Self Awareness Meditation – Teal Swan –

Self Awareness Meditation – Teal Swan –

Hello Everyone at A fundamental Level Everything [is] Energy and That Energy is imbued with Consciousness What does This mean it means That everything in This Universe? Has Consciousness That Means every Single part of you every Cell Every bit of Tissue In its Own unique Consciousness as, well so this Essentially means that you Can communicate With Any Aspect of you Most People are not Conscious of This fact They’re not Aware of the fact That They Can communicate With Aspects of Themselves and So when something goes Wrong with them They’re Completely Confused as to why? They don’t Understand that They Can Look to themselves to give Them that [answer] [A] Self-Awareness Is all about Self Referencing it’s About Tapping Into Yourself or aspects of Yourself To become aware of What That Aspect of you is trying to Say to you? Mostly Through Symptom Ology This is Definitely the case when you’ve got Illnesses for Example The Symptoms you’re Experiencing is your body trying to speak to you, so, we Can develop Self-Awareness Through an Exercise Which is Essentially a meditation That is designed Specifically for you to Tap Into These Different Aspects of Yourself and to allow Those aspects to tell you? What they want to Say? So what I’ve Done Today? Is I’ve Invited one of my Community Members Corrine that you Guys haven’t met her before But She has no idea what this Meditation. Is I’ve Never Had her Anybody Else at the House do it so This will Be an Interesting Experiment She’s Going to be Demonstrating what you will be doing during this Meditation so if you Can Just Follow along with me Just Follow the Steps as if you, were the People at Home doing This What you’re going to do Is you’re Going to Begin this Just like Every other Meditation so you’re Going to close your [eyes] You’re Going to Make sure that you’re Comfortable and You’re Going to Begin to Watch your Breathing It’s a good [idea] to get Into Meditation the Same Way every Time Because it triggers your Brain to Actually go Into A Different Brainwave State you’re Teaching your Brain that Pattern So Watching the Breath? That Means I’m Watching my breath Come in and go out What you’re Going to Notice Is [that] your mind is Jumping Around all [over] the Place That’s okay, that’s not a problem you can let your [mind] do that it’s not hurting Anyone by doing that So I don’t even want you to really Corral your mind to Begin With when you’re starting This Meditation Just Let it jump However it wants to Jump and Just Keep Focusing on the Way that you’re Breathing and what you’re Looking to? Do is to Feel for a Settling in your Body Well This Can Take Somebody [two] minutes it Can Take Somebody 15 minutes so Just you Can Take it Into your Hands and? Decide How long you want to Spend With This Settling Process this Initiation Into [the] core of This Meditation Okay, the second Thing that you’re going to do after this Is that you are going to Decide What aspect of your body you want To Connect With Now this Can Be something like an Ailment you Can connect to something like your Ms or your Aids or your Cancer or? Injury Anything you want you Can Also connect to A part of your body like I want to connect to my knee Or [i] want to connect to my skin or? Y. I want to connect to my heart or my liver or you can Say I want to connect to a feeling Within my Body This is Either in Motion or a sensation something like I want [to] connect to the anger that I feel right now Or I want to connect to the Burning in my chest Or I want to connect to A Feeling of Shame [it] doesn’t Matter what it Is Just Pick Something in your Body that you want to connect With so what you wanted My Face Okay, [Karina] wants to connect to her face okay so the first thing you’re going to do is you’re going to Take all your Focus And your Attention [to] your face is if your face is a separate being Now Because it’s got its Own Unique Consciousness and You’re Going to Begin to become Acquainted With It and communicate With it so the first step Is okay, my face What you want to do is to think about Whether? Whether your face has A color that you associate [with] it does it Very Dark Does it have a texture Yeah like It’s kind of like a rock that’s like Falling Apart okay Does it have a sound Um very Deep but not like It doesn’t Sound good Sad What does your face Feel like? Shayne’s okay so to Begin With now that you’ve tuned [Into] and Connected to this Aspect You’re not going to do Anything With it you’re Just going to stay Completely present With all of that that you’re Feeling and Hearing and Perceiving About your face it’s Almost like you’re Just going to sit There and get to know it but on That Energetic Level Okay for [the] second Part of this Phase, you’re going to play a Get-To-Know-you game So what you’re Going to be doing Is asking it Questions and also noticing Whether you perceive Anything About it so if I perceive Anything Interesting about my face what Would you Say to that What stands out to me about my face? And Make it Way Either way it can Be good and it can be Bad Like Both Aspects of The Universe Are Part of Self-Awareness [I] feel like to me it’s like the overall Look, of my face Just like what is that So I have like a problem Like for example like the Shape of my Lips or like That’s Still your perspective yeah so how Does it how Does your face Feel what is it thinking what Is good Wanting This Begins Part of your Questioning Is Basically Getting your your face that Consciousness That you Connected to you that is your face to talk back to you so you’re going to Say okay I’m Connected to my face Right Now I’m sitting here With it okay face what do you want for me What do you, feel like what do You want what do You not want what do You want me to change any? Question Is game This Guy is the limit in Terms of Questioning during this Phase of Meditation Because you’re Basically Thinking about what do I want [to] know [About] This aspect of Me and what does it want me to know Given Those Parameters Anything’s [gained] so you’re Going to let your Intuition guide you, Into This Exploration Relative to this Aspect of Yourself What is your face want you Know? that it Feels like That and unseen unseen by who [I] Mean why, don’t you see your face um I don’t want to see it because I Don’t Feel Comfortable With Having that Place and how, was your face Feel about that Just like Screaming like begging so much Pain like can’t even likes that any longer, okay [so] if your face Had something to Say to you what we wanted? It Just wants to be Validated but it doesn’t Expect me to Like be loved Unconditionally Like Right Now Like it Knows at any Time [It] Just wants me to Make like first Step and what is the first That’s Funny Because Actually I think right Now is the first step like It’s the first Time I’ve Ever talked to my face so I Figured This Meditation Is the first step to like Just to To know that I can do it To See [Pain] of my Face That’s it like I don’t even Need to be like, oh I love you so much that [I’m] now like it’s your Pain What do you want to know from your Face? Why, do you look like and why is it so Because it likes the way it looks Like and what Does it like about the way that it looks It represents My [Personality] Specific okay so Well it likes that Like it can, do Weird Stuff [For] [them] [like] Twisting the Tongue Like the Cleaver and Because like Self-Exploration I’m Just like Having fun Does your face want to have fun Yes what Else [Does] your face like! About About the place Or Any of them Trust me your face has a perspective on everything because it Sees only unique Talents okay so it likes to be dealers with Tags So like you know Have all that beautiful Makeup on and so your face Looks Makeup mm-hm yeah What’s its Favorite color? Like Purple so i want you to imagine Giving that color light Purple to your face that’s all you’re [doing] you’re Giving your Face Purple and What happens when you do that it Opens Up? And i’m starting to trust me that’s Good It’s like the sun Comes in the lake you know Gives life to the face Do you Feel Guided to do Anything else With your face sorry [Interesting] Leading you Anywhere Else in This Exploration of your Face Because you want to do it wants you to do or, say I Want to be my face like holding it and like um Being on Top of A mountain Look like a beautiful view Like nice Condition like Nice Weather To to get, off To Into The State of Relaxation and Appreciation [I] Want you to imagine Doing all of that? One Suggestion that I have Also if You Have an Aspect of Yourself that you really want to connect to but you feel bit Alienated Or Intimidated by this Exercise Is To Involve other People and to get Them to Brainstorm some Questions that you Could ask That Aspect of Yourself [While] in Meditation like This Make This an Interactive Meditation your prerogative is [to] develop Intimacy With this Aspect of Yourself Intimacy is to see Into that Aspect to Feel Into That Aspect to listen to that Aspect to Completely Understand That aspect of you When you develop Intimacy with this aspect of Yourself? You May Feel Compelled to Just Stay Completely present With That Aspect and not Really do Anything Or in Response to That Communication That Starts to Beginner the Understanding you start to gain you might Feel Compelled to Be more interactive With it for example if You’re Talking to your Heart and your Heart Says [to] you in Meditation that it’s cold Visa has no friends then you May Feel Compelled to Imagine Surrounding your Heart With A warm energy or surrounding your heart With other People then when you come [out] of this Exercise? You May Commit to the idea of Putting Yourself Around other People and Stop by Delighting Yourself So everything that you [just] Heard her Voice Is Essentially The Kind of Thing that’s going to be going on but Inside you while you’re silent in Meditation You’re Going to sit With This Exercise for as Long as it Takes for you to feel A sense of Completeness And when you Feel that sense of Completeness then you Can slowly come Back? Into The Room the Same way you, normally come out of [the] Meditation Do you Feel that sense of Completeness Mm-hmm so [while] you are Talking I Kind of like Place my like Face Like Into my Heart and Like so that it Can like Read it Off of me you know with me Um and I feel like More More Complete I’m like more in Touch this aspect of Myself Perfect So she in her Position she Could choose right now To Just Come out [of] it or she could choose to give her face the message I’m not Gonna leave you alone Anymore you Can Stay in My Heart You Basically want to say or do Anything that enables This whole Interaction to come to a sense of Completeness Or closure Before you come Back Into the Room When so coming Back Into the room you [Can], choose to move your Hands your feet Breathe in Start To listen to the sounds in the Room Just bring Yourself Back However you can Okay so was that Pretty cool? okay you Can See how if That Became like an Hour-Long Meditation Where You were Completely Delving Into Intimacy With one Aspect of you Would be pretty Freaking awesome So this is a meditation I want you Guys at. Home to try, now here’s the thing After You do This Meditation [you] receive This insight About Yourself your Actions have to line up [with] what you have Discovered So that’s the Challenge Going Forward So for example it’s Just use you now that you have that Awareness of your face what might you be Doing Differently in the day Is that Come I’m going to Buy light Purple Eyeshadow There You go Buying light Purple Shadow Is what I’m Going to do as A result of This Meditation you get the Point Basically when you Tap Into This Aspect of Yourself You become more self-aware you have Further insight as to how to live your life in a way, that actually Benefits you So thank you for Tuning in Thank you for Joining me for ena Have a good Week

