Top 5 Most Expensive Grail Watches in the World – Oh God…This is Crazy!

Top 5 Most Expensive Grail Watches in the World – Oh God…This is Crazy!

On this video, I’m gonna be going over my
top 5 grail watches of all time. [opening music] So pretty much grail watches are dream watches,
you know? The type of watches that you just wanna one
day have. You know, on this list I could have put watches
that were in the hundreds of thousands, but pretty much those are let’s just say they’re
feasibly attainable. But grail watches to me are those that are
so far and beyond that they’re pretty much the Holy Grail of watches. So number 5 for me is in the AP gang and it’s
an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Grand Complication. Now this watch has a 44 millimeter, full skeleton
and it’s got complications galore. It has a minute repeater, perpetual calendar
and a split-second chrono function. It comes with two colors, either white ceramic
or black ceramic. I would say I’ll probably go for the black
at this moment, but you never know if I ever get there, what I’ll be thinking. But this is obviously the ultra sporty grand
complication and it’ll run you $700,000. Number 4 is a Richard Mille RM69. Now, in one of my recent videos I highlighted
that Drake had one of these watches, but no one’s talking about that guy right now. This is a pretty intense watch. It has a tourbillon movement and has a scroll
on top that when you hit a button, it throws random, perverted messages. Now, talk about a conversation piece! Something about that watch to me that just
looks cool. A piece like this will also set you back $750,000. Number 3 on the list for me would me a Jacob
& Co Astronomia Dragon. Now, I’ve been a fan of the Astronomias for
quite some time. Just nothing in the book looks like this. It’s out there, something completely different
beyond what anybody else has seen. This particular run of the Astronomia has
a dragon placed right in the middle of the movement intertwined. The case is set with triangular baguettes. You can get it in rose or platinum. I’m leaning more towards the platinum one
and it’ll set you back 1.1 million dollars. Number 2 on the list is gonna be the second
Richard Mille for me and it would be the RM 56 in full sapphire case. Now this is just an extreme heavy hitter. This thing has 5000 hours of machining involved
to make this watch happen. It’s all glass. I mean, for God’s sake, do not drop this watch. Something like this for me is just out of
control. It has a clear, rubber strap that took two
years to develop, the vulcanizing process for the clear rubber. Now this particular watch, they came out with
the newer version, which would be the RM 56-02, although I would take whichever one. I’m leaning more towards the chrono, the original
RM 56-01. This watch is gonna set you back $2 million. For number 1 on the list would be last, but
not least, Patek Philippe. I’ve always said that if I was gonna buy a
million dollar watch, it would be a Patek, mostly because I’d be able to sleep at night
and not worry about waking up and it being worth nothing. Bu the one that I would choose would be, the
6002G, none other than the Sky Moon. Now, the Sky Moon is a crazy, crazy watch. It’s double sided with two dials. It features thirteen complications, a minute
repeated, angular progressions and phases of the moon. I mean, this watch does it all. It’s pretty much two watches on one. On the back side it’s pretty much a Celestial,
one of my favorite watches as well. The case has been completely engraved by hand,
every single inch or millimeter of the watch has been engraved including the hands. This is a heavy hitter if I’ve ever seen one. Definitely now one to wear every day or even
to wear it to somebody’s wedding, but a piece like this would set you back 2.5 million dollars. You can’t even buy a Nautilus right now. Could you imagine trying to buy a Sky Moon
at the moment? I mean, Jesus Chris, they’ll probably just
gonna like slide you down a red carpet straight from the helicopter into the factory to pick
up your Sky Moon. So there you go, if I had to choose the top
5 grail watches of my lifetime or at least right now in 2019, it would be these five. So feel free to comment below on what’s your
Grail watch. And don’t forget to hit the notifications
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100 thoughts on “Top 5 Most Expensive Grail Watches in the World – Oh God…This is Crazy!

