Spiritual Warfare 5 – Our Position in Christ (CC)  by Jim Logan

Spiritual Warfare 5 – Our Position in Christ (CC) by Jim Logan

www.biblicalrestorationministries.org We wanted to talk today on the Believer’s
legal position in Christ. This will be more… …of a heavier Bible study, than what
we’ve normally done. We’ve had a lot more… fun… in our sessions and this will be a little more
in the scriptures. This position in Christ is so important. If I don’t know who i am, and I am not sure
where I’m standing in the authority I… have,… …then I can be pushed around by the
forces of darkness. In a way that… they have no right to do it. Just
saying words… …doesn’t do it. Although I have to
say that God is gracious. God does a lot of neat things for us.
Look at… …Ephesians.
I told you my experience with… the demonized missionary and how it
blew me away. I started reading. I heard that Moody Bible Institute had
a course. On how to counsel people with demons,
and I thought, “I better take that… course.” I went to the president of our
mission and I said, “if… “… I don’t learn how to deal
with the demonic…” “…I will resign as the counselor of the mission.
It is not fair…” “…to our missionaries. That I see
are having problems in this…” “dimension. The counselor can’t deal
with them. It’s not right!” “You better pray that I find out how to
deal with this.” “Or I’m through, because I just can’t
stand…” “not to be able to help somebody and there
has got to be a way.” “Just because I don’t know doesn’t mean there isn’t a way.” We went up to Moody and took this… course by… Fred Dickason. The head theologian at
Moody has been there twenty six years. He played tapes… of demons talking out to people. I
could’ve brought those tapes to you. I could have brought demons talking out of missionaries, and demons talking out of their… kids. In fact, I took one tape a missionary’s son, …26 years of age at Tennessee Temple,
student with demons talking out of him… to Moody, because I was teaching… … power encounters at Moody.
How the… …powers of darkness now and all of this.
I took it up and I thought… Before they had about four hundred kids… …that would come to that class. I
thought, “well, before I play it for the… “…students I ought to play it for the five guys in
the dorm.” So, I played it for five guys in the dorm,
and I freaked all five out. I thought, “well, what am I going to do here
as I’m going to give…” “…the enemy glory.” These kid’s are going to walk out of here afraid.
Now, there’s a verse of Scripture… “…for God hath not given us…” What? Spirit of Fear!
That is a spirit not an attitude. I always read that as an attitude. God has
not given me the attitude of fear. That is… … not what it says. That is how I interpreted it. Then I
took the rest of the verse and said it was a… spirit. But His Spirit gives what? Love, power, and
soundness of mind. If it’s a Spirit at the last half of the verse, then … guess what? It is a Spirit at the first-half of the verse.
Their is a Spirit that… causes fear. Here, I was with my stories. I was being used of… I was being used of the enemy to cause fear in
people… of the enemy. Tonight it might be a
little bit fearful, but… I’ll tell you we need to understand this aspect.
Because… …families are being terrorized sometimes for… …no reasons. Once they realize this whole issue… it clears up. These poltergeist
experiences can be and the poltergeist. I mean, I know they made movies.
poltergeist one, two, three, and four. It is just spirits that are causing all
kinds of strange things to happen… in a location: Beds moving, dishes
flying out of the cupboards. All these kinds of things. They can be dealt with. In Ephesians it says, and this is our… …victory verse for today. I love this verse. Ephesians chapter three… …verse twenty. You probably know the verse.
But think of it in warfare. It says, “Now unto Him…” “…that is able…” If God put a period
there then that’s all we need. He is… What? He’s able!
I have a God that’s able, and… … He is able to… What? He is able to do! Isn’t that neat?
My God is able to do! My God is able to do “exceedingly…” “…abundantly above all that I could…” “…possibly ask or even imagine.” “According to the power…” Which is Grace! The desire and the power to live
a Godly life. According to that power… …the Holy Spirit’s power that lives with me. God is able! I want
to share with you. You don’t have to be… really skillful on this. After going to this course at Moody… … and he played. Dr. Dickason was playing
tapes of Moody students… …that had demonic spirits. I have never
spoken in any the Bible colleges in… America. Where Bible college students didn’t come, and we prayed with them voices spoke out of them. They knew that they were in school, and had
given up that they could be free of… what’s going on. When I go the Moody mission’s
conference I deal with seven or eight kids. Then I’d follow them up for a year
by calling on the phone. To see how they are doing. Sending them material and so on. Dickason played these tapes. One
of the tapes was a girl I had as a… student. When I was teaching a Calvary Bible
college. I don’t know something about… hearing demons talk. It just creeped me out. It ruined the rest… …of that class and the rest the week. After I
listen to these demons talking out of… these… Moody students that he had taped. On the way home we are driving from Chicago
back to St. Louis. My wife says, “Let’s talk…” “…about the class.” I said, “I am not going to talk about it.” She said, “What do you mean?”I said, “I am not going to do this. There is no way…” “…that anybody in their right mind would
ever do anything like this. I am NOT… “…doing it.” “We can just forget about it.”
