Why Can Christians Eat Pork?

Why Can Christians Eat Pork?

It is a well-known fact that Jews have a lot
dietary laws, and are not allowed to eat the following:
Among other things – we will look at these in another video-
Christians on the other hand seem to be able to eat near enough anything despite the fact
the roots of Christianity come directly from Judaism. In this video, we will be seeing why that
is and whether Christians actually have dietary laws. So firstly, let’s ask the question; why
can Christians eat pork and other meats deemed unclean by Jews? Well naturally it is due to the key difference
between the two religions which is that the Jews are still waiting for the messiah, while
Christians believe the messiah has already revealed himself. For the Christian, the change in law stems
from the life and ministry of Jesus as well as Peter and the apostles. One specific incident in Jesus life is usually
used to show the change in dietary laws. The incident in Jesus life takes place in
the gospel of Mark chapter 7 – in this chapter Jesus is rebuking some Jewish religious leader’s
knowns as Pharisees, who were complaining that Jesus disciples did not follow a practice
of ritual cleaning, for being hypocrites, as they are were careful to follow the outward
laws and yet were not living in line with God. In verse 18 he says that what goes into the
body does not defile a person as it does not go into the heart but (verse 20) rather what
comes out of a person defiles them – then listing a number of sins. In most translations verse 19 comments on
this by writing in brackets that “by saying this he declared every kind of food acceptable
in Gods eyes”. This seems like the case is closed and Christians
can eat meat, but note that I said this is in most translations and that is because old
handwritten scriptures sometimes contained footnotes and some scholars believe this statement
to be just a footnote and not part of the text. But even without this comment it is clear
that this argument about eating other meats could be made from this text. The next and possibly most important event
in the removal of the dietary laws is found in the book of Acts chapter 15. The book of Acts follows the lives and work
of Jesus followers and the transition of Christianity from being a Jewish sect into a wider reaching
religion. By chapter 15 many gentiles, or non-Jews,
were becoming Christians and this was becoming a real problem as the Jews wanted them to
be circumcised and follow the Jewish law. Naturally this was a real stumbling block
(I mean would you want to give up bacon and get the snip?), so the council needed to decide
what was the right thing to do. but before this in Acts 10 Peter had a vision
of “unclean” creatures and a voice telling him to eat them. Peter having been brought up a Jew told the
voice he could not, but the voice told him not to call something unclean if God has made
it clean. Peter could not understand what this vison
was meant to mean until gentile believers came to see him, and he understood the vision
to mean that the gentiles were not to be looked at as unclean. In Acts 15 the Christian council decided to
make a set of guidelines for the gentiles and intrestingly did not tell them to stop
eating previously unclean foods such as pork. There are a couple of other places in the
new testament which also state the same thing (1 timothy 4) but essentially after this council
over time in the early church the distinction between the Jewish Christians and the gentiles
faded away and the pervious mosaic laws were dropped. At this point I will note that there are still
some Christian denominations like the seven day Adventists and messianic Jews who still
follow the dietary laws, stating that the gentiles were never explicitly told they could
eat unclean meat; but such groups are in the minority. So you might be thinking well then Christians
can eat whatever they want right? And well you would be wrong. Ah, you could say Christians are not meant
to eat meat on a Friday: and while that is true in some traditions, that is all it is
a tradition. Christians actually are forbidden to eat a
couple of types of food in Acts 15 – food offered to idols, meat of strangled animals
and blood. The purpose of the ban on food offered to
idols was to show publicly that they did not worship idols, not that dedicated meat was
supernaturally harmful. In certain towns this would have been very
hard and may have meant not eating meat at all for certain people. Naturally this is not an issue today, at least
not in the west. Strangled animals do not have the blood drained
from their bodies, and thus break the restriction on blood and blood was not to be eaten because
god said in the book of Genesis 9:4 ‘But you must not eat meat that has its lifeblood
still in it’. Why was this command given? Some have suggested health reasons, treatment
of animals, symbol of the sacredness of life or a symbol of the messiah. But we are not 100% sure.

100 thoughts on “Why Can Christians Eat Pork?

  1. I said when making the 666 video I would do more on this topic – only took me a whole year to get around to it! :S

  2. Nature supports vegetarian existence to earth. May be noticeable the fact that , eating animal flesh may regenerate the genetical characters gradually in human of that animal. If that animal also is flesh eater, then not to say what will be the future genetical recreations in Human. Double hoofed and cudding animals are all vegitarians and Old Testament permits eating its flesh only.

