RMP S02 E03B Beach House Devotion Cocktail - The Gila

RMP S02 E03B Beach House Devotion Cocktail – The Gila

welcome back to review me please I'm Michael and I'm PJ and it's time to make some cocktails for you that's right so we've got another cocktail for vital me please this month's record is beach house devotion and we are making the Gila so what's in the Gila well it's a gin-based cocktail it also includes lemon juice grapefruit juice and honey syrup sounds lovely doesn't it well let's find out when we make ourselves oh just like the monster pinky the Gila monster the Gila monster fine it's the Gila monster that's right so let's make a Gila monster can't believe you're Jeff oh oh oh all right BJ so how do we make a Gila well first we have to find our handy cocktail shakers okay nur and fill it with everything and strain it absolutely real instructions to this one oh well tell me what I need to do I'm ready to learn okay well first we're gonna need to get the gym and we're gonna have to pour it into this shaker so let's do that okay yeah okay looks like gin it smells like gin well you know gin usually does alright so next we're gonna need to get some juice out of this lemon approximately 1/4 ounce perspective I'm glad I brought my juicing crowbar oh good there please work here and squeeze some of these in okay next we'll need to get some juice out of this grapefruit again about a quarter ounce per cocktail oh I brought my juicing spanner good very nice well all right so we need to add the honey that's right about a half ounce each for this one I have an actual spoon no that's good so now we have all the ingredients combined into this lovely shaker here we're gonna need shake it up real real good oh I've got a pink hand shaker oh go elf my own design machine broke but it broke in the line of duty we salute you paint can machine well next we're gonna have to strain it into a chilled glass and I happen to know a neat little trick for those of you at home who might not have heard this before I what you do is you grab an ice cube you put it in each glass then you put them in the microwave and you set it to negative power which will remove all the microwaves from the glass thus chilling the glass down to a frosty temperature the ice cubes just for show now be sure that you push power so many times it actually goes all the way around to the negatives so now that we have our chilled glasses freshmen microwave we're just gonna pour this liquid in there and you know stop it's already dead and that Michael is how you make a Gila but what a garnish man ah yes garnish I almost forgot it is recommended that we garnish with some grapefruit Ryan so that's why I'm just gonna do here let's you a little quick peel yeah our friend here from the grape three yeah little peels of grapefruit there and then yeah nice yeah there's one there that's terrible-looking yeah and here's another one right here we go gonna do that I would say peel it away from you I think that helps really yeah it helps me anyway here we go there you go that's it that's a thing well there's one thing left to do my friend yes we should try the cocktail we should indeed here's to the Gila and beach houses devotion Cheers well you're gonna have to tune in next time to see what we think of the cocktail as well as beach houses devotion and the entire Rivini police package that's right so that ends this episode of review me please I've been Michael and I've been PJ please be sure to LIKE share and subscribe to our channel and until next time keep it spinning you mutilated that grapefruit I'm your the one to use the grapefruit span that was a careful precision maneuver sir when I last saw that grapefruit it was intact relatively you

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