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  1. What a wonderful teacher!, Stuff I thought I knew, yet to explain such a simple process with so much depth. Beautiful. Thank You Teal. I love you!

  2. She named the keyword within the first minute of the video, plain and simple.

    I just got to love Teal so bad in a very short period of time (I think I still do). Synchronicities in rl happened constantly ever since (sort of the same thing as when I listen to Ralph Smart). But then I encountered nasty rumours about Teal. I never ventilated about it, but deep inside I was so confused, because something kept saying:"But you love Teal". I decided to wipe the rumours from my memory and go with Teal instead. 😍

  3. you can see her beauty and kindness shining through her face! I'm so glad she connected with it! 💓 I'm going to connect with me skin… 😏

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  5. When I was a child very early I felt disconnected but also connected. At the time It was only a feeling. I had no words to explain my feelings however my self awareness was only with in thoughts and when I started to experience the sense of anxiety the thought of something wrong with my toe or something in my throat when there was nothing there. I started to focus in on parts of my body.Today I tune it out a little. The first time I had an out of body experience I think I was about 7- 8 years old seating on the steps in front of our house. It was very Scary I felt like I was getting too far away from my body. I run into the house to tell my mom. I had no Idea how to say what had happened to me. Looking back now I realize I was meditating. This is what I have found so far from the time of birth if we allow our selves to believe that our physical bodies is all there is the fear of dyeing will eat us up very quickly. The power of thought can create disorders in our physical bodies.The concept of a universe with in and with out is coming to a reality to us today so I have no doubt that there is Truth in intuition. Thanks Teal I enjoy hearing about your views.

  6. It is amazing, what kind of problem we can create for us selves.
    This girl is so pretty and so sweet and yet she struggles with the acceptance of her looks.
    Good she found Teal, then <3
    I need to try this communication with aspects myself 🙂

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  10. Hi Teal just want to let you know how beautiful you are and I am so grateful for you. You connect the dots for me.. and so many times you have been my saviour especially clashing in between worlds.. I love you! 🙂 I'm so glad you are here and how strong you are in such a confused world.. Thankyou so much 🙂

  11. Hey Teal, I need your help

    I have a tendency to project constantly. I think about a best case scenario, explore it at length and then beat myself up when reality does not match my optimistic projection. I feel incompetent in most thing, and general lacking in areas in life despite noticeable progress and strength in other because of this.

    Thing like being social, sparking attraction and creating long lasting relationship of all kinds feel impossible because this feeling leads to anxiety that is very noticeable when I talk to people.

    Please help. Advice or reference to a video will do.

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  15. please tell her that after I listened to this I checked her face because I wanted to see her lips and wondered if they were a funny shape… I was so happy that they were beautiful because it made me realise my perception of aspects of me might not be correct either. pretty cool lips like honestly – so it has helped me see actually my perception could be askew because of lack of self love for many aspects of me. best meditation teal! thank you both (also re placing the aspect at heart I did this while listening before you said it and that was cool, gave me hope that it was real because I did same thing before hearing)

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  17. Fantastic! Her face is brighter after the meditation! What I've realized is EVERYTHING is consciousness! Thanks Teal and hello from Quebec city!

