like this yo you too what up show me guide them in the building and this is Makaveli media little kill me ah little kill little kill lovely notorious b.i.g and when Tupac dropped hit him up and he put his relationship with Faith Evans at the time biggie smalls wife on full-blast little compels the opportunity to comment not only Tupac Shakur but at Faith Evans as well because Kim was hurt let's take it back from the beginning little Kim was Biggie's Rana died for real no they came up together she talked about how on Valentine's Day biggie took 100 pennies and fold them in the shape of a heart you know and gave it to her she just lost stuff like that was – she genuinely adored biggie became up the government had gotten a game together and sometimes the game consuella biggie was jealous he didn't like guys on her face she was jealous she didn't like girls on his face and you know his rumors that kill mayor may have you know not I think it was confirmed she was saying of guys at the time so you know the first chance biggie got biggie was doing this thing the whole time so the top that he wiped the chick and never come back man I became really bad by all accounts but you know they kept the happy face on in public but you know she was hurt over the fact that biggie actually married somebody other than her so honey you know her fake became cool that person being Faith Evans became cool but Kim always had some resentment how hard you know for Faith Evans so when Tupac you put faithful and blast believe me big he definitely believed with Tupac said you know when you look at the video get money the whole video was a party of Faith Evans that'll come released a song called Big Mama thing and I can't break down all of the lurks in this song because some of them were just flat-out too nasty you know me but I did put down a run down out of the lurks for you to eyeball yourself and you know we I get your summary of you know some of the things she spoke about and you know this was done publicly but you know these conversations also had to take place in private and you know I had to be a rough town you know for Faith Evans because you know in this song it'll kill refers to Faith Evans is basically just a groupie who had who came up with a great idea you know to infiltrate huh click just to get the biggie you know she was talking about you know favor Evans performing certain types of acts to notorious and you know just just to beat down you know but the click she also alluded to the fact that you know they've had the b.i.g tattooed on the breast then she said you rockin my property you know the main said she's rocking our property referring to the fact they see the true wife because then in the next line she said play your position to claim the next crazy part is you know when all the other guys was quiet when pot drop hit him up even bigger himself and you know they could have done because puffy said that he told everybody not the sanding thing back to to pot but the whole bad boy he's moving silence because that's that same cold is on this song here Little Caesar saying be quiet my Killers moving silence you know we start a riot something like that anyway little killer came charging at to product on the strike now this is not the only time I heard him dis pock and another song she said tic-tac bust them faith probably him it was a word in between that and she said big I told you not to trust him but on this one here she said who shot you I don't know but they got you now mean Ray Charles can see that was about to pop more subliminal disses out the bad boy can once again not saying Tupac's name but always ending it with one of Tupac song titles so you know what he talkin about like you know a biggie say slugs misha ain't winning mad at you I ain't mad at you Tupac's ain't mad at you or you know this right here keep your head up I wonder the biggie cosign that dissed by Lord Kim like y'all go ahead and put that up that's a good look all puffy everyone saying Kim out always big like no I don't put that out there I was perfectly like don't put it out there believe me they didn't want it out there wouldn't have been out there I think big you know more so want to kill me probably to attack faith to you know had some kind of revenge for what she did behind his back for Tupac like to show the world like yeah well you know my real chick ridin for you you know what I mean just you know a mess but one of the craziest parts about this song and I don't think people talked about enough or about this point in history it's because it'll kill me reference to a reference to biggie made to let me know there was a lot deeper doing what people talked about and that reference was when she said basically this how people know I'm talking about you and those twin pox in your belly no you're her big EC on Brooklyn's Finest with jay-z if they 5:20 she probably had two pucks get it to pox now faith was pregnant at this time so basically if Maury was around biggie would have wanted to have faith on Maury because obviously behind the scenes they was trying to say this baby could belong to two pi Lord Kim just and where the twin part comes from well who knows but basically admitting that pot ready dish smash faith and I think that's you know validated and you know the quotes here you know she definitely fell out of favor with biggie talking about his wife fell out of favor with him and you know he publicly humiliated him and and then you got his side chick who was basically his main chick because she admitted they never stopped dating each other even when big got married never stopped so you know she couldn't wait I think she was the happiest person of all when faithful my stuff and you know fooling around with pop yeah I think Lord Kim loved that because it moved her back and to the point of relevancy you know to me like y'all told you I'm the one for you watch this and she couldn't wait to come out of I you know I heard it was a track that she recorded that was really vicious coming to faith but at the what happened to Biggi and 97 they decided not to put it out I wonder if all of these songs like to come off the vault one day and who holds on and stuff like that do you just destroy the masters or do you just keep him for like you know I'm holding on to this just in case one day I'll bet I'm willing to bet it sumbitch songs the two products out there from biggie because all they did was drink smoke and go to the studio and you know I'm sure big had the vent somehow about his wife and his former good friend you know alleged affair but I thought this was an interesting that a lot of people don't talk about the time don't talk about the time Kim came at Faith Evans and Tupac Shakur it truly doesn't matter why Lord Kim came at Faith Evans into pride whether it was truly to defend Biggie's honor or she saw this as an opportunity of getting her man back at the end the joke truly was on a little kill me because she was stuck being his side-chick again because right at the faith big he got with Charlie Baltimore so he left his wife but he still didn't totally commit to her right but that Tupac man to pup was really strategic with the psychological damage he did to now only biggie but to lure Kim in and a lot of people over a bad boy you know the psychological games Tupac played with them look at big he played off a Tupac playing to their insecurities biggie shouted himself he was ugly as ever however I stayed coogee down to my socks he already felt a certain kind of way about his looks so he figured if he throw it out they beat you to the punch right but then he got this trophy wife on his own just on V wife then all the guys wondering how he got with her you know the man and he parading around town and magazines and all of that stuff so with the pocket pop tainted his wife but doing what he did with it and putting it out there so the whole world could said Brooke biggie family up put self-doubt and Biggie's – his kid wasn't his it was deep man I mean in every relationship was never the same and look what he did the Lord killing that one little line he put to see the self doubt in her mind because she was already insecure most women won't settle to be second place she was there at a fourth place with the man she loved right so she already feeling a certain kind of way and then to pop made that line above her looks if you look at the two women the little Kim plays second fiddle to these two women have something that something in common look at Charlie Baltimore and look at faith now look at what it'll kill him turned herself into man this concludes bad boys moving silence part six keep watching let's go this your homie God I need you guys to share and like this video please leave your thoughts in the comment section it's been a pleasure as always I'm signing off I'm about to hit y'all with peace silly



