SPIRITUAL SoLLUMINATI Reacts To FlightReacts Vs. Cheeseaholic Basketball 1v1 (HILARIOUS Reaction)

SPIRITUAL SoLLUMINATI Reacts To FlightReacts Vs. Cheeseaholic Basketball 1v1 (HILARIOUS Reaction)

like rage calm bro listen whatever I said bad about flight reacts let me put myself in a big screen listen I know every last one of y'all everybody in this dream have seen flight lose over and over and over if there's any new vids y'all have seen me but this is my thing sleight reacts in real life cool ass nigga see he went to Cali can't say shit bad about nobody who doing what they don't like I can't bro like I literally look like all your mother like I'm not trying to put myself on a higher pedestal well first of all he's done reiax he's flight look like it's a video right here of the nigga losing I'm glad to see you're back appreciate the hospitality my guy you know I ain't leaving y'all niggas man it's bigger than entertainment bro people be going through shared in real life they need people to watch when they go through shit so people got to stop thinking about they self and just dream y'all below for light you look old oh they're real life but I mean this shit from the bottom of my heart on the spiritual level I will listen no disrespect it's like no disrespect this coming from no heart my baby that's dumb listen I got to put my shit in big screen hope hope none of your sisters is in this motherfucker bro listening y'all niggas need to see me when I say this I mean this shit on the spiritual level I have beat you already drop Helly videos on you me if like go way back you know I sound like that's pretending to be mother fucking wives you know era girl forget her past she was never a thought so she say me it's like go way back it's duck reacts it's like I mean this from the bottom of my heart I read their have like our other bro I rather have like you have to agree with me and I only wanted to get no bad energy sent my waifus and it's cuz I might hurt flight fillers for saying this behind a camera niggas be like you know that shit fucked up really shit sometimes I beat I say that I should like to end this month if I really don't like me well I'm off the camera here I'll kill me but like I'm already bro I would rather have a mom that do porn then to having a dad as dirt reacts like we talking about role model it's like if you meditate at one time your purpose is not to be a loser this is spiritual so talking to your purpose is not to be a loser you could actually win that something you can win that something can't you could probably play lacrosse or some shit then they get the break play lacrosse you know he could probably go fish in the Sun is something he can do this that sports life ain't bitch in the sport I don't know but like bro if you are a guy it's like you are a broad I think the flight is that entertaining as negative he's the only person that can entertain losing but if you are a guy and your dad is flight BX then you just come on YouTube you want to come on YouTube sometimes and watch some videos you know saying you want to come on YouTube sometimes it you know bro which one is it here we go listen you probably want to come on YouTube sometimes you might come on YouTube sometimes and go to the trending page you might come on YouTube sometimes who knows y'all niggas is weirdos who knows which are yo y'all niggas betrayed me watching oh type of shit I don't want to forget what I was about to say bro anyway bro if I might have a son flight have to leap off his legacy what legacy is he gonna leave don't react the nigga flight is a successful loser but all his vlogs and shit you to shit to decide then nigga is successful at losing bro I can't even do that shit bro imagine if you could just lose and be successful fly up bro on the spiritual level I respect the fuck out of you bro you are a role model to these kids you fuck you got to look at everything as a positive listen up the fact that you are a successful loser accept the fact that that's what you are first asset the fact that you are a successful loser and understand my nigga you pure comedy I can't lie this is nigga funniest fuck real shit then nigga dirt reacts is funny he's funny yet what he do niggas want to see him lose I mean you already could predict it 99.9% you ain't even got to do math or know how to do a percent and you already could predict that fight/flight gonna lose well first of all flight you come on the court tool crispy we know the crispiest niggas trash come on man I know I hope no more on my youtuber but I'm not picking up that crispy nigga with the brand new shit on he probably Duncan is some them niggas be happy about still niggas be dunking is she you picked the nigga up on a teen and he ain't got no animations no man emissions would all that being say it bro dead nigga flight react slit his father spiritual so he turned that shit into comedy he's shown me y'all motherfuckers bro it's okay it's not okay to be a loser but bro you could still live like your best life naked bet Nicastro flight he's strong as fuck bro connect with show higher self loser you strongest fuck nigga you know how to take eggs I don't know how to take a hey I'm kicking boxes emotion react to come bad god it's the best video on YouTube y'all gotta stop asking them to react to trash I appreciate that I appreciate the hospital down my throat to drink that fluoride shit y'all niggas be drinking fluoride or listen