Opening the Heart Chakra & Crystal Singing Bowl Guided Meditation

Opening the Heart Chakra & Crystal Singing Bowl Guided Meditation

opening the heart chakra guided meditation with crystal singing bowl healing my name is Jason Stevenson and welcome to opening the heart chakra guided meditation this meditation leads you in a reversed way to the natural path of your heart it also leads you to the foundations of your true self by exploring the ways of the heart on your heart chakra path you will become aware of the blockages feelings and misleading thought patterns at some point you are going to remind yourself of a breathing like an embryo and in this way you are going to touch the source of all creation Universal love and infinity sit or lie now in a comfortable position if you choose the sitting position you can use a meditation cushion or stool based on your preferences remember to sit with your back straight place your hands with palms facing upwards on your thighs if you choose the lying down position you can raise your knees just slightly the raising of the knees will keep you from falling asleep and losing focus and you can just do that with simply putting a pillow under your knees place your hands beside you with your palms facing upwards close your eyes and focus on your breathing breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth you can put one hand on your stomach and the other on your chest and while you were breathing your stomach rises and uplifts the hand on it the hand on your chest should only move slightly or even not at all breathe consciously without any physical force or pushing from the mind take a deep breath in until the air completely fills your lungs slowly breathe out push out as much air as you can by contracting your stomach muscles be aware of the fact that you are breathing from your abdomen I'll give you time now to repeat this process for a few moments with the sound of the crystal singing bowl whilst you feel how the relaxation spreads through all your body be aware of your subtle muscle changes as they relax more and more you now imagine a green pink or gold flower body in the center of your chest put your hands on your chest and aware of your heartbeats focus your attention on the buds vibrating color and be aware of how it affects you the pulsating energy now of your flower but as it spreads now through your heart your chest lungs up now to shoulders your arms filling your entire upper body you can slowly remove your hands off the chest now visualize seeing your palms with the flower bud in them as you observe your palms with the flower but in them you feel a sensation of a light breeze at the center of your palms you feel the powerful and unbreakable connection with it while it starts floating away from you as you observe it closely the flowerpot becomes bigger and bigger until it grows by half size of your body you as you breathe in and out gently some yellow brown red with dark spots or damaged leaves are falling down do not interfere with this process but only observe it of some leaves are falling down notice how your body relaxes and all your negativity anger or some other unpleasant States disobeyed let them go feel the easiness and lightness in your body as the leaves are twirling slowly to the ground feel the richness of the motion moments of the leaves falling observe how the swaying leaves are at one with the surrounding air feel the richness of the moment as each leaf touches the ground as you are in the present moment you're the natural fulfillment of your whole being you you now start to remove the leaves that are left one by one slowly feel the leaf smooth shiny surface waxy covering moving leaf by leaf notice how all your burden dissolves gradually by removing leaf by leaf notice how you release unforgiveness toward those who seem to have hurt you in different relationships release unforgiveness toward your parents or carers your brother's sisters of a family school friends community members people you loved dated and with whom you shared some past moments and experiences release unforgiveness towards yourself let it all go lean on your awareness in a wisdom intuition and the path of your heart you take a deep breath and fill your lungs with the cleansing and revitalizing air breathe out and push out as much air as possible by contracting your stomach muscles notice how a new and fresh energy spreads through your body with an exhilarating joy you go towards the source of energy that lies within you which is a part of you the true you at the moment when you remove the last leaf see a little child that shows up in front of you it is you at your child's age who lives life from the energy center of love it is always present in you periods of time you forget or simply not pay attention to its existence or maybe at some point in the past your inner child put the protective shield around the heart that consequently made the energetic blockages in this way your inner child wanted to protect itself from the cruel and unevolved society and emotional pain it went through but now as you become more aware of your thoughts feelings patterns beliefs you are all so much better at grasping the big picture to see the world from different perspectives the beauty and wisdom of the inner and outer worlds from one single breath look in the eyes of your inner child the greatest revelation of the moment as your inner child smiles your whole being is dancing and jumping freely and naturally to with every step you make feel how all love resides within your heart ugh you're in a child and feel its heartbeat feel how at one moment the heartbeats from both of you melt and form the harmonious and unified Symphony of your hearts at this moment one by one you start to remove petals from another flower but you are curious and want to go down further to the path of your heart feel the delicate and velvety surfaces of the petals by removing petal by petal notice how you go towards some mighty energetic source of creation notice how the air around you changes the moment you remove the last petal an embryo emerges from the rise point of the petals in front of you feel the connection to the energy source of you and all creation feel the generating life force within every cell of your body observe how the embryo breathes observe how it squeezes and protrudes its belly when it breathes in and how the belly relaxes and withdraws when it breathes out with its first breath the embryo trusts life and connects with the universal love it is one with the mother's womb it follows the tempo of its mother's breathing its breathing is harmonious and rhythmic it is a part of the universal way of breathing right now begin to breathe in the way that embryo does relax breathe in and breathe out do this breathing in an effortless way without any kind of force while you breathe in and out like the embryo observe the movements of your belly your diaphragm each breath is natural and just a flowing like the flowing of a tired in and out in and out notice how Anu G arises from her abdominal muscles Bloods up to your heart feel how the blood circulates better throughout your body feel the energy how it flows freely through your entire body and feel how your heart is open to unconditional love feel how you love yourself unconditionally and know that that unconditional love is always within you you feel how your heart connects with mother nature with every heartbeat feel the deep connection with the planet Earth imagine your heart as the planet Earth pulsating and emitting the waves of love joy peace and generosity to all humanity and further away to the entire galaxy universe and beyond you vo how your heart heals yourself and others how your heart is a bridge for your rising energies to the higher self your heart with positive vibrations center point for all your creations and ascending energies be grateful for your deep understanding of your own heart follow the path of your heart as I count down from ten to one you will begin to come back into the space where you began this meditation you ten 9 eight coming back now seven six begin to stretch out and stretch your muscles five or bill energized the over love of the entire universe within you now three to and opening your eyes one fully present now in the space where you began this meditation stretch your legs and arms breathe in and out the air full of love peace down namaste you you

