Say What God Says - Unshakable Faith

Say What God Says – Unshakable Faith

the believers walk of faith is paid for by bill Winston ministries partners and viewers they've got the same you do and the faith you have in the faith Jesus and the faith Jesus had his the faith God has that's a same faith that created the universe he has given you that kind of thing say according to your faith be it unto you 2nd Kings chapter 4 verse 1 now they were cried a certain woman of the wives and sons of the prophets to Elisha saying that I served my husband is dead you know my servant that servant did fear the Lord and the two creditors come to take him to my two sons that be bonded alright let's look at the next verse so she cried now that doesn't mean she boohoo that cry is a crowd of faith he's making a demand on this prophets anointing he's placing a demand and faith places the demand on God's promises and that's why when the woman with the issue of blood said if I can just touch his wife clothes I shall be home then notice what she did she touched it and the Bible says virtue flowed out of him and then he turned around and said who touched me and the person that was with him said master you see all these people pushing on you he said no no no no somebody touch me now notice nobody got the virtue except that one woman say Amen not see it didn't mean that the promise wasn't available for everybody but it's only released by faith that's Romans chapter 4 and verse 16 so I'm saying this faith thing has a lot to do with how far we're going and somehow we get saved by faith and stopped with faith that's not the idea the idea is you stay in faith and finish in faith and that finishing in faith you won't all that God says that useful to have the best of God is not getting sick and being healed that is not the best the best of God is that every virus disease and germ that touches your body dies if that's the best of God and you get you and I can walk in there okay second all right and Elisha said to her what shall I do for you tell me what's in your house and she said on handmaids not anything in the house except the pot of oil now what that oil was is without thought its burial oil which was worth many years wages to get that oil very very valuable to her then he said go borrow the vessels abroad of all thy neighbors even empty vessels don't borrow a few see we're dealing with God now we got to do this bountiful thinking we got to get ourselves out of this shortage mentality all right borrow a few and when you come in shut the door upon you and your sons and you shall pour out into all those vessels and thou shalt set aside that which was full so she went from him and shut the door upon her and upon her sons now knows what she didn't say y'all get out of here go play mama got some business to take care of now they were going to participate in the miracle because God wants you to pass faith on as a legacy when you out of here he wants your kids to take up where you left off and so what happened so she went from him and shut the door upon her and upon her sons who brought her the vessels to her and she did what she poured out and it came to pass when the vessels were full that she said to her son what bring me yet a vessel notice the sons are participating in this move of faith it's just a right bunch of talking to folks we got to look at it differently if your child is saved they've got the same faith you do and the faith you have is the faith Jesus had and the faith Jesus had is the faith God has that's a same faith that created the universe he has given you that kind of thing say Amen that is faith that can raise the dead can move the mountain so forth and so on notice things are already done but your faith has to be there to convert it from the Flint scene to the scene rail lord have mercy help me Holy Ghost next verse and it came to pass when the vessels will fall that's he said it to her son bring me yet a vessel and he said to her there's not a vessel more and what happened to the oil notice the provision stopped when the demand stopped see don't try to make it easy on God make it hard on it don't try to make it within your ability to do it anything that doesn't measure up to God's promise to you then you are undone you gotta say hey wait a minute I still have some more land to take and make up your mind that you're gonna take that land say amen to that now I'm doing something with it I'm making a point with it because this point really needs to be made with God's people because what has happened many times as we've we've transferred the world of thinking into the kingdom and and we we we got we got brought into the kingdom but our minds are still not transformed and we're still thinking like we were in the world and you got to stop thinking like that because then in the kingdom God is no respecter of person see what he'll do for me he'll do for you and what he'll do for us he'll do for somebody in Africa what do you do come on now it doesn't make any difference so here's here's this son this man said there's a lad here I'm still with that and he says here according to your faith be it unto you let's go back to 1st Samuel please in 1st Samuel in chapter 17 open 1st Samuel Chapter 17 here's David now David's coming to the front line it says verse 32 I'll just start right there now I notice what happened the Giants are before them and these Giants are busy tormenting them I mean that's what Satan likes to do he likes to bring fear in your life say fear not I don't care how bad it looks no more fear I said no more fear it's designed to contaminate your faith and make it so it won't work so David said to Saul Saul is the king let no man's heart fail because of him a spirit that is wounded or damaged it's difficult to create the force of faith to come out of it to do what needs to be done are you following what I'm saying and there's a spirit caller Jeb you site a Jeb you site spirit is a spirit I put it down here that it it literally means to beat down you ever heard somebody saying he got a beat down it's an enforcer of the caste concept see a ste where you have this group in this level and you never move out this group at that next level and they never can change levels this group at that level India has a caste system but those are demons enforcing that so those same demons come to America to enforce racism and that's why a lot of times a certain people of a certain color can get out of a certain situation because they're trying to get out without the power of God coming against the forces that are unseen designed to keep them in there don't shout me down cuz I'm preaching good [Applause] but