  3. Its because to pride yourself that you dont eat pork, and still have a sin filled heart is hypocrisy. For the pharisees prided themselves of showing that they are righteous by being lawful, but being pride lful in the law just shows that they are prideful in the flesh. For the law is to show that the standard of God is not met, and all should be humbled. Therefore a Jew and a Muslim showing pride that they abstain from pork unlike the "lawless Christian " proves to show that they priding their righteousness in the flesh. For how can a body full of sin, even porkless, is still something that God accepts? Therefore cast your stones when all of ye are free from sin.

  4. If you can eat Christ you can eat pork. Personally, I'm trying to abstain from pork cos it's an intelligent animal, a bit like a dog. Poultry and fish are my preferred dishes. I'll take a bit of beef now and then, after all they are natural prey.

  5. Have you read Mark 7:15? "Nothing outside a man can make him unclean by going into him but rather it is what comes out of a man that makes him unclean

  6. What about the fish,without scales like crabs,prawns,catfish,sharks?
    At time of JESUS Christ evil spirits went on the herd of pigs.Christian easily drive out demons, so pork is a very normal and everyday common food.No big issues.
    But still little pork is better as it is having mostly more fatty substances.

  7. The answer is because they're ignorant. I'm no saint, i don't eat pork but i sin.

  8. Christians eat pork because they serve the jesus not God. They have a different master with the name jesus and the image on the cross. This is absolutely contrary to the ten commandments that the true and only gospel instructions said are our foundation if we are the lost sheep of Isra'el.
    Israel = obedience
    Gentiles equals pagan sinners/idol worshippers
    Jesus is the false christ that came from the false prophets Paul and John who came after our teacher Yeshua/eesa the son born to Mary/Miriam was gone from the betrayal by his people in that time. Yeshua left the gospel named Matthew. That name means a gift from God. 😉😁

  9. Lister to brod. Eli soriano and he will answer all the question that we need to know in our esperitual life thnks

  10. The laws like of not eating pigs in old testament, went under a curse as Paul describes in Galatians 3: "Why, then, was there a law? It was established because of transgressions, until the offspring would arrive, to whom he made the promise, ordained by Angels through the hand of a mediator."

    Those laws we don't follow anymore because: " 13Christ has redeemed us from the CURSE of the law, since he became a curse for us. For it is written: “Cursed is anyone who hangs from a tree.” 14

    Those laws went under a curse because many kept following them in vain and not accepting Christ. This is why we don't follow those laws anymore. Jesus puts and end to sacrifices and offerings and old Jewish rituals as said in Daniel 9 : 27….. "He will put an end to sacrifices and offering" …… Jesus is the ultimate sacrifice who lays down his life for us….

  11. God loves the Porkers and said he would support any religion that will not eat them. thanks to Islam and Jewry countless billions have been saved. Christianity officially rejected this at the Council of Trent and no one knows why. before this Reformation, Pigs accused of crimes were given a lawyer and a trial. hope this helps.

  12. Leviticus 5:7-8

    7And the swine, though he divide the hoof, and be clovenfooted, yet he cheweth not the cud; he is unclean to you.

    8Of their flesh shall ye not eat, and their carcase shall ye not touch; they are unclean to you

    Deuteronomy 14:8 8 And the swine, because it divideth the hoof, yet cheweth not the cud, it is unclean unto you: ye shall not eat of their flesh, nor touch their dead carcase.

    ISAIAH 65:2-5

  13. In the Arabic translation Jesus said not what goes in to the mouth but what comes out of it defiles the person!?
    That was wisdom….

  14. Isaiah 66:15-17

    15 For, behold, the Lord will come with fire, and with his chariots like a whirlwind, to render his anger with fury, and his rebuke with flames of fire.
    16 For by fire and by his sword will the Lord plead with all flesh: and the slain of the Lord shall be many.

    17 They that sanctify themselves, and purify themselves in the gardens behind one tree in the midst, eating swine's flesh, and the abomination, and the mouse, shall be consumed together, saith the Lord.

  15. we can't we're not supposed to we're just hard headed and do with the preachers do take Jesus and God's word and make them our own to fit into my lifestyle but I honestly in the Bible it says plenty of times we are not supposed to eat pork no need for me to watch this video

  16. lol christian was never meant a follower of christ. if it's, then they would circumcised their penis and not eat pork nor drink alcohol.

    it's pure a doctrine from the church.