I was wiped out… “…and I thought ‘I’m not going to get involved
in this stuff. Leave it to Dickason.’ I’ll…” “…send every missionary to Dickason.” We come back and I’m defeated.
I am discouraged. I’m in the pits, and I get a call
Sunday from this guy. I said “I knew he was in New York.”
We are talking and he said… “well, I will see you Monday.” I said, “what do you mean you will see me Monday?” He said, “I am in… “…Warrington. Your in Warrington? Your suppose to be in New York.” One of our workers in New York. He said, “yeah, I
came out. I’m really struggling.” I just had a funny feeling that I
really didn’t want to see him. (Laughter) He shows up Monday and sits there talking
to me, and I’ve got a checklist in my… mind. These are the symptoms of the demonized.
I’m checking them off. He gets through talking to me.
I am thinking, “I can’t believe this.” You don’t have a right to be here.
I know that this guy’s… …problems have the dimension of the
demonic. I know what to do but I don’t want
to. I didn’t know. I thought, “I can’t. Now, what can
I do? Can I send him out of here…” “…knowing that regular counseling is not going
to help him. He’s already gone through…” “…regular counseling and it didn’t help him. ” “Or do I need to deal with him?”
I called home and told my wife, “you won’t believe…” “there is some demonized guy sitting in front of me.” “Would you come with me? I’m just
too afraid to do this by myself.” She said, “Oh Jim, I cannot. I have clothes…” “who knows where in the washing machine or
someplace. I just can’t come.” There was a girl that took the
course who is also working in New York City. This girl… … got her master’s degree in
parapsychology. In the college they had
the whole class leave their bodies… and float around in this class. So, she left
her body… and she was flying around. She went to an ivy league college. She ended up down in Florida at a
college. The reason she knew was because she… …wondered where she was. She looked around
and saw the sign of the university. Then she looked at pictures later on and it was
where she was. She never been there. When she landed she didn’t know where she was. Somehow she landed in a flower. She looked down the flower and it had
thorns sticking out of it. She realized it must be a rose.
Somehow she’s in a rose. She thought what would… ….all the students were walking by. What would happened when this is all going on in
her mind if they would cut the flower? Would she die? It frightened her! When she saw
the thorns, guess who she thought of? She’d heard about somebody who wore a
crown of thorns. When the teacher called them all
back in their bodies. They are all telling… …where they went. This girl is frightened. She began to find out about the one who
wore the crown of thorns. Now, she is a missionary. I called her in
to be with me. She took the course with us. So, this
fellow is sitting there… …and I am so nervous. That literally this is about what
I did. “Lord Jesus… “…this guy is full of demons. Would you
please tell them to go.” I said, “would you guys please go.”
They all left! Guy says,”I feel good.” (Laughter)
Well, that wasn’t so bad. I wished they were all that easy, but God
just honored me. I try. I was so frightened. After the guy left the girl turns to me and
said, “Mister Logan… “…I really hate to tell you this.” She
says “If you’re not more assertive… “…you’re not going to make it in this.” (Laughter) The more I know who I am, then more
assertive I can be. The more i know “Wait a minute. You have no
right to do this.” “I don’t have to live like this. I don’t have to
be under this.” “I am just standing against
this and we stand.” If you have that chart, this
is the first chart they made on a… …computer at CEF. They get one in there and the
guy was playing with it. I mean we have… the chart and… …is able to put this together with the
computer. I was amazed. Although there is some lines on their, but
It should have been blanked off. It is page 29. If you want to look at that.
If we can walk… …someone through this mentally, they have
taken this chart to Africa. It has… …turned Africans around. Instead of living in fear of the demonic… … they are now standing against. We are talking about Christian leaders. It was like two worlds: my Christian world and the spirit world, and… the two don’t mix. Now, they are mixing them and… it’s been a real blessing. This chart, we
do have one that’s blank. That we usually give out and have people
filled out. If you give someone a chart… that’s all filled out, …often they don’t listen. If you give them a
blank chart and they have to do the… …writing and putting the verses down… …they listen. So, listen will you? I’ll be looking
This is… …positional truth. That we need to know and that God’s
talking about… my position with these things. We didn’t use this verse. It is one of my favorite
verses. Luke 9:23 as you see we want to talk about… …the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ.
The first two overlap. There’s no way you… …can talk about one, …without talking about the other. There’s
very few verses that just talk about one… without the other one. We want to emphasize two. Wasn’t it
interesting? When Satan… fell out of heaven… …that his philosophy of living is
creatured centered. When Jesus went out and called people.
What did a call them from? Creatured centeredness!
I mean that was his message. Look at Luke 9:23. “If any…” That’s …any. That is exactly what He meant. “If any…” “…will come after me…” If any man or woman
will come after Me. If you desire to… …follow me. You must do, what?
“Deny… …yourself.”
You cannot be creatured centered
and follow me. You’re going to have to be Christ centered.
