“The Cliff” Sunrise-Sunset Guided Meditation | Visualization

“The Cliff” Sunrise-Sunset Guided Meditation | Visualization

“Imagine yourself sitting on the edge of a cliff looking out across an Ocean. It is just before the dawn on a warm summer’s morning. All around you is still and soundless. Just slivers of starlight sparkling off the waves below saves a pitch-blackness. A warm breeze drifts across the Ocean and wafts up the face of the cliff and into your heart, and this breeze is not so much a movement of air but a feeling… a feeling of peace. As you focus out towards the horizon you notice the first purples and crimsons of the morning dawn spilling out across the sky. And you begin to get a feeling of the sunrise… Newness… Beauty… Warmth… Innocence… All the time the sunrise is changing purples turning to crimsons, crimsons to oranges and yellows The feeling of the sunrise intensifying, soaring across the vastness into your heart-breath. The sky above and behind you is being overwhelmed by the color and feeling of the sunrise until the very air around you is tinged by the wondrous purple hue of the morning dawn. It fills the air like a fragrance you breathe, and the sunrise enters. The crescendo builds. Finally, the first ray of sun explodes into the sky straight to your heart. Filling you like an electric charge with peace and light. You feel as though if you were to just stretch your arms they might become like wings and you would be able to soar down over the Ocean :’) And so you do… You stand… and stretch your arms and lean ever so gently against that breeze drifting up the face of the cliff. You find yourself becoming lighter and lighter… until just your big toe on your right foot… is the only thing touched the earth and then a moment later – a gentle puff lifts you off… :’) Letting go you glide down over the face of that cliff… and soar inches above the surface of the Ocean… one wingtip every so often just dipping into the water making splashes that sparkle rainbows across the sky :’) The gentle breeze that had wafted up into your heart at the top of the cliff has now become a great gush, rolling over your wingtips, splashing against your face inundating your heart with peace… And in the distance, or perhaps deep inside your own heart you hear two words whispered, ever so gently over and over again… “ I am.” :’) “ I am.” :’) “ I am.” :’) I am the sky. I am the ocean. I am the sunrise… :’) ((( I am the bird ))) ( ( ( I am freedom ) ) ) As you look down across the waves you feel the whole Ocean vast, horizon to horizon. You feel it! You have become the sky, as far as you can see. It feels as though you could stretch your wings from horizon to horizon and engulf every little part of this magnificence! :’) And it’s shown to you in the next moment that it is the love deep inside your heart that is allowing you to connect with all that is around you. Your love is so full… so all encompassing that you understand and feel what every part of the creation is feeling. You glide in this love… you float in this love… you soar in this LOVE :’D all the time it expanding within you, welling up inside your heart… Then with just a whim you decide to dive deep to the very depths of the Ocean. And as you splash through the surface of the Ocean, you feel that this Ocean is so deep it is almost unfathomable. deeper and deeper you dive; past the turbulent waves crashing about on the surface, deeper and deeper to the silent, still depths of the Ocean. And you feel that you are diving in some parallel way deep into your very own soul. Plummeting to the centre of your self. Past the worries and fears and doubts and limitations crashing about on the surface of your life. Until finally at the bottom of the Ocean at the still centre of your soul you sit cross legged in perfect silence in perfect stillness and there at the core of your existence – you explore your self in perfect meditation. Light beams stream through the water and as you glance upward you see the noon day sun, powerful and bright. Drawn like a magnet your heart pulls you upward, and focusing on the light you accelerate through the surface of the Ocean into the sky… The more you concentrate the faster you accelerate and the intensity of the light satiates you, your every atom. Your heart like a beacon propels you higher and higher. And you realize that this light is not just a physical light, it’s also a spiritual light… The light of wisdom, of truth. It is as though, all of the millions and billions of people that have ever been here on the earth, and all of their experiences, their wisdom, their revelations Their are more than a flooding the very core of your being with light, truth, wisdom. All the time the light welling up inside you until finally it seems as if you were to look out to observe your form all you would see is light. You have become the light and all that it touches and it fulfils you. Finally relaxing and drifting across the sky you allow yourself to return to where you started your journey and observe this time the setting of the sun. Sitting here on the edge of the cliff you watch… Yellows turn to oranges and crimsons and purples and for a time the whole sky gasps in wonder as the colors permeate the twilight. The last moments brightening into a dazzling showcase with kaleidoscopic reflections off the Ocean. All around you feel at peace… that’s only the twilight can bring… As the last ray of sun steps off the horizon you’re struck by the eternity of it all. The sunset of one day here – but somewhere else the sunrise of another. Tranquil… and at peace… you feel calm… contented… and fulfilled :’) ( ( ( I LOVE YOU with all my Heart ) ) ) ( ( ( www.YogaWithBank.com ) ) )

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  1. Just want to say that his is the best guided meditation ever. I have studied martial arts for over twenty years. When I got my second level black belt, I was named Ling Hu by my master. Ling Hu is Chinese for Spirit Tiger. I have received this name for my passion and work with my students in developing a more peaceful mind. I have been working with Hypnoses and meditation for a long time, and have found my inner self. A lot of credit to this self realization, goes straight back to this particular meditation. I play this guided meditation on every belt test that i do. My students love it, and i can see it expire them as it does myself. I want to first of all having such a wonderful soul for developing this guided meditation. I am sure it has helped so many. and for those who have not yet been able to hear it, i hope your times comes soon, as this is truley inspiring to become a peaceful you. do you have a website, or a way i can learn how to better pass the inspiration to other. feel free to contact me at [email protected]

    Again,, thank you.. awesome. vid.

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