50 thoughts on “Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga 2 OST Divine Identity

  1. Recently finished DDS2. Blasted this track so hard during the fight. Same with DDS1; these games are amazing.

  2. "Who is this? Identify yourself!"
    "I'm Otacon. I'm impressed, your security is pretty state of the art. Not good enough though, sorry."
    "WHAT? How long have you been listening in?"
    "Long enough. But right now Mrs. Grim, I've got to shut you down."


    This song is ace but I still think Hari-Hara second movement is better, just for that bit, you know the one.

  4. DDS2.
    Also known as: " All protagonists died (again). The main protagonists died twice in a single game. Emiya Shirou not approved. Ft. Hindu Gods. "

  5. What's awesome about this battle
    Brahman is literally infinite, while you fight its faces u can't see where it ends
    Whenever he shifts phases, he doesn't move around, he moves the complete universe to position your party in front of any of his faces

  6. He was hard as hell so many years ago but revisiting now, not so much. Oh how i've learned from playing all the SMT games

  7. To those mad about all the Death Battle viewers here, don't be. Think about it, these people came to this video thanks to the battle, because they think the song was amazing.

  8. I think they broke the rules at the very beginning. Octagon shouldn't have been able to detect Sam's heat signature since he doesn't have one. Snake would have not prepared for Sam and Snake would have lost right at the beginning.

  9. I did hear this song from Death Battle but don't judge me, I played Shin Megami Tensei before and I'm been wondering is this game good?

  10. Revolver Ocelot: You're pretty good.
    Major Ocelot: You're pretty good!


    Otacon: Snake…?

    {muzzle flash}

    Otacon: Snake?!

    {muzzle flash}

    Otacon: SNAAAAAAAAKE!!!

    {muzzle flash}

    Snake: You're…pretty good!

  11. Otacon: You seem to be getting your ass kicked Snake, So I will put on this theme for you so that you can absorb the power of its awesome.

  12. You too here just because this theme is awesome and not because you heard it from a certain Death related Battle?
    Me too.

  13. I fucking LOVE this game. The duology is the best spin-off series of the entire franchise other than Persona. 🙂

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