OSHO: God Is Not a Solution – but a Problem

OSHO: God Is Not a Solution – but a Problem

I do not believe God does not exist I know for sure he does not exist. And thank God that he does not exist because the existence of God would have created so many problems difficulties that life would have been almost impossible. You may not have looked from this angle from which I am going to talk to you perhaps nobody has ever tried to look at it from this angle. The Christians say God created the world. In fact, the hypothesis of God is needed for the creation. The world is there somebody must have created it. Whoever created it that creator is God. But do you see the implication? If the world is created then there can be no evolution. Evolution means that creation continues. Think of the Christian story, God created the world in six days and then on the seventh day he rested, since then he has been resting The whole creation was completed in six days. Now, from where evolution can have a possibility? Creation means: finished! the full stop has arrived. On the sixth day the full stop; and after that there is no possibility of evolution. Evolution implies that creation is not complete hence the possibility of evolving. But God cannot create an incomplete world; that will be going against God’s nature. He is perfect and whatsoever he does is perfect neither he is evolving, nor the world is evolving everything is at a standstill, dead. This is the reason why the popes were against Charles Darwin because that man was bringing in an idea which is going to kill God sooner or later. Those popes were perceptive in a way they could see the faraway implications of the idea of evolution. Ordinarily you would not connect creation and evolution. What connection is there God and Charles Darwin? There is a connection. Charles Darwin is saying that the creation is an ongoing process that existence is always imperfect it is never going to be perfect. Only then it can go on evolving reaching new peaks, new dimensions, opening new doors, new possibilities. God had finished his work in six days and not long ago four thousand and four years before Jesus Christ was born. It must have been first of January, a Monday because we manage to fit God into everything that we have created. He has to follow our calendar If you ask me, I will say it must have been Monday, the first of April, the Fools’ Day, because that day seems to be absolutely suitable for doing such an act of creating a complete ready-made existence. If evolution becomes impossible, life loses all meaning. A transcript from this OSHO TALK is included in the book: THE BOOK OF UNDERSTANDING creating your own way path to freedom Published by Harmony Hardcover 288 Pages for more information visit:OSHO.com

100 thoughts on “OSHO: God Is Not a Solution – but a Problem

  1. I really love Osho, he's fantastic…
    But it takes so long for him to say anythig… It's better to read his books…

  2. I agree, that kind of God talked about here can not exist. Forget about everything you ever learned about this phenomena. 
    But then there is the the manifested world, the unmanifested and some kind of glue connecting them together, we can call it spirit or consciousness maybe. 

  3. God created the world — really? Please allow the question: "Who created God"? Interesting perhaps? —

    at the age of 4 or 5 my grandson used to ask questions like this: "Who created God?", "Who was father God" (I think he meant – who was God's father).

  4. His logic is wrong. If he knew God does not exist, he would also believe that God does not exist. His first sentence was made to be funny and starts the entire talk with an incorrect statement.

  5. Osho, I just love you! Thank you for your messages! Thank you for being bold enough to create your reality and teaching us the path to inner freedom!

  6. He's so damn right at the last thing he says. Existance is about the journey to perfection, not the destination. He also said that we will never be perfect which is a good thing because if we reach perfection, there is no possibility of advancing which leaves us at the destination at the end of the journey.

  7. Just when He says "He doesn't exist at 0:55 …Let the ear clean in the now …what's on ?? …a beautiful silence …Just realize He was the King of That pause …


  9. So the question is does created mean finished? Was God saying what he created was DONE!!!! OR did God just start his creation and now we are in fact evolving into bigger and better things?

  10. Did God create the world to be finished once his design was started. Or did he intend for humans to proceed where he left off?

  11. The way you look at live, is all because of your mindset. Somebody who believes in a god, is a fool. Cause that means you put the responsibility for your happiness in somebody else his hands. If god would created the world, he would sit in his chair on the seventh day and say: Let the games begin

  12. Hope they will post all of his videos….. Coz we want to watch all of his videos and want to know his perception about every thing……

  13. I see his point but the logical miss that he made on this video, is that PERFECT is superior to NOT PERFECT. Meaning perfect has the ability of creating imperfect. I don't know his arguments are too weak as he always relies on emotional proofs that his logic seems very shaky on such a serious subject like the existence of God.

  14. You can say God doesn't exist, but you already know that there is a God. So how come he doesn't exist if you already knew there is a God?

  15. We only live one day because if you go in space, there is no day or night.day or night is just how sun revolves around earth.

  16. hit like if you came here after watching " wild wild country" . I have watched Osho before, but this remarkably documentary reminded me to come back

  17. "God is perfect so everything he creates is perfect"
    Excuse me how does that follow?
    A skilled musician is perfectly capable of being out of tune.

  18. OSHO is a great man of wisdom, he breaks the normal accepted theory of god and creation in his simple but clear explanations!

  19. From my point of view, a creator or a higher intelligence exist. But our senses are too limited to understand what it is. I do not belive in religion or in the personified version of god.

  20. All this makes sense now when I am 25 years old. This makes complete sense when you set aside all fears and doubts and think rationally. God or no God is something beyond us. However as far as the human mind can perceive, it is clear that there is no God or devil. It's all lies created by people.

  21. He is so true…its dangerous to the world..Nobody wants to believe coz they are happy being fool believing someone will take care of their probs…

  22. OSHO is sick but his followers are more sick than him, if a simple condom cannot be by incidence then how can you dare it for the universe? do you think the universe is less than a condom that it doesnt need a source of making?

  23. I’m sorry if I missed something but…to disprove God, you’d have to be God right? You would have to possess every traight. Which he does not. And if he did. He would disprove Himself, so there’s no self at that point sooo…..moral of the story is if you disprove God, you disprove yourself. Makes sense cuz he made you and existence and everything so…yeah. Hope I didn’t piss TOO many people off. AMEN 🙏

  24. I dont beleive in religions but my question is : where does this universe come from ? why is it here and in this way ? why the hell are we here ?!!!!

  25. Am talking to osho international!! Because you are human being still not evolved. Due to such human nature knowingly or unknowingly you are restricting the full video due to being profit oriented which is idiotic! Let truth grow in everybody's mind.

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