July shout out the funny you were successful loser I don't know nobody who could like losing bro that nigga is flawless who have to like be named one / did that nigga beat most photos probably started to get hot – no what the fuck well I think I mother cut my mother be a hard to go boy fucking motherfuckers really gonna be thinking I'm alone I'm tired of hair is too hot bro my mother go bald I'm still gonna get the bitches I don't give a fuck stop saying that nigga even dollars are polite boy stop saying which one y'all want to watch we got to watch our flight be real quick is Jacob spiritual that dude that asked me was McMeel woke the reason why I asked you what do you mean by that if you talk about like police brutality and shit the level of mindset that I have and everybody that like do the spiritual shit like take time off a day for the first time they like to like do something different what they like that police brutality shit is a distraction I don't even consider that so I don't even consider that being walk so when rappers be like you no disrespect to little two rappers shoutout to my niggah low-tech you know I sign but when rappers say woke and they talking about police brutality and shit nigga we see in my fucking aliens nigga not what is that woke enough for you I'm glad people don't think I'm crazy not shit really yeah I'm gonna show y'all my email is grown people lives is changing all I'm gonna do is help better bro but I got a pic I got a plate on let's play this flight here real quick we already know he lost hell flying my nigga fly you been game one B was here like shit it was the mighty lot you hope a mighty lot millions of us yeah bro you hope a mighty lot not to win nothing you to prom exam bro listen fly reacts is no longer a doodoo shirt and gray pants show he's not by the way check this off before we see this nigga get dropped off check this out I want all y'all to like I said you're a global role model brain I want to be I want to be a role model I don't want to die niggas be lie about anything it was funny as hell I want them out when I do that I want them to say I helped changed a life you feel that bro you feel it simple that's how I think no forgot what I was gonna say y'all know what time it is but uh anyway uh what was about the saber mommy what I was about to tell you oh I just said it was as I said it was hot it's cold as fuck it probably is ghosts around me it's probably some shit but because I'm freezing sorry you tried sauces let me find out you a motherfucking uh she might be a shape-shifter or some shit I won't trust nobody I'll trust nobody but myself I won't even trust my mama can't trust her because she can't see what I'm to see how am i trust you if you can't even see what I could see you say I look different I'm a clone I lost 17 pounds still when I went vegan proud of myself hardest things I've ever had to do in my life that shit was sickening that shit is so fucking hard but everything in us to change our life is the hardest but that's all in your head know everything y'all little niggas be thinking it's not real this is your brain where's it like you want to get this money you want to get this money stop looking up to people little nigga and get this money I could talk to y'all a regular you can be rich if you care about that money shit bro this nigga even can make trash hits he's the master at his craft that is best how do you do it how do you lose and be successful I need to notice I really want to know that's it that's Oh bro side out someone nigga cash nasty guy nasty straight-up DME you know I'm saying cash DM I want to let y'all know man I want to let y'all know right now I have no beef with no youtubers I have too much on my plate to be worrying about some nigga that some niggas that do shit to entertainment you feel me it's levels to this shit not like they say it's risky it's like Chang you're good bro you got to stop saying this shit so let me go I'm trying to help you worry dude you stop saying what but listen cash straight up DME fuck with the spiritual video job straight-up said it man that nigga cash is woke I didn't even know he probably went through some shit on you to be probably out of stressful time or something maybe I caught probably was the reason for it right I'm gonna cash you you to this day you still the 55 over oh no badges you a glass cleaner don't fish yeah he's a glass cleaner still I wish I could have one V one D we probably still can spirits of spiritual soul can do anything so loominatee I'm learning to put it all in one once I put it all in one do I'm manifesting right now in front of y'all y'all know what manifesting is when you see yourself doing it if you can see yourself do it you could do it all right remind me what I was talking about I forgot I don't live in the past oh yeah – nice my bad imagine me getting into an argument with you I'm gonna forget about you ladies but cash straight up he straight-up said man he he respect everything I'm doing this shit and I really appreciate him for coming at me because I was in it around that time I was apologizing to everybody sending out apologies and shit like I'm not bad when you send out apologies you got to stop holding grudges some of y'all niggas lose in a video game and cut you're an orphan real life cut so friend offer a real life and be mad at this nigga real like be mad at isn't it good but something that's not even real can I get