Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – The Original LOLcats

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – The Original LOLcats

Burnie: I wonder, like culturally, I wonder if in the future people will understand Burnie:That the thing that everyone’s holding in their hand was what took the picture Geoff: That’s a good question. Burnie: Or if they’ll think that we were worshiping this black box. [Gus and Geoff laugh] Burnie: Or something like we take this black box Burnie: into the bathroom and hold it up Burnie: and then, and look at it and take pictures of ourselves with the black box. Burnie: It’s like, I wonder too if the Egyptians Burnie: worshiped cats, or they just thought they were fucking funny? [everyone laughs] Burnie: Y’know, if you look at the internet they’re like: Burnie: “These people in the early millennium, they, they worshiped cats!” Burnie: it’s like “no, they’re just found them funny!” Geoff: It’s like the original LOL cats were just like pets. Burnie: They were! They’re like: Burnie: “Oh here’s the Pharaoh–check it out! Cat!” [Laughter] Burnie: follow them around like, “here’s a dude with the head of a cat! AHAHAHA!” Geoff: What the fuck else were they gonna do for entertainment? Burnie: No shit! You write your billionth hieroglyphic…I mean how many times can you draw the dude Burnie: with the masonry jar? [laughter] Burnie: and the other dude fighting the cobra? [more laughter] Burnie: “We need some comic relief in here.” Burnie: “Throw a fucking cat in.”

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  1. They're talking about ancient egyptians. Most likely you dont even have any blood connection to anyone from ancient egypt. None of this applies to you.

  2. Actually you could kinda tell during the podcast that some shit was going down. Listen to the earlier ones you'll get what i mean

  3. If you listen to the earlier podcasts with geoff and griffon some of their talks go places I wouldn't want to be public about my marriage. Seems like a legitimate explanation.

  4. Now that i think about it, Griffon left the company around the same time. I wonder if it's all connected.

  5. They also said that they're "too old" to fight about it. Griffon said that they fought for about 5 minutes, then they fell asleep. They've told a hundred times, and I'm sure that's nothing to hide, if Geoff has said that that's the problem, on a podcast. It's because they produce damn near 15 shows a week. All the LPs, TTDI…, building LPs, VS., Horse, Fails, GF weekly, Trials Files, Game Night, and the occasional This Is.
    It's because of all those, and he has to deal with the employees in AH.


  7. Not the same thing, you have to sit in front of cameras, seem enthusiastic and pull topics out of your ass, not what a lazy person would do.

  8. She officially announced her departure two years ago. That announcement was her last journal entry on the RT site.

  9. I still listen to the old episodes quite frequently, Griffon wasn't talking about the podcast. She was just saying that in general their fights, whatever the cause, would last like 5 minutes. Also, hiding something and just not talking about something are two totally different things. They usually tend to leave that negative stuff out of the conversation, like when Burnie went through a divorce. It only became apparent because he started posting about dating Ashley. Still, we can only speculate.

  10. I just showed this video in my Anthropology class about symbolism interpretation and got extra credit! Thank you Rooster Teeth!

  11. When I was working on a science project when I realized something was missing. I the thought, "Needs more cats".

  12. Hey remember that they say that there were no pharaoh crowns ever found but there are lots of hieroglyphs depicting them wearing them. Maybe they did it to make future people crazy.

  13. Im gonna be a nerd for a second they worshipped cats because they were good at pest control and when the cats died the owner shaved their own eyebrows to honor the cat and when the cats died they were mummified and buried next to their owner

  14. Everyone please keep in mind back in Ancient Egypt they weren't exactly in the dead centre of a desert, and it is speculated it was a rich land with lots of food (that the Pharaoh obviously hoarded) since they had the Nile river.

  15. as funny as that is, it is possible it was just for entertainment. just look at ancient japanese culture (which we have miles more information on) they had a TON of ceremonies, and rituals that were just to entertain the kids or just for laughs. the great sphinx is a pretty good hint that it was more than just a laugh considering what a feat that would be to make, but i'm sure there are a lot of things that they did that we mis interpret to be much more serious than it actually was.

  16. I'm not surprised if the Egyptian Pharoah Khufu built his pyramids not as a monument to the gods but only for the lulz.

  17. I really appreciate people who are naturally funny. For me the planets have to align and I need to be that 'just right level of drunk' to be funny. Lets just say I have big plans for May 6, 2040.

  18. I like that Burnie describes a iPhone as a "Box" As if technology will be so thin that half of an inch Will be considered a box

  19. 0:56 Ahaha: if you "write" something funny into a tomb wall, it's a comical relief.
    …That's way more funny than it should be.

  20. The Egyptians worshipped cats because they were afraid of the cats. I don't know why they were scared of cats tho.

  21. This is old af but I'm really wondering why are people not turning their phones around and then look at the mirror to see phone screen while taking picture (When using back camera of course). I mean, I know general populace is dumb but for this trend to take so long that it takes over instead of it being fixed is just incredible.

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