, I’ve gotta live
a bit differently”. I came back. Because I’d fallen in love with belly dancing,
I started taking classes and I connected with an amazing group of women. We were a tribal bellydance troupe and every
Saturday we would dance together with our teacher, and then we would go down the street
and we would sit in a café for hours and hours drinking chai and talking. And we had some of the best chats during this
time, and they were just an amazing group of girls. And they were all so diverse. A few of them were pagan but the majority
of them were just simply open-hearted, open-minded beautiful souls and they were so respectful
to me. Prior to that, most of the people in my life
had fallen into two camps. They either told me that I should be a Christian
or they told me that I should NOT be a Christian. But these girls were just simply accepting
of what I believe and they didn’t try to change me and as a result I happily listened to them
when they shared about their beliefs. And I started realising that there was nothing
wrong with the stuff that they were believing and I began opening my heart too. At first, I simply adopted some of their practices. But over time I realised that more and more
I wanted to pursue the things that we had discussed on those lovely afternoons. And I wanted to go to church less and less. Now, there was a time in my life where this
statement that I just made, that would have scared me. It would have ben like, “Oh my god, you’re
backsliding!” If that’s what you wanna describe my journey
as, fine, but I’d describe it as growth. Because I never actually decided that I no
longer believed in Jesus. To this day I still believe in him, it’s just
that I’ve changed my thoughts on some of the things that I’ve been told about him. He’s an amazing, loving being but there are
other amazing, loving being out there as well, and the thing is, we can access all of them. They’re all there to help us and we don’t
have to limit ourselves by choosing to talk to only one person. I also shed my belief that there was only
one way into the afterlife. Now obviously I don’t do things in my day-to-day
life in the hope of lining up merit for myself or, you know, with an idea of what my afterlife’s
going to be. But what I’m saying is, when I was a Christian
I was repeatedly told the scripture about the narrow gate and about there being only
one way into Heaven. And I was literally taught that the only way
to avoid hell was to believe only in Jesus, and I realised that that statement is just
completely based in fear. I now believe that we live in a universe of
love and I think that we come here to learn. But I don’t want to get bogged down in, you
know, what’s better, Christianity of paganism. What I’m trying to say here is this was the
right choice for me. Now my spiritual path is so much more open. I feel empowered when I honour nature. I mentioned in my video about paganism that
we believe that nature is a representation of the divine, so when I treat nature well,
to me, I’m treating the divine well. Whereas when I was a Christian there was a
much more limited way of showing my appreciation and my worship for the divine. I also feel much more plugged in with this
planet that we’re on. I definitely did not like being dismissive
of the planet before. I did not like viewing the planet as just
like a holding pen for this wonderful eternity that we had no proof even existed. As I said, this was just the right thing for
me. Some of you watching this, what I did is NOT
going to be the right thing for you. For you the right thing is something else
and that is totally cool. But this is what’s right for me, and this
is also my way of telling you how I ended up being basically who I am now. It was a really transformative time in my
life when I went from Christianity to paganism. It was very scary. Unfortunately I lost almost every friend that
I had made as a Christian. Now, I think that says more about them than
it does about Christianity, but the point is I changed my life up and I lost almost
everyone. So when you do something where there is the
chance of losing so many people, it’s terrifying, particularly when your identity is wrapped
up in you being something. Where, you know, if there’s a label that you’ve
put on yourself and you’re like, “This is me, this is who I am”, and then you rip that
label off, it can be a really scary moment. But ultimately we must, we absolutely must,
break free of fear and live according to our own intuition. So with that said, I know that there are a
lot of you there who are Christians who, you have been able to set yourself free of fear
without becoming something other than Christian. And you know, if you’ve found happiness doing
that, that’s flippin awesome. So anyway, that’s my journey. I would love to hear what you guys think about
it, if you’ve got any thoughts or opinions or anything like that. If you’ve gone through something similar yourself
I would love to hear, so please comment below and let me know. If you liked this video hit the thumbs up
button and also hit the subscribe button, because I am planning to talk about my spiritual
path a bit more, and I’d like to answer any questions that people might have as well,
so yeah hit the subscribe button so that you don’t miss out on any of that. Apart from that, have a wonderful day. Thank you so much for watching. Be kind, and I’ll see you next time. Bye!