an a stuff before I skip straight to the action cuz it might be you you probably cut one of your friends off for selling out and 2k probably block them crush this old for all y'all that are blocked on the video game I'm sorry cuz that shit probably really meant something to you but I just want to say these when 2k 20 drop but I can't we bout to talk about that shit bro I don't is your niggas woke enough to hear this shit bro the video games is made to destroy you y'all know everything in life losing on 2k and losing on this twitch it hurt me the most I'm a sore loser Brett fucking video game I needed that cuz like nigga losing a video game and don't piss girlfriend in real life some niggas abusive bro shoutout to my niggah Wes I remember his brother but we used to take turns beating this nigga – ok bro this nigga used to be like some people got anger problems some people be beating their girls and she it's a nigga I remember Joey daddy some niggas be losing in the game and literally fighting whoever around him over a video game it's made to destroy yo alright flight let's watch you lose real quick so this nigga is going up against he going up against a foe what is this a nigga fo foot what is he if you shorten if I reacts he got to be like fo for 3 he going to get some folk look like a foe for 3 pure playmaker with this with the littlest wingspan I can't wait for 2k to drop oh my god I've been going for too long ago I know you only heard me in a minute I know a lobby playing a video game playing roblox 24/7 alright y'all look I'm gonna try not to be too pause II probably they're not just pause on the ad hold on I just I pay attention to the little shit see what y'all see but I could buy some of a million times and it's different every time I like certain movies you just gotta watch more than once now flight is a hoofer listen flight is a true grinder he hopes his ass off with a flawless losing record flawless flawless victory hold on yo I'm weird told y'all listen I'm a clone there's a new me remember y'all on my time I'm sorry I got a pause this and I gotta hear that mortar combat guys they flew all this victory I wish I knew what I hate how you spell flawless oh yeah I forgot God now I did a drop-off wish I dropped out in the first hey listen I dropped off make more than my teachers my baby I don't want to I just want to hear the song bitch y'all gonna got the quick boys hold on let me go to that shit bro that make it in safe lovely there you go I like that but listen I enjoyed the little shit bro when you start meditating this shit everybody is on your time bro I feel like I'm here by myself all this victory hey I'm television's Hill to you I ain't gonna lie y'all probably didn't even know that side of me I'm child is just fucking real like I was always too serious Johnny cuz man niggas like bro bro y'all y'all niggas in a rush to watch him lose goddamn Burlison is different every time but when you watch it by yourself it's not hey tell me but Richard we're gonna keep playing this I know I'm appalled I pause a lot when you watch a movie by yourself it's like yeah okay but when you watch it with y'all niggas that shit way later raining it's way different movies is way better when you watching it with somebody it's that much better no matter how many times you watch flight you notice something new every time but first of all my naked what's this nigga named cheese oh holy the time you can just braid out a small bro he flicked the analog on some slick did he just break out us oh look at the size what size up is that you recovered okay but what is that call that's double this you can't do that against me I don't go fuck up your name cheese a hold it or not Nikki that's my rock you're not doing this shit I mean yes flight reacts you don't travel in front of flight he don't know the codes he run out of bounds and his good bro what did he just do but I'm really starting to think 2k niggas they starting to turn y'all niggas are starting to get bro y'all a brain Brody in the next 10 years the NBA gonna be like a video game it's all about the ratings right now anyway the Melo ball I don't even think he should go top ten but they just might put him number two or three that she gonna be ladies fun today ratings yeah I know but bro y'all 2k niggas it's literally y'all played like to cake look how this nigga play bro you've been dribble bro you've been dribbling for 30 fucking seconds hey that's a 2k a that's a dribble Donegan keeping troubling for 30 seconds I'm up the count first of all a flight whole LT my nigga l to whatever system you won't hold that bitch don't let it go because you are a disaster now remember I pay up and I pay attention to the little shit like this Nick is folk bro this niggas fourth I'm not trying to keep boxes right now bro he's four foot three it's like the niggas little word in my mouth okay bro this thing a little didn't little kids but look at slight curtains look at slight imagine if this was for the point game which old life on the line it's like this is why sometimes I'll take it personal with you sometimes it's not about comedy bro block the fuckin shot bro block the shot what if your life was on the line and flight hat the block of fo foot three player layup look how half light got off the ground and I'm putting it in slow motion and flight still put flight as efficiently a part of the 2k community he been grinding he grinded his way into