Two 60 Second Exercises That Took AWAY My Shoulder Pain in 2 Weeks (Impingement)

Two 60 Second Exercises That Took AWAY My Shoulder Pain in 2 Weeks (Impingement)

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  1. Thank you for your Booyah Stick, I’ve been using a Shower Curtain Rod.
    I just purchased my Booyah Stick on Amazon. Does “impingement” mean the same thing as a “frozen” shoulder?

  2. Swim with Masters and started to have my left shoulder bother me. Wow! Did this ever do the trick. Thanks for all that you do!

  3. So excited to add this to my mornings! Will fit Timewise and I am in my late 50s and have some arthritis in my neck and back, and my job I sit all day. This is perfect! Exercise and stretching and a little aerobic! You guys rock!

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  5. Im a swimmer crawl doing miles every week .Had pain for a good 2 months now, its also gone to my elbow so so painful . I have done ice , some stretches with no relief. Started these tonight will let you know after a week or so how I get on . Im having sports therapy twice a week next few days . You are both great, I recommend you to anyone who does have an injury . Thank you .

  6. Bob and Brad, thanks a lot, I had shoulder pain and it's gonne with the second exercise. I've been a month under a physiotherapy, but none of the exercises has been successful. Great videos, I dont like the intro, but your explanations are good and your exercises are excellent.

  7. This is great and I will try it as I've had severe shoulder pain for months, (Yes I'm off to the docs, it takes that long). One thought, if you could describe "alinement" a little more in-depth and "hold" times, two seconds etc, or not to hold a stretch. Really enjoy your videos, I have learned a lot.

  8. I absolutely love that you guys are cheesy and tell dad jokes! 😄 thank you so much for this video, hoping to heal my shoulder impingement!! 💪💪💪

  9. Hi, in the 2nd stretch, the impinged arme is the one that is elevated passively ? In other words, the arms behind the back is the motor of this stretch ?
    Thanks for your clarification

  10. I tried this and had immediate relief. I have been in pain for about a month now. Nothing else was working. Thanks guys.

  11. Can you do the passive hangs with a rotator cuff issue? It really hurts once I'm off the pull up bar and I haven't noticed Relief. It's not torn because my arm still has strength.

  12. my shoulder hurts when I try the over the head stretch… what else can I try? does that mean I have a more serious issue?

  13. Can i use this exercise after 2 weeks? I had broken corocoid acromion process and i have shoulder pain i can't raise my hand n i can't perform arm sideward

  14. I just don't understand why I keep waking up with shoulder stiffness right around the posterior Deltoid….I am stretching and strengthening every other days…The pain also moves from left to right and happens only one shoulder at a time…any suggestions?

  15. I've had excellent healing advice from u guys, Motivational Doc, and Dr. John Bergman, but you are officially my heroes today for this one. I did it once and my pain is GONE first time in five days. Can I buy that stick online? My mop handle is ok but you know…

  16. I am so grateful i found this video! I had impingement in my right shoulder for over 3 mths. To fix it i tried everything, anti-inflammatories, ice packs, hot packs, cortisone injection, numerous strech and strength exercises daily, nothing worked. Within a day of using the first exercise in this video with the pole i had my shoulder back. All the restriction was gone, i had full movement and strength again. It was still a little sore due to what it had gone thru but the impingement was gone. I couldnt believe it, i cant tell u how happy i was. Thank you so much!

  17. I simply have to make a comment! I’m 72, I’ve had a should problem for around 6 months, just diagnosed 7 days ago. I’m doing excersises recommended by physio. Slow progress as expected. I saw the video and thought that I must try it. It was quite painful while doing it but as soon as I stopped….I was free of the intensity of the pain I had been in for months. I could even sleep on my side! This morning I have just just done 3 stretches of about 20 seconds….it’s amazing. One of the successful therapies that I have tried for any ailment over the years! Thank you. Couldn’t do your version of it, 😐

  18. My arm won't go that high. I can't get my arm back like that. What would you recommend.y impingement is in my shoulder blade.

  19. Doing the above exercises on here most days . Made a huge dif… . I do also hanging down on pull up bar may be twice a week . So really happy . I still get niddles but easy to manage . Thanks both for helping .

  20. I started these exercises three days ago and can’t believe how easy and effective they are. My shoulder pain is significantly reduced I and I’m off the 6 pills/day of extra strength Tylenol. Thanks Brad and Bob.

  21. can I use these stick exercises for an upper humerus fracture recovery? it's been 3 months since the fracture and my upper arm and shoulder stay stiff. It doesn't help that I also have 10 broken ribs… thanks! I love your channel

  22. i have nerve impingement. it starts from my left neck into my left shoulder and i can feel it the my left tricep and left armpit. can this stretch help? i've had it for almost 10 years, it's very irritating.

  23. Always wanted to know is the hang supposed to be active hang (Shoulders depressed and retracted) or a fully loose hang?

  24. i have thought about suicide nearly 500 times or more because of my shoulder issues. it stops me from doing many things. when it inflames the fire inside the front area of my shoulders lasts weeks. i have to do almost nothing with them to get the fire to go out. i watched a lot of videos about this issue and this one is very thorough and explains things very well. other physical therapist tell me do do stupid wight training exercises that do nothing at all. i have a feeling about this one. i will let the people of the world if this works.

