46 thoughts on “Shin Splints? Or Do You Have a Stress Fracture? 3 Signs Tibia Fracture

  1. I have a very important race tomorrow for track but I might have shin splints and it might slow me down uh oh

  2. About 20yrs ago I had a fib/tibia break and had rod inserted which is still in, now I am getting pain right around the area of the break which is right around where you were pressing. The pain feels like bad shin splints but there's been no trauma to the area. It is made much worse by any type of jogging or running. Any ideas guys?

  3. I have my Parachute Regiment assessment course next week and I'm pretty sure I have a mild stress fracture, the pain is in a specific point, it's fine in the morning, but it doesn't hurt when I walk, when I push in it feels like a bruise and hurts when I run but it feels like a shin splint pain. Any help?

  4. well I am a runner I run track and I play sports and at first I thought I had a shin splint but then I started researching more and I probably have a stress fracture but I am still running on. I’ve have it for more than 1 month now and it only in one spot on each leg and it’s hurt very badly after I run but I just can stop running.

  5. I have a mild stress fracture but I have only told a few people and they don’t believe me and it’s not bad enough to go to the doctor so idk

  6. i think i might have a stress fracture. the pain is so bad it keeps me up in the night and i cant sleep because of the throbbing. I had it in one leg and now both. How long should i rest for. I dont want to undo all the progress ive made with running as im really happy with the times im managing to achieve right now.

  7. Crazy part is both my legs started hurting at the same time. That alone would make me think shine splits but the pain is localized and when I have resistance on my foot I don’t feel the stress like you guys are talking about.

  8. I’m an advanced dancer in a form of dance that is constant jumping on one leg and shin splints are so common my dance teachers keep shin splint exercises in the dance room 😂 mine went away when I started to dance a lot more without taking long breaks that I’m not trying or practicing and then suddenly before a big event I start pushing so my legs are like OWWWW but now it’s okay since I practice every day on breaks and go to dance at least 5 times a week as well as practicing on weekends

    Now I’m just trying to figure out if I have tendonitis in my foot or a stress fracture

    It’s hurts near the middle of my foot I think the metatarsals or extensor tendons and near the instep of my arch

    I have a very high arch and extremely flexible feet so I have a great point in dance but I tend to pronate even though usually only flat footed people do that so maybe that’s why? It’s swollen on the inside so over the past few days I’ve been icing it lots and taking ibuprofen and using anti-inflammatory gel and taping it.
    I took dancing off today and I’m gonna stop hopping on it for the next few days.

    It sorta hurts all the time and especially when moving my toes. The metatarsal part doesn’t really hurt unless I’m dancing but the instep part hurts all the time even when just sitting. 😬 Regionals is coming up in a few months and I don’t want to be hurt and sitting out isn’t really an option or I won’t be ready for competitions.

  9. Thank you. You've clarified exactly what I've got. My pain is so severe especially at night and i've got a weak leg now which causes me to fall.

  10. I fractured tibia.right leg .after 15days of surgery . Sometimes im walking with one leg.. Not with support JUMPING with left leg does it effect for healing???

  11. I get this over and over and over from Muay Thai one day it will be a fracture not shin splints nd I’ll throw a kick and my leg will snap 😂

  12. I got diagnosed with grade 3 stress fractures to both shins while in basic for the USAF, got discharged over a year ago and I still have pain, should’ve gone to a physical therapist 🤦‍♂️

  13. Now ik it is stress fracture but I would really appreciate if I could get some directions for how I can still train my legs in gym bcz I want to be a professional footballer and 4 weeks rest could make me grow soft

  14. Shin splints fucking sucks. If you ever had to walk/run/jog inside a class for 45+ minutes and get shin splints for almost the entire time it is literal hell ( I stretch before I jog/run almost always. ) If you have ever touched an open flame you should know the immediate pain that is caused, times that by 2 – 5 times for a prolonged time all through the shin while walking and it is agony.

  15. stress of living causes stress fractures in the shin. Tibia, mine is midway from ancle to knee about 4 inches above where the ankle meets the tibia. the inside of my left leg. definitely to me, NOT just a shine splint. no general pain. if I touch it it feels like an anvil dropped on it. and only in one small area. I have no idea how it happened I do not remember falling or any trama to it.

  16. I did listen to this video and tested this on myself, i dont want to make a self diagnoses, i feel like i so have a stress fracture i have had the posterior shin splints for about a month didnt think much about it but today i could barely finish my workout due to that. What is some ways i could heal a stress fracture? Should i go to a doctor?

  17. I think I have a stress fracture. Don't know when it happened, but it keeps hurting when I run, in one leg specifically. It can't be from running cause I only recently tried to improve my fitness. i have a job programs that depends on fitness and running for 9 months. I'm fucked, wish me luck :')

  18. I got Anterior tibial stress fracture, what is the solution for this? I have this pain from 6 or more years.

  19. I wasn't even signed into YouTube, but I had to because not only was this video very informative, that intro was top quality. Two thumbs up and subscribed.

  20. I think it’s shin splints I have based off where the pain is. I get pain first thing out of bed from ankle area all the way up on medial side of calf.
    Also, I’ve taken more than a month off, when should I resume running?

  21. I have a question. I am a swimmer and a runner (I alternate seasons) and every year I get the same pain which I thought was shin splints. But the pain is localized and happens in the same place every year. Is this a shin splint or stress fracture

  22. The more he touched his leg,the more the guy wanted to leave his wife!🤣
    (I’ve got shin splints lol agony)

  23. I get lower leg pain in both legs after running down the street, pain isn’t really there until I stop, then I have to sit as the pain gets worse before finally getting less severe, cannot walk comfortably without limping after pain starts. I feel it on both sides of lower 50% of the lower legs, pain is like pulsating, there is no tenderness on flesh, pain is inside the legs like my bones are hurting, what is this? I’m very new to running and sprinting.

  24. I sprained my ankle VERY badly over 2 years ago. I went to a lot of physio, it healed eventually, but I couldn't put weight on it for close to 2 months. It gets stiff every so often, but other than that I haven't had problems, and even started training for a half marathon (ran up to 16km with zero problems). I took a few months off of running (race got cancelled) but started back up 2 days ago. I did a slow 5k and my ankle felt fine throughout, as it always does, and fine during the rest of the day as well. However, yesterday I started experiencing some pain, then began limping because of it. I thought I would rest it and ice it as much as possible and see what happens. Today the pain is the same or worse. The pain is located in my ankle in the same place I felt pain when I sprained it, as well as a new sharp pain in the bottom of my foot when I walk. I have put my old brace on and have scheduled physio for tonight. I have been looking for answers online, and I keep seeing articles about stress fractures. I am worried that I ran too far too fast with an ankle that hadn't seen exercise in 1-2 months. Is a stress fracture a possibility? Or is it more likely that my old injury is just acting up?

  25. I was a 16:10 5k runner junior year, and got a grade 3 stress reaction in my right tibia in February. I took the recommended time off TWICE, and still felt it coming back. I later realized that this pain was probably natural from coming back, and my right tibia is finally healthy in June. I’ve been super motivated to come back stronger, and the PT’s have helped me change my form to increase my cadence, thereby putting less pressure on my shin. However, I think I may have just developed a stress reaction in the left leg in July, as it’s in a specific , localized spot and hurts to jump on. However , it hurts more in the morning. Trying to come back really strong for Xc, but it’s been a really rough process since February

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