  17. Can or do? we can all eat it (Christians, Jews, etc.), but not all do for whatever reasons there may have… so.your question makes no sense. I'm a Christian and I.don't eat pork. I neither eat shrimp or lobster and I'm very selective with fish as commanded by God in Leviticus.
    Eating everything or anything is not a mortal sin but if we do then we shouldn't complaint about diseases or pain, should we? I neither eat anything that's kosher because to me Jesus is the Messiah, my savior, and the ultimate sacrifice. After him there is no need for rituals or sacrifices of any kind any longer.
    A simple prayer of appreciation before every meal will always do. And please do wash your hands to clean from germs… 👍

  18. Wow, and all this time I thought the prohibition of eating certain food was an early Mosaic FDA rules given to Moses by God.
    Who knew?

  19. Whites Christians can be surprisingly biased against certain foods and meat. They eat pork yet are judgmental towards people eating dog, cat, seal and whale etc. does not make sense to me.

    Jewish law also prohibits eating road kill. Yet in my home town Christians run a charity of salvaged meat from moose,deer and bison. Another prohibited item are things that died by themselves. Also pork is as unclean as human flesh. Agorhi eat dead human flesh floating down Ganges. This would seem unclean on multiple levels, but Christians really cannot object on spiritual grounds as they say they don’t follow the law of Moses. It’s not unethical because the person probably died a natural death. Can’t say it’s unclean because they eat pork. So what grounds if anything can there be an objection ?

  20. We can not eat Halal meat as it is sacrificed to Allah by Muslim prayer chant. nor anything strangled to death.

  21. The Creator gave His People instructions concerning what animal flesh is food. A person can eat anything: dirt, plastic, chemicals, pig, etc. It won't affect his salvation, I suppose, but it might cause him to be sick and/or die sooner. The "peculiar" part of 1 Peter 2:9 refers to attributes that set His People apart. Attributes such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Attributes such as not having tattoos, staying faithful to one spouse, one man with one woman for life, not stealing, honoring parents, not coveting/being thankful, observing the Sabbath day (#7) to keep it holy, observing His Feasts & Sabbaths, etc. His people are His people, not the Pope's people. His people are not supposed to be embracing man-made laws as greater than His Instructions.

  22. The reason is they don't understand sometimes the Scriptures , I'm not saying all of them ;but most of them do. Like there's a lot of Christians going around preaching that Yeahua ( Jesus ) is GOD . If you read the The Torah and the New Testament is very very clearly that Jesus it's not God HE was sent by God to preach the good news : there's no place in the scriptures that ever said Jesus said HE was GOD . I have read all the Scriptures that Christians think it's saying that Jesus is God and is a bad misinterpretation of the word of GOD.
    And the Scripture says very clearly the Torah that is against to eat pig. These law haven't changed. Jesus said HE came to fulfill not to abolish the law.


  24. Not to be offensive buy pigs are disgusting. They have a short digestive system, the store toxins and barely sweat. So everything a pig eats that it doesn't eliminate, you eat it as well when you eat the pig.

  25. I am from Hong Kong, I stopped eating unclean food a few months ago. I do it not because of laws, it is because if God says clearly some animals are unclean and not fit for eating, I better follow God's dietary law for the sake of health. Also if God says those animals are unclean and you know about it, you would avoid those food as much as possible due to your love to God. I know a preacher who is very very fat, she loves eating so much I can see the lust in her eyes when she looks at food in front of her, including pork, shrimps, lobsters……all sorts of unclean food. She is following her lust, her body, not God, and the teaching that God's dietary rules does not apply to Christians in churches today makes her think her greediness for food and eating unclean food is not a problem.

    Churches often teach the tithes and said nowadays Christian should do better than tithing. In this sense, why don't churches teach us : we should do better than following God's dietary rules, we should eat fruits and vegetables only, just like Adam and Eve.

    A recent research about eating habits around the world confirms that God's dietary rules is the best because Israel ranks number 1 in healthy eating.

    As our body is the temple of the Spirit, Christians should keep ourselves healthy so there is no excuse not to follow God's dietary rules.

    I know many Christians who suffer from cancer and all kinds of diseases. I think part of the reasons is they eat a lot of unclean food.

  26. Your not understanding The Apostles Of Jesus believed in Him they knew He was The Messiah The Son Of The Living God and they were not Christians they were Jews . The Christian word come from Catholicism ( the Catholic Church ) This is not from Jewish believed. Remember Jesus was a Jew and his followers. The Catholic Church if you studied there believe they contradict the Torah . The catholic church use mages change the holy Sabbath believe the dead can talk to the living and much more. The Catholic Church call them selves Christians because they believe in Jesus but , honestly this church does not follow the word of God. The followers of Jesus never call them self Christians .

