Stephen Curry's Mom Stressed Out While Watching Steph & Seth Curry In Game 2!

Stephen Curry's Mom Stressed Out While Watching Steph & Seth Curry In Game 2!

Sonia and Dell curry get to watch and be the proud parents of the first pair of brothers to play this late in an NBA playoff environment but it's hard for like you said she wants to be perfect she hates any kind of negativity that come their way but she understands this part of the game part of me so stressed is there any room for fun here no not at all she's very stressed she doing this normally has a cocktail before the game no cocktail tonight that's how stressed he is I know I like Sonia cocktail speaking my language thank you so much guys top 5 doors that seth curry finds Lillard right back shot blocked by draymond Green that's his third block shot now he by the way he picked up his second foul too seth Curry for a Chuck curry with his third three-pointer he's got ten points shot won't go set curry for three looks at an septoria from downtown Portland back up by one defensively he made big shots at one point you had an exchange at the free-throw line since you described and share a little bit about that give-and-take between you it was like back in Charlotte obviously he's a appreciate of the moment they put them out there and he made winter plays so this is probably one we'll have the film clip at home because this is a battle for sure yeah any sympathy for the roller-coaster and your poor parents are on at this moment not at all they're blessed and God has blessed us with you sir look at Congrats Mike the Portland Trailblazers 111 producers tip Corrigan director Jimmy Moore standing ESPN crew for Jeff Van Gundy Park Jackson indoors burg Mike Breen saying sports centers coming up Nikki as heartless hits another three how could it be fun when you know one of your son's is going through anguish after the game because I got the two-time MVP winning every championship and is the best shooter in basketball and is making like 40 million dollars and the other guy is making big money and I don't want to pay for him anymore are you kidding me to throw a big scoop it's the shot

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  1. Im so sick of steph curry,his wife,and his momma !!! She dont know what to do wit her self or what to say when she on tv ! There are alot of contributing factors to that team that are over looked !! Let me be honest,kobe,michael,magic,Bird who by the way was the greastest shooter to ever live !! Next is Reggie Miller !! Step curry is not an all around player ! These guys were complete players ! NOT JUST SHOOTING THREES !! Takes more to be great then shooting threes !!

  2. @ 1:45….That female reporter is FUCKING annoying as hell. Bitch go sit your ass down and clean or cook something. You can tell Sonya and Dale were annoyed like "get the fuck out our face, we trying to watch the game"

  3. Bro Stfu u guys are always up theirs asses steph curry breaths air CNN OMG NEW CURRY VIRAL VIDEO

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  5. WHAT DOES SHE AS WELL AS HER HUSBAND ASPECT OF THEIR SONS they are both in the league playing for two different teams FOLKS?

  6. And who the fuck cares about this drivel ?????? Wow,he can put a ball in a hoop. Way too much is wasted on this nonsense.

  7. She stress on watching with $$million on bank account
    While other mom stress for everyday food for thier children

  8. Imagine both of your sons competing against each other in the playoffs..
    successful ass family bro

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