Thank You Mikey God is Yahweh there there was nothing you the you are the great your reign and majesty to me all praise all glory honor based upon humanistic $11 Gibran the niversity you are the Almighty your name is from everlasting Epicurus commendable you are the eternal you are the eternal God there is no end to your goodness thank you for your grace thank you for your mercy thank you for your steadfast love oh god I worship you I bow before you your majesty I bow before you thank you lord thank you for favouring me for favoring these people that we're able to come before you i bind every power and powers of the enemy I stop the gates of Hell shall not prevail against father I honor you tonight your word declare an ayah saya 15 hi let you arise there are enemies this so I thank you tonight that your glory filled this place my dearest Jesus I decrease so that you you you will increase let not the people see me but let them see you let them not hear me but let them hear you let miracles signs and wonders follow tonight let it be manifested tonight those in a second every year Almighty God that the lame walk let the blind see that here and let those that are looking for good news receive it tonight I thank you in Jesus mighty name Jesus [Applause] you are worthy you will be exalted on high to me there's no God like you that's not like you does anybody believe to like this I said does anyone believe tonight [Applause] I agree now will you take one take one moment and we go around [Laughter] [Applause] Oh so glory let your glory come right over break item against the Ryder truck every hour a short temper gets a righteous that the arrow for the arrow Oh [Applause] gotcha right every weapon against Jesus he shall prosper the name of Jesus I refurbished the face everybody's the person I reverse the curse I said the curse today Jesus Christ of Nazareth Jesus Christ of Nazareth but Siri to let the very day of Santa letter fall into it [Applause] [Applause] see I declare [Applause] because we overcome because you Jesus [Applause] [Applause] please shut up ray no need to pray to pray on Sunday they have to buy the more they of Natasha bb-but of lack of all we shall [Applause] so arise arise Oh God Oh Joe Joe Joe Joe with the Lord of war rise up now fight for us fight for your children fight the believers nature fight for the believers fight fight for your children God of War Jehovah is your name Shafi Warlow every I shall become a ballet what that name of the Lord shop the odd soldier [Applause] would you keep your form only about a pray right changes things changes things [Applause] keep me broken like my iron in the name of Jesus we cannot let the angel of the Lord Jesus Tara what as for the righteous may the God of peace may the God of peace of love and understanding stir it up we are Watson the name of Jesus he goes 6b apasa synod a much she's asked is anyone pray to that is anyone pray tonight I said the favor a blessing sir may we break for the laugh on the right side he come I'd never say aha may our steaks become available yeah we shredded and of course we laugh in the name of Jesus I may our hearts be filled up with plenty I may I'll watch over blow and run with wine and oil in the name of Jesus may your comfort sweet almond wheat and corn the name of Jesus he gonna bother my son may pour into your bosom as you have so attached may reap and so I am mayor enjoy married I'm a little shy they help me around may help be a portion may sickness be far away from you and me this year can be a meteor shudder those that are waiting through us for to fall and to be afflicted and mourn may they wait I say girls that are waiting for you to be afflicted for you to God make Elway's I say may now baby and me wait all day are here but let it never got them Oh shucks ha that's sudden destruction and let there be suddenly blessing upon you may favor wait for you at the gates I said they favor wait for you at the Giga forces of the Gentiles we convert it for you today and Silva may your ships come from afar very cool and comments I recently got royal comments can they name of Jesus something while they are looking for you to look like a peasant on a slaver you shall come rejoicing bringing in the season where it comforts of royalty where it got seven o'clock wait up Mary cameras edification well for the Word of God declares revelation 1:6 that we are priests and kings may they have a good report of you in heaven mangez the Lord called me for the truth of the Most High Court made a mention your name I promise I'll take good things will be spoken of you secret places in the name of Jesus when the dust printer and the dawn breaks and the Sun Rise where you become an inhabitant and a possessor an inheritor may the Angels tell of a good report about you even though man may speak evil of you may the Angels from the bolshevik on may they mention your name in heavenly places may they mention your name your face me your middle name your last name may they call you my every name every name holy ones may I call you [Applause] when they tell of a good report concerning you my daughter made the angels tell of a good report may they tell the father that you are a worshipper may they tell the father you that you are intercessor a prayer warrior who am I talking to – that I say may dangers of the Lord Gela the good report about you that you you you I give up you is so on hey you are encourage them and the body of Christ not a gossip wall not a chat alone not one that is to spread mischief but maybe angels of the Lord God Jehovah sing praises about you I shudder wherever you are may they tell your planet ah watching [Applause] you may your faith not fail you when they go before the father tonight that's why you went outscored to be your straight and you can't give up you can't give up in the face of adversity you cannot give up in the face of battle when they go before just sends back blessings to you people are you ever he sends back blessings to you don't be a man's Felicia don't seek to please man seek to please the Most High God you never fail you never leave you so you gotta you gotta play some bear you gotta push you gotta make it in people of God you got threw in the towel because of her how about enemy you gotta be strong and in the Lord and have a very very good courage in the name of Jesus when you crazy


  1. AMEN In the Mighty Name of JESUS There's none like you Lord Real power and authority belong only to you Thank you JESUS Thank you JESUS In your Name Thank you JESUS ❤🙏🙏

  2. It is a BLESSING LISTENIG TO YOU!! May the GREAT GOD ALMIGHTY continue to give you strength to continue ministering n healing people!! BLESSINGS SISTER!!

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