You’ve got to make a choice… ,and the problem is when I want be a
Christian… ,and be creatured centered. I have all kinds
difficulties. What I want to decide. What I will do, and
what I won’t do, and so on. I was teaching spiritual dating for a
long time. I was teaching in a Christian High
School about 300 kids. We were teaching how to design
spiritual dates, and how dating to be… …either dating on a physical level or a
spiritual level. What’s responsibility… …fellow and what’s the responsibility of a girl. Just a lot of things on spiritual dating. When I got through teaching this
guy turned to a girl,… …sitting next to her and says “what does that all
guy know about dating?” She said, “that old guy is my father.”
(Laughter) I would see this guy at the school
now and again I would say, “i am her father.” He say “Oh, Mister Logan please!” I’ll tell you. You get young people the
two things that they don’t want you to touch. They don’t want the Lord to touch or
anybody is music and dating. Right? That’s why it is wiping them out.
They want to hold on to that. What I hold on to what’s going
to happen? I’m going to lose it! That’s what I give to him. You know!
I’m going to keep. Remember there was a… missionary said something about that. An outstanding fellow. So He says “take up…” “…his cross daily and follow me.” There is… …two crosses mentioned in the Scripture: his
cross… …and then what is the other cross?
My cross. I need to understand that. Galatians 2:20. “I am crucified with Christ.” See I am
crucified I need the identification… documents. There is His cross. He died. I also need to, what?
I also need to die. I need to die how often?
Daily. Daily!
You know ladies there was a
real disservice done to you. They are called… pantyhose. Because it doesn’t work as well… …this illustration. There was a little
are brethren lady. That every day when she got on and her nylons were not hooked together. She would put on one sock and she’d say… “dead to self.” She would put on the other
sock. She would say, “alive to Christ.” You know and I don’t know, but somehow we
need to do that. Somehow we need some kind reminder,
because every day I need to make that… choice. Who’s going to run the show today. I
need to make a constant choice, because… Jesus said… …this is to be done, how often?
“daily.” If I’m going to follow Him, everyday I have
to make a conscious commitment… to die to me. Be sensitive to Him. Every day He asks me to do that. If I really want to follow him, and once
I start doing this you’ll be amazed. How alive you come to yourself.
Did you know that… one of the sources of… …struggles is anger. I want to ask
if anybody here… ever gotten angry? Their maybe one or two
of you… …that are on loan from another mission.
(laughter) Have you ever seen a deadman… …get angry?
Ever? You’ll find that when you get angry… …usually you’re holding on to rights.
“They have no right to do that.” “I can’t believe it, who do they think they are?”
Rights! Most all of your anger you can trace down
to rights your still holding onto. Do you know something? Dead men… …have no rights!
Except if he is a Catholic… …and he has the last right. That’s all. No rights!
When I get angry, it’s
letting me know I’m very, very much alive. Maybe area of my life that I need to
turn over to the control… …of the Spirit of God. We don’t just do it once, do we? It’s
not a one-time thing. I wish it was. Somehow I wished Christianity was a one
time deal. I remember one time in Bible School, I don’t know who it was maybe McGee. He said “tell them…” “…to come forward and I’ll shoot them.” Get them all dedicated, and then
shoot them at the alter. Otherwise we go out and we have to
struggle… …and struggle. That’s the way life is. If
we could learn why we’re struggling instead… …of just struggling. Why are we struggling? Is it
something in the Flash? Is it the system I’m living in? Or is it the forces of darkness? Or is it… …a combination of the whole bunch? That I’m dealing with. Hebrews 2:14 in 15
is a verse I love to use,… …when we’re counseling someone… …with problems. Tomorrow, all
day we will spend the whole day… …on how to help someone in this whole
area. We’ve gone across the American. We’ve
taught this to pastors. Some pastors here that were in Atlanta,
when we were in Atlanta sharing. We are going to go through in detail, how do
you help somebody… …that comes to you and says “I’m really
hurting. There’s something radically wrong.” How can we take them through simple
steps and help them to the freedom that… Jesus said a man could be free. How could they have that freedom in
their life? We will do that in the… morning and evening. In the book of Hebrews chapter 2 I love… …to use this verse. The enemy does not like
this verse. He would give anything, if somehow it had
been left out. “For as much then as children are
partakers of flesh-and-blood…” “He.” That’s a Lord Jesus Christ. “also
Himself likewise took part of the same…” “that through death.” Whose death? Jesus’ death
on the cross. What did he do? “He destroyed him. They have the power of
death that is the devil…” “…and deliver them who threw the fear of their
death were all their lifetime subject…” “… to bondage.” Isn’t that beautiful? You see there were two things judged at the
cross. Sin and who else?
Satan. The sin question was dealt with as
Jesus died on the cross,… …and the Satan question was dealt with,
when Jesus died at the cross. Now, turn to the… …Gospel of Luke. I think. I have to see if I can. Yes! It is in Luke 22.
Interesting statement… As I was reading and trying to see
everything the Bible said about… …spiritual warfare, the enemy, his defeat,
and so on. The Garden of Gethsemane
experience. Jesus was in the garden. He was praying. This chapter is full of
satanic stuff. Just working of the enemy. You have in
verse 2: Satan entering Judas. You know what it says… …in John? He went out… …and it was night. You know it’s always… night for those the enemy… …has entered. They live at night. They live in a constant darkness. Verse 31. “The Lord said Simon, Simon.” You can put
your name in there. “…Satan hath desired to have you.” Did you know he desires to have all of you and
your children? “That he may sift you as wheat.” That’s not too
comforting. Coming from the mouth of the Lord Jesus.
