Sexuality as Devotion - Aisha Salem

Sexuality as Devotion – Aisha Salem

darisha there are two aspects I'd like to ask about please the one being expression of sexuality outside of a partnership the last six years have been without one specific partner the challenge here has been what does that look like in every moment with relatedness and even relationship but not partnership can you speak to this well there are different topics to touching on in regards to this and in one way I can say that you say like the expression of sexuality as such sexuality is the very root of your well-being and that means that when you are being truthfully resting in your sexuality then in a way everything is sexual but it isn't sexual in the sense of engaging your it's like that it's like there are different levels that this can be carried out from but the deepest sexuality possible is equal to devotion it is that opening that's agreement which carries forced carries forth the the deepest the deepest sexuality so the sexuality in itself is an expression of a complete appreciation I don't find that the sexuality as an act is something which it makes sense to engage in outside of um that partnership which is the one that matters and when I say it like this is because we can have either that part where we engage in the sexuality from that like what wider like the broad perspective but actually we never get down where it really matters with that kind of relating because every time it was kind of like I explained yesterday every time that we get even close to touch where it like really hurts we just we our attention just darts somewhere else and this is a great trap because actually we speak about the open love but this kind of love that's not opening it's not open love it's not an opening love the opening love is that which opens down down into the depth that opens then you open you see the other is a little bit like yeah it's just I don't I don't find it to be to to be worthwhile actually to say it straight and and simply because as woman your receptivity is equal to your deepest treasure that which needs to be held in the deepest of what is that word um I could say integrity but it's like the the discernment that discernment which says yes to allow the deepest possible communion and and to move with that deepest possible communion and it doesn't mean that there isn't a sharing of love in many different relations but in terms of the sexual energy it it creates nothing but trouble to let the sexual energy dart left and right I have I've moved with many different aspects of of of love in in every possible way from top to bottom and in a way I can say that yeah it's like we have to get to that part to that point where the real commitment is what we want and in that real commitment there is a lot of healing of the sexuality but it's not equal to it's actually the exact opposite of of moving with with that kind of love it is that kind of love and it's a very it's integral it's it's leading us towards our highest sole purpose which is what I opened this retreat with when I said this about the union between two souls so the union between two souls requires everything and this is why it makes sense with a partnership rather than kind of like that you

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  1. I heard that the presence of sexual energy in the body , prevents samadhi from taking root . Can you help me with this ?

  2. Thank you. Yes, this is the great fallacy of people speaking of open relating in a way as if to say it is "expansive", "spiritual", "intimate" or in any other sense as if it actually expands Love. I made this fallacy… many I see are beginning to do this through a facade of the spiritual ego, when it seems most often to be sitting on top of a foundation of NOT surrendering/legitimately opening to the sexuality into the ground, but rather still often distortions about wanting to be wanted, or to consume power from a place of lack. (or even the pure avoidance of the going deeper, which can happen super unconsciously!)

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