Ron Rhodes in Defense of Jesus’ Promise to Return

Ron Rhodes in Defense of Jesus’ Promise to Return

>>Did you know that the
promise of the Lord’s return is under attack today, both
from without and within Christianity? For how a
Bible-believing Christian should respond to these
attacks, stay tuned. ♪♪>>Lamb and Lion Ministries
presents Christ in Prophecy, a program that focuses on the
fundamentals of Bible prophecy, showing how current
events in the news relate to Biblical predictions of end
time events and the soon return of Jesus. Now, here’s
your host, Dr. David Reagan. >>Greetings in the name of
Jesus, our Blessed Hope, and welcome to Christ in Prophecy.
I’m Tim Moore sitting in for Dr. Reagan. I am the Associate
Evangelist for Lamb & Lion Ministries, and I am also
Dr. Reagan’s designated successor. We are in the
process of showing you excerpts from our annual Bible
conference; whose theme was Contending for the Faith.
During the past few weeks Dr. Reagan has already shown you
portions of the presentations made by our keynote speaker,
attorney Kelly Shackelford, and by three other speakers.
If you missed those programs, you can find them posted on
our website at This week I want to share with
you a portion of the presentation that was made by
Bible prophecy expert, Dr. Ron Rhodes. He has been our most
frequent speaker over the years, and we have always been
blessed by his spiritual and scriptural insights. His
presentation at this year’s conference was titled,
“Defending Jesus’ Promise to Return.” Here now, is Dr. Ron
Rhodes. >>[music] >>[music] >>There is so much confusion
today on biblical prophecy. Did you know that the Second
Coming is under attack today? It really is. The Jesus
Seminar for example was made up of 200 liberal scholars and
they tried to determine which of the sayings of Christ are
real, and authentic. And they rejected more than 80% of what
the New Testament says Jesus said. They rejected virtually
all of Christ’s words about His Second Coming. And that’s
amazing. Everything about the Second Coming is tossed out.
There was a survey of Protestant pastors, and that
survey found that 90% of them had no expectation that Christ
will return again. Now, what does that mean? That means
that 90% of them don’t believe the Bible, right? New Agers
certainly have their view. New Ager Benjamin Creme IDs him as
Maitreya. By the way I debated Benjamin Creme on live radio
in Southern California KBRT radio. It can be best
described as a controlled brawl. But anyway, this
Maitreya character is supposed to take leadership in the New
Age, and there is a day of declaration coming in which he
is going to manifest himself to humanity, and then the New
Age is really going to be exciting. David Spangler is
another New Ager and he says, “That just as the cosmic
Christ came upon a human Jesus, so today the cosmic
Christ is coming upon all of humanity.” And so, the word is
being made all flesh. That’s the Second Coming according to
David Spangler. I’m sure you’ve encountered Jehovah’s
Witnesses, right? Some of you have encountered them on the
weekends probably. They teach that Jesus spiritually
resurrected from the dead. And they teach that the Second
Coming was spiritual as well. And by the way it happened
back in 1914. Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re
thinking that the Bible says that every eye will see Him,
right? So, how come we didn’t see it back in 1914? They say
that the reason why nobody else saw is it is only if you
have eyes of understanding that you can see it. Now who
has eyes of understanding? It is the Watchtower Society that
leads the Jehovah’s Witnesses. That’s why you didn’t see it.
You don’t have eyes of understanding, you see. This
one is really wild. The Aetherius Society is a UFO
cult and they teach that Jesus, Buddha and Krishna and
other religious world leaders are extraterrestrials aboard
UFOs. And they are here to help us enter into the New
Age. Their leader is George King and in fact all of the
references to the Second Coming are references to
George King. Right. And then there is Baha’u’llah the
leader of the Baha’i faith which is an offshoot of the
Islamic faith. This particular cult teaches that a new
prophet comes every so often, and then teaches humankind
what they need to know. And the greatest prophet of all is
Baha’u’llah and he fulfills all the prophecies of the
Second Coming of Jesus Christ. And then there is Reverend
Moon, the Lord of the Second Advent. You see according to
them Jesus failed in His mission, but Moon came to the
rescue and fixed what Jesus got wrong. Now of course I
suspect he’s had a little bit of a change of heart since he
has died and passed on. More recently moderate Preterism is
attacking Bible prophecy in general, but hyper-Preterism
is attacking the Second Coming. How many of you are
familiar with Preterism? Some of you are, good. I’ll tell
you what I’m being attacked left and right by these guys.
