Prepare for What You’re Praying for

Prepare for What You’re Praying for

TERRI: Now today, I’m gonna
share with you why you need to prepare for what you’re
praying for. You know, preparation is a vital key
to living your dreams. TERRI: Hey, I’m
Terri Savelle Foy, your cheerleader of
dreams. You know, lemme ask you: Are you ready for
God to do a new thing in your life? Are you tired of just
repeating the same scenario year after year? Have
you thought lately, How do I stay positive when it
appears nothing is changing? If you answered yes to
any of those questions, I have one word for you that
drastically changed my entire life: Routine. The secret of
your future is hidden in your daily routine. If
you’ll change your routine, you’ll change your
whole life. Well, one of the biggest and easiest
changes that I’ve made to my daily routine was listening to
inspirational messages that just pointed my life in the right
direction. I wanna ask you to subscribe to this podcast by
pushing the little red arrow so you start a routine of
consistent inspiration and coaching to help you
live your dreams. Today, I’m gonna share with you why you
need to prepare for what you’re praying for. Preparation is a
vital key to living your dreams. We know that. In fact,
before I finish today, I wanna give you the entire
seven step checklist for success so I don’t leave you with just
one step in today’s podcast, I’m gonna show you how to access
that free checklist in jus a minute. But first, a phrase a
heard years ago from Coach John Wooden was this, he said,
“When opportunity comes, it’s too late to
prepare.” In other words, you’ve got to be ready when God
brings opportunities your way so you can seize them,
right? Well, in the book, “Outliers” Malcolm
Gladwell wrote that “10,000 hours is the magic number
of greatness.” Well, he supported that by saying,
“Research shows that for the overwhelming majority of experts
who reach the top of their fields,” like
math, chess, tennis, swimming, music, “They
have spent a minimum of 10,000 hours to
become great.” So, 10,000 hours works out to be about
20 hours per week for 10 years. Now, 10 years is a long time,
but 20 hours a week isn’t so bad, especially when you
consider that the average America watches five hours
of TV a day. The point being, bands like the
Beatles who played four, six, eight hours in gigs all
over Europe long before they invaded America.
But think about it, all that time it felt like,
“Nobody is listening.” They’re singing to a handful of
people, playing pool, drinking beer, not even watching
them. It was all practice. See, it’s the same with you. If you
wanna grow and improve and be offered bigger opportunities,
you have to practice. I look at people like John
Maxwell, he grabs a stool, he puts a mint in his mouth,
he holds a bottle of water, and he just sits there
and he speaks to 15,000 people like he’s sitting
in their den. And people ask, they say, “How are so
comfortable with your mint in your mouth, you’re
drinking your water, talking to 15,000?”
This is what he said, “Because I’ve done this 10,000
times.” Here’s my point: If you desire to be in public speaking,
accept every opportunity you can. Speak for free.
Speak to small groups, youth groups,
retirement centers, juvenile detention centers.
See, every time you do it, you’re gaining experience.
You’re getting more comfortable in front of a crowd. You’re
getting prepared for the big stage. Do you wanna have a
successful podcast? A YouTube channel? You know what my
recommendation is? Just start. Gain experience. Build your
confidence. And you know what? Be glad that hardly anybody is
watching. I’m so glad not very many people were watching my
podcast when we first started. The ironic thing is, my whole
life I have been told that I smile all the time, even in
my senior yearbook. It’s like, “Terri smiled to everybody!” And
my mom would say … They would make bets. My family would make
bets whenever I would go into a store and I’d come
out, they’d say, “I bet she’ll be smiling when
she walks out.” I’ve just always smiled. Well, ironically, when
we first started the podcast, the guys who were
working with me, they told me later,
they said, “Terri, you need to smile
more.” I thought, “Smile more? I have
never, in my whole life, been told I need to smile more.”
But I was so nervous that I forgot to smile. Well, thank God
we averaged 22 views a day in the beginning, but now I’ve done
over 600 podcasts. I’ve filmed TV shows for 12, 13 years. God
was preparing me for this today. I think about when I became a
youth pastor. The first meeting that my husband and I had
with our youth leaders, this wasn’t even with the
teenagers on stage. This was with our youth leaders before
we started speaking publicly. We walked into this restaurant to
meet with these youth leaders, and I said to my husband, “You
do all the talking.” Because I was too nervous to talk to youth
leaders. But you know what? God was preparing me
in a little 1,000 sq.ft. Warehouse in Crowley,
Texas with 75 teenagers week after week after
week, speaking for free, speaking Wednesday nights, to
one day stand on a stage to 10,000 14,000 people.
But you know what? It was all preparation.
So no matter how big or how small,
it’s practice. It’s preparation and it’s needed to take you to
the next level. Maybe you’re not a speaker. Maybe you’re a
designer or a decorator or a stylist. Maybe you’re a party