What does the next verse say? “but…” Underline those buts. “I…” “have” What? “Prayed for you.” What’s He doing
today? Whose He praying for?
Why? Because the enemy is still sifting. You know that
is that still what he’s about. He said “I prayed for you that for faith…” …in the sifting “will” what? “not fail.” Has
yours ever failed in the sifting? Mine has. Because God doesn’t tell
me what he’s about… …didn’t ask my permission, and I’m
struggling with what He’s doing. I don’t understand it. I’m one that
wants to understand everything that… …God’s going to do. I want Him to tell me about it, before
He does it. I don’t like surprises. I could be sifted. “When thou art converted strengthen thy brothren.” Then you have Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. There is a real thought their. He was not just wrestling the idea of the
cross. He was wrestling the very forces… …of darkness their as He was praying. Then we come to… …verse 53. That’s where we’re moving to.
I just want you to see there is a lot of enemy… …involvement in this chapter. The enemy is really moving and working
in the lives of different people here. Jesus is their… …and they come to get Him. When they come to get ’em, Jesus said… “why are you coming after me
like I was a thief? When I was with you…” “…daily in the temple.” “You didn’t come and get Me. Why are
you coming at night like I was a common… …thief?” So He looked to the religious rulers,
which we know wanted Him destroyed. He said… “When I was with you daily in the temple
you stretch forth no hands against me …this is your hour.” What did He mean by
that? He said, “this is what you’ve been…” …waiting for.” You’ve come to destroy Me. You’ve come to
silence Me. You’ve come to put me away. “This is your hour.” Then there is another simple, little statement.
It’s amazing. Awesome statement. It says… …when darkness reigns in the King James
or in the Greek you find it a little better. That is that He says, “and this the
power…” “…of darkness.” It’s not only the religious
rulers that wanted Him… …put away, but He was messing up the
spirit world. They wanted Him put away. So,
there were two groups that wanted Jesus… …out of the way: The religious people and the demonic
world. Look at the book… …of Corinthians. There is something here.
You say where? I don’t know it’s on… …the outer page. (Laughter) It’s… Second Corinthians oh pardon me. First
Corinthians chapter 2. Very interesting statement. When you’d
see that one and this one. An understanding the death of Christ. We can start in verse 6. Or we can start anywhere I guess. “How be it we
speak among…” “How be it we speak wisdom among them that
are perfect, yet not the wisdom of this…” “…world nor the princes of this world.
Now, who are the princes of this world? Their demons! Literally demons. “that come to naught, but we speak the wisdom
of God…” “…in a mystery even the hidden wisdom
which God ordained before…” …the world unto our glory, which none…” “…of the Prince’s (or demons) of this world
knew…” “…for had they known it they would not
have crucified…” “…the Lord of Glory.” See had they known
that when Jesus was dying on the cross… …it was going to be all over for them.
They did done everything to encourage… …Him to get off of it. They didn’t realize that. The
book of Ephesians tells us that demons go… to church services. Watching a church to try to figure
out what’s going to happen spiritually. It says that in Ephesians. They are watching and listening. They missed this one. Look at Colossians. Excuse me. Let’s go to Colossians chapter 2. This is another awesome passage… …in dealing and coming against the forces
of darkness. They hate this passage. There are certain passages in the Word of God… …that are agitating, because of the truth
that’s their. Its there. It’s their coffin nails.
If you believe this. If you understand this, it’s all over
for them. They can no longer harass you… …when you realize who you are. I mean, Christ was crucified: You were
crucified. Christ… is not just a dead Christ. Christ… is resurrected. You have that in Romans six. How
that He has been resurrected. He’s not… just dead, but He’s resurrected. Here, we have the positional truth. We skipped Romans six, we want to go to Colossians two. You can go back and study these in detail.
Colossians chapter 2. I’m a real spiritual man. When I
reading something in the Bible, but I… …don’t understand. I do what all spiritual
people do. I skip it.
I skipped this for years. It just didn’t make sense in the King
James. It is so difficult. I didn’t know… …what it was, and I thought well someday… when I get time, I’ll probably
look it up figure out what it saying. I jumped over these three verses. It just didn’t help, maybe
it got your attention. I just jumped it, and I didn’t look at
it until finally I realize it was dealing with… spiritual warfare. I thought
I’ve got go back. What in the world is this saying? Colossians
chapter two says “you being dead…” “…in your sins.” Verse 13 “and the uncircumcision of
your flesh…” “hath he quicked together with Him having
forgiven you all transgressions.” So, he’s talking here about the death of
Christ. We are going to see the cross of Christ. In the cross of Christ all my
transgressions were dealt with. The second thing He dealt with… in His death. “He blotted out the
handwriting of the ordinances that was…” “…against us.” “which was contrary to us, and took it out of
the way by nailing…” What? to His cross.
