The Perfect Time To exercise is NOW

– Yo, gang. I’m ill at the moment, so
I thought I’d take this as a good opportunity
to explain something. And I’m gonna use my good friend, the ability spectrum, to do so. Where this axis shows ability
and this axis shows time. Now, the point is, a
lot of people come to me and say, “Whoa, I don’t
wanna start training yet ’cause Christmas is coming
up or I’ve got a holiday coming up” or whatever. Doesn’t really matter. The point is no path to
fitness is smooth, alright. I’m ill this week and I
haven’t trained at all. What happens when you’re ill? You lose a bit of fitness, okay. If we’re training, we’re
going up the spectrum, okay? We’re getting stronger,
faster, whatever, alright. If we stop training, due to
illness, holiday, Christmas, whatever, we will drop
a little bit, alright. It doesn’t matter because we get back on the wagon afterwards and
then we go up again, okay? The point being if I’d have
said, “Oh, I’m not gonna start training now because
Christmas is coming up and I wanna start in
January,” for example. Your fitness is just
gonna go down down down down down down down. Then in January, you’ve
got to start from here. So it’s going to be
harder to get to there. Why not start now? is the message, okay? There’s no straightforward
path to fitness. There are always bumps,
there are always stops. You might have a relapse,
you might get ill, you might go on holiday,
you might go out for drinks, you might have Christmas, Easter. These things happen. You’ve gotta make your fitness
fit in around them, okay? And the truth is, if
you’re not doing anything, you need to start now. So, think about that and get active, okay?

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