100 thoughts on “Why I Changed From Christianity To Paganism

  1. Im catholic and i approve this message. 😉 ive actually tried witchcraft… but it gave me such horrid nightmares that i quit it even though i connected to it. Im considering becoming pagan… catholicism is a lot like paganism… but i want to get to the “root” religion.

  2. Your choice you know how people will throw fear in your face and in your head I lost interest in christianity "if you are having sexual fantacies in your head bla bla bla I was done after that then the "why I threw my oracle cards in the trash" "I gave my crystals back to the metaphysical shop" all for the sake of jesus I guess what he was saying no idol before him and rely on him but I found some difficulty following him my experience and I said the hell with all this madness I just can't

  3. I don't know why anyone would rather be Christian than Pagan, it's just wholly inconceivable to me – I guess they must like all the doom, gloom & negativity in Christianity (actually, in all Abrahamic religions) 😉

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  5. Paganism is the religion of the fallen ones, paganism is a blood cult, a pedophilia theology that had and in some area today still practice human sacrifice! There is nothing peaceful about paganism, and this neo-paganism is NOT paganism, it is a lie created by Gerald Gardner who was in fact a pervert! Your time is short, so by all means believe in your dead gods who were nothing but fallen angels deceiving you!

  6. You turned to what you call “paganism” (almost certainly having nothing to do with pagan traditions in the past) because you are another product of the anti-traditional, modern, materialist degeneration of our civilisation.

  7. You don't think it's right to change someone's faith? You're supporting brainwashing and religious slavery and have apparently only seen the tip of the religious oppression iceberg. People need to be educated thoroughly so they can choose their own beliefs, not permanently locked in whatever they were born into. Also that's hypocritical since you're happy about having your faith changed. Also your Christian friends left you because of Christianity, not coincidence. They don't want to stay attached to you because they think you're going to Hell. Other than that, great video!

  8. 1. You were never Christian. 'Born again' have no connection to the Church Jesus set up which is the Catholic church. This can be proved with the Bible, and importantly historical sources. It was Catholic from the start. There is no salvation outside Jesus' church, and his true faith is very small in these end times [Vist #vaticancatholic for the full truth. John Paul II is the antichrist among many other things. Whoever reads this, your soul is on the line so do vist the channel. Its all proven in detail there]

    2. 0:45 You say this '' This may not be the path for everyone'. Well why not? Do you believe in two or more truths? Do you not care that someone finds the truth? It just shows a lack of concern for others and the truth. Whats ''right for me, or whats right for you'' are completely different, this shows you lack of care for morality.

    3. 2:17 ''I dont believe its right to change anyone's faith''. 1st of all Christians are to convince not change other people(1Peter3:15). Nobody can change another's faith, if one listens to the truth then great, if not we are to dust off our feet, or move on. 2nd of all again, you dont care if someone else is in error, disingenuous to truth and no care for morality.

    4. 2:53 You talk about your spirit guides that you thought they were not bad. ''They did nothing to make me think they were sinister''. What you ignore is evils favourite tactic is to be nice 1st as they wouldn't get anything done being upfront evil. The key here is you ended up Pagan(Not that you were Christian in the 1st place). Their Goal was reached, which is you dragging others to hell with your nice words. EG as in point two it sounds nice that your inclusive that it may not be the path for everyone (Implying: Not like those evil Christians who say this is the only way), ignoring that people have many paths and they are all but one demonstrably evil, inclusivity = being ok with spreading lies, being ok with spreading immoral behaviour etc etc.

