Prayer is a Quality, not an Act. Sadhguru

Prayer is a Quality, not an Act. Sadhguru

26 thoughts on “Prayer is a Quality, not an Act. Sadhguru

  1. Prayer is a quality that you cultivate to make your ego small. I had never seen that on this angle🙏🏾

  2. "Prayer is something that you become ,not something that you do" …is it like the water that we drink becomes us , Mantras that we recite works within us by some kind of activation , invigoration . Is it made for the sake of our well being and self attainment or realization ,rather than attaining God ? Is it that the conscious within us ,which is invisible and indestructible is ,actually, God ..! Is this how God is present in all living creatures on this planet, Sadhguru ? I think , Krishna did say to Arjun that " i am you …!

  3. Prayers and their repetition give us an opportunity to introspet. We get to know the good and bad within us. We should give up the bad things and try to augment the good virtues within us. Perhaps that's how we become better than what we are. We become something better than what we are. Is this what Sadguru means.
    By the way I didn't understand the Baptist storey.

  4. Meditation is the good middleway between praying and not-praying . Theism and atheism are not the truth .

  5. of course, most people think prayer is talking to God and 90% of the time asking for something. Real prayer is listening!

  6. I never felt any kind of growth by this society all i get is doing wrong things and saying that it's a trend,science etc etc and it's been the culture now but I feel the essence of growth through isha it remembers me something we lost and something we forgot

  7. It is funny to observe how in my country, where most of the population are muslims, and having to read so called Namaz five times a day- prayer . So if lets say I am on the road from one city to another and the driver is muslim – he jumps off the car on a certain time of the day and runs to read namaz! He does it and comes back to the car in few minutes and continues driving . Maybe he goes into that qualitative state , I dont know, but does not look like 💁🏼

  8. "Repetition without awareness dulls the mind" thats why the result don't seem to come even after hours of doing it, it only gives a hypnotizing effect and later gives hallucinations.. ppl start to hear sounds, see lights…and end up going to therapist!

  9. Only 1 thing in this video i have to Disagree with sadhu guru.
    religion is NEVER the highest intelligence. simple because, religion is a huge bag of Believe Systems. Only Spirituality is the Highest intelligence.

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