Palamas on Divine Energies PART THREE

Palamas on Divine Energies PART THREE

franciscan monk in Spain was doing research
on the inquisition the documents were telling him that anyone
who believed that St. paul was equal with St. Peter was anathametized and would be burned
at the stake. Now anyone who knows Scriptures knows that in the Book of Galatians St. Paul
tells us that he “withstood Peter to his face” . In the 2nd epistle of St. Peter
3:14, he writes “therefore, Beloved, looking forward be diligent to be found by Him in peace, and consider ..” St. Peter
therefore is calling all of St. Paul’s epistles
equal with the rest of Holy Scripture. Matthew 16, go back to what the Lord said, “You are
the Christ the Son of the Living God” which is the rock and foundation of our Faith. Not
the person of St. Peter, obviously, because St. Peter was called “satan” by the Lord about
four verses after that. St. Peter “changed his tune” and said ” No Lord you don’t have
to go to the Cross!” That’s all in Matthew 16. So this Franciscan monk knew the Scriptures
rather well, was educated, had a heart for the Lord, saw these documents from the Inquisition,
and asked his spiritual father about it. Spiritual father said “Don’t pay attention” – in essence
said the “pope is above all Scriptures” He writes therefore, “that the spiritual life
of the papal church would expose me to great danger, so I ended up taking a decisive step
and declared that I did not belong to the Latin Church”! He writes”many were following
me at that time but no one would sacrifice so radically his position in the church and
the honor and consideration of it” This young man of course, left the Franciscans. He had
been taught that Orthodoxy was arcane, had been “frozen” in time, so he thought he’d
take another look at Orthodoxy and found that “it was like a waterfall- it looks the same,
but the waters running over it are ever new ever changing”! This is a good picture of
the ancient Church ever renewed! So he went to Orthodoxy, studied carefully, was finally
ordained a priest. In 1975, he was made Bishop of Mexico; the Greek Orthodox needed a Spanish-speaking
bishop. Now he had received many threats to his life – he just took it for granted because
anyone who is openly against the Papal Church in Europe is in danger. So, he was in the
Mexico City Cathedral, had just celebrated Divine Liturgy. He was a prolific writer,
wonderful man, and he was martyred. We see where the Papal Church has swerved completely
away from the Holy Scriptures, from the Truth of the Gospel! Come out from among them, as
the Lord said, “there are sheep of another fold, them too must I bring”! We invite you
in to study, freely examine everything about Orthodoxy and most of all, to pray as we have
done. And you will find that the Holy Spirit will lead you, full of joy, peace, and understanding
the Faith of Jesus Christ as you never have before! God bless you on your journey! We
will be there to support you in any way we can! (music)

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  1. While looking at VisWiki and studying St Gregory Palamas for next Sunday..came across your site. Have to look at your site. Thanks for posting these 3 videos

  2. See the Part One of this series for St. Gregory Palamas on Divine Energies!

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