I’ll talk more about that in just a minute. But in moderate
Preterism the idea is that most of the prophecies in
Matthew 24 & 25, as well as Revelation were already
fulfilled back in AD 70 when Titus and his Roman warriors
overran Jerusalem and destroyed the Jewish temple.
Moderate Preterism is represented by writers like
R.C. Sproul, and Hank Hannegraaff and Gary DeMar.
You see Hank Hannegraaff there, well I co-hosted Bible
Answer Man with him for eight years. He wasn’t a Preterist
back then, but as soon as I left everything went haywire
at CRI. And then they also teach that the literal
resurrection and the Second Coming are yet future, but
those are really the only prophecies that are yet
future. All of the other prophecies in Revelation and
Matthew 24 & 25 took place back in AD 70. And so, that
means that most of the book of Revelation is already passed.
Now, this cartoon or this little drawing here, this
picture of a shark chasing a Pre-Trib, I’m not kidding I
put that there purposefully because that is exactly their
character today. They are vicious. They are vicious in
coming after Pre-Tribs, and Dispensationalists, and those
of us who believe in Bible prophecy in the future.
Preterist don’t want people to read books by David Reagan, or
Ron Rhodes, or anyone else speaking at this conference.
Let me tell you what I mean. This is a book written by two
friends of mine, Mark Hitchcock, and Thomas Ice,
“The Truth Behind Left Behind.” Here’s Preterist Gary
DeMar and he wrote a scathing one-star review on Amazon.
Now, why do people write a one-star review? Well, to
dissuade other people from reading the book you see.
Here’s another book called, “Russia Rising” by Mark
Hitchcock, another scathing one-star review. And he is
trying to dissuade people from reading the book. And then
yours truly, “Jesus and the End Times,” a scathing
one-star review by Preterist Gary DeMar. Now, you ask me
how I feel about this? Like that. >>[laughing] >>And like that. And that. But
then I forgive him, and recover my sanctification, and
move on. Now, hyper-Preterism is even worse. Hyper-Preterism
says that all the prophecies have been fulfilled including
the resurrection and the Second Coming. Now, they make
a big deal out of Matthew 24:34 which says this, “Jesus
said, ‘Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass
away until all these things take place.'” And so, they
conclude from this that virtually all Bible prophecy
had to have been completed before the death of those
people living at the time Jesus spoke. And so, they say
that all the prophecies were fulfilled by AD 70. No
exceptions. All the prophecies. That means that
Christ’s Second Coming, the resurrection of the dead, and
the Great White Throne Judgment are all past events.
No prophecy of Scripture remains unfulfilled. There is
no future hope of Christ’s return. And the universe in
which we now live is the new heavens and the new earth.
Now, just think about that. This world where Israel is
surrounded by people that want to blow Israel up. Muslim
nations that want to utterly wipe Israel off the map. This
world where we have human sex trafficking, where young girls
are put into sexual servitude. This world where there are
wars all the time. This world where even in our own country
we’ve got unbelievable political problems, I think
that you’ll all agree. And this world where there is just
so much wrong, that how could it possibly be the new earth?
If this is the new earth, we truly are without hope. And by
the way did you know that eight out of every ten
martyrdoms on planet earth are against Christians? This is
the new earth? Really? I don’t think so. I don’t think so.
So, how do we respond? Well it’s true that Jesus said,
this generation will not pass away until all these things
take place. But look at the context. Jesus had just spoken
of the Tribulation period, and all the different signs of the
times. Signs like rumors of wars, and wars, and nations
rising against nations, and famines, and false prophets,
and false christs, and the defiling of the Jewish temple.
Jesus said, “This generation that sees all these signs will
not pass away until all these things take place.” That’s
what’s going on in context. So, the verse really does not
support Preterism. Furthermore, what if the book
of Revelation was written far after 70 AD? We know that
Revelation is prophetic speaking of the future, but
what if Revelation was written in the 90’s? Wouldn’t that
kind of argue against Preterism? Well, indeed that’s
what the evidence indicts. Revelation was probably
written around AD 96. Irenaeus who lived from 130 to 202 said
Revelation was written at the close of Domitian’s reign
about AD 96. And then Victorinus and Eusebius
confirmed the date in the third century. Now given that
that’s the case I hardly think the book of Revelation was
prophesying about something 26 years ago. That does not make
good sense. So, Preterism really doesn’t work.