  1. Those are some sick grail watches. The sapphire RM 56 is on fire…or should I say, on glass?! Great video!


  3. That rm69 is my grail watch, I’ve got plenty of Rolex’s, breitlings and other watches but that Richard Mille is fire

  4. I do prefer the Patek Philippe 5175 Grandmaster Chime. A grail watch that i will never get.
    The max that i will ever pay for a watch is around 500k. Still it feels that amount going away since i could buy a new car for example or even invest on something that would give me higher returns with it, but im a watch guy and that says it all.
    IWC PORTUGUESE SIDÉRALE SCAFUSIA is my most expencive watch to date. Kinda dumb purchase by my part but i had to get it since it also was an award that i had in mind for achieving a certain professional goal.
    But yeah if someday i decide to obtain a million higher watch it will be one that would increase value during the years. Through that i would never wear it, as such it would be a pure investment without joy and that i dont considerer a "watch" in my personal dictionary.

  5. The Patek is amazing. I don’t know what it is but Richard Mille watches just look plain ugly to me. Just an Uber expensive hublot

  6. Those RM`s are killer . My grails to add to my collection  
    RM 052 Skull .. Nautilus platinum or 50th white gold . Soon to add day date 2 platinum black face .

  7. Watch your style OLD SCHOOL. Like "unplugged." Sometimes it's great when you just get down to basics of the watch game.

  8. I always like your content Eric because your vids are The Best in the watch game, but that glass RM is ridonculous and at $2MM a person would have to be nuckin' futs to buy it….RMs are like Lego watches and that insanely over-priced thing isn't even diamond….Just sayin'!

  9. My holy grail watch? RM 11-03, white gold case with baguettes on the bezel, and pink & red diamonds on the sides, fully bust down.

  10. Jaeger- lecoultre, Master Grand Gyro Westminster perpetual. Don't think anything looks better than that, €800.000. Just can't get into those Richard Mille watches at all. And those Jacob & Co……..Just No!! Keep up the great work Eric, great Channel , and Gt3 Rs for sure 💪👍

  11. Great top 5 holy grail watches Eric! High level content and quality video!
    You made your decision after the weekend with the RS ???

  12. Great video but too short – linger over the watches a little more or do top 10. Still loved it though, thanks!

  13. Top 5- Lange datagraph platinum, Patek perpetual calendar salmon dial platinum, RM 27 Tourbillon Nadal, FP Journe any of their high end models, at the lower end AP new jumbo salmon dial.
    Finally a piece unique from one of the holy trinity.

  14. Hi Eric, I am aware these are not the ultra high end luxury watches. What are your thoughts on these brands? If you prefer not to answer just ignore it. (They don't hold their value of course).

    Are they a good purchase for beginning a watch collection if you at the present time read this and they can't get a fancy watch used? Again won't hold value (Unless special editions). Not sure yet if I consider myself a collector.
    1. Victorinox Maverick Black Edition (A watch I want)
    2. G-Shock (Love this brand, own 3)
    3. Seiko (Own the 5)
    4. Swatch (Own one)
    5. Orient (DK)
    6. Tissot (DK)
    7. Bulova (DK)
    8. Hamilton (DK)
    9. Citizen (Not a fan of 95+ percent of them, but own one)

    If too many to list, sum them up in a few sentences, like watches to proceed with caution, and what may be worth taking a closer look at? Just to learn, still a rookie lol.

    2. You showed your watch collection a couple years back where you had a Panerai watch and you went outside to tell your dad to stop washing the car with an alligator strap on. Am I sensing a video with your dad and other relative whom got you into watches? If no just ignore this part.

    Thank you!

  15. Great selection! I love this channel first because it always shows cool stuff and second because I always learn something new! Keep the good work!👍💪

  16. I see you Ballin “E” but where them dime pieces homie ? I Lil eye candy with the ice out watches

  17. Hi love your reviews! Could you perhaps do one on the Rolex GMT master in yellow gold, green dial. Now that it has been discontinued 🙂

  18. How much money do you make per month or per year from the jeweler that u own ? Is your family from Cuba ?

  19. My current grail is a Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Traditionnelle small seconds in white gold with the grey dial. On the dressy side for sure but absolutely love the watch and the brand.