if you can get faith in your life that's what the devil doesn't want because faith can fix anything thank come on now when they were going from one side over to the other here comes a storm designed to kill them designed to sink their boat why because they're going from faith to what see and now they're going over here comes a storm it didn't come up because of God's will it came up because Satan was in control of system that are designed to sink your boat if you don't have faith I don't care how much money you've got you can't whip say I don't care how much as prestige you got how much education you got Satan can fool you in a New York minute I'm telling you the only thing that can beat Satan is Jesus and Jesus is in you come the Holy Ghost is your teacher he's gonna be the one that can tell you what to do and then you release the faith and God will take care of your situation [Applause] show up telling you right now it wasn't it wasn't Abraham Lincoln that got them off the cotton field it was their faith I'm telling you somebody was in prayer somebody has sundown of a higher somebody come on down and God had Abe to sign the paper but I'm telling you it wasn't a man that got you out of slavery it wasn't you better hear what I'm talking about you will have to start in faith stay in faith and finish in faith now where is your finish your finish is at the top of your game God has a room for you at the top and the higher you go the more influence you will have see when you get to upper levels you can drop your foot in the water and water will ripple all out over the plate God wants itself that if you drop your foot in New York it'll ripple all the way to Pennsylvania god works amen to that I don't know what your area of expertise is whether you're an architect whether you're a bricklayer with you're a doctor whether you're schoolteacher I'm here to tell you God wants you to take your mountain whatever mountain you have God wants you to take it and faith works by love you will have to love your way to the top when they talk about you you will have to embrace them when they come up falsely accuse you you will have to say God I'm not guilty and let God get you out of it I'm telling you what's gonna happen we are not done with what God wants us to do we are about to get into the best life we've ever we didn't come to take sides we came to take over [Applause] sit down Oh have mercy [Applause] look at verse 33 look at verse 33 and Saul said to David thou art not able to go up against this Philistine to fight him for thou art but a who youth and he a man of war from his one youth and David said to Saul thy servant kept my father's sheep and there came a lion and a bear and I took the line and and took the lion out of my flock and next thing you know I went after him I smote him I delivered it out of his mouth and when he arose against me I caught him by his beard I smote him and slew him I'm here to tell you right now all that was a 16 year old boy I'm saying that notice what he's doing now he saw tried to disqualify him you go back home keep cheek you can't do nothing here honey let me tell you when that boy tells you that I want a new bike he tells you that you say you got a picture of it he goes in and gets a picture of it he said to me you said you don't say money don't grow on trees you say this say no is it the best one you got he said here dead that's $400 bike okay fine all right you know what to do something don't you yes sir he goes right in his toy box he get that new Tindall game that you just bought you stood in line for two hours to get that game for he gets that goes to his friend that's needy he gives it to him and you better start cleaning out that garage cause that bicycle is wait he's about a youth but he got the same faith and what has happened is we've looked at it Connolly we've looked at it like people would not say get out of here kids get out of here come on in here help me believe your tuition the same faith say same thing he said get your boys and tell him to bring you something tell him to bring it in here go out and get to the why let him participate in it here's David so according to your what faith be it unto you so what am I saying now I'm saying the enemy comes in to try to break our spirit how do you keep your spirit built up look at proverbs chapter 4 and verse 20 I gotta keep my spirit built up my son attend to my word incline thine ear to my sayings let them not depart from my eyes keep them in the where mist of that heart do you realize you're not supposed to say anything that God didn't say you are representing the kingdom and representative of the kingdom is an ambassador and you don't say anything your country didn't say say I'm on assignment and God is holding you accountable for the words you speak say what God says say a mentor so what he says for their life to those that find them and health and what to all their flesh one translation says they are medicine now when you operate in faith understand once you confess something give God time to make it happen all right let's go over to that let's go over to mark chapter 11 verse 12 and on tomorrow when they would come from Bethany he was hungry he saw a fig tree afar off having leaves he came to it happy if haply might find anything there on and when he came to it he found nothing but leaves for the time of figs was not yet now I call this religion religion is a form of godliness but it has no power they no power you'll see religion religion talks loud jumps up run around the church and every time and go and go back home and nothing's change now I'm not talking about people that can get excited about Jesus my point to you is don't let it be a form don't be trying to do something in front of people so there thank you so holy and you still broke marriage still in trouble kids still running crazy sometimes practice the vocabulary of silence look what it says here in verse 14 then Jesus sent and it said to it no man need fruit of you hereafter forever and who heard it disciples they didn't overhear it they heard it notice what he's doing he's teaching why cuz he's got to go my job is not to have you to always depend on me it's not always to have you have you somebody else do your praying for you my job is to have you to have a relationship with God so he goes down to Jerusalem does some business down there turn over some cash registers look at verse 19 and when the evening was come they went out of the city now they went out of City and went fast back past that tree but nothing happened who is that dr. Fredrick Casey price that he had gotten ahold of the word that God's got ads in a Bible on