Furthermore, many events in the book of Revelation simply
never happened in AD 70. A third of mankind was not
killed. Nor has every living thing died that was in the
sea. I just listed two but I can guarantee you this if you
were to go through Revelation 4-18 and make a list of all
the stuff that happens during the Tribulation period, you
will have a mile long list of stuff that didn’t happen in AD
70. Now what Preterists have to do is they have to
allegorize. They have to allegorize all of these plain
statements of Scripture so that nothing in prophecy means
what it says. The thing of it is that prophetic statements
are crystal clear. Would you agree? When you look at some
of these prophetic statement about the Second Coming it’s
hard to confuse. Let me give you some examples. Jesus’
coming will be proceeded by signs of the times. You know
signs like wars, and rumors of wars, and nations rising
against nations and all these kinds of things. It’s hard to
misread that. That seems pretty clear to me. That’s a
straightforward statement of prophetic truth. There is no
allegory that is necessary there. And also, Jesus’s
coming will be proceeded by mocking. How can you confuse
that? It says in the last time there will be scoffers, where
is the promise of His Coming? You see that’s a
straightforward statement of prophetic truth. Also,
Scripture’s real clear that the Second Coming happens
after the Tribulation. In fact, Matthew 24:29 says
immediately after the Tribulation of those days the
Son of Man will come in His glory. How can you confuse
that? It is a very straightforward statement of
prophetic fact. It will be a personal coming. Acts 1:11
says, “This Jesus who was taken up from you into heaven
will come again.” This Jesus. Not some kind of a spiritual
thing where Jerusalem gets destroyed. But the very same
Jesus that ascended into heaven is coming again. The
rest of Acts 1:11 says this, “Jesus will come in the same
way as you saw Him go into heaven.” And He went into
heaven physically, and visually. This passage does
not say, “Jesus will come in a different way by overrunning
Jerusalem.” Doesn’t say that. It says, “Jesus will come in
the same way as you saw Him go into heaven, physically and
visibly. To me this destroys the Preterist position. And
gloriously Christ will come to rescue the Jewish remnant. I
wish I could preach on this thing alone. You see Paul in
Romans 9-11 said that God wasn’t finished with the
Jewish people yet. He promised that. And what we read in the
Old Testament prophets, and the New Testament prophets in
the book of Revelation is that right at the end of the
Tribulation the Jewish remnant recognizes their Messiah as
Jesus Christ. And it is at that time that the Antichrist
and his forces are attacking the Jewish remnant. And this
newly saved Jewish remnant calls to their newfound
Savior, Yeshua, the Messiah, Jesus Christ to come and
rescue them. And at that point Jesus Christ comes and He
slays the forces of Antichrist, and the remnant is
saved. He slays the forces of Antichrist by the sword of His
mouth. You know what I think that means? I think that when
Jesus Christ instantly comes down to the earth He will
simply say, “Drop dead,” and they’re all gone. Just like
that. Jesus speaks the word and they’re dead. This remnant
will be saved, they will enter into the Millennial Kingdom
where Christ will rule for 1,000 years. And then all the
covenant promises that are crystal clear from the Old
Testament will be fulfilled to the Jewish people, including
the throne promises in the Davidic Covenant, 2 Samuel 7,
and the land promises in the Abrahamic Covenant, Genesis 12
& 15. Now, if I had the time, I’d go into this in detail
because it is so exciting. But the reality is that each of
these statements is a straightforward statement of
prophetic truth and cannot be confused. But what Preterist
do is that they force a meaning into the text by
allegory. They are putting an unbiblical spin on the Second
Coming. Now, I would like to give you an illustration if I
may. I want each of you in this room to imagine me as a
New Age health guru. Can you do that? >>[laughing] >>Can you imagine an aura
around me? Just imagine me with lights shining out from
within. I am a New Age health guru and I’m being interviewed
on the Oprah Winfrey show. So, Oprah asks me, “Well, Dr.