  20. I seen a waitlits it is all balck wat red lites moveing a 💫 in the Daly liting up and stop than lit up at gon 💫⬅️➡️ that is my like

  21. Always the same, every watch dealer talk about AP, Patek, RM, Rolex. As if nothing else worth being holy grail out there. Where is Vacheron Constantain, where is A. Lange & Sohne, where is Breguet.
    Now someone will say, but this is his personal choice, well then how come every dealer only talks about these brands? I really started to think that they get paid huge commissions to talk about certain brands.

  22. 1.Mine is Jacob&co Opera and
    2. AP grand complication rose gold disk and black bezel and spice it with tourbillon 🙂
    what do you think Erik?

  23. RM`s are trash for that money.
    The PP from the video blows my mind.
    In 2020 maybe you`ll mention about L&S grand complication 🙂
    Jabob`s are the different category. It`s a jewelry for the exhibition under the glass-case in MANSION forth 50-100 million.

  24. @ Eric : my top 5 Grail Watches in 2019 :
    1) Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon Ref. 6002G (fell in love with it in 2013 video)
    2) Breguet 3795 Tourbillon & Perpetual Calendar Classique Grandes Complications
    3) Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Grey dial 41 mm Black ceramic
    or Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Latin America Edition from your video
    or Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Openworked Rose Gold 15305OR.OO.D088CR.01
    4) Rolex Daytona 6263 Paul Newman MK 1 or Rolex Daytona 6240 Black Dial
    5) A. Lange & Söhne Saxonia Datograph Perpetual 410.038 (Grey Dial)

  25. People you have to admire with nature, sun and creatures our god created but watches I have to say very beautiful.

  26. I have a ? Suppose u have no idea abt watches ,suppose rolex and ap are not famouse luxury brands and they are new to this business ,and u are someone not a watch loving guy…now u have 2 watches infront of u have never seen before they are just like normal watches and the watches are ap royal oak chronograph and rolex chronograph daytona ….which one is that you are going to pick ..ill for rolex daytona…..what abt u eric.

  27. Did Eric say 100k+ watches are easily gettable for him? Lol. I love this guy. Also, these are novelty Eric, not pieces you wear. I think Eric and Floyd Mayweather would make great buddies. Someone hook them up.

  28. Hideous watches! They say money can't buy taste! Often the nouveau riche are the most crass of humans on earth.

  29. Out of my league
    It’s for extra terrestrials

    Buying this watches is like buying $100mil home ; it is close to impossible to re sell;
    Only people like Donald Trump calibers able to sell $100mil home, you need connections

    I saw one sky moon Patek for sale last year for $250,000 brand new and now worth $150,000 in Chrono24
    it’s not a wise to buy if you can only sell in Chrono24

    You have to be some big shot otherwise you
    will never get your money back.

    It is safer to buy aquanaut or nautilus if you are not very professional in watch collecting
    Avoid Richard Mille , Jacob or AP that sell over $200,000 ; over 200,000 watch that still good value for money (bang per buck) is Patek Nautilus for now 2019

  30. Best bang per buck watches

    $10,000-20,000 Rolex GMT

    $20,000-50,000 Rolex Daytona

    $50,000-250,,000 Patek Nautilus

    250,000 and above you buy an apartment

  31. IF I had 3 million I would be driving an Agera RS but regardless seems certain brands take a big hit on resale much like exotic cars the 1st few years–I work with a Guy who just bought a solid Gold used Datejust for 8 grand

  32. I never wear a watch that says either “mug me” or “I waste  a lot of my customers’  or shareholders’ money for my own ego gratification.”

  33. I'm ok with my Seiko Alpinist beautiful watch around 450 dollars r36 movement timeless piece that won't break the bank but you will know what time it is check it out.

  34. Is it sunny in there bud,….grail Rolex mil Sub, Rolex Daytona Paul Newman, Rolex double red submariner, and those are the best…period

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