You realize you’re reading just one
sentence. Although, it’s… three… …versus. He said He took all the
washings at all… …that was nailed to the cross, and that
was dealt with at the cross. Now, he switches gears and talks about… the spirit world. “and having spoiled
principalities and powers,…” “he made a show of them openly, triumphing
over them…” “…in it.” In it, and what is “it”? The cross is what
he’s talking about here. There are three things that happened to
the spirit world, when Jesus died on the… cross. In the garden He said “this is your hour.” In Corinthians it says “they were apart
of crucifying Him.” Their was a battle fought in the cross
at you and I did not see. There were others attacking the Lord Jesus besides the people on the ground. That were… …having a heyday, because He was dying. The one who was casting spirits out of people.
The one who was messing up… their world. He was dying. They were
rejoicing. What they didn’t realize that three
things was happening to them,… …as His life came from His body. The first thing, is He spoil them. This is
terminology… …used of a general conquering another
army. These are the three things. The three
things He did to the spirit world, when… …He died. Are the three things any general in the
Old Testament did, when he won a war. The first word is spoiled.
Spoiled means to take away… …the weaponry, to take away the weapons. When one army would conquer
another army, what would they do? They would take away all the weapons. So,
they took away the weapons… …from the forces of darkness.
they were de – powered. The second thing is He made a show of
them openly. Literally that means He put them on open
display. What they would do is that they will… strip these men either naked… …or stripped down to their underwear. You
see it on pottery and all that. They would often tie their hands behind
them to the neck up the man behind them, …and they would parade them back through
the very areas in which they held the… …people in bondage. It said “you no longer need to fear the
Babylonians. You no longer need to fear…” “… the Chaldeans. You no longer need to
fear these people. They have been” What? Conquered.
Your allegiance is no longer to the defeated… ,conquered ones, but your allegiance is to the One on the horse. Who is leading the parade. The One who is… …leading the triumphant parade. When the Roman, and this they understood,
when they Roman generals would go back to… Rome. They would always take a token of
the army that was defeated… …to precede them into Rome in the
triumphant parade. There are theologians who believe very
strongly… …that Jesus took a token of defeated
demons… into heaven. So, that their could be great rejoicing
over the defeat… of the spirit world at the cross. They get that
out of Ephesians, but I’m not a theologian. I can give you the numbers of some.
You can call them up and talk to them. I thought that was interesting. As
they said they really feel that… took place. Great rejoicing in heaven as The
Victorious One came in, and He was… …not only victorious over sin.
Victorious… …over death. He was victorious over, Who?
The evil one! He was defeated. So, you and I are
facing an enemy… …who has no power over us. Isn’t that awesome!
Don’t you think we need to know that? We need to know that. We don’t need to
fear… …an enemy who hasn’t got a gun. He wants me to fear him. He will do all kinds
of things to get me to fear him. He is a real deceiver.
He wants me to believe… …that he’s able to do, what he can’t do. So,
I’ll be defeated, and allow him to do what… …he has no right to do. We are going to talk about giving ground tomorrow. How do believers give ground… …to a defeated enemy? All of sudden they become defeated. How to take back ground. That’s… …the issue really is ground. It says in Ephesians… “Don’t give ground to Satan.” Don’t do it. Some scriptures call it a
beachhead. Don’t give Satan a beachhead in… …your life. Do you know what he wants a beachhead for? He wants to get in there, and he wants to begin
to control more, more, and more. Scripture says don’t do that. So, how
do we identify ground? How… …do we take it back? I’ll be all day tomorrow. How do we deal
with it personally in our own… …life? We feel the enemy has got… …a grip on me. How to release that grip? So,
I can have the full freedom that I am to… …have in Christ. How to help someone else that
is maybe so defeated. They just don’t have the
objectivity. You need to sit with them, and help them… …to come to freedom in Christ. Every
believer should be able to help… …a brother believer or sister believer to be
free. Right? It should be to work of the body. Not the work of a center. Right? That’s what the body is suppose to do.
Suppose to encourage, help one another. This Colossians thing, when I got
a hold of it, just thrilled me. When I saw that, I could just see Christ.