  27. Christians eat pork because the Pope / Catholic Church said they can. Acts 15 . . . Mose being read every Sabbath (not Sunday) in the synagogues (gathering together places). Peter didn't run out and get a pork chops. Church must popishly stand over all Christians and let them know that Jesus was a jerk: got baptized for our example, observed the Sabbath for our example, observed Passover & Feast of Unleavened Bread & Firstfruits, etc., all His life. Good thing the Catholic Church is redirecting people who read the Bible and misunderstand. Maybe Bloody Mary was just trying to preserve the correct doctrines of the Catholic Church.

  28. Isa(Jesus) explained that,"I am here not to destroy but to preach what was before me."And what did the Islamic-Jewish Prophets preach?Not to consume pork;it clearly mentions both in the Old and New Testaments that,"The Swine is forbade by my Lord."

  29. My fellow christians. Do not eat this disgusting swine not only is it forbidden but also dirty and unhealthy. There is far more tastier and cleaner meat than pork, watch out for thy swine flu

  30. It okay those "PIGS" are christians; they believe in jesus!!! So they are saved too…don't judge, you don't know my piggy heart!!! Sounds like a fake christian.

    Oh the problem of today believers not testing themselves…what is clean or unclean. Listen if God has cleaned my life from my previous sinful life, I WILL BE CLEAN of all sinful things in my life!!! If NOT seek God…1 Chronicles 28:9 KJV — And thou, Solomon my son, know thou the God of thy father, and serve him with a perfect heart and with a willing mind: for the LORD searcheth all hearts, and understandeth all the imaginations of the thoughts: if thou seek him, he will be found of thee; but if thou forsake him, he will cast thee off for ever.

  31. Actually I’m a Christian not a Jew and not eating pork God does not like it and said don’t eat it I’m a born again Christian not a Jew ?

  32. Muslims do believe the Messiah already came, yet we still follow the same Jewish traits. Christian is too weird, to fit in between the other two of it's sematic brothers. I found out that Orthodox Christians in middle east do retained the Jewish traits. Back than, before Catholic church spread from Europe throughout middle East, the sematics have almost no boundaries of faith between them. A Muslim can buy meat slaughtered by a Christians or Jews and allowed to marry Jew/Christians. A Muslims might even sit in a religious sermon of Jew or Christian. But not anymore.

  33. If the law of God about clean and unclean meat is done away with why is it written in the book of Revelation that the Great Babylon has become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird ? Does it not mean that there's still a difference between the clean and unclean meat?

  34. All you 'christians' can go ahead and nyam (eat) your slimy, disgusting, scavenger pork..You all are disobedient anyway just like your pagan SUNday worship

  35. Not all of Christians eat pork. 1:47 He did not. Jesus came to die on the cross for us and he came not to change the law, but to obey it. Check Seventh Day Adventist Church´s Pastor, Doug Batchelor. Almost all Christians don´t obey the Bible. The Seventh Day Adventists are the only ones who do it.

  36. – Isaiah 66:16-17 God says he will still consider porl, rats, and other unclean foods abominable 

    16. "For by fire will the LORD enter into judgment, and by his sword, with all flesh; and those slain by the LORD shall be many."

    17. "Those who sanctify and purify themselves to go into the gardens, following one in the midst, eating pig’s flesh and the abomination and mice, shall come to an end together, declares the LORD."

    so those who make sacred ceremonies to worship other gods will be consumed ALONG WITH those who eat pork which will be the ones who have no regards for Gods commandments deep in there heart

    So clearly everything you mentioned is a misinterpretation of scripture

  37. Let us see what the Bible directs for Christians about food:-

    (#) If an animal or a food is sacrificed in the name of a deity or a godess, the food is unclean or forbidden for the Christians.. (Acts 15:29)

    (#) without flowing out animal blood through slaughtering it, but has died in other ways ( that has been strangled), that animal flesh is forbidden to eat.. (Acts 15:20)

    (#) Blood will not be eaten.. (Acts 15:20,29; Genesis 9:4)

    (#) Everything that God created is good (which we can accept as food)-(1 Timothy 4:4) So the Christians can eat the meat of any animal that is created by God, to be accepted as food.
    For example, poultry, cow or goat, pig or camel meat (although In the law of Moses, the flesh of pigs and camels was made forbidden for the children of Israel.)