the 2k community you have to so what is all the boats not gives you entertaining niggas keep in mind make is entertaining while I'm gone I'm straight but this nigga flight reacts like what if the niggas had a gun up to your head if you don't block – bro flight bro you know most dudes that can't play sports they can't fight in real life either like its way further than your think bro if a nigga ain't got no athleticism like imagine if you get it to a fighter nigga that's not a fled he have no motherfucking he have nothing no he have bro flight have no strength I played them he had zero strength he have no attributes on the strength at all bro I don't know what they put in your weave like and Kylie got the best fake we yes y'all niggas we is fake that's why it's so fucking good bro the gooder it is the mortal shit they putting in there we want that shit to be loud as fuck we want that shit we want to go crazy it's like you need to go fast into something flight is somebody that need to go faster if you all know what that is some of y'all niggas don't like neither he need a whole new life change now I want y'all to pay attention to how long this mega dribble and the fucking ball he's a 2k character now watch how long this nigga drop of the boat flight take off them shoes right you don't desert a word look at this shit don't shoot the bill 2k3 let me guess he's forward yes might react listen bro listen flight delay on you you're still getting straight greens with flame yeah I'm not picking flight up you can't cut s shy niggas gonna be hitting well contestants on flame I get mad at watching shit like this cuz I'm a competitor you know salma being sneaker games shout-out to sneaker games they pushed it – Auggie's looking forward to seeing a lot of female youtubers there – I'm gonna wear a bulletproof vest – cuz that's gonna be it I'm gonna be in public and I know that's what they want me to be in public I'm going to New York don't give a fuck shout out tell my sons in New York I'm going to New York I went to New York whereas never again I'm going solo I need to enjoy that shit shit I need the Explorer y'all niggas ain't never even get to New York blog that's dude I got it right here I got the New York below we gonna watch it on stream out there now shout out to my New York sounds broke that's tough dad you know I got a tow money I got it I gotta say something pay petty so in the building spiritual so in the building Berlin see so in the building sungazer so in the building do we saw in the building the king of your city was Takashi six nine then nigga took over your city that's tough you can't take over Detroit it's not possible shout-out to my niggas from the city spent elope y'all city real quick bro let me see where some of y'all from it was a nigga died said Wes constant is hood shout out to Wes constant I ain't no I thought y'all niggas played lacrosse over there thought it was nothing but lacrosse players in golf Tiger Woods fans over there in Wisconsin that's what I thought that's three old ladies man that's three layers ain't gonna pause I want to so bad bro I've got a lot of bro I've got a lot of fucking French bro I'm a regular ass nigga I never knew I had so many fans overseas I love y'all so I got to tell y'all about my Bible I just had a walk I got a woke thought what people think different than y'all sleep motherfuckers and for y'all that sleep you just living your best life when you living your best life you never have time to like connect with yourself so look what was I about to say oh yeah all right I'm a clone y'all I don't live in the past all my memory is gone in the past yeah I don't live in the past it's impossible I can't change it can't do nothing with the past I'm a clone this is not the same so Illuminati but anyway look so here gonna walk thought for y'all the fact that I have so many fucking fans overseas remember earlier when I said when somebody says something about rapping if I was to start rapping nigga already got fans oh I'm already you listen bitch I'm already global bitch the fuck is you talking about I'm already go already got niggas playin my shit over there you know saying that stuff you got to look at it like that you got to look at a positive in every fuckin thing shit I already got a fucking song they make sure to put this shit on the fucking billboards one two ready brother listen I ain't gonna lie bro will not be riding in my current shit my motherfucking car people will be like bro what the fuck is that you can plan all the time now I don't know if they'd say it because it's trash but in mama do you think I'll be blessed in my shit Cory Jesus is coming soon get ready you just ruined everything I'm trying to have fun they could tell me I got to get ready to die some shit oh I'm fuckin I can't do music though I can't if I do music something gonna happen to me from I'm not deaf but I'm not trying to be cold with no nigga I'm not I don't know these niggas bro I don't let niggas into my fucking broke and then like brother I know too much bro where's the big physics it's not a lot of us left niggas scared they die stop me a scared the DA so you could be rich come on I get shit we need a matrix but listen I could see myself taking music serious I could get a ghostwriter to give me hits like majority most of these people we all think rappers let me get you let me let y'all know a secret most of these people y'all think are they like