Reclaim your passion and purpose – a guided meditation

Reclaim your passion and purpose – a guided meditation

This is a meditation to help you to
access your passion so sitting in a comfortable position in a place where
you won’t be disturbed for about half an hour sitting with your back straight and
supported and your feet flat on the floor to help you stay calm yet alert
when you’re ready allow yourself to just close your eyes and feel yourself
becoming aware of your body sitting in the chair and of the surrounding
sensations any sounds any smells what physical sensations are you aware of
where your body touches the chair on your back your legs where your feet are
held by the floor the pressure on your feet. What else can you fee,l what else
are you aware of? Drop down now and just become more aware
of your breathing. There’s no right or wrong breathing rhythm or speed just
notice whether you’re breathing in the top of your chest or further down in
your belly and just track the flow of air as it enters your nose and your
lungs and exits your nose. Feeling your belly or your chest expanding and
contracting with each lung full of air that you take in and let out. We’re going on a journey to find your
passionate self. And you find yourself on the outskirts
of a forest. You’re standing in long sweet grass it is just becoming dusk and
you can hear the evening sounds of the forest starting to stir and the light is
gently dropping but you don’t feel afraid because there is something
enticing about this forest and as the light gets darker you look at the sky
and a full moon rises shedding silvery light on a path that enters the forest
nearby where you are standing as you stand there you become aware of scents
from flowers filling the air. You become aware of the sense of gentle warmth
touching your skin and the sounds of insects from the night chirping of crickets, cicadas maybe the hoot of an owl in the distance As your eyes become accustomed to the
fading light and the full moon glow you notice sparks of light dotted around the
outside of the forest and all the way through as far as you can see like
little fairy lights you realize that these are glowing insects and that these
will also light your way. A beautiful stag appears in front of you
coming out from the forest along the path and you feel his strength and
acceptance of you and he stands there and you know that he is beckoning you as
a powerful animal guide to accompany you on your journey to find the part of
yourself which contains your passion so you walk up to the stag and he
nuzzles into your shoulder and you feel antlers touching your hair, your skin and
you rub his neck in acknowledgment of his presence and he turns and together
you walk down the path into the forest. You notice that there is a lot of
moonlight and starlight actually coming through fairly sparse trees so you don’t
have a sense of being enclosed but more of a sense of being protected and
welcomed by ancient tree beings who grow strong and tall around you lining the
soft dusty path that winds its way into the forest. The little glowing insects dart here
and there lighting your way as you and the stag walk down the path you hear the
sound of running water gentle stream or creek runs across the path not far from
you and you have to walk through the water to get to the other side it’s not
very deep and you feel the water cool and cleansing around the skin of your
feet and your ankles. And as you stand in the water you take a
few deep breaths and breathe out and you realize that any stress that you’ve been
holding just floods out down through your body, through your feet into the
little stream and is carried away by the bubbling water that flows over your feet. And you stand there and sigh out any stress
any tension, releasing the day that you’ve stepped away from and as you step
to the other side you feel lighter brighter and filled with possibly
anticipation of your journey. Walking along you notice that the path is lined
with crystals that glow gently in the star and moonlight One crystal in particular catches your
eye and you walk over and pick it up noticing what colour it is, what shape,
what size. It’s small enough to fit neatly into your hand. Get a sense of the
spirit of this crystal and if the spirit of the crystal could speak to you and
was there especially to give you information on accessing your passionate self what would it say? If you could hear it what advice would it give you? Maybe you get it as a sense or a knowing
or an intuition You continue walking with the stag
holding the crystal in your hand and the path opens onto a clearing and there is
a log in the clearing and there is a guide waiting by the log
the guide looks friendly and as you and the stag approach the guide greets you
and you greet them taking in details of what they look, like how they’re dressed.
They have a sense of calm wisdom and acceptance to them and you know that
they’re here to help you on your quest. If you could see them or if you knew
what they look like, how would that be? Your guide beckons you to sit on the log
and sits next to you with the stag standing to one side. Are you ready your guide says, to
discover the part of you that is holding your passion? You reply … Are you ready to accept the part of you
that is holding your passion? You reply … Are you ready to integrate the part of
you that is holding your passion? You reply again … And the guide makes a
beckoning gesture towards a path that is on the other side of the clearing and as
you watch, a long-lost aspect of you steps forward from the other side of the
path. If you could see them really clearly that part of you,
