Outrage Culture Is On The Way Out! - Charlamagne Tha God

Outrage Culture Is On The Way Out! – Charlamagne Tha God

the Joe Rogan experience Joe they didn't even know FDR was crippled that's right FDR was crippled yeah see huh they didn't know he would literally hold himself up at the podium I think he got polio or some shit right so he was paraplegic right and but the press respected his role as president and they respected his privacy I mean he had side bitches he had all this shit going on and he was just stand up at the podium holding himself up whenever you were talking everything else besides that they kind of roll him around but the people didn't know cuz there wasn't this access oh I want us to get back to lying each other cuz think about it used to be a time where you didn't know what somebody's religion was we didn't know what somebody's political views were like you didn't like nobody knew like you just went you presented and you went the fuck home I think we need to get back to that well I think it's too much motherfucking so every so small truth get back in the closet not just with your – it's just what else get back to bullshit me just get back to bullshit in each other because guess what remember I used to say you don't want the truth cuz you can't handle the truth that dis era the world cannot handle truth that's why anyone tell us about UFOs what we think is happening with UFOs they won't tell if that UFOs exist because if they told us that UFOs exist motherfuckers would probably go crazy when the reality is we really probably need to know UFOs exist because it would humble the fuck out of everyone well that's the only time we get along right like in every movie right the only time Russia and China and America get on a conference call is when bro movies aliens are coming up the movies Ronald Reagan said that in a speech in the 80s Ronald Reagan told Mikhail Gorbachev why to fuck a we beefin cuz one day we might be we might have an extraterrestrial threat and then we got to come together and everybody was like what the fuck is Ronald Reagan talking about look quickly we would put aside our differences were a threat face face within a threat from an alien world and everybody was like what does he know yeah I would respect I'm gonna find out tonight I would respect your prejudice if aliens came and you still had Helen or whatever the fuck you still hated like he was still racist you were still homophobic if you were still transposing after get pregnant hold on et me oh my god respect to fuck okay alright I tell you no it's true I thought you know it's real that's what long as it's real I really don't have no choice but the reason I keep Johnny where I think we're getting to the end of outrage nobody's culture I think she's almost over we had we put on a clip this last week of there was his kid in the front row in a wheelchair heckling that was hilarious and we went back and forth and initially I put it out like a fuck what's gonna happen am I gonna have these like you know people rollin up to my shows and like fuckin pull you have it really well he was also a special kid yeah he had something you know people have it your River around people and they just have a fucking yeah like they have a clique you know who has it Ari ari Ari Shaffir he has this fucking I don't there's something I just when I'm around I just like him yeah I just kind of wanted to tell me his opinions on shit yeah how'd you feel about carpets and he'll just fucking tell you how they I'm dumb whatever so it's like he just had this thing needs such positive energy and I'm making fun of a guy from fucking being in a wheelchair and he's making fun of me for having a shitty upper body and like literally I go to him I was like I said you know your upper body's pretty good and he goes what's your Excuse like quick and we had this moment and no backlash yeah the thing was cool no backlash shouldn't matter except for the guy in the wheelchair right if everybody else is like wow a lot of fuck are you picking on him if the guy in the wheelchair don't care and the guy in the wheelchair is going back and forth what a fucker you just never people that have it never always parents of people that have things like when there was this person as a seizure in one of my videos everybody who had seizures was cool with it it was always a parent of a kid who had a seizure who was like my son suffers from how dare you a clip up like that so it's always a fence on behalf of because I really think that people who suffer for things they went through way harder things in a joke yeah and they actually like that they're being spoken to as a regular person in the audience not babied like every other part of their life where can I get the door for you can I get it's like they all right for the first time I'm in it

37 thoughts on “Outrage Culture Is On The Way Out! – Charlamagne Tha God


  2. Outrage culture will always exist as long as 23-25 year old college graduates exist who haven’t existed long enough in the real world to realize real problems…. Rent, Food, Family, etc etc

  3. Aliens or not men don't have periods and don't need tampons
    machines in the bathroom at the "woke" college.
    Real story

  4. Does this guy unironically call himself "Tha God"?
    I've never heard of him, just curious. I can't take a mofo seriously if they deliberately add God in their name, and I ain't religious one effin' bit.

  5. I agree… only thing tho be careful making jokes about crippled people. Like they may have gotten crippled a week or a month ago yanno what i mean haha

  6. They’re laughing because it’s true an armada of spaceships could appear tomorrow and they’re would still be guys who would rather talk about the gays or transgender people.

  7. outrage is out, accepting the bullshit like an ignorant little pussy is in. pussies. "ouch its hard to think me am hurt me thinking box" idiots

  8. Most people who hear what me (I'm Italian) and my black mate say to each other freak the fuck out, 90% of the time they are so shocked they're speechless and then when one of us walks away they see if we are hurt or offended hahahahaha

  9. Genuine question to all the right wingers here, why do yall watch Joe Rogan? The guy never stops going on and on about how he's so far left he's near to being a socialist, so genuinely why do yall watch him? (And no this isnt a sarcastic question)

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