34 thoughts on “Questions About the Muslim Religion (Nation of Islam) Part 1, 1992

  1. Muslims enslaved whites in The Barbary Slave Trade.
    Muslims enslaved blacks in The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.
    White men in America abolished slavery.
    Muslims in 2019, are enslaving blacks in Libya.

  2. Islam is demon worship, but the nation of islam, is retard worship, pretending to be demon worship

  3. I really wonder what Arabs and other middle easterners think of this nation of islam mess? That people just picked a bunch of elements from their religion and added a bunch of made up stuff to it.

  4. Islam is an evil ideology which has a religous component which allows them to play the victim when in the minority but gives them complete control over their country when in the majority ( ie Saudi and Iran etc). They have plans for world domination helped by liberals and communists.

  5. Pre-911. He had no idea how horrible moooslims actually are.
    Of course Nation of Islam black moooslims aren’t real moooslims. It’s just a weird little cult.
    I’ll give them a tiny bit of credit for one thing… African Americans should not be worshipping the white god of their former slavemasters. It’s pathetic. But blacks can’t go without religion, there’s no such thing as a black atheist. THIS is what holds black people back, keeps them in poverty. A black would rather worship their slavemasters' god or an evil illiterate warlord pedophile like Mohammad than have no religion. More melanin = more religiosity. I’ve pretty much only met white nonbelievers. A few Asians. One guy online once told me he was a black atheist but I don’t know if he was telling the truth. There have to be a few, though.

  6. The man Jesse is talking to is a prime example of how satan deceives minorities into thinking they need to 'know themselves' in order to come closer to God. That is a LIE. Essentially, he is falling for the same lie Adam did. Satan wanted Adam to believe that he could be like God if he would just eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

    In Christianity, God's Word tells us to know HIM and look to Him because without Christ we are unredeemed.
    Islam is a cult, a political ideology that is now destroying the fabric of this nation. This man is so DECEIVED! He uses the bible to justify the teachings of Islam ('how shall they know if they don't hear or have a teacher'). The bible says in Romans that God put in us a 'knowing' of Him so that, on Judgment Day, people could not plead they didn't hear and weren't taught.

    Using the bible to understand Islam is DANGEROUS.

  7. I love how Jesse lulls his guest into logical traps. He lets his guests think he’s a simpleton by asking simple questions, then he tears their world apart using their own logic.

  8. He complains about not knowing his true name because he was given a slave master name. Then once he freely picks a name(because he can) you ridicule him because of the origin of the name. This can be upsetting to a man therefore he complains.

  9. You can see how Jesse Bull Shit talking points change over time because today he's saying how he did follow the nation of Islam but overcame the Real Race Hustler.

  10. compare this converation to callers who don't excactly agree with Jesse..
    Interesting conversation so far.

  11. Jesse that was the third time my comments been deleted unsubing as of today goodluck in these EndTimes.

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