prosperity and he just began to grab a hold of that and people had him teaching those principles going from Northern California all the way down to the ELSA condo whatever it is iodine he was teaching it all up and down the coast of California he said but what happened is you believed in God for a new Lincoln car and you know that was something in those days that big Lincoln and and at the moment he was driving a car that had been wrecked in the front in the back and on both sides by his daughters and he said he'd pull up at the church and his wife didn't quite have the revelation yet so he'd pull up at the church going there and preached his powerful message on prosperity and he said she tried to rush him out to get in the car to get away before anybody saw what they're driving no no listen you can be saying it and not yet have it manifest but hold fast to confession of your faith without wavering and that's what a lot of people don't understand if you're confessing something they don't see it in your life you see that well you just hang on because they don't change it God's gonna be true and every man is gonna be alive all right so let's look at the next verse 20 and in the morning as they passed by they saw the fig tree dried up from the roots Peter calling for amendments and said attend master behold the fig tree which you cursed is what withered away and Jesus said to them what have faith in God in other words have the god-kind of what faith or as I teach our congregation have God's faith it's not your faith take his righteousness not your righteousness take his love not your love take his name not your name take his life not your life take his faith not your faith and you start using his faith it'll move anything so what does faith first deal with faith deals with the invisible faith deals with the invisible everything God has for you is already done it's already there how far out is it it's a membrane away a membrane away it's like when you step out of this body and your body ceases to exist when you get to be a hundred and twenty years old or Jesus comes first your body sees to you you step out of this body you step into the presence of Jesus oh it what am I telling you faith can fix anything how long are you slack to go in to possess your inheritance well your days of slackness are over so here is David he's going out to fight the battle with all his men he comes back to his camp the enemy has invaded his camp run off with everything including the provision and the people now you are set to get back both both the people come on and the property everything Satan's toe comes back to you the Bible says over in first Corinthians 3:21 all things are yours now when he says all things he means all things from the surface to the core of this it belongs to you so much' I thought it belonged to Jesus it does you are a joint heir with him well I trusted you a blessed by that powerful message now when we come in line with the will of God in our lives there is no limit to the great things that you'll experience in this life I mean I'm a testimony to that I just when I gave my life to the Lord everything changed I mean when you step in line with the will of God and and give your life to Jesus Christ as Lord of your life everything changes I mean it's like that marriage that took place recently between royalty and a person who was working in Hollywood all of a sudden everything changed that person got a coat of arms that they designed for themselves they they got a vault of jewels I mean you could look it up they got a name change I mean became duchess of something I mean all of this happened because they married up I mean they married a person of royalty when you give your life to Jesus Christ you and Jesus Christ become one praise God I mean this this you you come together I mean he he looks at us as his bride we we become a spouse to him you know we gonna have a great wedding ceremony taking place pretty soon but you can see how much she got just by marrying him and the Bible says when we come to Christ we become joint heirs with him well what does he own everything I'm taking everything in my life chance of the people that I hung around with they just kind of drifted away from my life because everything changes well the same thing happens when you make Jesus Lord of your life and I want to give you an opportunity to do that today it happened to me I got an opportunity and I took it and let me tell you everything changed my performance at my job at idea everything changed my relationships and what I felt about some people that I'd hadn't forgiven everything changed so if you're looking for a change this is your time I want you to do something if you know that this is you that I'm talking to you've never ever publicly confessed Jesus is Lord of your life I'd like you to do it today I want to lead you through the same prayer that I was led through the change my life forever just say this with me dear lord I come to you now just as I am you know my life and you know how I've lived forgive me I repent of my sins I believe Jesus Christ is the son of God he died for my sins and on the third day he was raised from the dead Lord Jesus I ask you come into my heart live your life in me and through me from now on from this day forward I belong to you in Jesus name you know when two people get married the minister would asks do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife and he says I do do you take him to be lawfully wedded husband she says I do I now pronounce you husband that's the same thing that happened she just got connected to Jesus praise God I have a book it's called born again in spirit film this particular book I wrote myself I get it out to you free of charge it tells you a little bit about what just happened and maybe the next step in your life a good church to go to and water baptism you don't feel with the Holy Ghost so forth until all of these things in this book I also have it here in the Spanish version and I have it in Polish as well so write or call or contact us today listen something big just happened in your life and we want to rejoice with you we love you until next time bill Winston saying keep walking by faith to order today's single teaching unshakable faith on CD or mp3 or DVD or mp4 call one eight hundred seven eleven ninety three twenty seven or go online at today and request product number 367 BW god has already provided everything you will ever need learn how to place a demand on God's promises through your unshakable faith order this dynamic teaching today the believers walk of faith is paid for by bill Winston ministries partners and viewers

