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  1. "There is nothing more musical than a sunset" (Claude Debussy)
    Tracklist below (or use subtitles).

    00:00 – Lacunosa Town ~ Black & White

    01:11 – Eterna City ~ Diamond & Pearl

    02:11 – Goldenrod City ~ Gold & Silver

    03:30 – Littleroot Town ~ Ruby & Sapphire & Emerald

    04:42 – Don't Ever Forget… ~ PMD: Explorers of Time & Darkness

    06:31 – Kaze to Issho ni ~ Movie "The First Movie" Ending

    08:08 – Snowbelle City ~ X & Y

    09:19 – Jubilife City ~ Diamond & Pearl

    10:44 – Violet City ~ Gold & Silver

    11:59 – Vermilion City ~ Red & Blue

    12:53 – Canalave City ~ Diamond & Pearl

    14:23 – Good Night ~ PMD: Explorers of Time & Darkness

    15:29 – Unwavering Emotions ~ Black & White

    16:25 – National Park ~ Gold & Silver

    18:31 – Gladion Theme ~ Sun & Moon

    20:04 – I Choose You ~ Movie "I Choose You!"

    21:01 – Eterna Forest ~ Diamond & Pearl

    22:15 – Soko ni Sora ga Aru Kara ~ Anime "Advanced" Ending

    23:06 – The Lament of Falling Stars ~ Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

    24:12 – Pokémon League ~ Diamond & Pearl

    25:23 – I Will Be With You ~ Movie "The Rise of Darkrai"

    26:53 – Pewter City's ~ Red and Blue

    28:15 – Petalburg City ~ Ruby & Sapphire

    29:29 – Snowpoint City ~ Diamond & Pearl

    30:24 – Sayonara ~ Black & White

    32:07 – Pokémon Center ~ Red & Blue

    32:56 – Route 26 ~ HeartGold & SoulSilver

    34:16 – Lumiose City ~ X & Y

    35:15 – Twinleaf Town ~ Diamond & Pearl

    36:43 – Kimi no Soba de ~ Anime "Diamond and Pearl" Ending

    37:33 – Pallet Town ~ Red & Blue

    38:39 – V ~ Anime "XY" Opening

    39:38 – Dori Dori ~ Anime "XY" Ending

    40:50 – Laverre City ~ X & Y

    42:06 – Pokémon Theme ~ Anime "Pokémon" Opening

    42:59 – Post ni Koe o Nageirete ~ Movie "Volcanion and the Exquisite Magearna"

    44:00 – Dialga's Fight to the Finish! ~ PMD: Explorers of Time & Darkness

    44:51 – Memories Returned ~ PMD: Explorers of Sky

    45:43 – Tweedia ~ Anime "Hoopa and the Clash of Ages" Theme

    46:39 – Greninja's Theme ~ Anime "Pokémon: XY&Z" Opening

    47:48 – Route 10 ~ Pokémon Black & White

    49:31 – Farewell ~ PMD: Blue & Red Rescue Team

    Thank you for listening!

  2. Je me rend compte que je n'arrive même pas à laisser 1H de ma vie pour écouter tes compilations et je regrette car elles me relaxes vraiment .

  3. Tenpers, your comps really hit me where it counts. Please keep up the good work! And thanks for another fantastic Pokémon comp

  4. Hello, people who are scrolling through the comments, I want to wish you a good day ^_^.
    (Love the compilation BTW, thanks Tenpers!)

  5. Découvert récemment tes compilations Tempers, un plaisir à écouter en de nombreuses circonstances. Merci pour ce contenu incroyable <3

  6. Yeaaaaaah merci pour cette vidéo ! 😀 Je ne pense pas que tu répondras mais j'ai une petite question… Comment tu fais pour sélectionner les musiques selon chaque thème ? Tu vas réécouter les musiques à chaque fois ou à force tu les connais ?

  7. オルゴール調キレイですね!!✨ずっと聴いてられますー!

    (≧∇≦)ᵗᑋᵃᐢᵏ ᵞᵒᵘ ¨̮

  8. OMG!!!!!
    Tenpers this was totally unexpected!! Awesome work with the music box!.
    Keep at it!
    This time I have no favorites because all were amazing!

  9. Japanese auto-translate: me me me 2 2 2 go go goooooo

    This is some nice drawing background music compilation, good job Ten!

  10. FiNaly Pokemon relaxing music mix Yeah Boiiiiiiiiiiii😁 Tenpers you make me happy I hope you get the 100x subscribers keep up the good work

  11. *adds to playlist along with braix's compilations*
    Just wondering, could you maybe make a playlist that has either the full song of the majority of it? Sometimes I like to listen to the whole thing, and the music box makes it sounds cooler. It's fine if you can't, but would be a cool thing to add!

  12. who needs super smash bros ultimate when you have this?

    EDIT: also how is there not undella town
    EDIT: great song to end the compilation

  13. How am I just now finding out about R3 Music Box? I adore the sound of music boxes! Thanks for introducing me to one of my new favorite music channels, Tenpers.

  14. This is my fav compilation of calming music so thanks tenpers. And to all the other people scrolling through the comments, you are very nice if you like this comment!

    Now Ima do the salsa dance at sunrise with my homie Blazakin at a mountain area and waking up from a tent. 😆

    Edit: Everytime I find that Tenpers likes my comments I just swooning 😯

  15. Music like this really helps forgetting your problems in life for a moment and lets you appreciate how beautiful life really is.

  16. Don't ever forget… this is the best theme ever created. It is a beautiful and really hard game so that just makes it better. I always have tears in my eyes when I hear it.

  17. Haven't played the games in awhile but hearing this… it just makes me think back of all the journeys i had back then playing the games. So much nostalgia 🙁

  18. There's a decent chunk of music in Black and White that feels inspired by Mother 3, and man does this version of Sayonara sound like M3's Love theme so much.

  19. I love calming Pokemon music, but many of the compilations I found were always just a bit too loud (I guess I need really soft music) and then I found this music box mix. Absolutely what I needed!

  20. Thank you very much for the excellent compilation, this is the most relaxing one I've ever heard and I love it <3

  21. That Grovyle is the most adorable thing I've ever seen, bar none.
    Also I kid you not, 42:06 hit me right in the feels. It was super effective.

  22. 6:30 firered/leafgreen y let's go pikachu/eevee debieron terminar en la pantalla de "The End/Fin" con ese tema…

  23. started tearing up and getting emotional at 1:11

    i didnt finish DPP or remember it well but that dont mean the feels dont come

  24. ‘I Choose You’ (20:04) is sooo underrated. This song holds a special place in my heart. Check out the full song with the lyrics. U won’t regret it.

    Fun fact: The singer is the same person who voice-acted English Serena in Pokémon XYZ. Lol it’s called ‘I Choose You’ and all those Amourshippers basically love this too

    Not-so-fun fact #2: This song is literally impossible to find. Ughhhhh! Here, use this link to make it more easier: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qVROPgtMrlE

    You’re welcome uwu

  25. At 3:30 I began crying…So many memory's alpha sapphire and omega ruby…. one of the routes (I can't remember what number)

  26. Shit man, i actually shed a tear during this. All of these are very well composed and some of them I don't have a connection to but fuuucckk man it hit me right in the feels. You're doing Gods work here my man. I dunno if your a boy or a girl, but something tells me your a girl. Mais continue comme ça. Je t'adore!

  27. It always makes me happy to see PMD put into compilations with other Pokémon games, I’m so glad they haven’t been forgotten.

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