Powerful Guided Energy Meditation

Powerful Guided Energy Meditation

this meditation will guide your
attention to activate dormant energies within you which are not normally
accessed on a regular basis once activated these energies can contribute
to your total available energy coming up on this episode of all things perceptual energy dispersed during our day to day
lives has a tendency to settle down near the bottom of our energetic sphere so
that is where we will begin whether sitting standing or lying down close
your eyes if it is safe to do so take a deep breath and relax clear your mind
and place your attention on your feet continue to take deep relaxing breaths
and notice a vibratory energy in and around your feet feel this energy in
your toes your heels and on the bottoms and tops of your feet
a warm vibrating energy gets bigger and stronger as it rises up activating
subtle energy in your ankles this energy begins to swirl stirring up the stagnant
energy which has settled at the bottom of your energetic sphere this stirring
of energy rises up like an ocean tide feel it rising up to your calves to your
knees activating dormant energy they’re trapped energy from your legs becomes
free and contributes to the growing swirl of warm vibrating energy this stirring of awareness releases
trapped pockets of energy which can become stuck to the outer edges of our
energetic sphere feel the energy becoming loose and free joining the
swirling mass of newly freed energy feel the energy growing and rising filling
you up to the level of your hips energy which has been trapped near your
hips shakes loose and becomes free adding to the swirling mass of warm
vibratory energy rising up filling your energetic sphere up past your belly and
into your chest filling your arms shaking loose any energy which has
become stuck in your elbows your wrists and your hands out to your fingers this
newly freed energy adds to the swirling mass as it rises up past your shoulders
into your neck freeing up more energy as the swirling mass grows and Rises into
your face and up to the top of your head and above your head you are now a mass
of free flowing swirling energy be here and breathe now take a deep breath drawing in the
energy with your breath and as you exhale send this energy to your belly
where it can be stored and recirculated back into your available energy continue
breathing in the newly freed energy and sending it to your belly with each
exhalation inhale drawing in the energy and exhale
sending the energy to your belly continue breathing this way until all of
the energy has been gathered and stored when you are ready open your eyes and
enjoy the feeling of newly redistributed energy if you enjoyed this meditation please
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Mondays so until then thanks for watching and see you next time

8 thoughts on “Powerful Guided Energy Meditation

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  2. This worked well for me. I can spare 6 minutes barely….so time frame worked, but I must admit, my mind pushed thinking almost through to the end. Obviously, meaning I need work on clearing up useless thoughts. 💩🙈🙉🙊☠️🦅🐒

  3. On my first try, this progresses faster than I do. I'm sure that more practice will provide immediate results.THANKS!

  4. Haha, its reminds me my first years of practises, when everyone was into Ki, visualisation.. I was so into it.. Not so much silence in visualization, but it was something mine.. And after years of readings and doings, I met some ppl, which told me that all this is crap, visualizasion is crap, go meditate.. Those words blocked my will.. But now I am here again.. I noticed that I can visualise it without toughts.. And the moment my attention goes to body part I feel something.. Thank you for reminder..

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