Now, Look at Ephesians 2. One through five. There’s a book on Ephesians I would
like to recommend it to you. Just really… kills me to recommend you the book. First of all, because I lost mine. Of
all the books to lose, I lost that one. Where I lost it? I don’t
know. There is a professor at Talbot
seminary, who did not believe the spirit… world was real. He went to Scotland, to get his PhD at the Edinburgh, somebody,
University there. Someplace over there. While he was
there he decided to write his paper… on Ephesians. He wanted to write on
the Ephesians how it… correlated or correlated the New Age. He did. It’s been published in
a book it’s called, “Ephesians magic power” or something like
that. I think it’s in the biography in the… back. He came back to Neil Anderson, who
teaches at Talbot has the double PhD. He said, “Neil, do you realize
that demons are real?” This guy in studying he’s done the
most fantastic book on Ephesians that… you’ve ever, ever read. It’s heavy reading. It’s only that thick! Half of it… is annotated notes. I think their is probably a
170 pages… of text. You will read three pages
and have to stop. Say “I can’t believe this.” Did you know the word “powers” is used in Ephesians more than… any other book? I mean it’s just awesome. The book
costs forty dollars. Well, send out a prayer letter! Haven’t you guys got any faith? (Laughter) I want a book! You know, give to my book fund. I’ll tell you, it’s an awesome, awesome
book. It is written by Clinton Arnold, and is… published by… by Cambridge press in England. So, that’s
why it’s so expensive. It’s a tragedy, but I’ll tell you. We recommend it to Pastors and all the pastors who bought and read. Have said… I’ve never read a book on Ephesians, that… has opened my eyes. It opened his eyes. Here’s a man who sat down to write a… book, that didn’t believe the spirit was
real. Before he got through the book you know, the
man knows it’s real. He also is teaching at Talbot
seminary has you know… at least one PhD or whatever they get. Someone asked me how many degrees do you have? I said, “I was burnt bad once.” (Laughter) Ephesians chapter 2. He says, “And you hath he made alive.” See,
we’re not just crucified with Christ we are… what? We have been made alive. “And you
hath he made alive, who were dead in trespasses and…” “sins;” “Where in times past you walked according
to the course of this world,” “according to the prince of the power of the
air,” The Spirit that works, where? “In all the
children of disobedience.” See, we’re in a spiritual battle. Whatever
you go to share… …Christ. Oh, I didn’t share this with you. I
have to share this with you. Look at our time, this is awesome. When we shared principalities and powers and so on. There are so many things l can tell you, but this is
funny. Our people in the inner city work in Philadelphia. Have you ever worked with inner-city kids? I mean these kids aren’t hyperactive. Hyperactive kids would be neat kids to
teach. These kids are… unbelievable. They are just and you have
rooms full of them. They have all been sexually abused. They were born and had
withdrawal from drugs babies and all that. You get all these kids. No one loves them.
They don’t know their dad is. Some of the kids living on the
street. They are in clubs and you try to share the gospel
with them. You know, sharing the gospel with… just plane kids, is not easy. Whenever you give the invitation what
happens? Have you ever noticed when you give the invitation… to children? How they all wiggle and everything. Well,
these kids you know. I couldn’t teach… inner-city kids. Because I would keep telling them to shut up
and listen. (Laughter) I would spend all my time shaking and bopping heads. I don’t like people that don’t listen
when I’m talking. What they did… as the teacher would teach, this
couple is at Warrenton right now running… …our educational program. The husband would
stand in the back… …as she was teaching the children, and once a
child would get, I mean, these kids… hit each other and they swear. It’s horrible. As soon as something like that would happened, he prayed against it and it would stop. He had discipline in the classroom, that the inner city people that were
there cannot believe. They did it by… prayer and not with their mouth. As he prayed against the powers that
were, holding these, what it says here, “the
children of disobedience.” He prayed against that when they saw it, and they had discipline, and order in the classroom. We train a bunch of… …kids, teenagers. They go out and do our summer missionary program. One kid is at Trinity. He and his
partner would go out, and when one shared the Gospel, the other
prayed against the forces the darkness. They saw kids saved that year, and both those guys have been summer missionaries… for six years. One got involved in actively praying,
while the other one shared. I shared this with… did I tell you about the
navigators? Was it this group I told you about… the navigators? These navigators thought they would try it out. So, they went into Warrenton looking for someone to… try it out on. Did I tell you that? Okay, I don’t recommend this. You know navigators? I love the navigators if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be a… Christian. They’re the ones that… …sought me out and shared Christ with me. They
discipled me. These guys are nuts and they thought
“well the only place that anybody in this…” “town’s going to be in the bar. So, let’s go
to the bar’s and witness.” They drove up to this bar. They went in
and looked around and here was a guy sitting… at table. He had tattoos all over his
arm and down his back. They said, “he’s the guy.” If this thing
works, it’s going to work. We going to try it out. So, one is going to witness and the other is
going to talk. They sit down, ” Hey guy, do you know your…” “…going to hell?” We come to talk to you about it. (Laughter) I don’t know what they did, but anyway
one sat down the other prayed. Of course they never thought through
what all you pray about. So, he’s talking to this guy about Christ,
and while the guy was praying, of… …course this guy didn’t realize. This guy would
put his beer aside and lean forward. Then the kid would run out of stuff
to say and he would look up the TV at the game. This guy would sit back, and start to argue. So, he would pray again. This guy would lean forward, and they couldn’t believe it. It was just when they prayed against the forces, he was listening. When they stopped praying, the forces of
darkness was blinding his mind. They said it was awesome Logan. And it was
awesome. I think you should go out by twos. one share and one pray. Against and to the Lord. Rebuking and unto the Lord. “Among whom we also had our lifestyle…” “…in times past the lusts of the flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of our mind;” “and were by nature children of wrath,” “even as others. But God” Isn’t that neat? These “But God’s.” “But God, who is rich in mercy, and his
great love when he loved us,” “even when we were dead in sin, he made us
alive…” “in Christ.” Isn’t that beautiful! He made us… …alive in Christ. Now, here… comes to me the best… passage in all the Bible on spiritual
warfare. The thing I love the most. If you came for counseling I would always
teach you… this passage. Always, I don’t care… who you are. If your a seminary professor
or whatever. We go through this… passage. Do you fully understand, and this is it. Ephesians chapter one. Beautiful. It is Paul’s prayer for the church. It’s awesome! Verse 15. “Wherefore I also, after I heard of
your faith…” “…in the Lord Jesus Christ, and love unto
all the saints, Cease not to give thanks…” “for you,” “…making mention of you in my prayers;”
Now, remember the people at Ephesus… …were paralleling the New Age. They were
casting… demons out of people at Ephesus… at Artemis. You knew that didn’t you? If
you didn’t know it, get his book, and you’ll know it. And
read it. About what they were doing, and
this was the religion that was in… Ephesus, Colossus, and everything. He
studied the religion when you read it, You will think… “Man, it’s just the New Age rebirth.” I mean
it’s just we just got Ephesus… rebirthed… today in the New Age movement. The
philosophies in attendance are… exactly like the new age. They were casting out spirits.