    5. 3:10 Whats important to you is ''looking after the planet''. Sorry but this is just fake. You couldn't care less about morals and is just another example of trying to sound like a nice 'inclusive person'. There is no way you can prove you genuinely feel this way, just empty liberal crap, and you are implying that Christians cant 'look after the planet'. Btw Christians(Catholics) are the most charitable organization by far. Are you even aware child sacrifice happened rampantly in pagan cultures? (Not to mention brutal forms of slavery). You can get off your moral high horse now.

    6. 3:50 You mention your church/preachers not caring about the planet. Note: they are under the influence of Satan. They could not care less about truth or they would be Catholic. They led you to paganism etc etc (You never understood the true Christian faith). You then go on to say you dont want to get them wrong, that they were nice people(Your implying they still represented Jesus' message to make others feel there is merit to 'Born again Christianity', well they don't represent Jesus and thats part of their deception to be nice).

    7. 6:18 You wanted to honour the planet. In fact you worship the planet, a created being. Its metaphysically nonsensical as the planet is a contingent being, only a non-contingent(God) being can account for it. Worship should only be for God who created the planet. Not to mention this planet is full of evil, famine etc etc. are you so happy with the world, or MAYBE its better to seek God who will wipe every tear away in heaven, NO MORE SUFFERING (Rev21:4). How could you worship nature/the world in light of this??
    8. You mention Christians shouldn't disown non-Christian friends. This is false, Jesus teaches clearly we should be able to disown even our own family, that our greatest enemy would be of our household. This is especially true in these end times where Jesus said his faithful would be in remnants (Luke 18:8 and Mat24:27. Also he said The path to destruction is wide, narrow is the path to heaven Mat7:13, Luke 13:23-25))

  9. Good you went back to your roots, christianity is anti European, anti american, anti asian, and anti african.

  10. I grew up without being forced to believe in something. my parents never baptized even though I think at least my mother is Christian. I have for years never put myself into anything. I do not believe in one single god and that god is a man and such. I have beliefs that many friends have told me are pagen and I have done my own research. I believe in an afterlife and that multiple lives.i have a spirit guide who I will not say what is as that is disrespectful to it. I speak to him a lot and meditate which I read is part of the pagan religion. I feel a closeness to nature and animals. I am searching for something or someone to believe in and find strength from. I have gone through a lot of bad stuff that I would not wish on my worst enemy and finding a spirit guide is something that has helped I am going to keep looking into it.
    when you speak about respecting nature and wanting to do what you can to help save it, it is something I also want to do though I do not feel right now I am in a place financially to make changes. I also wouldn't know where I can start with it without it costing me. I have a lot of mental health issues and I would hate people to say I believe in something they think is evil because I am being used for my disabilities. when in fact the beliefs help me keep going. but there are so many things I am afraid of like death and that I will be dammed to hell or what I believe its called nifthilm? I dunno I have really only jsut started properly looking into it .
    i need something rto keep me stroign i feel that this is soemthing that can i want ot be proud to say this is part of me. it is my strength and call upon that when i am facing hard times aqs i am now. two of my closest friends are christian but hey respect that i am not and that i have differant beleifs then them like one does not beleive in evolution and beleives in one god and jesus but respects that i do not beleive in jesus and that i beleive inevolution and i respect hers and so ddoes my other friend. i am so greatful that they do and have not shunned me for i only have four friends and i could not imagine life without them. they are my family.
    sorry, i have babled on here but this is soemthing i needed to get out for a long time and am stuill obviusly going on a journey with.
    I also in my research saw that pagen have both genders equal in all the things and I hope that the pagen religion also respects people like myself who are transgender and gay.

  11. I dislike the Catholic teachings and I also dislike Baptist teachings I kinda am just following the Bible but my faith is running out

  12. I am too a pagan witch. I have spiritually since birth, officially since September 2010. And I am so happy with it. I used to be Catholic raised such since a kid. I never fitted in I would later come out as gay and be cursed out for it. I mean no disrespect to other Christians, but if you continue to have jerks like girl defined or other haters that really hurts everyone. I believe in love of all living things be in nature or people. What do you think? I am open.

