The Danger of The Prosperity Gospel! (Uncommon Christianity Ep 102)

The Danger of The Prosperity Gospel! (Uncommon Christianity Ep 102)

[MUSIC PLAYING] Does God want us to prosper? That’s a great question to ask. Or does God want us to
have a lot of stuff? That’s the way I like to say it. No, is the answer. Stuff is not relevant to God,
but the prosperity doctrine says to us that God wants
me to have stuff, have a lot of nice things. My question is,
if God wants that, then why doesn’t he
just make that happen? Because he can make that happen. And if he can make that
happen, then wouldn’t he make that happen for
all of his children? We know that God is not
[? irrespective ?] of persons. What God has done,
he’s done for us all. And he’s accomplished
everything in Christ– Jesus– and provided
everything we need for things
that are eternal. And we need to understand
that God is not invested in making us have stuff. Prosperity teachers tell us to
put money in offering baskets. If we give at certain
times, that kairos moments, they call them–
special moments– if you do it at this time
and give money in a basket to a ministry at
a particular time, God is then going to cause your
own life to overflow with stuff like it’s going to
fall out of the sky. I’m watching this
happen for 40 years. It never falls out of the sky. The wealthiest people on the
Earth are not Christians. So you don’t need
God to make money. You need business to make money. You need a product
to make money. You need a skill to make money. God just doesn’t make
money fall out of the sky, so the prosperity gospel
is a false gospel. It is not the gospel of grace. It is not the gospel
that Paul preached. It is not the gospel
that Jesus preached. When John the Apostle said,
I wish, above all things, that you prosper and
gain good health, this is a man saying
what any one of us would say to anybody
we love and care for that we hope their
life is comfortable, they hope their life is
filled with good things. We hope their life is healthy. That’s all John was saying
to who he was writing to. Does God want us
to be comfortable? Well, God wants
you to be faithful when you’re comfortable or not. Paul wrote to us and
said he learned therewith to be content. I have learned that
when I am abased, which is when things are
hard and you have nothing, or when I’m abounding,
when things are comfortable and you have plenty, he says
in both states and cases, I have learned
therewith to be content. That’s a lesson we
have to learn from him. The next words Paul
says there is I can do all things through
Christ, who strengthens me. What all things can he do? I could live abased,
and I can live abounding and live pleasing to God. It’s not relevant if
I have or don’t have. The prosperity message
says whatever you have, God expects you to
have more tomorrow. And then wherever
you are in tomorrow, he expects you to
have even more. He wants you comfortable. No, God wants you faithful. God wants you just
to be maintained. God says, tribulations
you’ll have in this world, but I’ve overcome them. Paul said he was beaten. He was thrown in jail. He was in despair. He was shipwrecked. He was whipped five times. This doesn’t sound
like a man who’s having a very comfortable life. He says, and in all of these
things, none of these things moved him. Do you think God didn’t
want Paul to be comfortable? No, God wanted Paul
to be faithful. So the prosperity
message is a malarkey for men to manipulate you
to give them your money. They’re millionaires not
because of the prosperity of the gospel. They’re millionaires because
you give them your money.

14 thoughts on “The Danger of The Prosperity Gospel! (Uncommon Christianity Ep 102)

  1. Eeeee yikes, that message spoken is an indictment.
    But what if the Prosperity preachers sincerely believe that what they are preaching is for the hearers benefit. Are they then absolved of guilt and condemnation? Who upon earth becomes the arbiter of the truth since one section of the body believes one but the other faction of Christ's body believes the opposite way.
    Is there some meeting point of the two beliefs or is it just either one or the other. OR is it according to your own taste of what an individual believes is true?

  2. This prosperity gospel, apart from the Calvinists, is the the biggest reason for seeking children to abolish the faith and turn elsewhere – atheist or worse

  3. Now, many churches, included the churches in my country (Indonesia) have been applying this 'Prosperity Gospel'. They're just focus to preach about worldly blessings but ignore the eternal grace/eternal life.
    Now, many churches have been mixed with the world.

    (sorry, i have bad english..
    i hope you can understand)

  4. Is it the teaching of prosperity that you see wrong or the manner in which it is taught today? Because there are teachings from the Scripture encouraging us to give generally and for the work of the ministry and receive rewards. Jesus taught this and Paul did too. Even though love was said to be the motivation but in all these cases rewards were mentioned to encourage believers too. Paul said that "Whosoever sows sparingly will reap sparingly and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully." Jesus said "Whoever give the disciple even a cup of water will not lose the reward." For me I think it is the method employed that has faults and not the teaching of prosperity itself.

  5. I am Indonesian.. I'm not really able to speaking and listening English. So, I think the transcript which is provided is so helpfull..

  6. God wants me to be faithful not comfortable. GOD BLESS YOU FOR THE ENLIGHTENMENT. this is the kind of message the church needs to hear. seek ye first the kingdom of GOD and it righteousness and all other things shall be added unto thee. AMEN.

  7. Dear Sir;

    Please I and my good people in Nigeria and The whole of Africa need your message.

    Good, honest, hardworking people in Africa and the world over have been led astray by Prosperity teachers.

    Bless You.

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