20 thoughts on “There Is A Cloud | Official Lyric Video | Elevation Worship

  1. Actually there are different types of prophesy- events that God decrees will happen at fixed times. OTHER prophecies REQUIRE OUR COOPERATION in prayer OR ELSE they aren’t fulfilled or only partially. This song is based on 1 Kings 19: 41-46 where, during a drought, Elisha had prophetically heard the sound of rain, THEREFORE HE PRAYED for rain in fulfilment of what he heard. A move of God won’t happen without a) God’s say-so and b) prayer for holiness as preparation and c) prayer of petition and intercession. Acts 4:20 tells us to pray for times of Holy Spirit refreshment.

  2. This song personally helped me after I fell in to sin pornograph and drunkenness then from being dead into sin finally being baptized I’m a new creation a new creature now I LIVE FOR JESUS Now I’m 16 and want to become a pastor I can tell you if do any of these things repent please worshiping him is so much better

  3. Luke He comes on A Cloud for the Bride. Mark in the clouds for the Saints, Matthew on the clouds Second Coming for the Jews ,..Escape Rapture Second Coming

  4. I love this song and I have heard it done very well by others. I enjoyed all the video except where the images are upside down. Was that intentional?

  5. As I was singing this song I realized it has two meanings. We receive your rain meaning we receive your blessings or we receive the affliction and trespasses but we know and we rest in the fact that you are God in everything and you will be with us . Because this is YOUR rain. You will not break us. You are just preparing us for great things

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