Understanding Face Yoga ft. Ranjana Khan

Understanding Face Yoga ft. Ranjana Khan

My name is Ranjana Khan. I live in New York, I’m a jewelry designer,
and I moved to New York in 1979 from Bombay, India. It’s funny and strange that when I lived in
India, I just thought yoga was ancient, which is not a good thing for me, and when I turned
42 a friend introduced me to yoga, in New York. Now that’s the only exercise I do do, yoga. For the body and face. What is face yoga…um, it’s exercises for
your face, basically. It happened very organically, actually. I used to travel a lot to India for 10 years
of my life, like 5 or 6 times a year, and I was jet-lagged a lot. So I found myself a few good teachers in India,
and one of my teachers, when I was in meditation, you know when you’re just sitting like that
and she was just making me breathe, your face completely relaxes. And when it does, she saw how I was gonna
age—really, all your muscles relax, and your face will actually fall a bit. And she said, “We’re gonna start a new thing
today, we’re gonna start doing exercises for the face.” Mudras for the face. With facial yoga, the easy thing, the good
thing about it is you don’t need to be in a gym, or on a mat, or anything. You can do it anywhere. And it’s not for more than 4 or 5 minutes
a day. The exercise, the facial exercise that actually
awakens the whole face once is what I’m gonna show you now. You’re trying to—you can never swallow your
tongue, but you’re trying to swallow it. So, the tip of your tongue you’re trying to
reach back, like this, as far back as it can go. And you’re looking at your nostrils. I’m gonna do it now, together. And breathe evenly through your nostrils. Your gaze is at your nostril. It’s not pretty. This wakes your whole face up—this also
gets your heart beating, and it gets your tongue tired, it gets your eyes worked out. Um, it wakes up the whole face, all at once. We are now gonna work the eyelid, which, if
it gets too heavy you’re working very hard at opening your eyes. That’s strenuous, again. And as we get older, the lids do get heavier. So you would look up, shooting your eyebrows
up and leaving them there, and close your eyelid, feeling the maximum stretch here. Breathe evenly through your nostrils, and
just hold for 4 or 5 or 8 breaths. And when you let it go, you let them go together. Lift your eyelid, and open your eyes together. I can feel that stretch! And, um, you can repeat it, and every time
you can hold it a little bit longer. After every exercise, you must have 10 or
15 seconds of just relaxing. This exercise is for the lines around your
eyes, and to tighten the skin around here. You’re squinting your eyes, pulling the skin
over your cheekbones up while keeping your eyes wide open, and squinting. This exercise is for your laugh lines. What you’re doing is you’re sucking in, between
your teeth, you’re sucking in the insides of your cheeks. The muscle—the flesh inside of your cheeks. Like this. And your eyes stay open until they water—no
blinking. When we blink shallow, we dry our eyes out. When we have deep blinks, we hydrate our eyes. That’s one very good exercise for your eyes,
deep blinks. There is one exercise I’m gonna show you now
for the deep blinks. You’re folding your tongue and pushing it
out of your mouth, as you press your mouth, tighten it around your tongue like this. And what you’re doing with your eyes is you’re
looking up for deep blinks. I’m gonna do the whole exercise together. I’m gonna show you another exercise for your
tongue, which is for the laugh lines. But, what you’re doing is, if this is your
laugh line, from the inside of your mouth you’re zig-zagging your tongue under it like
this. That was 15 seconds and my tongue…I had
to stop. You rest for a few seconds, and then to the
other side. Close up to the nostril, and all the way down. Here, and here. You know where your laugh lines are, that’s
what it’s trying to erase from the inside. By your tongue doing that for you, your tongue
is working out too. This exercise is for the jowls. There’s a few exercises for the jowls, but
this is one of them. And you put your fingers on your mouth so
that air doesn’t escape, and you fill your cheeks with air, like this. You can feel the stretch from the inside,
and everything gets picked up. For the neck and jowls, the one that I’m gonna
show you now, which is the dead giveaway of your age. Pucker your mouth, and go…like kissing the
sky. And you’ll feel the stretch—you’ll feel
the stretch all over here and here. I’m gonna show you an exercise for your head,
for your scalp. People forget how important it is, the health
of our scalp. First of all, we love our hair, want it to
be beautiful. And if you stimulate your scalp and your hair
follicles, it’s definitely gonna help. If you can use a good oil, or whatever it
is, or even nothing, just your fingers, but you can put your fingers through your hair
like that, and gently pull at the follicles. It’s a good massage, good massage for the
hair. Oh, this feels so good. There’s very few exercises that you do use
your fingers on, and this is one of them. You tap your sinuses, so it’s releasing, opening
up the blockage. And then, the bone—your cheekbone, this
is what you’re following. You’re following your cheekbone, to your temple,
and release. From your nostrils, to your cheekbone, to
your temple, and release. I’m already swallowing—there’s something
being released. Then the other one is you start at the front
of your ear, and you go to the back. This is a big release of fluids. Every time you do it you can feel, you can
feel like you’re swallowing something. I’m 57 years old—I’ve been practicing facial
yoga for the past 10 years. People do ask me what I do for my skin, because
they like how it looks. And I have never had Botox, or Restalyne or
fillers, or anything done to my face. I’m—you know, I’m not a girl who stays home. We go out a lot, and party, we have a very,
very full life. We communicate with our faces, we care so
much about our face, how we look, we makeup, and we have all these products, and we want
to clean our faces right, and make sure the wrinkles are not there, and all that, but
we don’t really work at giving it a holistic approach to your face. You’ve created these expressions, you’ve spent
your whole life creating your own individual signature expression. And we can save it and keep it that way with
these exercises.

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