People Guess Who is White In a Group of Strangers | Lineup | Cut

People Guess Who is White In a Group of Strangers | Lineup | Cut

Yo’ ass could be native. Look how big your feet are. What size shoe do you wear? 13 or 14. Your ass is native or
something, you’re not white. – [Interviewer] Hi, what’s your name and what do you do for a living? My name is Rebecca Zark and I am a pediatric
mental health specialist. I’m Colton, I work in
the restaurant industry. Black. I’m a Russian Jew. Black, Native, Caucasian, but like I have on going beef with white people so like sometimes I let
that one go sometimes. Mmhmm, yeah. No, no I’ve never been asked if I’m white. (laughs nervously) Oh, okay. That’s gonna be fuckin’ hard. I knew something was up cause y’all almost all the same color. Like a bunch of different colors of beige. This is gonna be so much fun. In this social climate, you can’t ask me questions like that. Come on over.
Here we go. Okay. (laughs) Hi.
Hi. Off the bat, I’m going to
say that you are white. Why do you think that? I think it’s the eye brows. I dunno I kind of think– White people eye brows? Do the carpets match the drapes? Is it prickly down there too? Yeah, yeah it is. I’m gonna guess non-white
because maybe, I dunno. Probably from like South America. Yeah I don’t think that you’re white. I wanna say that you’re like spicy white. What type of spice? Cinnamon, I dunno, Curry,
I don’t fucking know. But you definitely something
other than just boiled water. Hey, what’s up?
Not much. White. Nothing really about you that
could set you apart from me. Do I talk like a white person? Yes, you talk like a white person. I do. But then like, I dunno, your facial features are mad interesting. I feel like you could
have a black something. Cousin, you know, like somebody
could be black around you. What’s your favorite hobby? Video games.
Video games? Yeah, probably. That’s white. We don’t want to look
at that, it’s too pale. Oh no. Whoa, shit, baby hold on. I don’t know anymore. I wanna say that you might be white. I’m gonna say he’s white. White. Am I gonna get like death threats? Let’s see, who’s your favorite band? Nirvana.
Nirvana? Yeah.
Okay. Tubular, say tubular. Tubular. He put his head into it and everything. He’s like “tubular.” What do you use in your hair? That’s like a dead give away. What, no, how? I think it’s Miss Jenny’s
Multicultural Curls. Oh, okay. White men buy no mutha
fuckin’ Miss Jessie’s. You are not white, thank
you, thank you, thank you. I told you. You know how people say a mutt? That’s how I see you as. He’s not white, he’s other. Oh god, okay, I’m getting hot. I’m taking off my sweater. That’s three people now. It’s okay. Oh yeah, just hot. Nervous and hot. Hello. I’m gonna say that you do not
identify as a white person. Why not?
Why not? Well it’s the skin tone.
Skin tone. You look like you could be like just a fair skinned Mexican person. You like rice and beans? Yeah. Are you allergic to jelly beans? No, I love jelly beans. I don’t think he’s white. He passed the test. That was the question. I ask people that all the time. If you’re allergic to jelly
beans then you’re white. But if you’re not. I’m not. Hello. Do like your best model walk
really quick like up there. Cause if you’re like POC I expect like more hips and ass
you know what I mean. You don’t really have a
booty so I don’t know. Do you like Tom Hanks? I like him in Forest Gump. My favorite actor is Jim Carrey though. Jim Carrey. Talk again for me. Just like say hello, how are you. Hello, how are you doing. This is so hard. I don’t know. I’m going to say that you
identify as a white person. You look white to me. I think that she’s white. Native of South America. Like you are native of
South American territory. Let’s go with white. I dunno. Hey, what’s up. You have a very like
Norwegian/Scandinavian look about you. Yeah, I get that. I’m gonna go with white because of your very light complexion and your blondie strawberry hairs. Yes because I’m white, you know. Yeah. But you’re not white. Out of everybody, like he’s gonna be white with his people lookin’ ass and you’re gonna be the one that’s not cause like this fucking thing is about making me look stupid. So, yeah, you’re probably like Native American or something
like really interesting. You are like detective. Girl, I’m tryin’ to win this
fuckin’ game against myself. Like I am betting myself
that I’m gonna get this. Hey how are you. Getting worse. It’s all good. Do you like film or do you
like model or something? Yeah, I’m a dancer too, so. Wait, you dance in real life? I do. For what? Ballet. You do fuckin’ ballet? That’s some white people shit. I dunno a little higher up. A little less to the ground, I don’t know. He does identify as a white person. I think he’s white. Buh-bye white man.
Bye. This is the worst thing ever. How’s it going? Yo’ black ass. How you doin’? Doin’ good. You like strawberries? I do. You like blueberries? Yeah. You like pineapples? No I don’t like pineapple. Say, “I shouldn’t have had
that second glass of wine.” I shouldn’t have had that
second glass of wine. You black, you know that? Boom, there you go. That’s how you know he’s not white. I think he’s white and I think like Asian if I’m gonna