planner. Offer to give some of your services to your friends
for free. Build your portfolio. Take photos. Get them to
write a review. Sow some seed, do some things for free,
get some seed in the ground, get the experience. I heard a
story about one of the top sales coach trainers in
the United States, a girl named Lisa, who said she
was starting her business as a success coach in sales training,
and she would set up meetings at the local Olive
Garden. She said, “It didn’t even have four walls.
It was three walls and a little accordion.” But she said she
was committed to meeting with 10 people consistently week after
week and training them. Well, one day, she got invited to
speak at an event in Santa Barbara. She lived in Phoenix.
And she said because word got out about her local talks, it
began to spread. This was the first time she left her newborn
and her toddler at home to go after her dream. When
she flew to Santa Barbara, she walks in and she realizes
there’s gonna be 60 people there. That was her big break.
She got so excited. But then she discovers that she’s going to be
speaking to about eight people in a break out
session. Now, think about it, she left her kids,
arranged child care, booked a flight,
ready to give her speech, and it was to eight
people. That’s okay, but she took a deep breath, and
she took a chance. She went up to the host of the
conference and she said, “I’m gonna do a great job
in my break out session, but I just wanted to say, if
any of your main stage speakers don’t make, I’m
your girl.” She said, “Or, if you can just add a
slot at the end of the day, I’m ready.” Sure enough, they
added a slot at the end of the day. Why? Because she was ready
from all the local talks she had done at the Olive Garden to 10
people. She gave her sales pitch and she signed dozens of new
clients. She didn’t make 10,000 in a month like she used to
do when she was starting out. She made 10,000 in
90 minutes. She said, “Not only did it change my
life, but it changed my family’s life.” She said, “I was ready
for my big opportunity because I had done all those little
talks in the side rooms at Olive Garden.” Well, what I’m telling
you today is that when God sees you doing your part, He will
open doors that no man can shut. I think about David in the
Bible. He was just a shepherd boy out there taking
care of his sheep, and he could have thought, “I
don’t need to develop my skills. I’m stuck out here
with these sheep, these few sheep.” But
while he’s out there, alone, he got his slingshot and
he started practicing day after day, month after month, slinging
that stone again and again. When a coyote tried to
attack his sheep, he nailed it. He became a
sharpshooter. He was so precise. Well, when God needed
someone to slay a giant, He looked to see
who wads prepared, who had developed their skills,
who was practicing in private? I heard Joel Osteen say, “When God
is looking for people to promote today, He doesn’t just close His
eyes and randomly pick someone. No, He chooses someone who
has developed their skills in private.” You have skills that
can lead to an abundant life, and everyday you
spend learning, growing, improving, you’re getting
prepared. The Bible says, “Your gifts will make room for
you and bring you before great men,” So, before we close out,
I wanna recognize our YouTube subscriber of the
week. This week, it is Malachi Dawson. Malachi
says “Amazing Terri!” Says, “I was at your NEXT conference
and it changed my life.” Oh my gosh, I love this. Says, “I
have written a book at age 13.” Malachi is only 13 and he’s
written a book. “Thanks for all the encouragement.” Oh, my
goodness. You are never too old or never too young to go
after your dreams. Malachi, we are so proud of you and we
are cheering you on. I wanna give you the entire seven step
checklist for success that I’ve practiced in my life and learned
from the most successful people in the world. So, all you have
to do is click the link in the description or go to to get your free seven step checklist. Now,
this free download that you can access today will become your
go-to list to keep you on track to your dreams. And for
more consistent motivation, follow me on
Instagram, Facebook Twitter, and Pinterest. You can find
my handles below or click the little red subscribe button for
weekly videos to make this your best year yet.
Thanks for watching, and remember, I’m
cheering you on.

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  3. I use to complain so much at such opportunities and wondered why I had to do such and see everyone else fulfill their dreams until now I look back and understand that they invested in themselves with little to no pay and a few years latter it is as if their success happened overnight. Now I understand opportunities like this was God trying to prepare me but my stubbornness got in the way. That’s all He’s been doing but I didn’t get it. Oh I’m so not going to miss it this time and from now on. Big dreams require much preparation. Thank you Terri😍

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    I am long to write these words to you.
    First of all, thank you so much for your real life teaching. There are all valuable skills and daily habits.
    Last year, this time. I was sad, depressed, and uncertain about my future.
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