Rhodes what about cardiovascular exercise? Is it
true that will prolong life?” And then I say as a New Age
health guru, “You know Oprah, a lot of people are confused
about this. Our latest findings are that each one of
us has a predetermined number of heartbeats, and we can’t go
beyond that number of heartbeats. It’s a
predetermined number and you can’t have any more heartbeats
than that. Why would you want to use them up real quick
through cardiovascular exercise?” >>[laughing] >>”And listen Oprah, if you
want to live long take a nap and live a sedentary
lifestyle. >>[laughing] >>And then she says, “Well,
that sounds great! That’s awesome! What about fried
chicken? Can I eat fried chicken?” And then as a New
Age health guru I say to her, “You know a lot of people are
confused about this too. Listen Oprah what is chicken
fried in? Vegetable oil. By eating fried chicken you’re
ingesting massive amounts of vegetables into your body. So,
the more fried chicken you eat, the better.” I see some
of the men taking notes out there. >>[laughing]>>And then she
says, “I’m liking this interview. You know what about
red meats? Do I need to cut down on red meats like steaks
and stuff like that?” And then as a New Age health guru I say
again, “You know a lot of people are confused about
this. Oprah just think about it, what is it that cows eat?
Grass. Whenever you eat those big, juicy steaks you’re
ingesting all the tremendously healthful nutrients that come
from grass. So, the more steak you eat the better, you see.”>>[laughing]>>It’s the first time I’ve
gotten amens on this illustration. That’s good.
Now, what have I done? I’ve used the same words that you
do. I’ve given you a whole new interpretation. I’ve given you
a different spin on things. And I’ve provided reasons why
I must be right. The problem is folks, I’m sorry men, I’m
wrong. I’ve distorted the truth. And it is the same type
of thing that we see happening with the Second Coming today.
You see a lot of people are using the same words we do to
describe the Second Coming. But you know they’re
distorting the truth. They are putting a different spin on
it. And I always insist to people that we must be
absolutely biblical in our approach, and I will not back
down. We must be biblical when we approach prophecy. I often
talk about the little second grade girl who came home from
Sunday school one day and she was so excited about what she
had learned. And she just kept talking about it and talking
about it. So finally, Dad said to her, “Well, what is it that
you learned in Sunday school that you are so excited
about?” And she said, “Oh, Dad it’s just so amazing because
you see God created Adam first. And then God saw that
it was not good for Adam to be alone, so, God took out his
brain and made a woman out of it.”>>[laughing] >>And all the women said. >>[amen] >>And all the men said. >>[boo] >>That’s not biblical. That’s
in 2 Illusions 3. >>[laughing] >>Now listen. The Second
Coming is under siege today. And I am being personally
attacked left and right. But like I said my friends I’m not
going to back down. It’s not going to slow me down. I’m
going to keep on going. That’s me on the right by the way.
The Pre-Trib Energizer Bunny. I will keep on teaching the
truth from the Bible. Did you know that the Old Testament
has over 23,200 verses, and out of those over 6,600 are
prophetic? That means that 28.5% of the Old Testament is
prophetic in nature. The New Testament has over 7,900
verses, and out of these 1,700 are prophetic. That means that
21.5% of the New Testament is prophecy. You put all of that
all together in a big salad bowl and mix it up and what
you come out with is 27% of the Bible is prophecy. That is
too much to ignore. Who would study American History and
leave out 27% of the textbook? Somebody said the schools. You
may have a point. Who would go to medical school and call
himself, or herself a doctor yet fail to understand how 27%
of the body functions? Well, who would study the Bible and
leave out 27%? Can you imagine reading in Psalm 119, “I have
stored up your Word, except 27% of it, in my heart that I
might not sin against you?” You’re never going to read
that because God wants you to understand all of His Word,
including prophecy. Too many Christians are leaving it out
of the equation today. They really are. Did you
know that 1 out of every 30 verses in the New Testament
refers to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ? Twenty-three of
the twenty-seven New Testament books specifically mention the
Lords’ coming. And Jesus Himself refers to His Second
Coming at least 21 times. Are you starting to pick
up on what I am talking about here,
friends? The Second Coming is a big deal in Scripture, a
very, very big deal. Do not minimize what Scripture
emphasizes. Do not do it. In what follows I will offer four
brief defenses of Jesus’ Promise to return again. My
original message was 12 brief responses but that timed out
to about four hours. And David Reagan won’t let me speak for
four hours. And besides my voice wouldn’t hold up anyway.