  18. Hallo Menschen aus Deutschland 🙂 vielleicht können wir uns ja ein wenig vernetzen?!
    Es wäre schön Menschen kennen zu lernen, die sich mit ähnlichen Thematiken auseinandersetzen 🙂
    Lieben Gruuuß

  19. Wow… I've been suicidal and this just freaked me out and made me laugh at the same time! …I felt very much in alignment with the whole thing while I was watching it. Thanks! A lot of things have been coming my way psychically not just with who I know, but events and videos too. It's all too much to explain but I was watching Dr. Druanna and then had a dream about her which was so upside down and… evil, even to the point my mother who is evil, actually was good… and I was bad, I even killed a small hog thing and I think her husband… her daughter was like this underraged hooker, which she found out through a recording her daughter made. Nothing made ANY SENSE, from what I saw her and her family are good people… but that's what I mean, everything was so ass backwards. I guess that's how I feel about life. (I'm also on Viibryd which makes me dream if I withdraw, even if I only miss it by a few hours – 1/day, which I'm desperately trying to get off right now before my depression kills me but lowering my dose is causing insurance issues).

    Hmm… Now I'm starting to think……. I'm already half meditating while typing. I think I need to dive in a deep trance and see what I can find.

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  22. QUESTION: Hi Teal, this is unrelated but I wasn't sure where to post a general question. I smudged my bedroom on Sunday evening. This was my first attempt at smudging ever and I wasn't sure if I was doing it properly. I used two smudge sticks and a feather and asked to clear the negative stagnant energy in my bedroom. I did my bedroom and the bathroom (right next to my bedroom). Well the next day bad things happened to people I love. My mom tripped and fell and hurt herself and my boyfriend got laid off. Did my smudging potentially cause negative energy to dissipate to other loved ones? If you have a video on smudging I would be interested. Thank you and blessings.

  23. Very interesting concept that all energy has consciousness and thus we can talk to different parts of our body. On a physical level our body takes care of itself. To be conscious of our mind and body is both important.. thanks for the video.

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  25. Bonjour je vous écrit pour vous dire que je suis très déçu que vos vidéos en français aient été supprimé car je trouve vos enseignements très intéressants et de grande qualités ,peu importe qu'il y ait quelques fautes d'orthographe ,l'essentiel du message était tres facile à comprendre et très instructif et enrichissant . J'espère que vous les remettrai disponibles bientôt car vous faites un travail vraiment important Merci et j'ai hâte de vous revoir en français .a bientôt

  26. Make, w/hole!
    Stop, mind…
    Diet, does!
    Not, matter…
    Photons, just!
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    Electorcution, happens!
    Also, maintainable…
    Sometimes, muted!
    Flashbangs, In/side…

    But, if!
    Too, simple…
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  27. This is awesome….and her face is shouting to ME that it is freaking gorgeous and I hope she gets to hear that someday. ~♡~

  28. This is the coolest video. Nobody else is putting this stuff out and if people do this as instructed, patiently, and with commitment, SO many miracles can occur … outer reflects inner and this is SO powerful to gain control!!!

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  30. Following this video, I tried to connect to my lifelong feeling of loneliness. I identified the color like a dark room with dim lights in winter. You can still see, but the brown dark colors are depressing and a bit oppressing. The texture is rough. Then my loneliness said, don't stay here too long. Then memories of my life living with my loneliness as a companion came to me. As a (single) child was a brilliant place to be. As a teen it was my defense, my wall against others in high school when things get harsh. As an adult it was my escape mechanism from rejection. In my few relationships I felt always alone. My last break up, two months ago, left my again with my loneliness. I don't understand why during the relationship I was feeling alone. But now it is way worse. During the meditation it was shouting don't stay here! But I don't know how to continue the conversation or what it wants.

  31. teal swan and ralph smart run the whole spiritual game on YouTube, facts, I love them both they helped me so much I wish them abundance in all areas of their lives, peace!

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    PD all this information, at times feels very confusing and scary

  34. That's funny , the first thing I thought when this began is how much I like (Corrina's ) face; I like that she gazed directly at camera and her face strikes me as kind , gentle and welcoming. I would like to have friends such as she! In fact ,I watched her more than Teal, which is unusual for me!!

  35. Wow, I tried this today and it was an amazing experience! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, Teal. I was feeling a little hopeless in these last few days and this meditation was the step I needed to take to continue facing my shadows. Thank you so much! Greetings from Portugal!

  36. I enjoyed this video. Its so amazing how by connecting with a body part you can hear it's hope and desires for life and acceptance, for its own power, for boundaries, for safety, for joy and healing and even to release past shame, trauma and abuse.

  37. Gosh I had a dream about my face last night it was like a rubber mask and it was shrunken and I held it in my hands and looked at it with shame and horror thinking how small my face is. Been bullied a lot for my looks by my brother and other people and by my own mother. This makes things worse and worse. But the original pain begins very early in life for most of us including myself. Coldness during childhood is a horrific factor in this.

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