  2. that would of been cool as fuck if biggie respond back to 2pac .but it wouldn't cool that he didn't respond back to 2pac cause it made biggie look like a punk but I don't understand why did puff daddy diss 2pac after he die

  3. Real OG fans Know biggie fucked wit other females but that Nigga loved Kim .. He just was fucked up how he moved ..

  4. I hate what Kim did to herself. She was mad sexy without the surguries and cosmetic stuff. Ladies you are already beautiful.

  5. Niggas really think big and puff still had something to do with pac getting shot a quad.πŸ˜‚ pac knew who shot him and why and he chose to go at biggie for sales and controversy. This whole shit was set up by some white people I bet

  6. One other thing Gab. I heard in an interview that Art of Dialogue did with someone that Pac’s first choice was to fuck Kim, but she probably wasn’t going for that being Big’s ryde or die. So he had to resort to Faith. That’s why in the House of Blues he talks about her nonchalantly. Yeah Faith was his wife and that’s disrespectful enough. But If it was Kim he fucked, Pac would’ve really felt like he hurt Big because that’s his main bitch.

  7. Snoop dogg crip
    Orlando anderson crip
    Bad boy associated with crips
    Thug life group crips
    Most of Tupac's family in gangs are crips…


    Tupac signs to a blood label….

    Makes you wonder did pac sign to the row to infiltrate death row being originally a New York dude and everyone with Pac or associated were crips big syke was a crip list goes on

  8. To me it sounds like biggie was butt hurt that pac fucked his wife…but anyway them sneak disses are trash and coward like…pac came out and attacked and got straight to the point while these lame ass bad boys were to scared to breathe pacs name! PAC destroyed that whole crew without breakin a sweat man! WESTSIDE OUTLAW BAD BOY KILLA

  9. Lil Kim also diss Faith on Biggie album Born Again. Biggie also diss tupac on a song called dangerous M.Cs original version, not the song with busta rhymes. Gab please check out the song

  10. Help me paradise God's son's bless amΓ©ricains, 28 Ain EL beida city Akid otman ORAN, πŸ‡©πŸ‡ΏπŸ…ΏβœŒπŸ…°πŸ’πŸ’’πŸ’βŽπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ”žπŸ”žπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ—½πŸ—½πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ†šπŸ†š

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  13. Why do y’all media outlets try to keep this beef going
    We lost two of the greatest to do it and ya continue to push this beef shit
    And what Fucks me up is SUGE Is the cancer to this whole situation big and pac was homies and if they teamed up together shit would have been crazy
    But Suge ain’t won’t that so after pac got robbed and shot he saw his opportunity to jump in and start some shit..
    Y’all outlets need to be talking bout that
    Keep up ur grind tho bro

  14. Yeah i wonder that too kinda like suge said pac had a song dissing snoop that never came out…im sure they prob didnt destroy them masters and snoop is on record saying big supposedly had some songz that coulda ended pacs career which i doubt big coulda done

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