And so, this is four of the very most meaningful brief
defenses on the Second Coming. Number one, God knows the
future, and His book the Bible is true and trustworthy. God
knows the future, and His book the Bible is true and
trustworthy. You know after I became a Christian, I
gravitated towards reading prophecy books. Now back when
I was young, back in the days of Moses, no it was right
after the Flood actually. Yeah. When I was young a lot
of books were kind of sensationalistic in Bible
prophecy. We still have those today. There are still some
sensationalistic type books out there. I gravitated
towards the books written by the Dallas Theological
Seminary faculty. Men like John Walvoord, and J. Dwight
Pentecost, what a great name, and Charles Ryrie, men like
this. And after studying prophecy for about a year I
came to this conclusion, actually four conclusions.
Number one: Only the One True God knows the future. Number
two: Only the Bible contains the words of the One True God,
therefore three: Only the Bible is God’s Word. You might
try to argue the Book of Mormon, or the Hindu Vedas, or
the Muslim Qur’an maybe those have some prophecy. Well, they
really don’t. Not true prophecy. There was one
prophecy in the Qur’an that said something like
“Mohammad’s army of 10,000 men will overcome the neighboring
community of 500 people.” How is that a prophecy? You know
that is kind of a given, right? But the Bible
prophecies things hundreds, and even thousands of years in
advance. Therefore, only the Bible is God’s Word. And
because prophecy is such a large part of God’s Word it
must be a central focus of study. Now, little did I know
when I was reading those books that I would end up attending
Dallas Seminary studying under the very professors whose
books I had already read. At the top of the screen you see
John Walvoord who was my primary mentor in prophecy.
And off to the side you see J. Dwight Pentecost who was my
Exposition teacher, taught me all about Daniel and
Revelation and all the prophetic books. And then
Charles Ryrie taught Theology. And so, I count it joy to
receive my education from these men because they stood
for the truth, and they wouldn’t back down even though
they were being attacked regularly. For the purposes of
my presentation here’s what I want you to remember about
this first point: Bible prophecy has a powerful
apologetics value.>>Dr. Ron Rhodes’ entire presentation is
included in our conference video album along with the
presentations of the other five conference speakers. In a
moment, our announcer will tell you how you can get a
copy of that album. Folks, we need your support as a
Prophecy Partner. It is the financial support and prayers
of our Prophecy Partners that make this program possible.
You can find detailed information about our Prophecy
Partner program on our website at You can also
use our website to do in-depth research on any topic related
to Bible prophecy. We have a high-speed search engine and you
can use to find articles and videos. And our Internet
Evangelist, Nathan Jones, is available to answer your
questions. Check it out. I think you will be blessed.
Next week, we will be featuring excerpts from the
presentations of two more of our conference speakers. Well,
folks, that’s our program for this week. I hope it has been
a blessing to you. Until next week, the Lord willing, this
is Tim Moore speaking for Lamb & Lion Ministries, saying,
“Look up, be watchful, for our Redemption is drawing near.” ♪♪>>Folks, I am delighted to
announce that the video album of our 2019 Bible conference
is now available for distribution. The theme of the
conference was “Contending for the Faith.” The album contains
three DVD discs and they, in turn, contain all six of the
presentations that were made at the conference, most of
which run 50 minutes in length. Kelly Shackelford, the
founder and president of First Liberty Institute kicked off
the conference by providing an update on the legal fight for
Christian liberties. His law firm is the largest in the
nation that is solely dedicated to the defense of
religious freedom. He was followed by Mike Riddle, one
of Christendom’s foremost Creation speakers who spoke on
“Defending the Genesis Account of Creation.” Next was Mike
Gendron, an expert on Christian doctrine. He
presented a challenging sermon on “Defending the Integrity of
the Bible and the Gospel.” Dr. Ron Rhodes, one of the most
prolific authors on the scene today, spoke on “Defending the
Promise of the Lord’s Return.” Eric Barger, who heads up a
discernment ministry called, “Take a Stand!” spoke about
“Defending the Church Against Apostasy.” The last
presentation on the album is one that I made that was
titled, “Defending the Divinity of Jesus.” One of the
three DVDs in the album also contains a printable file of a
special publication I prepared for the conference about the
divinity of Jesus. To order a copy of the album, call the
number you see on the screen or place your order through
our website at the address on the screen. If you call,
please call Monday thru Friday, between 8 am and 5 pm,
Central Time. ♪♪>>Thank you for joining us on
today’s Christ in Prophecy, a presentation of Lamb and Lion
Ministries, a non-denominational ministry
dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of biblical
prophecy and proclaiming the soon return of Jesus.

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