  13. This comment section proves exactly why I don’t relate with christians/Catholics anymore, even though I was brought up that way. So hateful. So mean. So judging. Attacking others. Pagans are good people who do good because they enjoy it NOT because they feel they have to or they will go to hell!!

  14. This reawakening of Europeans and their old religions MUST evolve with the realization that sexual degeneracy must NOT go hand in hand with our beliefs. While true many of us are heading in the direction of our old ways and no longer hold the morals of Christianity and the other desert religions… we must not forget sexual purity!!! If we pretend that paganism is about being naked and promiscuous in the woods, WE WILL NOT SURVIVE. This mentality of sexual liberation directly caused the destruction of many great empires.

  15. I do not believe in coincidence… I believe things happen for a reason, they happen the way they are supposed to… Thus my finding this video today. Ty so much for your heart-to-heart sharing. I needed to hear your words today. Fantastic soulful video.

  16. Thank you for posting this video, I got really excited by some of the things you said because I’ve never heard of anyone else sharing my opinions. The part where you said you never necessarily stopped believing in Jesus but also that you don’t limit yourself from other representations of the divine is something I’ve been learning to balance recently. I haven’t given myself any label yet as to a religion, I’m still trying to figure it out, but it seems that most of the beliefs I’m being called to are pagan ones so who knows..?

  17. Abrahamic religions:
    makes women seem as lower beings than men
    threatens and kills others to force them into their beliefs

    Pagan religions:
    allows women to pick up a weapon and fight
    believes in peace and harmony with nature and the elements

  18. I almost lost my mom to change bible for buddhism.She was a crazy Christians the ones who teach how to scream in the church and running around like demons on the church. So I was going to burn in hell but I travel to Thailand and i find heaven its a state of mind and the environment can help to created heaven or hell. So its important the people around.

  19. My background is very simulator and I fund the shift from were I was to were I am now was hard thank for saying what
    you sead it was encouraging.

  20. Hi! I know it's been a while since you posted this, but I relate a lot to your story about Christianity, and I'm very curious about Paganism. Thank you for sharing your story. You seem like a very warm and lovely person 😊

  21. I've been every religion under the sun. I'm definitely not pagan but believe religion is like the elephant and blind men there's a bit of truth in it all and watch u believe comes from what u touch or what touches u. As I've aged I'm more Unitarian.

  22. I think a really big problem with main religions(I speak from Christianity because that’s all I know for sure) is that it’s made to be “one size fits all.” That doesn’t work, especially not with something that is so personal and important. Reading the comments where everyone is sharing their stories and saying that you have to find what works for you resonates so deeply. Finding what fits you.

  23. I was mormon for abit then evangelical/born again christian but now i am Pagan.
    Very happy while learning everything new.

  24. You are doing wrong mam Jesus loves you Jesus Christ died for your sin you don't know God's plan . God ways are higher than your ways . God is good all the time . One day you are going to stand in the front of God now it's your will

  25. I don't mean to offend you, but matter of fact, you were never 'born again' by the Spirit of Christianity, not for one day. The unfortunate thing is, there are many 'nice hearted pastors' who try make Christians out of many without introducing them to the Spirit of Christianity, the result is always a miserable life of fear, hypocrisy or outright rebellion.
    In your case lady, as in many others, unknown to you, you already had spirits 'attached' to your spirit while you were playing with astrology and such things. Obviously, the church where you had your 'Christian' stint didn't have the Presence of the Spirit of Christianity in any appreciable measure, if it had it at all. Were the Spirit of Christianity really present in that church, you would've known that the spirits you now see as benevolent and 'guides' are far from those attributes. This is because those spirits and the Spirit of Christianity are fiercely opposing. Both sides want you on their side for the purposes of using you to advance their course on the Earth, known to you or not, but the difference is, while those spirits you associate with now deceptively make you believe you are independent and in control of your life – that they are only guiding you for your good, the Spirit of Christianity makes it clear to those that come to Him that He wants them to submit themselves totally to Him, but willingly.
    I pray this piece of mine gets you and many sincere souls like you, thinking. Peace.

