Root Chakra Sleep Meditation | Balancing & Healing Music | Let Go of Fear, Anxiety, Worries

Root Chakra Sleep Meditation | Balancing & Healing Music | Let Go of Fear, Anxiety, Worries

[Root Chakra Sleep Meditation Music Playing] [256Hz + 396Hz Frequency Music Playing ]

79 thoughts on “Root Chakra Sleep Meditation | Balancing & Healing Music | Let Go of Fear, Anxiety, Worries

  1. Thank you for the helpfull meditations. Especially this one, Om and the healing one. They are most helpfull and I appreciate them

  2. Like 10 seconds in, and I could feel the pain in my lower back. The description is true: these sound frequencies work. There's a culture that made sound tubes that are designed to heal different ailments. I feel the vibrations in the areas this video says it'd heal. That's amazing. I literally feel it.

  3. Thank you very much! That's the only gratitude I can show now, because I am waiting for some doors to be open successfully in my favor and I will be able to show my appreciation that I have in my heart for Meditative Mind. Blessings to you all!

  4. I need to align and balance myself. Only 5 days left of this very stressful year. 👎2018👎

    🙌 Here's to a great 2019. 🙌

  5. New chakra series 😍, this gonna be superb!! Thanks guys 🙏.. Peace & love.. Starting with the root chakra.. Water the root in such a way that the branches will blossom gracefully.. Healing started let's go..

  6. Yes!!! mind body and spirit healing right now for us all. Thank you🙏. Many blessings of abundance in all areas of our life for everyone💌.

  7. Didn't expect much, but about 30 seconds in a pain i have in my foot started relaxing, and tension i didn't even know i had just started fading away… Thank you.

  8. Es ist nett von euch das Video auch in deutscher Sprache anzubieten. So kommen auch nicht-englishsprachige User auf diese schöne Chakren-Serie 🙂

  9. I wondered if it's okay to listen with a surround system while sleeping? I know that binaural beats should be listened with headphone! thanks for the answer 🙂

  10. When i listen to this with headphones on , my body vibrates as if im standing in front of a large concert speaker!

  11. I feel so heavy. Have had a lot of loss and worries and this has made me feel so heavy, but I gave someone a massage last night as well so that might be why also. Feeling very relaxed though. Thanks.

  12. I fell asleep listening to this when I woke up it was finished I also woke up with so many repressed memories from my childhood and streams of water just poured on my eyes I had to tell myself that all I've been through it's not my fault I didn't raise myself and I did the best I could with what I had in my life and I had to forgive myself. Thank you for this video.

  13. Hi I'm new to this chakra healing meditation. Can I know how to do this chakra meditation. How long I need to listen and how I need to manage for the 7 chakras. A little bit help and guide will be very helpful.

  14. Man idk if it’s just me but this music sounds very scary to me atm 😂 it’s midnight where I’m at and I’m tryna sleep💀

  15. This is really really great. Is it possible to purchase this as an mp3? I want to listen to it a night, but my phone runs out of battery when I'm playing from youtube. It is preferable to listen with headphones, right ?

  16. "The Angelic Presence that is here will respond to the yearning of the heart and the soul. They will respond to what is truly being communicated and expressed through your requests and through your prayers. You may think you want your business to work, or for some outcome to happen for a certain person, but really it is often about something else. For at the basis of your request is the desire to be reconnected to the power and presence of God within yourself, and the Power and Presence of God that exists within this world—in people and beyond people, all the way into the Angelic Presence.

    You may ask God for a favor or a miracle, but the deeper request really is to become connected because once you are connected to Knowledge within yourself, then God can speak to you through Knowledge. The Will of God speaks to you. It is not as if God leaves the universe and comes to whisper in your ears. It is the Will and the Intention of God, directed by the Angelic Presence here on Earth, that communicates to you through Knowledge.

    People may be very confused about what Knowledge is because they are thinking of it in terms of psychology or their understanding of religion. But essentially, Knowledge is the deeper mind within you, through which God’s Will can communicate to you and guide you.

    God has imbued you with a deeper conscience—far deeper and more pervasive this is than your social conscience, which has been established by your family, your society and your religious training, if you have had religious training. There is a deeper sense of what is right and wrong, what is true and untrue, what is just and what is unjust, that goes beyond your social conditioning and the expectations of others.
    The Will of God flows through the Angelic Presence, and all the levels of the Angelic Presence, and flows through Knowledge within the individual and expresses itself there. Just like life force expresses itself in the plants and the animals, with each beat of your heart, and each breath that you take, God’s Will permeates everything—finding avenues of expression, translating through levels of relationships."
    —The New Message from God

    If this passage speaks to you, please feel free to explore the New Message from God.

  17. Been listing to this for an hour how and I noticed about 1/2 an hour ago the hip pain I live with day in and out, has eased and I'm moving around the house much easier. Thank you

  18. If your chakra is root like mine then your animal that is attached to it is the elephant like mine and like me you are struggling in finances and life purpose. It is most likely this chakra is unbalanced. Let us become empowered and balance this chakra…

    I will listen to this and let the elephant god help me overcome my obstacles.🙏

    Jai Sri Ganesha! ❤🐘🕉️

    Love and light and blessings to all who listen to this ❤🌌

  19. When I am shaking from all the static in this world, this brings me back to ground zero- equilibrium and peace. I am so thankful for this potent tool for healing. Much 🙏🏻

  20. Hello..m from a'vad, India..I'm doing meditation daily night with this sleep meditation music..I've arranged Monday for 1st chakra, Tuesday for 2nd chakra, Wednesday for 3th chakra, Thursday for 4th chakra, Friday for 5th chakra, Saturday for 6th chakra and Sunday for 7th there anything wrong with this kind of arrangement.!? Pls guide me.

  21. The experience of listening to this while being awake is helping a lot with calming the mind and the whole body. I used to believe that s the true purpose of doing this. Meditate and listen. But it s not just that. I ve come to realize that while suddenly falling asleep and listening to this. When I woke up my whole body felt different, in a good way, hardly being able to put it into words. It s just…anxiety and fears and traumas are all related and have an impact on root chakra. Many things will come to your counscious plane of sight if you keep on listening to this incredible video. Thank you so much and wish every1 peace and happiness in this and following chapters to reconnecting with their true selves and the universe.

  22. I listened to this sound and fell asleep and my head and body started vibrating and Saw images flashing randomly and I could choose those images to see. Heard voices and saw people whom i had never seen before nor the place I’ve ever was so beautiful like heaven. It happens to me most of the time. Is this becoz of this music or do I have some problem? Plz someone tell me.😰

  23. Soooo I literally just clicked on the video and instantly whatever I’m suppressing in at this moment is pouring out. I will be meditating to this tonight thank youuuuuuuu!!🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾❤️

  24. I tried sleeping to this but I had to cut it off after about an hour. I started to feel uncomfortable like something was sitting on my chest or I couldn’t breathe. Maybe it’s working

  25. At 3-hours & 53-minutes into this, I've had an odd, but really good quality of sleep, and I am feeling much better now in both areas of my lower back & left foot, than I have in waking-up every morning for over a week now…..Thank You so much for this gift of help to perfect strangers.

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