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  1. Pastor bill I love your service I listen to it everytime. I got baptised in the sea am now a born again Christian I’m so blessed in the lord. I’m from a little sea side town called Ceduna South Australia in Australia

  2. I went to information Boothe for prayer and this lady was praying, and I notice that she was listening to another spirit and she prayed that the spirits continue to rape me…no lie.

  3. Oh yes Lord i rebuke that Jesubite spirit in Yahushua name . My store manager is from India and he been trying to keep me down for a while now in that caste system . Those demons are no match for the blood of Yahushua. Iam far from oppression .

  4. Lord Dr Winston lets go for it Chicago is on my list as well as my new house is beautiful and my health is perfect. My finances are in order and i have plenty to support and give this ministry and Charles Capps i promised a million to his years ago and now another yours. I will be able to give a praise report one day from your church Amen and Amen

  5. When i first fogot saved i was excited about Jesus i was shouting and enjoying my newborn stages but the pastor was shouting in the service saying "I REBUKE THE SPIRIT OF RELIGION" consistently gessh.. i thought i was doing something wrong my joy started to decrease i didnt understand that

  6. Please pray for me in the area of finances..i standing in faith this morning im hurting i dont know what to do..bless your heart this morning brother

  7. I repent of my sins Lord Jesus Christ and I ask Jesus Christ Of Nazareth your Blood wash away all my sins away in Jesus Name I pray! Amen!

  8. Dear Lord Jesus Christ Of Nazareth I believe that you Were Crucified in Flesh on The Cross at Calvary for my sins and all of mankinds sins And I believe on the third day you were raised from the dead. I rededicate Lord Jesus Christ Of Nazareth my Life to You! I will in your Name Jesus be a witness to your Grace In Jesus Name! Amen!

  9. Jesus Christ Of Nazareth was Crucified in flesh on The Cross at Calvary Fact! The Blood of Jesus Christ still Saves! I plead Your Blood Jesus Christ Of Nazareth over My House hold In Jesus Name! Amen! Hallelujah! I plead Jesus Christ Of Nazareth your Blood over My Mind! And In Jesus Name I plead your Blood Jesus also over my Spirit and Body! In Jesus Name! Amen! And Amen! Jesus is Lord! Jesus Christ was With Abraham in The Old Testament And Jesus was with Paul in the New Testament! Jesus is with Us Now!

  10. GoodMorning from San Diego, CA! What A Word coming forth…it broke major shackles in my life! She Ready !!!!!!!

  11. I made a comment on here before. It's thanksgiving day and my boys and I are listening to this. They are quite and listening which is rare, but they want faith for toys and a new home lol

  12. WOW, Pastor Bill. This is awesome, and a game changer. I'm adding this message to my daily faith building. Hallelujah!!!

  13. If we are outside God's system by unbelief we are subjected to the forces of the world. But when we are in Christ we are grafted into the true vine, becoming the one new man. God has already broken the veneer between Jew and Gentile.

    We are a new creation, we are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Once we are born again, we no longer partake of the world but of the Spirit and the everlasting promise of God's word.

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