be like super specific. You are so cool. Thank you. What did you eat for
breakfast this morning? The only real thing I
like is oatmeal and bacon. You’re not white. Who’d you fuck last? I was dating a white girl, last. Kinda off that now. I’m gonna go with like
Latina or something. I gotta say you’re not white. Come on. You look like a Jewish person. That’s not offensive. It’s actually really beautiful. Your nose is beautiful. You do have kind of a
Jewish look about you. What does a Jewish person look like? The curly hair and
straight on, from the nose. Whether that means you’re white or not, I don’t know for sure. He’s like Aladdin. He flies on carpets
and he hangs out with– He’s brown. Aladdin is brown. I’ll go with non-white. I don’t think this person is
white so you’re not white. If you’re white, I’m gonna be mad. I’m gonna say you identify
as a white person. Y’all asses about to fuck with me. I’m not ready for this. It’s the truth. (screams) You lied. Hello, hello. Look at that. Boom, you two. Everybody else is POC? Word, bow, bow, bow, bow. I knew it. Yeah, I’m good. Did I get right? Yes and no. Half Japanese and half white. Ooh, I was right kinda. You are spicy white. Furikake. What do people normally assume about you? I’ve gotten Mexican,
Filipino, Native American, and a lot of white people. I think I pass pretty well. My mom’s white and my dad’s black. Whoa. Yeah. Whoa! Are you serious? I’m serious. I’ve only ever been like correctly identified as biracial
like by black people. Cause you look like a black man but like somebody photo shopped you white. That really shocked me. Usually the question of my race isn’t even something that ever comes up, so I usually just go
through life every day as somebody who just is white. I’m also biracial. Okay, how do you… Mom is black and my dad is white. I knew it. I fuckin’ knew it, okay. I do check other on the box. You do?
Yeah. I would have guessed like half Mexican. I get that a lot. Mexican, Jewish, and Middle Eastern. You’re POC too. I am, yes. What are you, what do you identify as? I’m Moroccan. Do you identify as black then? No, I guess on forms I have to put white because the definition
says European, Eastern, or North African, but I don’t
personally identify as white. I feel like I’m only white when convenient on forms and stuff, but I don’t get any of the privileges of like passing as white
because obviously I don’t. And as a white person, I’ve
never had to think about that. After you saying that, that’s not right. Sucks. Africa’s fuckin’ black. We’re all black, Africa. You’re black now, I dub thee. Thank you. Check that now. I’m Native American and Mexican. Whoa. Your mom and dad are both Native and Mexican, or who’s Mexican? They’re both Mexican and
both Native American. That’s like the perfect match on Tinder. They’re like check, check,
oh my god let’s make a baby. White people ever ask you what you are? I get Asian quite a bit,
Middle Eastern a lot. I’m really upset. Well okay, so I identify as white, but my mom is Native American. What are you doing? I think it’s cause the way I look. But girl, how much Native are you? Are you like half and half? Half, yeah, I’m half. Don’t check that box. Check the other box. Yeah. How does your family feel
that you identify as white? I feel like my Native
American family actually they would identify themselves as white even though they don’t look white. I know so much. You know a lot about yourself huh? I need to know more, I learned that today. Yeah, that’s true. Was I right? Wrong? You’re wrong, I’m Latino actually. I’m half Mexican and Nicaraguan. Oh, wow, okay. Mostly a lot of people of
color also assume I’m white and it isn’t until I speak Spanish that people are normally blown away. You speak Spanish? I do, fluent. Mutha fucka, say some stuff. (speaks in Spanish) He speaks Spanish. So I’m part white. My mom’s white.
Okay. But my dad’s from Hawaii,
so I’m Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, Asian. Sneaky.
Yeah? Most of the time I’m just
like some unspecified other. Okay. What’s your name? Wyatt.
Wyatt. (laughs) Are you mixed? I’m Puerto Rican and I’m
Trinidadian, so yeah. Oh! White never even crossed my mind. I’m so glad you said that. Your hair is beautiful. What did you do to your earrings? I’m wearing my Trinidadian earring. I got it just in March when I went. So you identify as white. But was I wrong in saying
you that you were Jewish? So I’m half Sicilian
and a quarter Latvian, and I’m quarter, it’s now
Ukraine and Muldova I guess. That side of my family is Jewish, but I look exactly like my dad
who is full blooded Sicilian. And Sicilian’s seem to differentiate themselves from the rest of Italy. Why is that? I don’t know. The culture’s different,
they look different. Do you want to be POC
because your Sicilian? No, no. No, mutha fucka, but okay. I mean I would feel like weird about it. Do you feel tokenized and like that you’re sexier
because you’re ambiguous? I wish I was more. Some people say I have an exotic look or like mysterious I
think it’s Orientalism. Yes, mmhmm. Yeah, so, they’re all
people of fucking color. And y’all asses are liars. That’s what the fuck just happened. (applause) Thank you guys!