what age are they, what do they look like, what are they wearing? Do they look well-kept or perhaps a
little wild if they’ve been away from you for a while? Do they look happy? Do they look vibrant and alive? They walk towards you and you stand and
you walk towards them. Both of you pause about a metre away from each other and
you stop and take a long look at this part of yourself so close to you now
and you can feel a sense of passion and excitement and anticipation radiating
from this aspect of you. Whatever age they are, they are filled with a sense of
passion and purpose. It is catching and intoxicating and it fills you as well and you ask them, Why did you go, why did
you leave me? Whatever age they are in their own way let them reply. You may hear words or you may just get a
knowing or a sense. I’ll leave you for a while to have a conversation with this
part of you who holds your passion and your purpose. And to show that you have goodwill
towards this aspect of yourself you hold the crystal towards them and they accept it and as they hold it
it starts to glow and it is filled with light and life that is purely soul. It is
your soul, it is your passion. It is imprinted with your purpose and that aspect of you returns the
crystal to you and you feel the energy flowing into you through your hands, into
your heart, filling your heart and then filling your belly with passion and fire
and excitement and strength. And it fills your mind with ideas and
understanding and inspiration. And the part of you that holds the
passion steps forward and puts one hand on your empty hand and the other hand on
the hand that is holding the crystal and the crystal merges into both of you
as liquid energy, liquid passion and it flows around your body filling every
cell with its knowing, its love and its will. This is your purpose, this is your
passion and you take a step closer until you are
both touching heart-to-heart and you hug each other and as you hug this part of
yourself, you feel them dissolving into you and as you breathe you feel their
whole essence filling you, your body, your mind, your heart, your energy body and you
feel a sense of completeness as this part of you merges with you on all
levels. You breathe deeply and you breathe in
the forest air, and the scent of the night flowers flow in with the breath
and they match with the passion and the sense of being and belonging that you
have, a sense of wholeness and completeness that you now have. And you
turn around and you see the guide and the stag standing next to each other
both looking pleased at what has occurred here. And the guide says to you,
are you ready to fully express your passion? And you answer … And your guide says goodbye and you know
that you can return here anytime you want their guidance in terms of
following your passion, understanding more about how you can unlock its
secrets and express it more fully in your life. And you step next to the stag and you
walk back to the path at the edge of the clearing. You turn and you see the guide
standing by the log, raises their hand and waves you goodbye. And you and the
stag walk back along the path with the little fireflies lighting your way with
the glow of the stars and the moonlight shining silvery light onto the path. And
you arrive back at the stream seeing the moonlight reflecting in the dancing
rippling water as you step into the stream and you feel yourself energized
and the energy from the stream feels as if it is activating the energy of
passion within you as you breathe in and a sense of clarity and a sense of an
ability to flow through life with your passion fills you . You step to the other
side of the stream and continue walking with the stag until you reach the edge
of the forest. And you step back out into the soft sweet grass and the stag
remains at the entrance to the forest. You say farewell to the stag and it
bows. There is a sense of respect and honour that you feel coming from the stag
towards you for taking this journey. How do you feel now that you’ve accomplished
this? How are you standing – differently to
before? Where in your body can you feel your
passion? As you close your eyes you get a sense
of the crystal shining in your mind pulsing out information from the part of
you that holds your passion that you have integrated with and you know that
over the next few days you will receive insights and ideas about how you can
express your passion and your purpose. And you feel a part of the crystal
beating with your heart and you know that your passion invigorates your sense
of self. And when you feel into your body you
feel a sense of strength imparted from the crystal’s energy that gives you will
and determination to follow through with any ideas that resonate with your heart
that will allow you to physically express your passion and your purpose in
the world. So being aware of all of this you know it’s time to return … and you
feel yourself sitting in the chair you feel your body supported by the
ground and the chair and you become aware of the sounds around you and your
breathing. Maybe taking a few deep breaths and start to move your hands and
your feet to reorient yourself back in the here and now . Maybe take a big deep
stretch … really feel yourself in your body. And when you’re ready, filled with
wisdom and insight with self-acceptance with determination, open your eyes.

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  1. I'll be making more meditation videos … what meditation would you like if you could choose: guided visualisations, mindfulness, body awareness…. There are so mmany techniques that I used to share with my memditation group before I began travelling. Do let me know your thoughts.

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