Ultimate Teachings:  Using God’s Words

Ultimate Teachings: Using God’s Words

Ultimate Teaching: Using God’s Words.
The Bible is called God’s Words. So are all of the other scriptures. Because the scriptures
were not just written by people who had a mundane consciousness, and the God also spoke
those words. When they speak the words, they translate themselves into three-dimensional
reality right away, so there is no need for action to intervene. The Mantras belong to
that realm. The Ultimate Teaching focuses on the power
of God and the phonemes that are involved, you know, in those teachings. The phonemes
are alphabets or syllables or vowels and consonants. And my Phonemic Intelligence Program has made
tremendous impact all over the world in creating miracles in the lives of students who used
just syllables in their school rooms. And there are schools in the United States, public
schools that use them. And in India we have our own centers where children from very economically
backward areas are able to benefit tremendously because of just using these words. The words
of God are very, very important. But, you know, if you go to the Christian
Evangelists, they always talk about the Words of God. Look, for example, Oral Roberts. Oral
Roberts did a tremendous amount of miracles. Just go and visit his website of videos where,
he was able to, I understand, to heal a million people at least. And how did he get the power?
He writes in his biography and I think everybody should read his biography, you know, and he
says that he wanted God very much in his life, and not just be a preacher, you know, like
other preachers in the churches. So what he did? God told him to ‘go and read My Words.’
Which means the Bible. So he read the Gospels and the Acts, you know, for a month or so.
And then by reading these words, you know, he was transformed. He got the power.
So reading the scriptures, I’m not necessarily saying that you should read the Bible. You
can read the Koran. You can read the Bhagavad Gita. You can read any scripture out there.
They have the power. In the Ultimate Teachings, I’m going to
single out where those powers are hidden in the sounds. And the sounds are really the
most important things. For instance, I was revealed a few years ago,
a sound called ‘Brzee.’ You know, this is a sound that you cannot find anywhere in
any dictionary or in any tradition. And this was discovered by a saint called Vishwamitra.
And he was not a saint; he was an Emperor. But he could not give a good life for every
one of his citizens. So he just went into a meditation and then got the sound that can give
you money. So this is the sound ‘Brzee.’ Those of you who are following me are familiar
with it. But recently, I just had someone walk to
me, who had made millions and lost millions too, because of the sound “Brzee.” And
then she just kind of came and gave me a ‘seed’ money, for another miracle with the sound.
And I looked at her check; and it said ”Brzee Inc.” “My God,” I said. I did not even
believe as much as she believed. That’s perhaps the reason why she had been able to
make that money. And I am sure that she will again make it. You know, she gave
that $1,000 seed money, you know. But I am not asking for seed money from any
of you. The seed money — that you would want to
put into — is my teachings which is the Ultimate Teachings. Then that now is gaining
the wisdom. It is not just knowledge. It is wisdom. Gaining the wisdom will change all
areas of our life, and the Ultimate Teaching is really the essence of all that I have taught.
And you know, this time, this is directly from The Divine.
God Bless.

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