Religious Tolerance Shouldn't Mean Accepting Lower Moral Standards

Religious Tolerance Shouldn't Mean Accepting Lower Moral Standards

35 thoughts on “Religious Tolerance Shouldn't Mean Accepting Lower Moral Standards

  1. Liberals and Muslims don't/shouldn't mix, The Conservative Muslim is a "Real Muslim" Im not a hater and im not prejudiced against anyone for any reason, but Islam and Muslims have no place on the political battlefield aligned with LGBTQ, Feminism, Atheism, Gender Equality, Political Correctness, Antifa, BLM, Female Rulers/Presidents, Sexual Freedom (promiscuity), or Pro Choice Abortion Rights, because they all stand for things Islam totally and completely is 100 percent against, they are the enemies of our religion And Allah (SWT) knows Best

  2. I think the same applies to the actions of the Likud government of Israel. It isn't antisemitic to criticize them for building settlements on Palestinian land.

  3. Totally agree with this. I once said how quran is full of mysogny verses and got called "fake news", "islamophobia", "i have a muslim friend who is nice to me". Those are not the answer for a healthy discussion. A healthy discussion would be to challenge me to provide the so called verses and to analyze it together.

  4. what kind of follower of a religion would advocate the reformation of what he believes is the word of god? how arrogant. wouldn't that mean his not really a believer. Also, hes been saying that you cnt put a tag on a whole group of people, bullshit. muslims believe a warlord pedophile, rapist, conquerer is the perfect man and a profit of a good god, even if alot of muslims wouldnt engage directly in any killings or rapes themselves, they're still stupid enough to believe this kind of guy could create a religion of peace. go home muslims, take what you've learnt from the west and sort your own countries out instead of running from the fuckry of islam only to bring it with you. truth is not one of you is worth another one of our own being killed, or children being raped just to accommodate a load of foreigners who wont even join us at our dinner table or engage in our cultural norms.

  5. The regressive left in America and Europe are cowards when it comes to conservative Islam, to the point where they are eagerly embrace it and fervently defend it. Why is that? They would never do that for the other two conservative Abrahamic ideologies.

  6. The Southern Poverty Law Center called him an "anti-Muslim extremist". The irony being he's dedicating his life to improving the culture of Islam. It should be noted SPLC has taken him off that list and issued a formal apology.

  7. Dude, if you're gay, liberal, and for human rights, you're not muslim. Maybe you have some sort of religion, but it's not Islam. That's like me saying that I'm a Nazi that just happens to be a gay feminist Jew as I march in a BLM protest. Maybe I could be a nationalist. Maybe I could be a fascist. I wouldn't, however, be a Nazi. By definition, I wouldn't. It's not legitimate by definition. I'm not going to call those people people muslim because it diverts the discussion away from what an actual muslim believes. They have a book. The book is crystal clear regarding its rules. There is no way to misinterpret it. When I condemn Islam, I am referring to the ideology that is based off the Quran and thus Sharia law. It is disgusting. The same goes for Christianity. The ideology that is based off the Bible is disgusting. Any ideologies that are not based off the Bible are not Christianity by definition. While religion is retarded in the first place, the problem is that we have retards reading retarded shit that promotes violence against other retards that believe different retarded shit. This narrative is found in the Quran more-so than the Bible. This is why I despise it just a tad more. Everyone needs to put down their clubs and ooga-booga beliefs about the big daddy in the sky and work together to build a fire. It's fucking cold out and everyone's hungry.

  8. Maajid, as a theologically conservative Christian, I respect you and your courage immensely. But there's glaring flaw in your final argument about liberal/progressive/pro-LGBT Muslims being legitimately Muslim.

    As long as the Islamic community remains a community built around a particular literary text (or body of texts), ie the Qur'an and sunnah, it will always need to be the text that defines the community, not the other way around. To say otherwise is to buy into a subjectivism that, if you applied it consistently, would rob you of any basis to argue with anyone, even the violent and deplorable monsters within and without the Muslim community that you rightly and courageously oppose on a regular basis. And you know equally well that in order to reject the Muslim iterations of that sort of illiberalism, you must undercut the very content of the Qur'an (I'm thinking specifically about things like that ayah in Surah 4 that talks about the conditions under which it is permissible for a husband to beat his wife, which I know you do oppose). That aside, that subjectivism also lends a stick for the regressives to beat with you with in the sense that you can no longer say that "Muslim" is a voluntary ideological label rather than a racial group. To put it another way, if the definition of "Muslim" no longer has any meaningful connection with Muhammad and the Qur'an as they define themselves, then all that's left is a complex of racial and cultural identities that enable regressivism in its identity politics.