100 thoughts on “People Guess Who is White In a Group of Strangers | Lineup | Cut

  1. I dont understand this. They're all white to me. I dont live in the states so I dont get which concept are you guys following to identify people as white. Is it strictly for people coming from certain European countries?

  2. "He's like Aladdin"
    "What's Aladdin?"
    "He flies on a magic carpet and hangs out with…"
    "No, but… What's his ethnicity?"


  3. Im so pissed by this girl who seems to think being white is something you should shameful! It's like being white in america is way more than being a caucasian,european. It came with qualities, values, a past, default, when it is actually just a skin tone!!

  4. Being italian or spanish is not a race it’s a ethnicity this should be guessing strangers ethnic background ppl need to be educated more in sociology

  5. What the hell? Americans are sometimes really complicated people. I live in Costa Rica (Central America, NOT Puerto Rico) ,and here you just look at any person's skin and based on it they are white, tanned, or black and that's basically it. It's just a physical trait, just like curly hair or green eyes.

  6. Bro they were all white because the colour of their skin is white with a slight undertone. Why does America have to be so problematic?

  7. As a german i don't get it .. why are Americans so obsessed about "black" or "white"!? I'm never offended if someone assumes i'm jewish or turkish .. i don't cry about films that have more black than white people (which happens quiet often lately .. too much whithe people, not enough gay people, not enough POC blabla) in it. And i don't get the "as a POC you have to talk different, walk different.." what does have any of that has anything to do with someones skin color !?..

  8. Damn, what is the definition of white people?
    In my country, in regards of language, we called all people not having dark skin as white.
    As ethnics, we call all foreign caucasian people as white people, no matter it's pure or mix.
    So, what is ur definition of white people?

  9. This video confused me because you didn’t define what exactly ‘white’ is. Is white only those of ‘pure’ Western European heritage? What about those of Eastern European heritage? Also, why are you Americans so obsessed with colour coding people?

  10. I would like people’s opinions on this – do you consider being called white an insult? And do you classify people with “white” by skin colour, or classify people “white” if they have white skin tone and live in North America? I’m genuinely interested.

    (I hope no one dies)

  11. It's real wild how people see things differently based on where they're from. In my country all of these people would be considered white except maybe the guy in the stripped shirt. Also, Latino doesn't mean non-white, there are many white latinos, famous examples are Gisele Bündchen, Adriana Lima… I'm white and latina.

  12. I though that white is a skin colour, not a place you are from… I think that labeling people like that is weird anyway. I know where I was born, but my ancestors are from a lot of different countrys going from europe over russia and a lot of countries inbetween.

  13. gosh…so glad murica is so far away from Europe…this is disturbing, we may have our conflicts with eachother but at least we are mentally stable.

  14. This is driving me fucking insane. With about two exceptions, all of them are white! You don’t have to guess if someone is white or not, you can just see it! What sort of Rachel Dolazel shit is this???

  15. so literally nobody is gonna talk abt how the black woman was just telling people what they should call themselves??? it seems very offensive and it’s obvious that the Native American girl got a little uncomfortable. People can check off what ever race they predominately are. if your 50% white and 50% Native American why would you check your race off as Native American when you identify mostly as white, and vice versa. It’s oppression and it should be recognized.

  16. The tall dark-skinned lady was a bit rude..Calling people by their asses, constantly swearing and mocking their appearances. The worst of all: she one point said, "You're Native American,,something interesting like that"
    Something interesting huh.? WOW

  17. All those people are white. I don't know what should be the difference between them and white people? Europeans are white and people with European origin are white. The majority of North and South American's have European origin exclusive Native Americans. I do not understand those idiots of the United States who think there would be a difference between them and Europeans.

  18. 11:40 she got offended when he said no but he just doesnt identify as non white. he is not a part of an non white cultures so why would he. its like she hates white people jeesh

  19. Y'all need to realize that it's games like this that bring us together. Change and lack of care toward identity politics happens by acknowledging people are different and accepting that fact. Embracing the diversity of others is hugely important for a healthy view of those you do not know or understand.

  20. You can't identify as a race, your born one. It's also almost always the poc who are racist like the women in the black outfit and she's not funny, why are they laughing at her racism and hate.

  21. Guys the guy on minute 02:00 is so cute ! What's his name ? Does he have a girlfriend ? Please help me find him.
    My instagram is Celia.yogini

  22. One of the many racist comments in this show:
    "you look jewish.."
    everyone laughs

    "that's not offensive or anything…'

    Holy shit this episode was fucking ugly.

  23. 0:30 that lady is so racist. If you say you have beef with white people you're only alienating yourself. She openly dislikes white people in such an aggressive way. She even acted like she felt sorry that the Trinidadian woman dated a white woman as if of course it didn't work because duh, white people. What a double standard.

  24. Just because you’re of Latino, Middle Eastern or North African descent , doesn’t mean you’re not white 📢

  25. why is america so weird bout races..
    im from switzerland. in zurich its very international and ppl literly dont give a fk bout ur ''color''.
    ofcorse theres racist all over the world, but damn im happy we dont have to go thru this bs.

  26. I hope y’all realize racism isn’t just a United States thing. Just look at the eugenics movements across the globe. Many of them had goals of homogenizing their countries race by getting rid of those of a different race. It may be more direct in America but it isn’t only there.

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  29. I mean if you're white passing.. your'e basically white right? … its all about how you are perceived and treated within the societal framework so if you are perceived as white then you are? But like really who gives a fuck.. ?

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