46 thoughts on “Opening the Heart Chakra & Crystal Singing Bowl Guided Meditation

  1. Oh man. Thank you for This guided meditation. I started crying when I saw my inner child. Telling her she’s free from any hurt, dancing in a circle. I can open my heart again. Namaste 🙏

  2. Wow, just wow. When I hugged little me, I just lost it . It was incredible letting the love take over., forgiving myself and others. Way overdue . know now where to focus on clearing my blockages . Thank you 🙏

  3. This is deep. Seeing my sad self as a little girl was an absolute killer. Still alot more to dig out to be honest but this helped alot. Thankyou x

  4. hi Jason, I like your meditations BUT with the adds bursting in by YouTube I will not subscribe anymore

  5. Thank you so much. This helped a lot! Very powerful, relaxing, and recharging. Much love! Namaste 💚💚💚💚

  6. This was incredibly powerful and beautiful. I really needed to connect with and heal my inner child. Thank you for this beautiful meditation!💚

  7. Amazing job! Thank you so much! When I opened my eyes there were tears in them. 😊😊 I feel so much better now.❤

  8. WTF. A commercial break during a meditation. Who does this? Is it Youtube? Or Jason Stephenson himself? Since a couple of days my meditations are sometimes disturbed by advertisements. Thatś just crazy. A meditation is worthless when itś interrupted by a commercial break. And so are all other meditations on Youtube. Because I will allways be afraid it might be interrupted. So Youtube: BYEBYE!!!

  9. Thank you so much! Your voice has some very profound effect on me. I shed a couple of tears when looking my inner child in the eye. I tried to apologise for being so restrictive. Very interesting experience.
    Love! 💓

  10. Omg so much sexy in voice like an Angel . Sending love joy, peace and healing light .fam4life one love . thanks happy weekend fam lovezes y'all

  11. Thank you. For the amazing experience, was exactly what I needed at this particular ascension path. Thank you again.

  12. Very nice, i was doing this and felt this positive energy around me, then my dog (who actually kinda hates me and hates to cuddle) came next to me and put his nose on my palm where the rose was :Dd. Animals are pretty sensitive.

  13. I cried when I saw myself.. I truly and I mean TRULY felt love for myself. I just wanted to hug the young little girl that i saw as myself, I trult felt compassion, acceptance and appreciation for myself. Wow. Just wow.

  14. Such a strong experiene wow!

    I struggled visualising the petals falling and forgiving people, felt a the pressure in my arms build up, like the way it feels when you are having a blood pressure test. It got quite uncomfortable.

    When i saw my inner child i hugged her straight away and started to cry. Big waves of energy pulsing through my body starting from the outer edges, all towards my centre, my heart. When i met the embryo, this energy flared up so much i felt it in every inch of my body. The euphoria was insaine. All while crying away.

    I really do have to listen to this video a few more times. Thank you for putting this into the world.

  15. Thank you for suggesting the pillow under my knees. I wish I heard that tip earlier. This was a beautiful. meditation for reminding me about unconditional and universal love. Truly beautiful. Love and light, Colleen

  16. Thanks so much Jason. This is a wonderful wholesome nourishing peaceful meditation. I love your words/images and the journey and visualisation you take us on. I love the music/singing bowls. It's a beautiful experience, thank you. I have shared it with others and look forward to experiencing more of you. You are a blessing, thank you. Tricia xo

  17. I fell asleep, I think. I want to cry, but I feel to heavy to do so. I think I'm still absorbing this intensity. I'll be doing it again but sitting up so not to fall asleep.

  18. Thank You SO much Jason! This was a wonderful meditation and so needed as I've been in my head and having a very difficult time getting into my body. I too started to cry as I saw my inner child (image of me in school picture around 6 yrs). I've recently been diagnosed with ADD and am now on a low dose of a medication. I don't think it is helping and want to find ways to naturally find peace and calm in myself….and let go of obsessive fear based thoughts. This was so helpful!! NAMASTE!

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