creative players bro they don't even make their own music they just had a perfect image to go along with this shit because niggas listen to China from muhfuckas as creative players most of these rappers are not they don't make none of them music bro put it that way you have some great writers out here money greatest writers professional who will make bangers ain't nobody gonna know you got that shit from somebody shout out to my nigga squeaker sales he was the first are you the first take me off my baby does Tom squeaker sales got ten meals on that it's supposed to be me then they get got ten meal on some shit he didn't even ring quick banker for him quick banker they be a squeaker wrong though when I was joking about him bro bro he's fuckin with he got it bro he got an industry baby mama once the industry is under him and you got all the money you want bro you could get all the money you want but is you're gonna have space is you gonna have to check in with people is people gonna be running your constant shit ain't gonna ain't nobody goin in my account what if you just what if you get sick as fuck and you still got to do this showing shit what if you don't want to do that shit and people like nigga you gonna do the show make me pay healthy money for this shit what if you don't want to show self them questions you can go independent beat your own boss I can't hide nobody telling me what to do if I was in high school right now with this mindset oh I will be I will get expelled but I'm Way too much for school we may god be telling the teacher my bro my nigga just give me my report could fail me now so I don't can I just stay home for the rest of the year cuz imma be a youtuber bitch you know say hi to them for y'all niggas that says who shut out today and with your dejoy graduation shoutout to the class of 2019 that's tough couple that I know listen know a couple of y'all was asking me to go to prom with y'all I get that shit every year just know someone is this a soon as you officially in college listen a little spiritual people thing cuz I want some spiritual shit I'm not I'm not a motherfucking God in a bed alright what you think sungazing do it gives you energy it ups your sex drive so when you come across a girl she could feel your energy and what I mean by sex drive not knowing some horny shit but I've got a I got a string heat you remix and put you tickin there's a future I got a stream on spiritual soul I have this dream on spiritual soul so I could talk about this type of shit that's the woke community over there they're gonna walk people over there on my main channel with a million that's his entertainment we just live it's the matrix hey then nigga future say we in the matrix on its own a lot of celebrities their eyes is open they just control the dope you never know somebody's youtubers probably so days oh you never know I mean if they if people that people that do that type shit bro you they care about material things a lot you know money is everything to know maybe all that type shit they don't really care about nobody you know like X he cared about people when you do the other shit no what the fuck am i doing do y'all see what I'm doing right now what am i doing oh yeah let's gonna show y'all this song with you – I'll take you I'll take future over drink any day because I connect with you – more from what I like Drake is just that niggas are all around fuckin he's all around you know then they could drop in Messick and shit all the type of shit future it's more but listen bro this is my shit bro you could meditate y'all niggas don't understand I hope y'all think meditation work yeah it's gonna be hard for you to change your life bro you switched up on yourself since birth wasn't your father so that you ain't gonna just be able to connect with your higher self like that nigga but I given up I'm taking 40 days off of youtube and twitch 40 to get comfortable with my higher self so I could be here for y'all it's the moon out with a move yeah I'll be moon gazing moon gazer so in the building oh shit let me show y'all something okay I'm okay Bo I haven't seen your knickers in a minute this is why I'm so talkative Nick I'll be talking to my fucking self I don't have no fucking friends from understand me I have no friends that's why I'm tilt like I'm I'm all over the place right now I know I've been gone for 40 days she know I got somebody I cab it – I can't talk to regular people because they can't see what I'm perceived I can see I perceive it's his energy now let me get comfortable flight hurry up and move bro listen flight what is it with you with the same layer package that you can't block what first of all will they bring this is what unworkable I have a theory that someone has raised your weed and you realize it work now you're trying to hide it with this workers and you've got everyone thinking you doing crazy now that Sun is shine work about Brewer won't what hold on bro first of all I appreciate you bro this nigga took the time off his thing to spit some real shit to me I think I sent me a full paragraph my baby that's all bro this is hold on this I ain't gonna I ain't read in a long time he said bro this is what I woke about I got a 30 someone laced her weed and you realized it while was somebody lace what what the fuck only smoke define is she I know what's in a weed for real bro I'm a fucking bro I eat plants money got egrets you think I ain't gonna