Paul was writing to people coming out… of a demonic worship. Coming out of immorality.
You knew that if you worship Diana… you had sex with one of the 1,000
prostitutes at the temple there. So, they had sex, religion, and demonic all
wrapped together… in a package that was sweeping the world. Paul is praying for these people,
because they’re coming out of such… terrible darkness. He’s praying that this darkness that they
would come clear out of darkness. There is nothing… worse… than just sort of coming out of the
darkness. Right? Walking half in the… darkness and half in the light. Paul wanted them all in the light.
Totally in the light! Putting off the former works of darkness.
Putting the whole thing behind them. That’s not easy! Is it? It’s not easy when you have been raised
your whole life in darkness, to just… throw it all off. It’s difficult. We’ve been
taught… in our wrong thinking and all that.
The wrong programming in our mind. This is what he prayed, “that the God
of our Lord Jesus Christ the Father of…” “glory, may give you a spirit of
wisdom and of revelation…” “in the knowledge of him:” He is saying that
you might have… wisdom in your knowledge of Him. Literally, there in another translation… it’s I am praying that you will have wisdom
so you can know… Him better. You need to know Him better.
If your going to stand… in the great darkness their at Ephesus and
all that Occultic stuff. You’re going to have to know Him better. “That the eyes of your understanding will
be enlightened.” See, we’ve got it’s the work of the Holy
Spirit. God open my eyes so I can… see. When I dealing with the spirit world,
unless God allows me to see it, I just… don’t see it. I have got to see it. God, you’ve got to
give me eyes of understanding. That I might really be able to evaluate
what is going on here. I can’t see that world. I don’t
see into that world. I’m dealing with it constantly give
me and understanding spirit. Open my eyes… that I might see this. “That I might know what is the hope of
his calling,” “and the riches of His glory and of his
inheritance in the Saints,” Do you know what it means to be a
believer? Do you know what God has for you? Do you know your full inheritance? That’s
what he is praying. Are you standing in your full birth right? Do you know who you are? He said I
praying that the Spirit of God would reveal it… to you. Because you’re living in a very terrible place. You’re going to have to know this, if
you’re going to make it. He said, “what is the exceeding
greatness of his power.” Those are those words exceeding
greatness of his power. God’s power is awesome, but when he put those
words you can’t put a period. You need to understand the power
of God in your life. The fullness of God’s power
working through you… to its ultimate greatness. “to us-ward who
believe,” “according to the working of his mighty
power,” he said, the power I am talking… about… is demonstrated. This power is available to
you to live the Christian life. I’m want to tell you how God
demonstrated the power i’m talking about… that yours. First of all, “the power which he wrought
in Christ, when he raised him from the dead,” Now, one man walked out of the church and said, “Jim Logan said Christians ought to be raising the…” “dead.” That’s not what I said okay. Don’t walk out of
here and say that. He is saying here. The power that gave life
to a dead man… …is the power that God has given to me to
live the Christian life. If you’re a Christian and we went to a funeral. It was your friend and I said, “he’s
dead do something.” What would you say? “It is too late. I can’t do anything.” It is only God that can put life in a dead body. That’s awesome power, because that is
a hopeless situation. Absolutely hopeless. If God doesn’t do
something, then what? Nothing is going to… happen. So, here you have this hopeless situation.
The second thing he says… that demonstrates the power he says
that’s working in us… is when “he set him at his own right hand
in heavenly places,” How much power does it take to lift a man off
the earth? And take him into the third heaven? Now, that’s the kind of power that is yours right
now to live this day. That’s the powers he is talking about. That’s yours! That same power that exceeding, great
power is your power for Christian life. “Sitting at his right hand far above
principalities, and powers, and might, and…” “dominion, and every name that is named, not
only in this world…” “but also in the world to come: and hath
put all these things under his feet,” “and given him to be the head over all things
to the church, which is his body, the…” “fulness of him that filleth all in all.” What is Jesus doing in heaven today? What does it say? what’s his position their?
He’s what? He is seated! Is He… …seated, because He is tired? Why seated?
Because it’s finished! It’s Done!
What’s done? The defeat of the spirit world is done. He is seated at God’s right hand. It says “principalities and powers.”
