The Deeper Meaning of Meditation by Jagad Guru – Part 1 | Science of Identity Foundation

The Deeper Meaning of Meditation by Jagad Guru – Part 1 | Science of Identity Foundation

JAGAD GURU: When you hear the word ‘meditation’
what do you think? What comes to your mind? What comes to your mind? MAN IN AUDIENCE: Meditating to try to
become calm, trying to relax from the pressures of the world. People trying to kind of get
free from stress. JAGAD GURU: Yeah you’re right. What about
you? WOMAN IN AUDIENCE: To become peaceful
and control my mind. JAGAD GURU: Okay, how about sitting with your
eyes closed falling asleep? (laughs) How about that? Isn’t that the most… most people when
they think of meditation they think of sitting down, right? I mean, most people don’t think
of meditating standing up. What do you think? Sitting down is part of it, right? Okay, so
sitting down is meditation, and what else is meditation? Your eyes have got to be closed. So if you’re sitting down and your eyes are closed, you’re meditating. (laughs) If
you’re not snoring. So we’ll be talking about meditation. So this is what we’ll be
dealing with today, okay? Everybody meditates. EVERYBODY meditates
on something. A mother may be meditating on her children, “Where’s Johnny? He’s not
home yet. It’s five o’clock. Where’s Johnny? He’s not home yet. It’s five o’clock.” She’s
meditating on her kid. A dog meditates on cats. (laughter) Everybody’s meditating.
The surfer meditates on waves. Meditation really means, while I’m at it (laughs),
is most businessmen meditate on money, and politicians meditate on power. Meditation
means what your mind is on, what your attention is on, what your consciousness is focused
upon. That’s what you’re meditating on, that’s what meditation is. This is the real
meaning of meditation. So meditation is neutral in a sense; you can meditate on one thing
or another. But meditation is not necessarily spiritual. But when we speak of meditation,
spiritual meditation, meditation in the spiritual sense, we’re meaning something specific. Now,
like we’re saying, many people think meditation means sitting down with your legs crossed
and your eyes closed, alright? That’s what most people think spiritual meditation means. But in fact it doesn’t mean that either. That’s not spiritual meditation. There’s a cartoon I once saw. A guy was, a
Buddhist monk guy was sitting there in his orange robes and his bald head. Sitting there
meditating. Everybody thought he was meditating but there’s a little, you know those kind
of pictures they have above the head, cloud-type thing? What he’s thinking? A thought
bubble – beautiful woman. What’s he meditating on? So it may appear to others, “Oh, he’s
meditating.” But he may be meditating on any nonsense. He may be meditating on
money. He may be meditating on a beautiful woman. Some people think meditation
means simply sitting with your eyes closed but not falling asleep, or almost falling
asleep but not falling asleep. Struggling not to fall asleep. That’s meditation. You
sit there for twenty minutes with your eyes closed struggling to sit down with your eyes
closed and not fall asleep. All you’re meditating on is sleep. You’re meditating
on how not to fall asleep, or you may be meditating upon how your legs are sore or whatever. But
just sitting quietly for twenty minutes or thirty minutes, that’s not meditation. Other people, they may think meditation means
sitting quietly with your eyes closed and having your mind blank, okay? Nothing in your
mind, and of course there’s no such thing. As soon as you think there’s nothing in your
mind then that nothing also must have substance. Nothing? You’re going to think of nothing?
How do you think of nothing? “Oh, I almost had it!” (laughter) “I’m thinking of nothing!”
Then the thought, “I’m thinking of nothing,” came in and ruined the whole bit, ruined the
whole thing. Thinking of nothing. (laughs) Everybody always has their consciousness on
something. Material or spiritual, the consciousness is always on something. Some people, they
will try to make it so that their mind is free from all worldly thoughts. This is good.
This is getting close to real meditation. But how? They try to make it so that by some
method or other they make their mind devoid of all thoughts of material: material forms,
names, questions, problems, concerns. But they have nothing else to put their mind on.
So all they can do is struggle to try to push things out of their mind or to sit and wait
and hope they’ll all leave. Sooner or later if they just keep on saying this mantra over
and over again, that all these things will eventually fly away. They’re looking for void.
They’re looking for zero. The highest stage of meditation they can conceive of is a condition
of consciousness where there’s nothing in their mind at all. It’s just an absolute blank. I know some people who are pretty blank in consciousness (laughs) but that’s not necessarily
spiritual. What is real meditation? Real meditation,
real spiritual meditation, meditation in a spiritual sense is meditation upon the Supreme
Personality of Godhead; keeping one’s consciousness fixed upon God. Now the impersonalist – one
who denies the Personality of Godhead, he denies the transcendental spiritual form of
God – this impersonalist struggles to keep his mind on God, but God is void so all he
can do is try to imagine what God is, and the only thing he can imagine is whatever
would be left if everything in the world was taken away. Zero, void, a blank. He starts
to conceive of God as simply a blank. Okay? He can’t put his mind or his consciousness
on God. Meditation is upon the Supreme Personality
of Godhead. God is a person and you can keep your consciousness upon Him – upon His beauty,
upon his power, upon His glory, upon His words, upon His pastimes, upon His transcendental
form, upon His names. This is meditation. Meditation means to be remembering God in
a favorable way. Not remembering God as an atheist remembers God. An atheist always remembers
God, too. “There is no God. There is no God. It’s causing so much trouble, this God. God!”
He is also always remembering God but not in a favorable way. Real meditation means to be remembering God
in a favorable way. If a person wants to meditate upon God, then they should realize that it’s
not necessarily something that a person can do just by sitting down with their eyes closed.
There is nothing wrong with sitting down with your eyes closed, sitting down quietly with
your eyes closed. You may get a little relaxed. And you may even relieve your tension but
that’s… there’s nothing wrong with that and that may assist you in helping you put
your mind on God. But that is not actually necessary for meditation. Meditation means
loving remembrance of God, remembrance of God.

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  1. It is always a big pleasure to listen Jagad Guru. Thank you very much Science of Identity Foundation. Jaya Jaya Gurudev!

  2. Such a good reminder… in one sense we all meditate on something, if we don't meditate on the spiritual, the Supreme Personality, we will meditate on something non spiritual.

  3. Its amazing how Jagad Guru can speak in layman terms that anyone can understand and appreciate such deep subject matter.

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