  26. Paganism is a false religion. The pagan gods are demons tricking people into worshipping them to drag their souls to hell. Return to the true faith. Come out of the darkness of paganism. Return home to Christ, He loves you and gave His life so that you may have eternal life. These "spirit guides" are demons who are presenting themselves as something that feels good, but this is only a trick to drag your soul to hell. Emotions and feelings are corrupted by the fall of adam of eve. You cannot trust them, they are used by demons to lead you into error. Come home to the true faith. Come home to Jesus Christ.

  27. I am a pagan and I have always believed that true magic comes from within yourself I used to be a Christian many moons ago but I never really understood it fully, so this is where i lay I am a Solitary Eclectic Woodland Witch. And I am very Happy to be what I am. I also worship many goddess one of my main Dieties is Hecate.

  28. I was raised to be a Buddhist but I had been fascinated with the mythologies of Greek and Norse but I didn’t officially become a pagan until my high school senior year and today I am a proud follower of the Greek and Norse gods.

  29. My mom used to be catholic. When she was a child they told her that animals and other creatures do not go to heaven and only people do. Shes been wiccan since she was 13.

  30. Thank for making such a honest and open video. I'm keen to hear this transition from Christianity to paganism, for me paganism is the longest period in me. I mean, from my early years. I was into a lot with Friends Of The Earth… ect. Just to say the environment is a important aspect. These beliefs are deeper in me, they don't alter. Christianity I felt that it was important for me to understand this concept of an invisible God. I do grasp a lot with this knowledge as it was drilled in me. Just to say it left an imprints. The problem is when Christianity meets opposition, or an outside influence they are quick to defend and this impose on other values. I mean I wear at one time a Terrence Higgins trust T-shirt and it was a youth leader washed his hands after noticing the cause. I was alienated it came from very underhanded methods, was not one incident. I don't contest there being a living God but this reconditioning to the rule I don't see as godly.

  31. "When I'm treating nature well I'm treating The Divine well" – spot on! I believe the same. Your story is very similar to mine. Thanks for sharing your story. ❤

  32. I'm a new Asatru who was once a devout Christian. I did a lot of research before making my choice and after learning the truth about Christianity, things like our very days of the week and the holidays come from pagan origin and how many innocents have died all because of the name of God and the fact that just cause my ancestors would rather live their own lives serving their gods and not the Christian god…that was about two years ago since I converted to paganism and I still consider myself fairly new because I still have much to learn. Today I'm 24 years old, still a young wolf and most of my family are Christians, and it's hard to be around them without looking at me like some kind of disgrace just because of who I am… That's another reason why I chose the old ways over Christianity, because anything else other than Christian is the devil… Biggest cop out ever and it tears family apart… So thank you for this video. It's nice to see others similar and like me.

  33. I am a brown Pakistani Muslim. If Odin created everything then who created me and Africans and Chinese people? I am not a liberal or an elitist or a degenerate. I am just curious. Did Odin created me too? Can I become a pagan too?

  34. I observed that Paganism and Hinduism have some fundamentally similar ideologies! Both are an accumulation of various traditions, rituals and practices!

  35. hey everyone,
    Christian here.
    i want to apologize on behalf of Christians for whatever led you out of it that is on the part of Christians. i hate the way we (Christians) are becoming pigeonholed or misunderstood and i hate problems left unadressed. overall, i want to say that you are loved. and i believe in the faithful love of Jesus. i also believe in caring after creation and eachother. i'm sorry for your sakes, but i can only wish you well. pagan or not, you've got a friend in me. God allows you to go whichever way you will because of His kindness and patience.