  25. weight lifter for 10+ years, shoulder issues last 4 months.. started with painful arc.. now I don't have much pain with the arc but shoulder just clicks.. shoulder aches if I attempt any overhead or incline presses.. full range of motion… non painful click of shoulder.. do you think this is impingement or something serious and how should I rehab?

  26. In doing the "chicken wing" the painful shoulder should be the one behind the back. Or the lower one. Sorry for not being clear.😊😊

  27. I am having an issue which feels like it's the end of the shoulder, maybe AC joint? when I do a bench press or even machine press or a lateral pulldown is when i feel it. I never feel it with overhead press weirdly.

    Gonna try this thanks

  28. I have a grade 2 muscle tear in my shoulder and popping sound comes when i do arm raises. Is it going to work for me?

  29. My shoulder issue began about two months ago after playing a tennis tournament.  It was not so much a feeling of pain as the feeling that something wasn't quite right in my shoulder.  My shoulder felt "tired" all the time as if I had done a lot of lifting when I hadn't.  I also felt popping when I did certain movements which caused some discomfort but not pain per se.  The very first time I tried this technique something remarkable happened!    I grabbed the stick and pushed forward.  As my shoulder stretched, I felt a pop and knew immediately that a tendon had moved into the place it was supposed to be all along.  I believe that it was either the supraspinatus tendon or the tendon of the long head of the biceps.  I think that anyone experience a shoulder problem should try this technique BEFORE they try anything else.  Thanks for the video.

  30. I have muscle/tendon pain in left shoulder. I distinctly remember sleeping on a temper foam type mattress, and waking up sunk in the foam with my shoulder feeling caved into my chest. The pain was severe the first week, lots of burning nerves spreading down my left arm and to the middle of my spine. I've now had the "injury" about 3 months. I've stretched, struggled and pulled just about every muscle but the pain is still present. This is day one of the stick exercise and it was a very limited rotation due to first time. I'll be back in week with update.

  31. I've found quite a bit of success recently massaging my minor pec. It's relieved about 70% of my pain. Would these stretches work in the long run to prevent this same type of 'injury' ? Thanks!

  32. Awesome video. For those with shoulder pain…. You have found what yoi where looking for. I being having pain for about 3 months. And i tried this and haven't fixed but made it much better. I feel that if i fo it every day i might have my ticket off this suffering

  33. "Two 60 Second Exercises" equals two minutes, but this video is almost ten minutes long. My work here is done.

  34. Sir , I have impingement in my left shoulder , my traps muscles are tight and Imbalanced (my left traps is bigger than the right one) because of this I'm not able to do my normal workout bench press is hurting ..anything horizontal push is uncomfortable. Because of this my pecs are Imbalanced now and shoulder also. Please help.🙏

  35. Tried this once and I feel improvement! Would you do this only of the problem shoulder? One set of 5 reps per day for the 2 weeks?

  36. Wow! I was afraid to do the chicken wing because it looks awkward & painful (after 20 years, 2 surgeries, lots of PT, and doing the same job that stresses my shoulder, my orthopedist refuses to repair it again) but I trust you guys, so I did these stretches using my Swiffer as a stick. (BTW it works great because it's aluminum with a rubber base and a swivel joint between the base and pole) I feel some instant relief, and finally have some hope that I won't be in pain for the rest of my life! I can't thank you enough, Bob & Brad!!

  37. THANKS BOB AND BRAD, you are super fun. I have CTS, LBP, CS Pain, knee pain and shoulder pain.
    You have HELPED A LOT. Your exercises helped more than my

  38. ive been following your guys' video for the past month 2/2 shoulder impingement syndrome. amazing results. thank you for taking the time to make these videos.

  39. The second one helped my shoulder immediately. I would say it returned 90 to 95% normal with very little pain immediately afterward. I also started icing my shoulder and it has helped dramatically. My shoulder pain came out of nowhere. I hadn't worked out or done anything strenuous at all. I just woke up one day and my shoulders were both hurting horribly. These two exercise helped me immensely and I am so thankful

  40. Oh hey, look who just ound two national treasures over here!
    How the hell I havent seen anything from you two?
    You are awesome!

  41. I had to come back and comment on something that I discovered. While laying on the floor one day I was in sort of a crucifix position, like Jesus on the cross. My Palms were up toward the ceiling my back was against the floor. I had a pillow under each hand with the backside of my hand resting on the pillow with my arms fully extended straight out at a 90 degree angle. I pushed as hard as I could into the pillows because I was trying to get my shoulders to pop, I kept wanting to pop my shoulders for weeks to try and get rid of the pain. I posted earlier on this video saying that I tried both of the exercises and they really did work and my shoulders are much looser now, but the palms up pressing into the floor thing that I did took the pain away and it has not returned at all. I pressed through the pillows into the floor as hard as I could for about 30 seconds, even hearing an occasional crack or pop here and there. I believe it has something to do with ischemic pressure. I also think that there's was a problem subscapular. I do believe that the exercises in this video help to loosen everything up and then doing this little exercise really helped a lot. I couldn't have done it without these guys.

  42. Which shoulder are you stretching in that second exercise? 'Cause I don't feel anything on the top shoulder but a pronounced pull on the bottom one.

  43. These chaps have some wonderful information, but when you're on a 600 video youtube streak, you kinda want that ten minute video cut down to the 30 seconds that actually matter. Good info, but pour yourself a scotch, you'll need it to wade through the blather. Cheerio!

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