REAL ENGLISH: Spiritual Vocabulary

REAL ENGLISH: Spiritual Vocabulary

40 thoughts on “REAL ENGLISH: Spiritual Vocabulary

  1. Thank so much dear Jade for this awesome lesson. Very useful in daily basis. Here you seem so spiritual to me. Thanks a lot.

  2. Can you make video on " If I were and If I was" and " if I were the president I would have changed the constitution or if I was the president I would change the constitution". what all this.

    Were with would have had
    Would have been
    And would have

  3. Oh! You’ve been in Thailand! I’m your big fan. I was crying when you said you would stop teaching, I couldn’t find that video anymore!

  4. Another word for Ashram is Gurukul. It is a place where guru lives with his pupils. In the older times, pupils didn't pay in money. They had to pay in 'gurudakshina". Gurudakshina could be anything that the guru desires. The guru doesn't necessarily ask for it just after the teaching period is over. He may ask for it anytime during his lifetime and the pupil had to do whatever he asked for. But this practice is no longer strictly followed.

  5. Hi jade , glad to see you again after a long time. You kick off the lecture with some sort of awesome vocabulary. You are getting weaker than before!

  6. Great. Please Jade make more long videos like this. Thanks for the lesson. You are the best teacher ever.

  7. Thanks, a lot Jade to draw us around 52 minutes in this marvellous pilgrimage where i have not seen you a guru nor an ashram.I'd rather see you reading our thoughts behind a crystal ball.

  8. Hi, Jade. I like and enjoy your accent, the lessons are so easy to understand, but it's very challenging to try with my Indonesian tongue 😂

  9. I am in love with your voice dear Jade! You have some divine attraction in your vocals!!! Stay blessed!!!

  10. Jade believe it or not you can't be human .you're an angel .your beauty is beyond comare .you ve got a an amazing character.your accent always amazes me.the way you speak the way you explain and put your ideas across are typical.i'm a teacher ,too and i've learnt a lot from you .i wish you the best of luck always hoping to see more videos by you

  11. Everyday you are getting beautiful exquisite ahhh two years and more attractive than any fairytale's heroine .Keep good work up sometimes i only visit your channel just to see you i like a calm explanation of subject MMGBY.

  12. Oh our fairy Jade, Appreciate this lesson. By the way, What is the concept of today fashion? Looks like a house maid in a country side in UK Haha

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