Problems Make you Stronger – Being Spiritual During Life’s Difficulties, Challenges, and Busyness

Problems Make you Stronger – Being Spiritual During Life’s Difficulties, Challenges, and Busyness

Acharya Shree, When we experience difficulties in life, how do we remain spiritual? Absolutely, this question needed to be asked a long time ago. In the real sense difficulties or problems. They don’t make our lives slow. They make our lives even harder. Because it is a challenge. When somebody is surrounded by difficulties or surrounded by problems, it gives them some kind of courage to fight with the problems with the difficulties I always say to people Don’t be afraid of problems Because problems are your test. Problems are your exam. Your real test. In the life is a problem If a person who is running away from the spirituality because of problems is not a real person I say, that person is a coward. They are not brave. Only a brave person can follow the spiritual path And if they are already spiritual little problems or difficulties they can make them not any more spiritual, it means they didn’t really taste spirituality. Once a person tastes spirituality even a little bit. It stays with the person forever. If difficulties or problems come even financial problems come problems with children or problems with the family Problems with their job The person is supposed to shine It is like exploring more. It is like a hurricane Like a very strong wind Maybe 140 mph flower if it survives in that wind It fights with the wind and it survives It looks so beautiful after that That is what we need to learn from a little plant. They can survive They fight with the snow. They fight with the wind They fight with the storm. They fight with the hurricanes Heavy rains, heavy storms but they still remain, they still survive. Those are the real plants The real test of the human is not to be defeated by problems or difficulties You have to win over Because, difficulties are not real. It is the creation of your mind. It is just sometimes, they think it is a problem and because of those problems they cannot follow spirituality. I think they are making excuses Those are excuses. I will give an example Someone has two small children and they say those two children drive us crazy all day we don’t have time to do anything They just come and bother, they want to play they want to run around so we cannot practice our spirituality Yes, I am angry with you. But, you have to find the time when children are asleep. Maybe when they go to bed. Find a few minutes Think. Life is already short. If you don’t do it because of this problem Not meditating, not doing any spiritual practices Not to do any kind of sadhana How are you going to explore your life. Life is very short. It seems like if someone lives 100 years but, 100 years goes by very fast So, think about the first thing. Life is not guaranteed. It can break at any time. So do whenever you get the time. Even if you are surrounded by thousands Your Your problems are nothing. Maybe you will understand by this example. One person came to a Saint. His name was Kabira he said, I am full of problems I don’t know how to follow these practices I used to wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning meditating, chanting mantras, doing prayers, whatever I used to do But the problems are thousands, I cannot take it How can I come out of these problems How can I remain again the same way, like my spirituality goes on. Kabira just smiles and he goes on He asked his wife can you bring two cups of milk. She brought them two cups of milk Kabira drank at once and when the guest was drinking Kabira said just wait and he put little pinch of ash in his milk and he said now drink it and when he drank it. Kabira asked did you find any different taste to the milk. He said, no It is a little different but it didnt really make any difference. Ok drink it. He drank it. He said look, life is like a cup of milk. It is a nectar it is Amrita, nectar and the problems in life is a little pinch of ash. What I put in the cup It doesn’t make any difference, just think about it. Problems are a little pinch of ash. It is still with you, but don’t be afraid of them, fight with them, be brave be courageous, when you are brave, courageous you become really a person who always remains on the path Because problems cannot take you back Problems make you even more brave. They give you more courage. It shines your life better. It makes your life even much better I think problems are blessings. I am not saying that you have to be surrounded by problems and difficulties all the time. But in a way they are blessings. It is your test. Don’t find excuses to remain spiritual. Always remain spiritual. Think problems, difficulties, all kind of difficulties are not in your way. They will not block your way of spiritual they will help you. They are very helpful

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  1. Living in a world permeated with Kali Yuga values can be a great challenge for a mystical seeker, but if one can overcome this challenge, his/her victory of Spirit will be all the more triumphant. As Jesus said of this kind of time, "Because of the increase of evil, the love of most will grow cold. One who holds out to to the end, however, will find salvation." (Matthew 24:12-13)

  2. Yes, I agree. Hard times make you embrace the life that you are living more, instead of yearning for something else. The difficult things we must do in life are like a medicine that can cure us of small mindedness.

  3. The choice of words 'fight' or 'enduring' make no difference…as long as you understand that just being able to pass through any situation without loosing sight of 'reality' will develop strength and character..this is the essence of Acharya Shree's lecture…

  4. One more thing…to endure is to put up with the situationsuffering might be present because there is not real understanding…it carries within itself resistance, therefore you are not flowing…Acharya Shree uses the word fight for a reason, meaning you are not giving up, nor are you enduring .. you simply know that you have to pass through with strength, courage, focus and balance…and that your only aim is 'reality' nothing else matters

  5. Hi, Fancy Gremlin:

    Dreamer 47 was just adding a little humor…
    and I thought it was pretty cute. EnLIGHTENment isn't worth much if you can't lighten up! : )

    Anyway, I would choose enlightenment over fame, or anything else.

    Betsy V.

  6. @tomsan84 it's a technique, he mentioned it in one of his vids before, its kind of like a "mind over matter" thing, his eyes are healthy too ,they dont dry out like you would expect, although he did mention that durring training it did hurt alot.

  7. The saying goes "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger". I agree with this. Each day that life gives you tougher problems and you get through with it, you are on the pathway to gaining more in spirit. Being spiritual is far from easy, it is indeed tough. If you go through day to day life watching how you behave in different situations then you are living consciously.

  8. @fancygremlin why choose..when one can have both….why limit yurself……one thinf doesnt have to limit the other…it depend how one handle it…..and some can,,,,,

  9. @bmb6 I think the key word in your comment is LEAVE. If you've not yet done that, just leave the stinking place behind. I have hunch something is calling out to you somewhere else. Denying this is making you miserable. When you leave, choose the only direction that feels good. You'll know it. It'll just feel right.

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