The Prince of Egypt - God Speaks to Moses [1080p HD]

The Prince of Egypt – God Speaks to Moses [1080p HD]

Ah, It's too early for this. "Moses" "Moses" "Moses" "Moses" Here I am. "Take the sandals from your feet" "For the place on which you stand is holy ground." Who are you? "I am that I am." I don't understand. "I am the God of your ancestors" "Abraham, lsaac and Jacob." (You were born of my mother Yocheved) (You are our brother!) What do you want with me? "I have seen the oppression of my people in Egypt" "And have heard their cry." ( Ahhh! Stop it! Leave that man alone! ) "So I have come down to deliver them out of slavery" "And bring them to a good land" "A land flowing with milk and honey." "And so unto Pharaoh" "I shall send" "You." Me? Who am I to lead these people? They'll never believe me, they won't even listen. "I shall teach you what to say." (Let my people go!) But I was their enemy. I was the Prince of Egypt The son of the man who slaughtered their children. You've, you've chosen the wrong messenger. How, how can I even speak to these people? "Who made man's mouth?" "Who made the deaf, the mute, the seeing or the blind?" "Did not I? Now go!" "Oh, Moses" "I shall be with you when you go to the king of Egypt. "But Pharaoh will not listen." "So I will stretch out my hand" "And smite Egypt" "With all my wonders." "Take the staff in your hand, Moses" "With it, you shall do my wonders." "I shall be with you, Moses." "Moses" "Moses"

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  1. Lmfaoooo “Pharaoh will not listen” so I will smite him anyway. Soooooo you know the outcome but choose NOT to change it.

    Irrational, absurd, inconsistent. THAT is “god.” Sounds more like man…maybe god is man mad 🤷🏽‍♂️

  2. Crazy story of mine I was like 5 years old and I always went to church with my parents then one night in my bed room and I was up late and just thinking and I asked myself “is God really real and if so what is he? ” and all of a sudden I hear just a loud but soothing voice say “ I am that I am” and I sat straight up and was looking around and said “ who’s there” and heard nothing else. Then I few years later I read the story of Moses and when I saw those words I froze and felt something in my body that was just unexplainable. God is truly amazing

  3. DreamWorks made the right choice by making this amazingly done movie! The Lion King may be one of the best musical animated films, however The Prince of Egypt beats that movie by a long shot, it has amazing character designs, beautiful songs and perfectly made animation! It's no just a film, it's an incredible masterpiece more people need to know about, not any of these movies about the Devil and kid stuff!

  4. The only Moses and film about the Ten Commandments that is equal to the Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston. Thank you Val Kilmer, this was one of your best and finest roles

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  6. Can't resist.

    Moses: Who do I tell them you are?

    Bush: I am Who am.

    Moses: Right…so who do I say you are?

    Bush: I am Who am.

    Moses: No, seriously, what do I tell them if they ask who–?

    Bush: Ah, shit…

  7. "He sought to bring back the slaves, for the people said their magic was greater than the magic of Egypt." -Book of Manuscripts

  8. This how my dad is with me when gets angry he yells at me and then hits me than leaves me to be afraid and never comes back he doesn’t, and of course god is no man,he is a spirit. I think this why i find comfort in video games😐😢🙏🏽 Edit before u reply my dad leave me in the corner and goes to his couch,and no he is not acholic we’re Christian and it’s only if got in trouble but he never comfort me at all.EVER

  9. I think people want to believe so much. But they are so hurt. And just the though of god doesn’t help. They need to experience. And if he is real I hope he lets us experience him. I reallly want that.

  10. To think this studio company went from masterpieces like this to stupid films like Boss Baby and Minions

  11. this is in the quran..That Allah talked to moses..Allah appears as light..same as in this animated movie

  12. Did anyone else notice when God said he will stretch out his hand and show all his wonders you can see God in the fire with his arms stretched out that was Awsome

  13. Writer and Director should need more research on Holy Qur'an because there is lot more about Prophet Moses (bpuh) true and exect … Few of scenes are inducted only for viewer's thrill and excitement which are not true.

  14. I remember from a featurette about making the film, the directors initially wanted God’s voice to be an amalgamation Of whispers, with no one voice sticking out as God’s voice is said to be as loud as thunder, so they had all the principal actors record the lines, but while editing it became clear they needed God to have that single voice to boom over Moses, and who better but Val Kilmer himself to voice both, but you can still hear the whispers below Val’s voice as God

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