know if Emily please you ain't used to seeing me this happy this 3-month bro fucking live hold on bro we gotta take time off so I can make sure my lip straight that shit took my lip straight I can't talk my lips ain't straight I can't talk I wanna be the best I could possibly be feel like my man said my my we might be late I care about myself way too fucking much he said your we he said and you realize it woke not you lying too high with this woke ish and you got everyone thinking you going crazy not at some ish I'm woke about bro woke first of all bro are you are you let me let me let me stick on the third dimension bro are you fucking retarded associated I can't read that buddy woke brother how the fuck your man gonna be woke brother and you can't even read my nigga I'm no schooling shit but don't try to check somebody get at least let me be able to read yo shit don't disrespect me like that my baby you guys thought bro if you feel like listen let me let you notice I have received more hateful shit than that I received death threats some this shit right here I appreciate how you feel about me but I want you to know if you don't think me taking fucking 40 days fucking trying to connect with xxx trying to teach everybody about this shit put my life out there stop in my back because of some week Monday God should be dead right not in I'll let we do that to me you know that if you don't like my vids don't watch him you have to understand I'm not gonna know you didn't watch it don't know you so say so save yourself bro I'm not to go there once and for all I had to head on and so long brother listen hat so when the building bro save yourself that shit like my nigga I could probably teach you fucking daddy something nigga thanks for the fire all this dope my bad y'all listen I don't even know why I start playing this on but since I did we got involved with it real quick stop chatting and watch the video version dad didn't take it just call me a virgin i'ma watch the video fit out where my god you deserve it oh I forgot we was watching the video I did that shit why y'all didn't tell me I forgot we was watching the fucking me I told you I'm a clone I don't live in the past if I forget something I'm not gonna remember it how many times do I gotta say this shit water tastes like absolutely nothing I went from reacting to flight react speed to talking about all the type of shit man not miss Joe oh my god I got so much to talk to you on the boat I'm sorry yeah then the – hold on let's start right here I gotta keep this up so I could scan you cheese my nigga what type of at that shot celebrations is that bro what is that you good notebook bro I the ownership bro equip something else you better total something else on that 2k they got that motherfucking what's it called did they have to tell some some some some some some some some something we don't know about cheese change dough after shot celebrations cuz if you just go on me and do that I'm not burning you breath hold on can I bring my Instagram up without it motherfucking trying to log into some bullshit oh yeah we bout to go crazy hey welcome to my world god damn Oh I forgot all about this I forgot about this bro Kennedy I think I want a baby now babysitting me I go hot what bro once you had a kid you out of my top 30 once you had that kid say goodbye I love my I love my middles but Kennedy bro got away from what a fucking Sasha alright what a fuck is my dog broke I hear crying oh sure you don't really find I got shit up they say I gotta keep you alive I'm paid three baths are you a bit hostile right come here come here you cause three bands you worth more than these thoughts I'm gonna even spend that on a real bit I'm about to watch so baby you good breath stank a little bit you just woke up I'm gonna brush your teeth in the morning oh you dog spelled backwards is God you know that you never know maybe dogs was gods at one point look up your history alright well you could – oh right here my baby that's tough is the reason why listen there's a reason why dogs is so loyal imagine if you could find a female flight I'm sorry your your video is wrong your video is bro yo bro like you like you get passed around like a motherfucking thought losing all on YouTube you for everybody bro your video for everybody I gotta I'm sorry for pausing yo she ain't talking about every single body and everything but you've every buy you off for everybody guys thing anyway I think is a traveling loser no boys soccer going toward a lose a shame that nigga's brother flight bro that nigga's successful his foot bro if I had a chance to talk to him I acts then they got my brother I tell flight straight on my bro you doing something that nobody can do you are entertaining losing that is impossible Joran Kate look bar none of the goats can flight is a goal but he's a goat he's gonna go down as none of the goat and he trying to get his gameplay on you fight this is why we can't finish this video the nigga been doing the same lay up animation nigga it's faux foot three doing the same left-handed you can't block it that's why we haven't finished a bit because I pause on your own that shit and then forget what I'm saying filed a nigga spam that's why you need to start fighting for your double use nigga if you win you know how big that video would be broke if you win and you pass that ale to another person you might just bro then make a third on my open