Supermodel Raquel Zimmermann on Transcendental Meditation

Supermodel Raquel Zimmermann on Transcendental Meditation

TM wakes up my brain It’s a silly thing: models are just seen
for how they look. I started to feel that every human being should
be valued for what they have inside. Then you see a lot of girls that want to be
like models. They want to be skinny like models. They start to get eating disorders. It’s like an obsession to be or look a certain
way. But you start to realize that doesn’t matter. What matters is what you have inside I remember when I first started meditating—it
was like a wake up call in my brain. All of a sudden within the first week of meditating
I wanted to organize my life, my personal belongings, my apartment, everything. It was like I got this desire to organize
things. It was almost like my brain was turned on. Lifestyle, smoking, and meditation Transcendental Meditation changed my whole
lifestyle in a year. One big change happened four months ago when
I realized that I had to quit smoking. It was something that I’d been carrying
with me through my whole modeling career because I thought that smoking would keep me thin. I started to realize that all these challenges
were a good thing, so stop smoking! It makes me very proud now to be a non-smoker,
to take care of myself. Before, the only thing I could think about
was that I needed a coffee to get out of bed, and how I needed to watch the news to start
the day—all that stress, and worries. Everything was a problem. Now I wake up always in a light mood. I go straight to do my meditation. When I meditate, I feel this excitement like
what is the day going to be like today? People say “Live everyday of your life like
every day is your last day”. That’s the feeling I get. It’s like today is the day and there are
all these things I can do today. It’s an exciting feeling, and at the same
time it is calming. Now more and more, after a year now, I’m
really starting to feel this blissful feeling. It comes and you’re like wow! It’s beautiful. Positive Outlook I think that before I did TM I had a tendency
to be negative towards everything. I was the kind of person that would always
look at the negative side before the positive. So I used to meet someone and I would straight
away start looking at the negative things about that individual. Now with TM, when I look at an individual
I can only see the positive things about them… and not only with people but with things in
general. TM has made me aware, aware of the beauty
of the world but also it’s made me aware of things in general. Relationships In my work I must be social. Whenever I’m on a fashion show or photo
shoot I have to be with people. I have to be social but it was almost like
a fake social. I knew I had to be social. I would arrive at the job and do what I had
to do. I didn’t feel I could connect to people
so much. But now that I’ve started to meditate, I’m
starting to love people. It’s true. It’s almost like I want to meet as many
people as I can. I’ve started to realize that no matter what
I’m doing, each person is equally as beautiful as the other. I’ve felt that since I started meditating. With TM, my relationships with people have
really changed for the better. People kept saying how energetic I am. I think I get done a lot more pictures now
than I used to. Before, I used to get tired and think “I
can’t stand these high heels anymore”. Now it’s like I’m an athlete and I’m
full of energy. Advice to women about stress I think these days, women have more and more
responsibilities—raising families, and then they have their job. I think it’s very hectic. I think that a lot of women suffer from stress
here. I think that TM could really help them release
that stress. I feel much more calm because of meditation. It’s like you have your quiet time and all
that stress and the worries and everything is dissolved. Then you move on through your day and the
challenges and problems don’t become problems any more. You want to find solutions for everything. It’s almost like a stress killer. That’s why I think it would be really good
for women everywhere to learn. On Meditation and Paradise As a model I always joke that it’s very
similar to being a stewardess—very often in airports and hotel rooms alone. So TM has helped a lot with that. Now when I’m in a plane I meditate and that
makes me calm. If you’re constantly in airports and planes
it can be very stressful—all the security lines etc. TM makes me feel calm about that. The frustration is gone. And also being with myself: you get to the
hotel room and meditate, but when you’re there in that moment of total peace with yourself,
you’re in paradise no matter where you are.

21 thoughts on “Supermodel Raquel Zimmermann on Transcendental Meditation

  1. Nice! Been into TM for 6 weeks, and the changes are amazing! Going to be cool to see where I find myself in a year!

  2. Raquel is happy to use her fame to be a spokesperson for anything helpful to humanity, such as the TM program. modelling is a job, not everyone has jobs that serve for the good of the world, but using one's fame to benefit the world is very practical and generous.

  3. this is what this time needs … people who talk about the good effects of trancendence and how to get there naturally and easily! Thanks a lot, Raquel!

  4. @MolecularMoonlight she say she was modeling before she began meditating.. but it didnt cause her to quit modeling because she didnt go that far, she didnt go really deep, she just touched a little bit deeper level of her being and that brought her a new level of awareness and well being compared to her former state

  5. Thank you for expressing what TM is doing for you, I am still a newbie, I learned TM on April 16 2012 my day of freedom and bliss, thank you Raquel, I hope to share your video with many. Especially young women, who could benefit greatly.

  6. It's very clear to understand why Raquel has been so successful as a model and why she has so many loyal clients.  This is the first time that I've seen her be so knowledgeable, open and engaging.  I would love to learn more about Transcendental Meditation. 

  7. Without all that high glamour make up and magazine photoshopped… She looks just like your average person. I don't mean that in a bad way… This just shows the fashion industry is all about a fantasy images.

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