Have you ever heard of those? “Might and Dominions and every name
that is named.” “Not only in this world, but in the world to come…” is under his body. Is that what yours says? If its under his feet then its under his body, isn’t? Why did God say under His feet? Why didn’t He say it is under his head or under shoulders… under his body? No, he said under his feet there is a reason. A specific reason remember when it came… …conquered an army. He would take the
highest… ranking member and bring him out. Lay him down on the ground. Take his
foot and put it on his throat. Do you know what that showed? Total subjection… …to the one who won. Jesus laid Satan on the ground. He put His
foot… on his throat. Often they call for a sword
and the head went. Isn’t that a beautiful picture here. Here is
Jesus sitting in heaven… and the spirit world is, what? Under His… feet. Chapter two verse 6. Is an awesome verse for you. “and hath raised us up together” he talks
about being saved. “raised us up together, and made us sit
together in heavenly places in Christ…” “Jesus:” Let me ask you a question. If you are now… positionally seated with Christ, where
is the spirit world… in relationship to you? It’s under my feet. Believe that!
Believe that! You have power and authority over the
spirit world. It’s under your feet. That is my position. That’s what this chart is all about. Not
only have I been… …crucified with Christ, not only have I
been raised with Christ… but I’ve been seated with him in the
glories. You can go on the rest of the chart, we are going to… …reign with Him. That’s why the crown and
so on. Let’s look at… …in closing some tremendous verses.
first Peter 3:22. I love this. Now, when I teach somebody I don’t use the
chart. I mean, I just usually go the… verses and let the Lord lead me and to share the verses. Let them visualize it. People have
taken this chart and the blank charts, and have used it tremendously with
Nationals. They were able to draw… they give them something.
They draw on the crosses as they do this. Somehow by drawing it in and seeing that,
they have their cross, and… Jesus has his. He was resurrected and
they’re going to be in the resurrection. He is seated and they’re seated.
Somehow doing it clicks with them. They just have so much more
willingness to stand against this. (1 Peter) 3:22 “The Lord Jesus
Christ who is gone to heaven is at the…” “right hand of God;…” “and angels and authorities and powers…” “having been made…” What? “Subject to him.” Amen! Right? Amen! He said happened today
and all the demonic role is subject… to him. First Corinthians chapter 6. “Do you not know that the saints shall
judge the world? and if the world should…” “be judged by you,…” “are ye unworthy to judge the smallest
matters? know…” “ye not that we shall judge…” What? “angels?” Are you going to judge the angels that
always do what’s right? That always obey God? Is there any
judgment there? No! The angels you and I are going to sit in judgment
on… are wicked, fallen Spirits. You and I… are going to sit in judgment on a demonic
world in eternity. Isn’t that awesome? Do you know what I do when I see a young person whose life is just… …totally under the control of the demonic
world? I tell the young person don’t forget… this one. When you judge it in eternity. I’ve had the demons groan. Don’t forget them. They nearly wiped your life
out. One day you could sit in judgment on
this spirit. I like a verse. I like to read this too. To wicked spirits, they don’t like it. “Let burning coals fall upon them. Let
them be cast into the fire into the deep… “pit.” “That they rise not up again.” That’s an
awesome verse. The last verse, we want to look at is… Philippians chapter 2. This is
probably the… the most glorious verse… with the spirit world in all the Bible. Those that are doing our kind of work
will tell you that this verse… will bring tremendous agitation. They will say “I will never do this.” “Never.” I say, “Yes, you will.” It is talking here… you know where Jesus humbled himself.
He humbled himself. He humbled… himself, and He humbled himself. “He became even obedient unto death even
the death on the cross.” The next verse says… “wherefore God hath highly exalted him, and
given him…” “a name which is above every name: That at
the name…” “of Jesus every knee…” What? “will bow” Everyone! “of things in the
heaven…” “of things in the earth, and of things
under the earth…” “and every tongue.” Including every demonic
spirit. Will what? “Confess…” “that Jesus Christ is Lord.” Now, that’s not salvation. We are not talking about salvation here. Acknowledging He is who He said He was. “He is Lord, to the glory…” “of God the Father.”
“Father, thank you…” “that we are in Christ.” “That you talk about that 40 times
in the book of Ephesians, before you tell us…” “about wrestling spiritual powers in Christ.” “In Christ. In Christ. Father, I’m so
thankful today…” “that in Christ all the forces of
darkness are under my feet.” “And Father I can choose to live…” “victoriously in Christ today. That
his power…” “has been given to me, and today You will
make me sufficient for every trial,” “every struggle, every phone call, every
disappointment,” “that You will give me the grace, the
power to choose,” “to make the right choice. That I might
walk in victory this day…” “in Christ’s name we pray and we praise
Him…” Amen!

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  1. Thanks be to Yah for the person who posted this series. So informative and relevant. Every believer needs to be instructed in spiritual warfare.

  2. Book on Ephesians by Clinton Arnold, Power and Magic: the concept of power in Ephesians, $21.81 on Amazon. He is also on YouTube here https://youtu.be/Ebn19jP-9AE

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