that nigga don't turn it to a Super Saiyan and niggas gonna be on Dragon Ball super off one W he gonna be one he gonna be like oneness 72 good at 2k now bro can drop you to fuck off one of these dumbass niggas BAM I can't what I'm trying to do is who y'all niggas over there on ps4 it's not safe stop pausing for good you offer Punk 30 right now I just cause this blue my chefs mhm I don't do no man major problem for y'all niggas that pop perks I know people that pop perks borrow and poison is via because I'm just doing what I want to do about you have a problem with that don't you but you're still gonna watch ain't you if you're not you know what's so good about life I'm not gonna know I did that on purpose I had to pause on purpose niggas is a nigga sit here ma I have to say something nigga see here my back hurt in I got this bright ass light in my eyes 24/7 that's really why I got these glasses on I'm going through all this fuckin stress and you got the nerve to trip on me about the fucking pause what about me bitch look what I'm doing for you how about you go stream and don't pose you can do what I'm doing bullshit you can do this this ain't shit Playboy so in the building I would never touch a porn star visited his name is I would never touch one of them they take all your energy but listen you all had sex with a porn star and you was trying to have sex with another girl and can't get up with another girl I'm telling you I think you fuck a porn star you'll probably think it's because yeah we went from talking about flight there to porn you'll probably think it's because the points are so experienced that's what you would think on a regular but what people no no she she she just took all your energy that's all she took your energy so you don't look at these other girls nothing worse than not being able to come up buddy especially a little especially especially if she don't do that if she won't give top that's tough I know a lot happened to me plenty listen yeah gonna be plenty of homes sometimes it'd take me a good 30 40 minutes talking a girl in there doing something when she finally decides she want to do without the me being horny for 30 minutes I gave it all I could give I can't get morning all right no more keep going crazy he you know what I said might have came out wrong and look as if I was disrespecting I'm sorry in so you a naughty voice my third I was just worried that you pause two hundred times carry include so do you think he I'm just relax bro I'm not rushing you still can't read but listen I'm relaxed bro that's what happens nigga you and the mommy you in the moment you can't think about the past so you go to some shit you will get over y'all look give me a break today all right I'm doing my best I've been gone for 40 days for the bet fuck your tongue I'm rusty you know I said I've been chillin sungazing getting nature pools massages got new females that nigga's lurking yes I got baddies I got great taste I will be on your I see you on YouTube okay I'll be perfect on there but I'm here fuck this – its negative that's it I I'm not doing I'm not doing this from him him air boiling does that we knew he was gonna airborne that's a smother contested in the megaphone for three flight sixth flight reacts is six-six and my man says fo foot three and this nigga she was smothered contested oh but listen I have to go a slow-motion flight I'm trying to see what is flight after shot celebration like a person swag got that he shoot is everything for niggas that don't want a hoop like if you shoot that bitch you know what's good I think you might just you know I'm saying let's go but look if but and then you have people like flight you think messy – that Mika say the biggest mining bruh that it's gotta be cash play I need your release that makes perfect is fast he using jump jump shot 13 base 13 step back see you I do like 82 right now talking about random stuff intermediate shit talkative crazy type of happy please stop I'm getting worried by the way we can't see the vid this whole time I was I don't be looking at myself I'd be looking at y'all dumbass niggas y'all didn't say nothin this whole fucking time you always say nothin to me niggas ain't say nothin I kick boxes in I'm talking to myself as shit I'm done with the video fuck it I'm sorry babe come here fucking up my shoes with this shit now you ain't seeing the feet you ain't gonna see flight VIX jump shop you don't tell me together oh I got a pic get off this and watch combat God's bow if I don't if I don't meditate or something moon gays relax my mind has sex is that when you bro I gotta do something

40 thoughts on “SPIRITUAL SoLLUMINATI Reacts To FlightReacts Vs. Cheeseaholic Basketball 1v1 (HILARIOUS Reaction)

  1. Bro the people telling him to stfu are school shooters simple so spitting facts and these niggas want him to drop a vid what you doing on the fucking stream then lol

  2. Lets not skip past So calling Flight his baby 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. These niggas in chat llact like they cant watch the vid by themselves cause they all sayin "stop pausing" lmao

  4. This nigga really sat here for a whole hour reacting to flightreacts video 🤦🏾‍♂️

  5. Flight been carrying the IRL trend for months after months win or lose even in the 2k while so been so damn lazy. U can love or hate flight but his worth ethic is crazy

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