    And when we give thanks to God as the provider of everything before the meal, that food is sacred. (1 Timothy 4:5)

    Learn more: (see Matthew 15:11; Acts 11:5-10)

    Special Note: [According to the Holy Bible, food refers to those things which do not harm or poison our body]

  38. the christians could eat pork because they were a product of Romans,christians were to control / get rid of the jews.

  39. Bacon (along with other processed meats) is a class one carcinogen , known to cause cancer, according to the World Health Organization.

  40. Nothing is stopping you from disobeying God, for His laws are for your benefit.

    Eat up the vacuum cleaners, the toxins, the parasites, the incompatible protein enzymes all you want.

    Nothing in the NT says you can, but blind guides teach the blind error, and the blind don't bother to read the scriptures in context.

    Every single excuse given to eat what ever they want from catholic / protestant teaching can easily be proven false from a knowledgeable, accepting, faithful, lover of the truth.

  41. If people at this time had more rights in their lives then none of this nonsense would be here today. Rules where may be people and they say God said you can or cannot eat this, if you believe so much in this,why where the animals here in the first place, plus before religion mankind has been eating these animals long before,so you can see where the change came, like today with people that don't want to eat meat. Be free and eat what you like

  42. We can’t eat pork it clearly says it in the Bible you must not eat pork because it does not chew the cud

  43. Just think carefully,in the past when most peoples are poor,uneducated and ill informed,most religious leaders are all powerful and every words they says or preached cannot be questionable or death and punishment Are meted,just ask ourself,did God ever says these or that? Or did those words comes from men himself,?remember,anyone who question gets punished,peoples has been eating forbidden foods without ill effects for thousands of years,those books,are written by men himself based on his own interpretation and convenience,their religious building mushrooms because they generate millions and billions in wealth,abuses of all manners are rife,helping hands are holier than lips that pray.

  44. Christians have no Prophet or Messiah , they follow the companions of Messiah & sale Jesus for their great benefit. Actually Christians never follow the teaching of Jesus. Wearing cross in the neck is one kind of cheating.it's called crocodile tears.

  45. When Moses & David fight with his enemy no problem but problem arise when Mohammad fight with enemy. Any prophet can fight with enemy but Mohammad have not permission to fight. Right am i ? Why double standard.

  46. There is no change in the Torah, the Roman pagans created the Catholic Church and they told people the Torah was changed.

  47. Jesus gave 2 commandments…just 2.
    1. To love The Lord thy God.
    2. To love each other (like I have loved you(.

    Everything else like oh you can eat pork etc is blasphemous. You cant follow just 2 laws…pathetic.

  48. i will eat anything that doesn't kill me. i believe in science to explain nature, not fables. read a(nother) book.

  49. I am not a Jew and I am not a Christian either. I and my sister won't eat pork. Our mother raised us not to!

  50. I was wondering when you'd mention that. I am a Messianic and practice Messianic Judaism. We don't appreciate being called Christians!!!

  51. Christians are following Greek doctrine. New Testament is not from Israel. It is Greek doctrine. There is no JZues in Israel. The man you know as JZues is actually the Greek god of mythology Zues. Christianity is pagan and is not from Israel. And Christians do not know what Lord G-d said because they aren't reading the Old Testament which is the Hebrew scripture.

  52. Book of leviticus chapter 11 v 7 – 8
    Touching and eating of pork is haram according to bible
    And said in other two places of bible
    I obey jesus more than a christian
    But i don't worship him he is the messenger of god

  53. Jew hating Saint Paul wanted a clean break from Judaism so he encouraged all forbidden foods in Judaism as acceptable.He could not rubbish the Hebrew Bible he had to accept to justify his bastardised Judaism!

  54. It all depends! Everybody doesn't have the same metabolism or body chemistry. For some of us Bacon is a High Vibe food on our list and for others it's a low vibe food on their list. The ancient Israelites of the Bible didn't eat Bacon because it was a low vibratory food item according to their cultural beliefs:

    "The term used in the nutrition world to describe this phenomenon is biochemical

    individuality. Simply put, not everyone is biologically the same! This is the reason why certain well-tested medications do not work for certain individuals. Their individual biochemistry is not compatible with that particular substance. Foods are no different in our view! You can achieve the same exact nutritive value from

    another green, leafy vegetable other than spinach (if spinach happens to be a Low Vibe food for you) and suffer no consequences. In fact, you’ll benefit tremendously from the universal vibrational alignment. Perhaps this is the cause for biochemical individuality, but alas, we may never know". [Tyler, Trent. Numerology Diet: How You Can Burn More Fat, Stay Healthy, And Improve Your Energy By Eating Foods That Fit Your Number". S/P, 2012]

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