People Raised Religious Confess Their First Masturbation Story

People Raised Religious Confess Their First Masturbation Story

– This button nose specifically, would have been very
useful to me as a child. (squeaking)
(energetic upbeat music) – [Kendall] I grew up super Christian. – [Abigail] I lived in
the middle of nowhere. – [Vivian] On a farm raising cattle. – [Tuisdi] Smaller city in Texas. – We had to go to church every single Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. – Where I’m at, if you didn’t go to church there was something wrong with you. – We couldn’t listen to any rap music, couldn’t watch music videos. We couldn’t do anything that
people my age wanted to do. – We were required to have sex ed., but it didn’t have to
be medically acurate, and it was abstinence only. We kind of, briefly
learned what periods were. – But when it came to how to do things and what things were
meant for what places, that didn’t really exist. – My understanding of it was that sex was for married people to make babies. (energetic upbeat music) After I had seen, Star Wars: Episode VI. – I was reading a, Harry
Styles fan fiction. – And I realized that when I saw Leah in her slave costume, I was having special feelings. – I was um, up in my room and a Lil’ Kim video was
on, she was twearkin’. Oh my God, when I was younger! – And it ended up with
me going to my room, and having some fun with
some stuffed animals. – That was the first time
that I had felt like, hot and bothered really and I had like, weird feelings down
there, and I didn’t know how to deal with it or what to do. – So I’m goin’ at it, I’m goin’ at it and as soon as I get finished
my mom busts in my room. I’m like, oh my… I didn’t know what to do, and then she noticed that the covers were all the way up to my, all she could see is my face. She rips the covers off of me. It looked like I had a baseball bat in my pants like, I’m
still there, you know. Next thing I know, we’re in the car on the way to the preacher’s house. – So I would go to the winter bucket where we kept all of our scarves, and I would tie them around myself to sort of look like slave Leah. – We go over there, the pastor, we’re holding hands, me, him, and my mom. They make me bow my head. The pastor’s like, God I just want you to break this demon
that Kendall has in him. We don’t know where it came from. We know he wasn’t raised like this and his family’s disappointed
in him and I am too, but we know that you have the power. I’m just sittin’ there like, oh my God. I cannot believe this is happening. – Pretty much everything I learned about sex was via the internet. – I started reading magazines. Oh, I remember just being
obsessed with Cosmo, because of the fact that
it gave me more information than I was getting, but you know, I don’t need 50 million tips on how to tickle his pickle or whatever. – I think it’s very important
to have sex ed. in schools. – When I was in high school, I think we had three teen pregnancies. – You know, I had a lot of friends that got talked into things or were drunk when it happened, and didn’t realize until many years later
that they hadn’t consented. Like, it wasn’t sex. – I absolutely think that people can be sexual and also be religious. – There’s so many
contradictions in the Bible, and as an adult I can’t ignore those contradictions you know, but at the same time I
know that there is a god. I’m still, I’m still Christian. – If you do believe in that higher power, you’re created to be the person who you are meant to be, no
matter what that entails. You are who you are,
and you are entitled to that self-love and God is
gonna love you no matter what. – And then she’s on top of the… Oh my goodness. This scene right here made
me wanna lose my virginity. This scene right here. Too hot for TV, oh my God. That’s how you know you wasn’t
supposed to be watchin’ it.

100 thoughts on “People Raised Religious Confess Their First Masturbation Story

  1. I don’t understand like why religious people do this. I thought religious people would understand this the most. Like, masturbation is TOTALLY normal.

  2. Religion is really about the personal relationship with God, Bible is up to your understanding, and follow it up to your circumstances, there is no way some one can judge other’s relationship with God

  3. It’s crazy to hear how little places educate kids on sex. Where I live (which is right outside of Washington, DC), sex ed is extensive. We learned positions, contraception, genitalia and sex act names, watched birthing videos. I feel very prepared (and also grossed out).

  4. Scroll Down

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  5. When a cosmo magazine is givin you more accurate sex education we definitely have to worry about it

  6. The parents described are extremists, those parents are the type of people to make religion look bad

  7. I am 12 Male and Christian (Not Super Religious) and I mastrubate and I think my mom is fine with it because I am in the shower for a long time because the water is so warm and I walk out and my mom jokes “Stop playing with yourself in the shower!”

  8. I really hate these types of parents, then when there child gets pregnant they bring up anything but the way she was not taught about sex the right way

  9. Im christian but u guys never seen the lives of muslim people because they have to live like this everyday, i dont like it that religion personally because of all the strict laws of everything

  10. When I was six we had a vibrating back massager. I put it on my vagina cuz it felt good. I didn’t know what I was doing. Also after watching the Star Wars episode the lady talked about, I did the same! Omg. I pretended I was leia and did the same th easy was talking about. Also hi am I here I’m not religious.

  11. I first mastrubated after the first time i confessed in church.Seriously,I came back from the church and jerked of.I dont know why but I just did it

  12. I don’t even go to a Christian school and all the teachers do about sex Ed is just tell them the science part and be abstinent.

  13. I am religious and it makes me angry that parents do not educate their children enough about things like this. The Bible doesn't say anything about you being horny means you have a demon in you hahaha. It cracks me up lol

  14. I'm pretty sure the demon that kendal has 2:05, came from the LIL KIM video that his "religious parents" wouldn't let him watch…weird, he watches it and starts masturbating and got a demon. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through him.

  15. All of their parents are to extreme. And also by not telling them they are then going to not know what to do when it happens. And not know to stop.

  16. The preacher confused puberty over a demon. Wait a minute he has hair growing out of his armpits DEMON. he is jackinG off DEMON.

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