  36. I found you. I just walked away from organized religion. Thank you so much for sharing your journey.

  37. i am and always was an atheist, but growing up i was raised catholic. i never it understood it. paganism makes much more sense. i will probably not convert but good for everyone that does

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  39. I have a belief that alot of people don't seem to get, for example I give you a thought what if the meaning of the word god ment life itself, so long as you do no harm to others why can't people just let it be, my children will be able and allowed to study what they desire to. Blessed be to the pagans god bless to the Christians/Catholics and may Allah be with you to the islamics let your heart guide your way

  40. I love Hinduism and the importance Hinduism focuses on nature and it's
    preservation as well as sustainable living. The Hindu view of nature is based
    upon the Vedas, Upanishads and Vedanta and their philosophical views, as well
    as Hindu devotional and ritualistic practices. According to Hindu thought,
    there is no separation between the Divine and the world of nature. They are the
    two aspects of the same reality. The cosmic reality is one like the ocean.
    Nature or the manifest world is like the waves on the surface of the sea.
    Brahman or the unmanifest Absolute is like the depths of the sea. But it is all
    water, all the same single ocean. Millions of Hindus recite Sanskrit
    mantras daily to revere their rivers, mountains, trees, animals and the earth.

    The Mahabharata, Ramayana, Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Puranas and Smriti
    contain the earliest messages for preservation of environment and ecological
    balance. Nature, or Earth, has never been considered a hostile element to be
    conquered or dominated. In fact, man is forbidden from exploiting nature. He is
    taught to live in harmony with nature and recognize that divinity prevails in
    all elements, including plants and animals. The rishis of the past have always
    had a great respect for nature. Theirs was not a superstitious primitive
    theology. They perceived that all material manifestations are a shadow of the
    spiritual. The Bhagavad Gita advises us not to try to change the environment,
    improve it, or wrestle with it.

    The Hindu religion gives great importance to protecting cattle. Back in the days,
    at every Hindu house there was a cow and it is still worshiped. The cow is a great friend of humans.
    It nourishes us through its milk and provides manure to grow our food. This it
    does without any extra demand—it lives on the fodder got while growing our
    food. Advanced countries have started to realize the harmful effects of
    consuming food grown with chemical manure. When we use chemical manure, the
    topsoil loses its fertility. This generation has no right to use up all the
    fertility of the soil and leave behind an unproductive land for future

  41. Welcome home! I spent 25 years in Evangelical Christianity and have been out 20. Blood sacrifice and Satan worship didn’t work for me, but I learned a lot.

  42. thank you so much for this video. ive noticed a wave of ex pagans/new agers posting testimonies of how they've now become Christians and are calling our beliefs a deception and sinful. its honestly been really putting me down, as I am an ex Christian, now finding my own path in paganism. I am so, so much happier, and my life has been so amazing since ive made my change. this video is so validating, I cant thank you enough

  43. It makes sense. The scriptures weren’t written for everyone. Paganism for you is what you are, not many understand who they are.

  44. İ am not spiritüal i am not pagan i am not Christian i am no Müslim
    İ Dont believe god and i believe myself only

  45. Will I am Native American I do believe in my Tradition belief of holy ones and ancestors I am trying to keep it alive and taking a long journey to re learn them as a young man trying to practice da ancient teachings..but I will not never and ever givin up and not believe in christianity is just a hypocrite way trying make me a Christian robot and always putting fears in me telling go hell and God will not like me and always taking away our true will wat we have be forced to believe in jesus and calling us sinners dat is purewrong dat is really effusive as human and not being holy to another person.. but I am still keeping my Tradition alive no matter what and always believe in divine holy spirits through all mother earth and universe dat how I feel for being traditional taking care living animals..bugs and pagan believers too as one…