    You've said elsewhere that Islam as a religion needs to be interpreted and there are multiple viable interpretations of it, including the Islamist one and your own. But if Islam means submission, and whichever of those interpretations the believer subscribes to is mostly dependent upon the believer's preference rather than any binding hermeneutic principle, then the question is obvious: what exactly are you submitting to?

  9. I've seen a lot of videos of Majid Nawaz and I understand how he has so much to agree with Douglas Murray or Sam Harris than with Tariq Ramadan or Mehdi Hasan.

    Big Think is really narrow in its approach to Muslims or religion. Do notice, they don't have any interviews with Tariq Ramadan, Mehdi Hasan, Yasir Qadhi or Hussain Haqqani. Because unlike Reza Aslan or Sam Harris, they will not speak the scripted narrative of "Islam and West". Big Think has far more non-Muslims and critics commenting on Islam than Muslims, isn't that grossly narrow ?

    As with Majid Nawaz, he's still doing the same mistakes as he was under Hizb-ut-Tahrir – spreading misunderstanding and prejudice. As he migrated across the Mediterranean, he has also switched from one kind of arrogance to another. It's like jumping across the Poles without looking at the equator. He's just another neo-Orientalist like Bernard Lewis or V S Naipaul who see only the political views of Muslims. He is still involved with political agendas than with the deeply spiritual and philosophical aspects of Islam.

    There are many eminent and sensible Muslims in the Occident which Big Think has chosen to ignore. Ditch the propaganda, people. Learn from Tariq Ramadan, Jonathan Brown, Yasir Qadhi and Hamza Yusuf. Visit MuslimMatters or Yaqeen Institute. Don't lock yourself up in echo chambers. They are all on YouTube.

  10. If you would, consider these variables. We live in culture that claims to value human rights, including freedom of religion but also freedom FROM religion. Islam is designed to keep in its members and has a history of incompatibility with western values of free thought, free speech, tolerance toward gays, tolerance toward apostates, pluralism etc. Maajid has the enormous task of liberalising a religion that is impervious to liberalising. To accept a single flaw in the Quran, the supposed perfect divine word, is to undermine its entire credibility

  11. Crypto alt-right horse shit masquerading as "critique" when it's actually demonizing and otherizing anyone who's NOT some cross-eyed Cantservative.


  13. There is a small but important typo in the subtext at 03:02 – "In protecting the group identity we end up reinforcing illiberal values…" Not " liberal values"

  14. Either the koran is the word of God (as revealed to muhamed) or it is the ramblings of a delusional 7th century illiterate. Who decides which bits of the koran should be adhered to and which not? Like all religious texts it's interpretation will depend on the prevailing culture.At the moment enough muslims take it's teachings literally to present a serious problem worldwide, but we should all cross our fingers and wait for the long-overdue reform.

  15. of course, after all the religious spirituality is the personal relation between the believer and his god.

  16. I have never understood why Liberal Muslims who interpret the Quran in a more modern way, have not given themselves a specific term in order to distinguish themselves from other believers of Islam. For example if a Christian were to tell me that they're Catholic or Protestant or Morman or Baptist or Jehovahs Witness or Mennonite or Amish or Quaker I'd understand the specifics of their faith immediately. I would never judge a Baptist for Catholic pedophile rings or a Protestant for practicing bigamy or a Jehovahs Witness for raising children by horse and candle light. So if someone told me they were X, Y or Z Muslim I'd be able to say this X Muslim is okay by me because they specifically believe that sexism, misogyny, homophobia, caliphates, non-apostacy, creationism, artistic and scientific oppression have no place in their faith.

  17. Majid, majid, majid. The problem with trannies isn't that they want to be the other gender. It's the Activist who want us to call them "they" "Nim" "Ner" and other made up pronouns and insist that if we screw this up, they should be allowed to have us fired or arrested. It's the Activist who much of the 'community' actually rejects, that insist we teach gender confusion to children who are perfectly happy being what they are. The problem is the Activist who wants to take kids way from their parents for explaining bioligy and society to their children in the face of rebellion and fantasy and Media Activist . Our problems are the Activists . Not the trannies.

  18. Morality comes from God, so Quranic morality is correct. Stfu you atheist secularists have no legs to stand on.

  19. Hey question: Is it ok to lower the expectation of the moral values of individuals who have Or individuals who have been through alot of trauma? For example survivors of war? Or individuals who have been forced to adopt bad values to survive?

  20. You guys should see the big think facebook comment section of this video. They are calling him a regressive liberal 0_o

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