  46. I know how you feel. For a good portion of my life I identified as a christian, but if I am being entirely honest, I don't think I ever was. I never went to church, I never really read the bible, and to be blunt, I said that I believed in God, not Jesus. Then when I began to mature and learn about the real history of Christianity and the Church, as well as the way supposedly "good" Christians acted, that's when I began to see it for what it really is. In grade school I was constantly bullied by Christians growing up, ever when teachers were right in the room with me, and they did nothing to stop them. Most of the people who were "humble" Christians were spoiled, self-centered, narcissistic pricks who I did not want to be around most of the time. I also began to see how they treated the other religions. I asked my Christian Spanish teacher that we should accept other religions, and she flat out said that we should not because since they don't have Christ as their messiah, they are automatically wrong. It was in my freshman year that I formally decided that I am not a Christian. I do not subscribe to any one religion, I do like Buddhism and Taoism, but other than that, my beliefs are my own. After I graduate college, I want nothing to do with Christianity or the Church. I am fed up with their hypocrisy, hubris, and greed. I know that their are some good Christians in the world, I am close friends with some, But still their are many that are like what that. In the words of Jean-Luc Picard "We've made too many compromises already, too many retreats. They invade our space and we fall back. They assimilate entire worlds, and we fall back. Not again. The line must be drawn HERE, THIS FAR NO FURTHER!" and in the words of Sir Leigh Teabing from the Da Vinci Code, "For 2000 years the church has reigned oppression and atrocity upon mankind. Crushed passion and idea alike all in the name of their walking god."

  47. I was totally ready to just dismiss this video. But I actually agree with basically everything you just said. You are kick ass lady, thanks for sharing! Blessed be!

  48. I feel like you have gone to church and whatsoever but never felt the love of Jesus Christ who loves you with all his heart

  49. I'm a hellenic pagan and just stumbled on your channel. You seem like such a lovely, friendly person. Thank you for helping people find their path and sharing your story.

  50. Good for you. Glad you found your true spiritual home. I was a lifelong Catholic from birth to young adulthood. I had a lot of questions and doubts about Church Dogma and practices. Unending scandals and historic misdeeds turned me off. I stopped attending Church regularly over 16 years ago. Been active in non-theistic Buddhism for the last five years. In my humble opinion it is the most humane and rational of the great world religions. Some have called classic Buddhist thought as ancient psychology.

  51. I am not apologizing anymore to christians, for my love and attraction to nature. early on, i have always been pulled by Nature which I know has some sacred elements and energy. i have never, though, pursued my "spirit guides" if they are present because I am afraid of some forms of meditation. But that fear and info comes from christians warning me. But I need and have done well reflection on the OUtdoors. "Tuxe735" is RIGHT ON! Pagan religions allows women to fight for themselves, to make all peoples realize peace and harmony, and that there is not just ONE WAY. Although, I feel that at the very top, there is on supreme being but allows other lower beings to lead us or help us find peace, love and sacredness with other people. These other "religous rules" and doctrines hinder us. That does not mean I believe in relativism or abortion, or murder or "do as thy will" by crowley.

  52. Finally a video is about from being Christian to pagan! Instead of it being the other way around . I feel bad for people that are part of the Abrahamic religions.

  53. I can tell you care about the environment. Good on you! It’s a real problem and we need to be more aware about it. I’d just like to say, though, that the Catholic bible does mention the environment. It says that the earth is God’s creation and all that it holds. Also that he views his creation as good, so it is our responsibility to honor the lord’s creation. In his 1990 World peace day message pope John Paul II stated, “There is a growing awareness that world peace is threatened not only by the arms race, regional conflict, and injustices among people and nations, but also by a lack of due respect for nature, by the plundering of natural resources which leads to a progressive decline in the quality of life. The sense of precariousness and insecurity that such a situation engenders is a seedbed for collective selfishness, disregard for others and dishonesty.”

    I respect your decision to believe what you’d like to believe, but the idea that Catholicism has no care for the environment is false.

  54. I am just in so much shock right now by watching this! It's like looking in a mirror. I have been "in between" Christianity and paganism for some time now. This video helped me find much needed clarity. Thank you for that!

  55. Wow really everyhting seems to be possible.
    I just entered "neopaganism" in the search bar and found this.
    So do you pagans have a holy book as reference? Who are your gods? What are prohibitions and requirements for this religion?

  56. Any body that is outside the church is demonic natur is demonic all pagans that worship nature are evil nature spirits are demons the mountains and the forests are to dark I em afraid help me lord jesus christ

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